Celtic Diary Friday November 29: As Expected

Celtic comfortably overcame Rennes last night in Glasgow, as expected.

The last two words in that sentence are the most significant, as it’s been a long time since we have approached a European tie at this stage of the season expecting to and actually achieving the win.

It’s also worth noting that Neil Lennon decided to use the game to try a different tactic, that of playing without a recognised striker. Clearly he thinks that in the more difficult games to come at this level, he may try that again.

Or, given the dearth of strikers at the club, he may have to.

Lewis Morgan was handed the novel role of central winger, the manager having noted that none of his passes or crosses ever find a team mate , and he did well, scoring the first goal.

Smart move by the manager, who had told him just to aim at the net every time he got the ball.

Ryan Christie trundled one over the keeper just before half time, and Mikey Johnstone celebrated his return to the team with a third.

When was the last time three Scots scored all the goals in a European game ?

Lazio beat Cluj in the other match, which means the Romanians have to get something from their game against Celtic, which in turn means either the side who put us out of the champions League or the side that has a support that is our polar opposite will go through, depending largely on how Celtic approach the game.

Frankly, though, it doesn’t matter.

When the draw was made it looked like we had found ourselves with quite a bit of work to do to qualify.

Well, with a game to spare , the group has been won. Four wins and a draw, the dropped points coming in the opening game in Rennes.

One way of looking at it is that now we call it two points dropped, compared with after the game when it was a point won…

This side is progressing rapidly in Europe, and although it’s maybe a little too early to book a flight to Gdansk next summer, it’s certainly worth putting a few quid away each week to pay for it…


Manager Lennon summed it up…

“There were some milestones to achieve tonight,” 

“We asked the players if they could go beyond 10 points for the first time, could they win the group, could they win 10 games in Europe in a season. They answered all those questions.

“I’m delighted for the players. They keep setting new milestones. They are a fantastic bunch and playing very well at the moment.

“I don’t know how much of an achievement it is topping the group. But it’s a landmark night for us because we have never done it before. It means we can maybe get a better draw in the last 32.

“What pleases me is the 100 per cent record at home. That sends out a great message. It was important to keep momentum going. If you lose that momentum, it’s hard to switch that flick on again.”

 “We have definitely improved results and performances. We have a long way to go in the competition. The last 32 is two or three months away and that’s a long time in football.

“We will see what kind of shape we are in then but I’m delighted with the maturity of the side. We wanted to make inroads in the competition and so far it’s mission accomplished.” 

It’s not just the players who have matured, the manager is an now an entirely different manager from the one who was in charge a few years ago.

We are now reaping the benefits, and more importantly, he’s unlikely to head south when someone waves a chequebook at him.


In the other game featuring a Scottish club, plucky newcomers “rangers ” drew with Feyenoord in Rotterdam, which means they need to get something from Young Boys at Ibrox.

If you laugh at the construction of that sentence, there’s something wrong with you.

There was an indication post match , however, of maybe something a little sinister…

In the post match interview he said;

“At times I didn’t recognise us in the first half, what we stand for, our identity.

“I thought we were passive at times and slightly lucky not to be further behind at half-time.

“They got a bit lucky with the goal but certainly deserved to be in-front at the break.

“I asked the players to remember what we stand for, what we’re about and how hard we’ve worked to get to this opportunity.

“I asked for the real Rangers in the second half and we got it.

“We won the second half 2-1, I thought we deserved it.

“But we should have had a blatant penalty, when the ref sees that back he’ll be devastated.

“I’d like an explanation as to why from UEFA we never got a penalty.

“We certainly deserved to take something out of the game, I was really proud of our second half showing.” 


Is that because he is used to getting what could be described as special treatment from the SFA ?



As expected, the Celtic AGM saw the board get their wish when Resolution 12 was voted down.

Overpaid CEO Peter Lawwell said he’d spoken to someone that very moring at UEFA about it, and also said he;d never seen the five way agreement, the piece of evidence that perhaps more than anything else around this issue points to an agreement between those who run Scottish football and thise who think they do.


It was certainly sent to him, and if he has , in the interests of shareholders, considered all the evidence before deciding that it wasn’t in the best interests of the club, then he must have read it.

If he hasn’t read it, then I’d like to present him with this new piece of evidence that changes everything.


Except, of course, not now and probably not ever, the man doesn’t give a flying fuck about the Celtic support.


This is not the end of the issue.

All that has changed is that we now know where Celtic stand, and we now know that we cannot trust those who we have entrusted with the running of the club. 

Watch this space…


It’s Friday, and of course that means it’s time for

Knob of the week…

Do I have to say his name ?

Do I really have to say his name ?


Image result for peter lawwell

The last caption competition we had featured this…



Caption: Stop the next bus and we’ll confiscate their beer. 


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Level 5 plant

Oh god, I want to but I can’t puke all over Lawwell.



So that’s what a coward smells like.


Caption: ” Oh alright then, i’ll pay the living wage “


Where’s hear no evil? Golfing again?


Caption: “Something is rotten in the skunk of Celtic”.


A very strange week, on the pitch awesome, off the pitch very poor. Who is this guy Morgan, where did he come from, any relation to the 6 th choice winger behind Forrest, Johnstone, Sinclair, Schved, Hayes? Seriously really good performance from him and the team, even if we went to sleep for the last few minutes. “You mark my words we won’t see the best from Mikey until after the winter break….oh what a goal.” Oh well can’t win em all. The most amusing bit last night was a drunk who addressed the crowd with his back to the… Read more »

Gareth Savage

Shved, i’d forgotten about him!

There’s also Dembele, Okoflex and Afolabi in the reserves but not sure if they’re wingers.


Deserved win last night but sloppy again at times. Surely Scott Brown could get booked better than reverting to whacking players? A trip or handball or a bit of cheek but not heavy fouls.GB disguised as the club crest which didn’t sing any songs at all.0


That’s was ok but please don’t put that line up out again. We need forwards badly. Midfielders aren’t forwards

Agreed but with Eddy’s ‘niggle’, Bayo’s long term absence and Griffiths only being giving 20m against Livi and 10m against Rennes then I don’t think he’s close to being a regular starter.


It was only on his third rendition of Roaming in the Gloaming that Tam remembered he’d won a ticket for the Directors’ Box.

Of course it wasnt a new thing for the players to play without a striker didn’t Roberts Forrest
and Sinclair play for Rodgers that way in a few games.
But well done the bhoys I also thought Bauer looked decent seems all our right backs are getting the best out of one another. El hamed can also play centre back so plenty of options coming when the players get fit.
I also think Ntcham is terrific if he could just show more commitment he would be top drawer.

Caption: I’m no kidding Peter that smoke from them pyros is killing me. Dae something


_Goodbye lyin’ eyes.


It could get interesting with Mikey; if push came to shove I’d want Mo in a big game, but Mikey is our player so who will Lenny select?
Having that option and a similar (Shved?) option for James on the other side could allow us to introduce scary freshness for any full back every game.

I think there’s a difference with the loan players that he inherited last season and who were all going to go.

Mo was obviously the manager’s pick and there’s hope that maybe we could make it longer/permanent.

With his form Mo would be the number 1 in the big games but I’m sure Mikey will get time off the bench and in lesser games.



Guy behind Lawwell, “Do I tell him now or later the shredder broke down.”

“Seeing our fans always brings out a big smile.”



Do you have a pathological need to be told you are right all the time? its very needy. ralph was 100% correct about Lenny being a different man. none of the , hilarious, fighting with all and sundry. he is calmer. and its brilliant.


The rancid smell of corruption always lingers and inescapably sticks to those involved.

FC not Plc.


As tomorrow the 30th. is Saint Andrews day. I had a visit from a descendant of “Kenneth the Sallow, the “Braham Seer”. He gave me some of his “Sight” predictions for this season, obviously I cannot divulge all of them, as I do not want to Hex them. But the news was good, some of them I can reveal. Jeremie Frimpong will win the young Scottish player of the year. Odsonne Edouard will be the Scottish player of the year. Neil Lennon will be manager of the year. Celtic will score over 100 league goals. Celtic will win the league… Read more »


You phoned uefa this morning …that was a cracker…


That implies that you are the source of truth Charlie. Because you think something doesn’t make it so. You have opinions like everybody else on here. Simply because people disagree with you is no reason to stomp off in the huff. Keep posting and see if you can convince others.

Well said.


Showing your true colours Duncy, or Cyan O’Bacteria or whatever you call yourself nowadays. You are so far up your own arse I’m pretty sure you could drown in your own bile.


What i think is happening, is those ” numpties ” are once again facing your bully boy tactics down & ramming them up your arse!

Paddy Mo

Your awfi’ hard on Morgan. When he’s played on the wing he often puts great balls into the box. It up to the strikers (Sorry, striker) to get in there.

I’d rather an average ball to someone than a “great” ball to no-one.



Ma bonus is pish, I am the man that makes it all happen, as the guy behind smells shxxte

Performance last night professional, Lenny is building a strong team.


Thank fuck!



Caption: the lady behind the arsehole “Ach he’s done it again! He’s shit on our supporters, now he’s shitting his pants. I’m outa here, wont be back till he’s long gone. The Shit-house!”


The Celtic Tug’o’War. Man verses machine, or team verses board, one pulls one way the other pulls the other way. “Dig in, Dig in” those heels, take the strain and pull, pull, pull. The heart alway’s overrules the head, so do you “walk on by”, or stay, support the team and close your ears to the pitiful wails of “money, money, money. The heart alway’s rules the head. How can you deny your DNA? you canny, so you pinch your nose (shut it) don’t look up and watch the team lift your heart. “On to victory”. One of the sad… Read more »



The post you put up yesterday was excellent . What it is Mike, what it is.


A Ryan Christie type bow of appreciation to you sir. As his puss goes redder than a Dandies tap. “What it is indeed” Steve. 😉


“LAWWELL, YA DIRTY FU…mmmf!” Monti forced to restrain himself at the sight of his nemesis.


We can fight on all fronts: Res. 12, the current Sevco (trading whilst insolvent) Europe and domestically. The team is looking good. Great movement on and off the ball. Sevco is much better this year so we have also to up our game. 9/10 in a row is important for our history and it would be a great injustice if a team that is cheating by trading whilst insolvent should cheat history too. Tomorrow, wind and rain, maybe snow, with a view to our Cup Final in a week. Hamilton at home mid-wee too. I would go: Forster Bauer/Ajer/Jullien/Taylor Ntcham/Bitton… Read more »

The provisional squad is Forster, Frimpong, Bauer, Taylor, Ajer, Jullien, Rogic, Bitton, Brown, McGregor, Elyounoussi, Ntcham, Forrest, Edouard, Johnston, Griffiths, Christie, Morgan and Gordon

Taylor can’t play in the Cup Final so probably a good idea to utilise him tomorrow and/or Wednesday.

As he’s in the squad I’d also like to see Frimpong back for some of the next 2 games, as I’d want him for the Cup Final.

Given he’s only had 10 and 20 minute run-outs, I’m not sure if Griff is quite up to being a starter at the moment.

I’d expect to see Brown and McGregor as well.

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