Celtic Diary Wednesday November 6: Bringing It On Ourselves

Celtic return to Europa League duty on Thursday when they have arguably the most difficult tie of the competition so far.

Lazio in Rome was the one that caught the eye when the groups were drawn, and unsurprisingly thousands of Celts have made the journey.

But, oh, are they in trouble. that’s if you believe the media, that is.

A banner featuring wartime dictator Benito Mussolini in his last public appearance, where he was hung upside down alongside his mistress Clara Petacci was displayed by Celtic supporters. Which upset his granddaughter, who presumably didn’t quite know what her pops was all about having not been born until 1962, who demanded that there should be prosecutions and jail time handed out.

Extremist politicians tend to get a lot of airtime, so the Scottish media, happy to find something to harp on about after Peter Lawwell asked them to try to ignore the fans furore over his alleged complicity in the cheating by Rangers and the subsequent cover up by the SFA , duly obliged.

So much so that we get the impression that Il Duce still has some sort of underground battalion ready and willing to extract vengeance on anyone who has the gall to point out what a fat little shit he really was.

We’ve even had Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor issue a “Roaming in Rome ” list of do’s and don’ts …mostly don’ts to be fair..

FOLLOWING the important travel information for Celtic fans heading to Rome shared by the club last week, additional guidance has been provided to Celtic by Lazio and the City of Rome police for the forthcoming UEFA Europa League match on Thursday,  November 7 in the Olympic Stadium (KO: 6.55pm local time).

After liaising with all the relevant authorities, we strongly advise that supporters making the trip to Rome read the guidance below before embarking upon their journey.


– No alcohol on sale in the city centre from 6pm on Wednesday, 6 November, until 7am on Friday, 8 November.

– Be aware that drinking alcohol on the streets will be prohibited and will incur an on the spot €100 fine.

Supporter Safety

– Stay in large groups where possible.

– Keep a low profile whilst in the city particularly in the evening.

– Avoid wearing club colours whilst walking around the city particularly in the evening.

Buses to the game

 – Buses will be provided for fans from 2pm on Thursday, 7 November, from Villa Borghese.

– Stay patient whilst waiting on buses, these will operate on a shuttle service.

– Do not to take or consume alcohol to the meeting point for the shuttle buses.

– Under no circumstances should supporters make their own way to the stadium.

– It is important to comply with Police instruction at all times.

– Before boarding the buses to the stadium all fans will have to show their match ticket and will be searched.

Arrival at the Stadium

– Once at the stadium fans will be searched.

– Fans will be asked to produce photo ID before entering the stadium, this must contain name and date of birth.

– Bags will not be permitted in the stadium and there is no storage facility.

– All banners coming in to the stadium will be checked, only Celtic FC banners will be allowed.

– Banners containing any political message or symbols will not be allowed.

– Phone chargers will not be permitted in the stadium and there is no storage facility.


– After the match fans will be kept in the stadium, this could be up to an hour or more, Police will decide.

– On exiting the stadium there will be buses taking fans to Termini on a shuttle service.

– Fans may wish to arrange taxis for uplift after the match to avoid delays travelling back to the city centre.

More travel information is available HERE

Consular Advice for fans travelling to Italy is available HERE  


Whilst it appears to be a big deal, and the media are certainly making it sound like it is, much of that is common sense, given the Italian sides supporters reputation for engaging with opposition fans, but when you consider that Lazio have sold less than 20,000 for the game, and 9,000 have gone to Celtic, one wonders if they aren’t going a little bit over the top.

No drink I can understand, but no phone chargers ?



Derek Clark, of Talkshite Radio hit out…


Derek Clark
Let’s hope every Celtic fan who travels to Rome comes back uninjured but you can’t help but feel the football club should never have allowed a ridiculous antagonistic attention-seeking banner to be unfurled at the game at Parkhead which puts thousands of innocent fans in danger 
Ralph Malph of Etims replied..
Ah…the brings it on himself syndrome, used by the mainstream media to great effect to play down the violence amd intimidating racism shown towards Neil Lennon. Next week.. man hit by car found guilty of crossing the road.


Speaking of Mediterranean climes, how about this….?

Ilir Meta

Happy birthday to





Hail Hail!




Illr Meta is the President of Albania, and he’s wishing Greg Taylor a happy birthday, which is not something I thought I’d be discussing in any Celtic Diary ever.
Perhaps the next time you think about a holiday, think about Albania instead of Spain, the USA , Turkey or anywhere else where the light of freedom is dimmed due to oppressive dictatorships..
Albania has changed a bit since the time Celtic played Partizan Tirana when Danny McGrains beard was a source of consternation, and from what I can see it offers everything that other destinations offer without the drawback of fellow tourists…
Image result for holidays in albania all inclusive
Image result for holidays in albania all inclusive
Image result for albanian women
Whilst Celtic are away on European duty, there’s bad news from the home front…
I have no idea what “expected goals ” in this calculation are, and can only deduce the compiler meant “expected penalties ” to help arrive at his conclusions.
So, thats that then. We might as well concentrate on the Europa…
Unfortunately for lovers of the beautiful game the League Cup final will feature Celtic take on their newest rivals, as NTV magazine called  them first, plucky little cash strapped “rangers ” , who have bravely defied the odds and combined a promising start to the season by holdong on in second place in the league and making it to Hampden for their first ever cup final against Celtic.
Are they about to pick up their first senior trophy ?
They might, and there’s no denying key figures such as Alredo Morelos, Ryan Kent and Andrew Dallas could all have a say in the outcome, and thats before we take into account the match winning influences of others such as Beaton, Madden and whoever else has no professional pride now that UEFA have ditched Scottish referees…
But we’ll worry about that next month.
 Before that there is an AGM, and suspicions of collusion within the SFA, the media and both big Glasgow clubs deepened this week when not one single outlet picked up on the reactions of Celtic fans to the decision made by the Celtic board to ask shareholders to vote down the new Resolution demanding action on the scandal surroundiong Rangers and their european licence.
Not one.
A media that will happily put the boot into Celtic at a moments notice has said nothing about the groundswell of anti board feeling, which will manifest itself at the AGM and possibly even at City of London police headquarters , has yet to comment on the matter.
Thats odd, considering ahead of a previous AGM they picked up and published my own comments when Iain Bankier decided the support were all racist when his fellow board member Iain Livingstone opened his mouth to show he had nothng to say of any consequence.
Has Lawwell asked them not to mention it in case the train that is already picking up speed becomes unstoppable ?  
This whole issue is throwing up more questions than answers, and I’ve a feeling that getting those answers will require a little more than the occasional article and banner….
Which reminds me….
Celtic AGM Voting.
Note anyone wishing to vote at the Celtic AGM can do so remotely by following the instructions on this link. You can vote for or against any resolution you so choose.  
We ask every shareholder to vote for the new Resolution.
Tom English, the Irishman based in Scotland who works for the British state broadcasters was aghast yesterday, and truly flabbered everyone elses ghast as well…
Tom English
Wow! England’s ‘model’ club exposed. The Saracens success story has a giant asterisk beside it. Should some domestic titles be stripped?   
It appears the rugby club were quite creative with their accounts….

Premiership champions Saracens will appeal against a 35-point deduction and £5.36m fine for breaching salary cap regulations over three seasons. 

The punishment comes after an investigation into business partnerships between chairman Nigel Wray and some of the club’s players. 


European champions Saracens described the sanctions as “heavy-handed”. 


Both punishments have been suspended until the outcome of the appeal, leaving Sarries fourth in the table.  


Some detail… from Chris Jones of the BBC.. no point in asking English, he’ll say trophies were won on the pitch and probably repeat the claims made by BBC buddy MacLeish about prising them from his cold dead fingers and so on…



This story revolves around Saracens’ owner Nigel Wray’s business co-investments with a handful of senior players, with the panel judging that the club have in essence been paying players outside the salary cap. 


Wray disputes this and insists these dealings are all above board and are helping set up his players for life after rugby. 


He says investment is not the same as salary. Either way, Saracens were found not to have disclosed the full details of the financial arrangements, which they have put down to an “administrative error”.  


In 2015, Saracens were one of two clubs who reached confidential agreements with Premiership Rugby Limited – the league’s governing body – over salary cap issues. 


The league was accused at the time of turning a blind eye to any misdemeanours, and wrote the slate clean to the dismay of some clubs. 


Therefore, while Saracens have been under scrutiny for a while over their management of the cap, the latest findings only apply to the last three seasons and do not take into account the investigation of 2015. 


But there certainly was a widespread determination amongst others clubs and players for Saracens not to get away with it twice.  



Interestingly, which may explain why English has asked about title stripping, Jones goes on to say that he doesn’t expect that to happen, clearing the way for English and his chums in the media to use this as a precedent to dismiss any claims against the old Ibrox club.



Could the club lose their titles?

As it stands, no. The punishment only applies to this season and not retrospectively. Saracens are confident they will not be losing any of their eight major titles – five Premiership crowns and three European Champions Cups – won in the past decade.  


English, of course, stands accused of having form when it comes to trying to dictate opinion…





We haven’t had a caption to comment on for a while, so let’s do one today…



Image result for papal car



  • mcklintop

    Sinn Fein’s new candidate for Belfast North vows to cast Nigel Dodds into the fires of hell and deliver a remain victory.

  • Steven R

    Caption: the authorities in Rome have unveiled that there will be a shuttle service laid on for Celtic supporters for tomorrow night’s game. His Holiness has revealed that there will also be standing room available.

  • BJF

    “C’mon the hoops,get tore into those facist bastards, Domini sit semper vobiscum.”
    I have seen both Roma and Lazio at the Olympic stadium and was struck by the police presence, they don’t negotiate, Italian or rather Roman police, and they don’t do gallows humour either.
    I hope the bhoys are safe , Lazio supporters seem pretty evil to me, whether they go trophy hunting I don’t know but I just hope guys wearing the colours stay together and look after each other.

  • Auldheid

    It will be interesting to see if the media report on Res12 discussions at the AGM.

    Last year one unhappy shareholder did get a mention, so if there are a lot more unhappy, nay angry shareholders voicing their opinions, you would expect some mention.

    However with Scottish journalists including those with Celtic leanings who have been well briefed in the past saying nothing, never mind those leaning the other way, I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • TicToc

        Cole, there’ll be loads of place-men, we KNOW. We also know that even if the floor carries the new Res 12, it wont be enough.
        Celtic FC (not PLC) NEEDS us supporters to take over. The tory scum are always prepared to run, when push comes to shove, and they’ve no other credible option.

        CELTIC FC (not PLC) supporters the world over, vote for decency, vote for truth, vote for our heritage, vote for the Res 12 guys, my goodness, do I really have to PLEAD for this?
        A CLUB LIKE NO OTHER with SUPPORTERS LIKE NO OTHERS and SCUM in the Board-room? WHY?
        Let’s begin with backing the Res 12 guys and carrying on to oust the scum whom conjoin with the SFA, SPFL and New Club in CHEATING day-by-day. ENOUGH, I say, ENOUGH.

  • Charlie Saiz

    Derek Clarke whoever he is is spot on.
    Your not just antagonising Itialian football fannies no you are antagonising pea brained morons with a penchant for violence and putrid behaviour.
    I for one hope and pray there is no serious comeback for any innocent Supporters in Rome.
    This has nothing to do with any syndrome Ralph it’s basic common sense.
    Which by the way the usual suspects seem to lack in within our own.

    • BroxburnBhoy

      do you think if there was no banner at Celtic park that a trip to Rome to play Lazio would be any different? no it would be exactly the same

        • Charlie Saiz

          Do you think poking a hornets nest with a big stick is more likely to increase the chances of being stung than simply walking past it would?

          Take yer time Einstein…

        • BroxburnBhoy

          Yes – they are fascist thugs always looking for a fight. Maybe we could be nice to them instead. Don’t be daft CS banner or no banner Celtic or any other team they are spoiling for trouble. Maybe you can go to the new den and be nice there too?

          • Charlie Saiz

            Or alternatively you could just concentrate on the Celtic and the job at hand and treat these pea brained,moronic psychos with the utter contempt that they truly deserve?
            Naw but that’s no Uber Ultra /Ned cool enough.

            Wise up.

  • Charlie Saiz

    Callum McGregor IS EFFECTIVELY a £30m signing.
    Seriously you won’t find a true Regista in the market with his quality for any less and in fact in some cases you will pay a lot more.
    They are a rare breed in Football and a prize asset for any Club who has one.
    This along with James Forrest is a serious statement of intent.
    Keeping the core of this side intact is a priority and it seems the Board are making sure that is the case.
    Terrific news from Celtic
    Well done Callum

  • liftedinmoscow

    Given the precedent set surely the SPL will enforce a 35 point penalty on rangers given their insistence that they are the same club. Aye as if.

  • Brian (not the messiah)

    Pope Francis out ti meet his Hero Paul the Time…got tickets for tomorrow…going to be in the Lazio end unfortunately. No entrance allowed with British passport…so me and my Bro using our Irish Ones…where are the Celtic season ticket holders going to be? Tribuna monte?

  • portpower

    Are they seriously charging £47 for The Scottish Professional Football League Mickey Mouse Cup at The Scottish Football Association`s newly purchased ground.
    What a bunch of scabs.

  • Patrick o Hara

    Il Papa tries out new Moonmobile for the very, very,very long trip to convert the heathen Martians, Moonies and Mysteries.

  • Martin47

    ‘think about Albania instead of Spain, the USA , Turkey or anywhere else where the light of freedom is dimmed due to oppressive dictatorships..’

    A bit silly.
    Undermines any serious comment.

  • Charlie Saiz

    ”Leicester City paid £8.8m to Celtic to bring in Brendan Rodgers and his coaching team.“
    Celtic donate £10k to Foundation Christmas Charity Appeal with over £30m sat in the Bank.

    Just leave that here…

  • portpower

    Derek Clark@derekclarksport

    What I don’t understand is the reasoning behind the banner? Surely you want something supporting the team?

    It`s a plot Derek.

  • TicToc

    Caption: Pope, “I’m gonnae be ‘Frank’ here, any of you scummy Lazio huns lays a finger on any of those bhoys in green, if yer LUCKY ye’ll end up in that hospital behind me, ged it?”

    Hope things are looking up, Ralph, good Diary.

  • R.St.Parsley

    Pope Francis:
    “All together now”
    “We’re on the one road, laughing at huns loads”
    “They’re on the road tae God knows where”
    “We’re on the right road, they’re on the wrang road”
    “The road tae ruin but who cares?”
    “Auld huns, young huns, thick huns all”
    “Let Dave pish their cash against the wall”
    “We can get Charlie Saiz tae come along”
    “Singing a Soldier’s Song”

  • jimmybee

    Happy Birthday and God Bless the Celtic .
    Our founding fathers we thank you for giving us this great club and the joy we have witnessed along with the tragedies along the way.
    We remember all of our heroes who gave their all.
    You protected us fought for us and demanded we were treated with respect. Peter We only want the same today if you cant do it fuck off and let someone who will.

  • Owen Mullions

    ‘This is your local SNP candidate speaking – for God’s sake tell they English tae piss aff an’ take Bozo wi’ them’

    • Charlie Saiz

      Obviously that’s not Mhairi Blacks constituency as they would be saying …”and take those Plastic Irish with them”.

  • The Cha

    Disgusting article on VideoCelts:


    Don’t they know there’s going to be murder and mayhem.

    Perhaps that’s just pishful thinking from the usual suspects.

    • TicToc

      Cha, I think Joe’s site (VideoCelts) is pretty much an ‘aggregator’ site (funded by ads) now and hence open to all sorts, probably/possibly not reflecting any particular view?
      Cha, If you’re in all-out piss-taking mode that’s fine, it went like a jet, loudly-screaming over my head.

      The 27th of November should be in EVERY Tim’s diary, a day when we can oust the Board whilst OUR team’s in a good position, not BECAUSE of but IN SPITE of Lawwell and his tory side-kicks.
      Let us make a new Rememberance Day, the 27th of November 2019 for ever-more, the day the Socialist, fair-to-all Party took out the SCUM from our Club and moved forward with decency, equality, security and all the rest…….The REAL Celtic. The REAL Labour. (not fucking Blairites)
      AND, let us proudly buy and display the Green and White ‘Peace Poppy’, a sublime statement against ALL war.
      Hail! Hail! (ah’m gettin a bit Brahms’n…..pickled?

    • Iancelt67

      Italy has relaxed laws about boozing in the street. Love the place
      Watch out for marauding Gypsies and your wallet. Nothing against Gypsies like. Wish I was there enjoy henke stay safe and enjoy the game.

  • TicToc

    Nothin’ really great to say…..just like the chance to say it!
    Just like the chance on happenstance when 3 huns,
    They just BLUE-it,
    They thought together they were strong,
    The ‘cud’ they’d throw we’d chew it!
    Well, it didny quite work out that way…
    We’re Tims and again they BLUE-it.
    NO RIP, just go, “and when you’s gone, you stays gone….”
    Ah, some Fiction is better than others.

  • TicToc

    When the poppy police, the scum pretenders, challenge you?
    I’d, in belief and defiance, wear the Peace Poppy, that Green and White one, that one that stands against war and all wars and aims for a decent humanity; one in which multiple scum cannot live/thrive. An END to Trump and his mirror image BOJO……tell ye what, ah’m savin’ thois for another day, more ways to sjin a cat?

  • TicToc

    AYE, and the conversation’s still fuccked!
    It’s only a fucking shame

    I’m listening to “My Old FEEniammGUN and its fuckin beautiful and ai canyt fucking posy it?
    eTime ? Indeed.
    I’ve now got That wee darlin who sang ther Foggy Dew better than anyeomne…..
    My goodness, she has MY heart……………

  • TicToc

    Many posts/comments going missing.
    Word of mouth, text, email et cetera may prove better.
    The POINT is to win the floor and walk, vociferously ‘advising’ that the Board is on borrowed time.
    FUCK them, fuck them to hell and over.
    Celtic FC can ONLY ever be Celtic FC again when that tory scum, led by the heartless bastard AKA Dermot Desmond and his disgusting little fat-face-fuck Lawwell are GONE. ME? I don’t givva fuck as in rudimentary shit, just get ’em gone, FULL gone, no FKN revivals, just gone.
    When ah’m pissed ah sometimes proof-read ma shit; not now. General shit is A-okay, it’s now just a matter of time.

  • TicToc

    Ralph, I DO wish you and your family well and hope all’s sorted soon to everyone’s ‘advantage’ (a word that’s not always suitable). Anyway, I care about you and genuinely wish you well. (Monti will call me a “crawling cunt” or similar as Fat Bastards cannot understand that there’s a decent world outside of THEM) and that they should be supported (not Monti, them)
    Imagine, just imagine, that some fanny is SO embarrassed when he/it hears someone actually made a genuine gesture to put a “wee” bit back to those whom give us so much? What does he do?
    The tory/etonian answer, admit nothing and repeat ad infi.
    FFS! I do hope Charlie and Sharon Christie haven’t caught anything from you, like pushing out shit via tonsils! 🙂 !

  • TicToc

    Ralph, if you’re lookin’ fur a mhan tae sort out all this fackin moderator shoite, oi know a mhan who’ll fix it, wunce and for oll…..
    Just slip me the fakker(s)names on a PC (and it willnae be “PC” if ye ken?)

  • Charlie Saiz

    New idea for the next GB Tifo/Banner on Remembrance Day


    Works on so many levels don’t you think?

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