Celtic Diary Thursday September 19: Big Game ? Media Spring Into Action

Celtic continue their European campaign tonight with game number nine of the season. Nine. In September.

No wonder Lennon needs a big squad.

Though the papers, somewhat predictably, are out to help find another home for some of them.

When will they realise that we can see right through them ?

The Express, a newspaper in the loosest possible sense of the word, have singled out Calum MacGregor for a winter exit, although everyone knows the only person going anywhere in January thus far will be Leigh Griffiths, who is in one of his moods again.

Callum McGregor tipped for Celtic transfer exit – ‘He would fancy coming down south’

Callum McGregor has been tipped to leave Celtic and make the move to a Premier League club.

….he would

….has been tipped

Perhaps the evidence is in the article ?

The 26-year-old has established himself as an important player for Celtic and the club have already found themselves having to rebuff approaches for him during the summer.

However, former Scotland right-back Alan Hutton is surprised his compatriot has still not made the move to south and join a Premier League club.

Leicester City had tried to get McGregor to make the switch the King Power Stadium during the last transfer window but Celtic refused to sell the midfielder to their former boss Brendan Rodgers.

 The Foxes had an approach in July rejected and then waited until transfer deadline day to make another attempt, but that was also turned down. 
Oh. It’s Alan Hutton.

“He’s one that really excites me,” 

“Even with Scotland I enjoy watching him play, he’s so easy on the eye. 

He’s one of the talented boys that’s come out of Scotland, so I’m a bit surprised he’s not went down south.

“I’m sure there will be teams looking at him so I think possibly, in the future, he would fancy coming down south and having a go at it.” 

Er, nope.

So let’s restructure that headline.

Footballer Thinks Another Footballer Might Fancy A Move If Anyone Wants Him.

Then again, the media have long since abandoned factual content, even at base level.

In this picture, both claims are wrong.



With Alex Rae in mind, and I’m sure he’ll be interested in this tweet, the Rangers club referred to on the gate got a little bit of good news….

Brogan Rogan Trevino
Now isn’t this interesting? HMRC have withdrawn all of their claim re the Big Tax Case in relation to interest & penalties (curious) and there has been mediation re The Wavetower claim with discussions “ongoing”. I said ages ago that Craig Whyte had never gone away and he hasn’t!
It appears they were excessive, and perhaps something could have been done to save them, though I’m not sure how it works.
Anyway, could Craig whyte still be involved ? One would hope so, as Christmas approaches this pantomime could do with livening up a bit before it becomes stale.
Anyhoo, I digress.
Rennes are Celtic’s opponents tonight, which means that anyone who paid any attention to the pre season friendly will know roughly what we’re up against.
Which rules me out, so let’s see what the elite sports section of the Scottish media thinks…
Kheredine Iddesane at the BBC seems to know his stuff…

To beat Paris Saint-Germain once – Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani et al – is good enough and to do so in the French Cup final is all the more commendable.

To beat them twice within a few months is surely more than coincidence. Rennes are no flash in the pan. They have been steadily improving over the past couple of years and, even though they’ve sold a few of their top players since lifting the national cup for only the third time, there is still plenty of talent left in Julien Stephan’s side to worry Celtic. 

So they won the cup, and sold some of their top guys ?

This, after all, is the club who very nearly reached the quarter-finals of last season’s Europa League after a 3-1 home victory over Arsenal. So there’s plenty for Celtic manager Neil Lennon to think about. These are just a few of the players he’ll be working out how to handle. 

but have sold some of their top guys since then, right ?

Clement Grenier: The 28-year-old French playmaker is the man on whom Rennes rely creatively. Much of their good work either starts with him or flows through him. He made his name at Lyon, and also had a loan spell at Roma, and, if Celtic keep him quiet, they could put a real spanner in the works at Roazhon Park.


Eduardo Camavinga: Another key element in the Rennes midfield is the 16-year-old from Angola. He is already being tipped as the next Kylian Mbappe, not because he’s a goalscoring sensation – that’s not his game – but because he has maturity way beyond his years. Just ask PSG. Camavinga put his stamp all over them in last month’s 2-1 win at the Roazhon with a display that provided an assist for the winning goal and had European scouts frothing at the mouth. 

Frothing at the mouth ? With anger ?

Raphinha: Rennes’ big-money summer recruit from Sporting Lisbon, the Brazilian winger, who brings goals as well as pace to the team, is a bit of an unknown quantity having only made one appearance so far for his new employers. How good do they think he is? They paid a reported £18.9m club record fee to capture the 22-year-old and Celtic will be hoping he doesn’t start repaying the investment immediately. 

Star player….who is an “unknown quantity ”

Edouard Mendy: The 27-year-old Senegal goalkeeper joined Rennes last month following a successful three-year spell at Reims. Indeed, his 14 clean sheets last season were a big factor in his old side’s promotion to Ligue 1. They won the second tier with a 15-point gap and his fine club form helped him become Aliou Cisse’s number one at the Africa Cup of Nations. Ominously for Celtic, he has kept a clean sheet in two of his three appearances for Rennes. 

Three appearances.

Of the players listed, the writer notes one is an unknown quantity, another annoys scouts and the goalie is only on nodding terms with the defence.

A bit gloomy, so let’s ask former player Charlie Nicholas what he thinks, maybe he’ll cheer us up..

Rennes have started very well in Ligue 1. I am hoping that M’Baye Niang will not be playing. He is lightning quick, almost a lesser version of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. These guys can play and move, and that is what Celtic struggle against.

Celtic will be good on the counter-attack, but their reputation is always the same. They get scared when they travel away from home. They don’t know where to pitch their defence and whether to play a squeezing game or not. They will have technically gifted players and pace out wide, where they will look to exploit. Celtic still have defensive injuries and will not threaten here.


Celtic get scared when they travel away from home ? So far this season, it’s three wins and a draw on the continent.

And a contender for the ” what the fuck is he on about ? award ”  with this line…

They don’t know where to pitch their defence and whether to play a squeezing game or not. They will have technically gifted players and pace out wide, where they will look to exploit. 

I genuinely don’t know who “they ” are. He uses the same plural for both teams without determining which one is which.

I think.

You get the gist, anyway.

Image result for we're all doomed gif


However, I’d prefer to think that recent performances at a hostile-is there any other type- Ibrox and prior to that in Stockholm have shown the team is far more mature abroad than it’s given credit for, and I’d be surprised if that form doesn’t carry over.

And Oddsone Edoaurd has given his opinion, which shows exactly how mature this group of players is becoming…


I know the team well because I watch the Ligue 1 regularly. I know it’s going to be a difficult game so it’s about us going there and trying to get a result.“


A win tonight would send out a message from the players to the support-we’re the only ones who matter-that they are serious about competing in the higher levels  of Europe again,- and that we might just have to strap ourselves in for a shot on this rollercoaster, which is maybe a wee bit smaller than the other one but still capable of getting the juices flowing.

I’ll be happy with either a win or a draw. As long as we turn Celtic Park back into a place other teams dread playing at , instead of a place they have on their bucket lists, that would set down a marker for continued participation after Christmas, which will be one of the three targets set by Lennon before jetting off to Dubai for the break.


Over at Ibrox, “rangers ” face Feyenoord in their opener, and it will be an emotional night following the news of Fernando Ricksen, who died yesterday.

Jeffrey Nederlof
To all

fans. If Feyenoord fans start singing “you never walk alone”, please understand it will be for Fernando Ricksen and not to bash your club. It is our way to tribute him. Please retweet to avoid a misunderstanding. #ranfey #Rangers #Feyenoord


it’s certain they’ll show more respect than the Record, who typified the depths the media will go to to get their stories out there first.



It’s all about being first these days. And nothing else matters.


Yesterday, we had this..


Dziekanowski’s nightclub child September 18, 2019 at 10:15 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Days until the rangers die 




Oh, before I forget, have a look at the strikers at Sheffield United and see if you can guess which one is on our radar…



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Caption – “ah’m no gonnae tell you again – get yersel tae fuck!”


Caption: ” So you need an urgent op on the NHS, Boris?
Take a seat at the back, we’ll be with you in nine months “.

John McDermott

The old drag a hun out to sell our players routine.
Charly nick was my hero when I was young.
I am 58 now with a bit more sense.
Charly only cared about charly.
If he can somehow show his contempt for Celtic then he is up for it all the time.
Just a sad wee man.
Caption (please leave the hospital now boris ….
Your primeminister not a f**ckig geonocoligist)
Sad to see Griffiths not fitting back in.


What aboot the big tax case

Ra Scottish press seem to live in the gutter as their readership melts like snow on a dyke.

Rennes are a reasonable team, but not UCL quality a draw or a win on the cards for Lenny tonight.



What is it with these Tory pricks. Rolling up your sleeves and pretending that you’re actually doing something for the common people. Arseholes.


Interesting comment for Peter Grant on Sportsound last night that Michael Stewart is a ‘liar’ and he knows it because he lied about Leigh and Scotland. Not like Peter Grant to point the finger.


Caption: Thankfully there were plenty of nurses on hand when the NHS Trust Chief Executive was faecally incontinent.



You there. F**k off. And when you get there, F**k off from there too. Then F**k off some more. Keep F**king off until you get back here. Then F**k off again.


Caption: “OK, OK. Mr Bonaparte is it?…..You’ll have to leave now, you’re scaring the staff.”


I always have a wee giggle at those who quote monetary figures in relation to players, thinking somehow that makes them better than others. So what price on loyalty to those players that stay with the club that they love, never testing the waters of moving on? Me, I am in a good place team wise, recognising the talent that we can put on the pitch, knowing that our players have mostly played together for a while, a settled side is something that I have always wanted and now seems to be coming to fruition, so what price on that?… Read more »


Caption : Boris Johnson assures concerned hospital staff that; “The NHS is definitely not being sold off!” as his baldy advisor breaks into a spontaneous rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.

Patrick o Hara

The Br-exit is this way.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: no, no, that’s the way out of Europe!

Jezza Corbyn

caption: fuck off and keep fucking off till you get back then fuck off again.

Tim Smith

Caption: Crucifixion? First on the left, one cross each.

Yoker Bhoy

From what I have gathered, when Rennes play in Europe they tend to come flying out of the traps with a high press and go all out for an early goal or two. When they have achieved that, they then sit in and play on the counter. Their 3-5-2 system can very quickly and efficiently change to 5-3-2 and back again depending on how the game evolves. I read that Griff picked up a thigh strain in training but, in any case, he won’t be travelling with the squad. Our defence has been improving and I feel that the fight… Read more »

Hoop hoop hooray

What do you mean theres no press no media? Wtf is this?
The whole of etims all watching!!


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the second biggest gemme ae the day is startin tae get intrestin in the supreme court


wan thing aboot jj ….he disnae walk away ..or so he sais aint readin jjs shite withoot paying grand ha ha ha ha


It’ll be a dark day in hell before i read any hun filth!


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That isn’t you being critical of NFL is it?

Tut tut…..




am wae monti heer a heard griff went fur a pish slipped oan a wet fler and strained his groin but the good news is his thighs awright


Caption: ”Uh excuse me plebian, but you bring your hand straight up infront of you with the palm facing down when I get off the elevator.”


Re the info about HMRC dropping their interest and penalties, this is quite often the case if a settlement is agreed with the debtor. It’s not a given but, if HMRC are following their usual pattern, then someone has paid the tax liability. So who would do that and what would they have to gain?


Caption ..

Right Boris when you’re dead in a ditch ,they bring you down here to the mortuary, to join the poor sod’s that died waiting on operations

Yoker B I would agree with your team sheet and the prediction I go with is 1-2 for Celtic.
KA Kris Ajer


If Lennon is over looking Griffiths, just like riders. What does that tell you?


* Rodgers

George Lazenbhoy

Caption : the guy in middle is saying ‘OMG I can’t believe he thinks he’s a prime minister’


I would rest McGregor tonight I think hes been out of sorts lately the guy has played some amount of football. Ntcham to come in and Celtic to match them up 3 5 2
Ajer Jullien El Hamed
Bauer Brown Christie Ntcham Boli
Forrest Edouard
Good luck to the bhoys and Feynoord HH


Well team is in Lenny sticks to the plan he has
El Hamed Jullien Ajer Boli
Brown McGregor
Forrest Christie elly


Commun vous les garcons en vert Trois points.


That’s been coming from Ajer gets caught the wrong side too often and goes to ground to quickly.
What you get from a midfielder at centre half.


Charlie he came up against a proper striker was lucky to get away with one before the pen.
He’s a midfielder all day long ideal replacement for Broony. Big Jullien was magnificent so Hamed also and what about Johnny Hayes tackle fuckin brilliant.
But again Ntcham comes on and never wasted a pass was magnificent we need to find a starting place for this guy on a more regular basis he is way ahead of Christie and McGregor in.my humble opinion.


Ntcham for Christie. Bit of extra quality needed in there. Big Ntcham has it. COYBIG
More goals to come plenty of chances.


Took the penalty like a chicken with a head.

Allez les garcone en vert et blanc. Trois points ce soir soi-disant tres agreablement, s’il vous plait.

Merde…trop tard, 1-0 a Rennes a demi-temps.


sfa unfit for purpose

Bayo on for last 6 mins ,….

mon the Celtic

sfa unfit for purpose

we get poor refs away in Europe every time.

the refs in this whole competition are crap


Haw Hee Haw, GIRUY.


Great result tonight, Bayo a bit unlucky to get a second yellow but could have got a straight red for the elbow.
All in a good result!

Mon Feyenoord, destroy the unwashed!

Yoker Bhoy

Good result tonight and a draw was about right although that challenge on Christie at the beginning of the 2nd half should definitely have been a penalty. A pity that a typically low quality Spanish referee turned what was an exciting game into a farce during the later stages. Some attractive football was on view though and there were good performances from Forrest, Jullien, Brown, Elhamed and Hayes. Happy enough overall.

Now it’s time to watch Feyenoord administer some serious hun-skelping.



Caption: Boris- ” Of course it’s the same club ”
Doctor- ” Nurse “

Yoker Bhoy

Cluj’s 2-1 home win over Lazio means that this group will be wide open and probably one of the most exciting ones out the 12.


May 27th 2020 Stadion Energa Gdańsk and as the final whistle blows and the Arsenal players drop to their knees hattrick scorer Christie helps a weeping Tierney to his feet and pointing to the jubilant Celtic fans utters the immortal Bowenism: ‘here’s what you could have won.’

Yoker Bhoy

FFS, Feyenoord look woeful so far. They’re very lucky to be only 1-0down at HT.


Johnny Hayes tackle fucking brilliant


Superb from Johnny Hayes brilliant tackle. I love the guy some coupon on him but he’s a heart of a lion.

Stevie D

Face like a rivet catcher’s glove but he’s all heart. And as for that farce at the end: if the ref genuinely believes Bayo caused the keeper a head injury surely he’s got a duty of care to ensure the game’s held up until he’s had medical attention and deemed fit to carry on. A nonsense!


You know a fair player would just get up and shrug that off your still sllowed to tackle hard fuck these Nancy boys it’s s mans game get up and get on with it


Solid from the bhoys and we’ll done Lenny spot on tactics. Cheating bastards though keeper stays down till red card is shown though Bayo had every right to go for the ball Johnny Hayes great tackle and should have had a free kick himself after getting brought down not long before nothing given. Christie should have had a pen also. Unlucky not to get the 3 points Forster solid enough 7 El Hamed superb 8 Jullien master class 9 Ajer is not a centre back but gives his all Caught out badly in this game a few times wrong side… Read more »

Desmond and The Dekkers

Sheffield Utd strikers? Arthur Scargill? Paul Heaton?

Either would be better than that absolute waste of space and worst Scottish international ever mcburnie….


Well great result last night and cluj winning opens it right up going to be some section this.
Lenny showing no fear and the bhoys with a quality addition at centre back in January could be flying
Johnny Hayes shows he can play left back no problem and with Boli looking hes picked up a groin strain might be given a run out now.
The bhoys put in some shift last night.
Well done Lenny and the bhoys.


P.Lawwell ^



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