Celt Inflicted – Etims Podcast

Hector, Ralph and Monty get together with Desi to discuss all thats being happening since the last show.

Topics such as

  • The Treble Treble and history being made
  • Neil Lennon getting a surprise in the shower!
  • A note on the passing of Harry Hood (RIP)
  • The Celtic Festival
  • Kieran Tierney leaving and Calmac Staying
  • 10 in a row Domestic expectation vs Fans Euro dreams
  • Who actually buys the players?
  • That Cluj Disaster
  • Where to next for Lawwell and Lenny?
  • Sadness at Sinky stuck out in the cold
  • Stockholm Pressure pot and Sevco looming

And a whole lot more!



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You can download MP3 file here : download-mp3

Direct Podcast Link: https://www.spreaker.com/user/4647859/celt-inflicted

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1 year ago

Hiya folks,
Listening in with a hangover here.Absolutely gutted about the other night.

1 year ago

Great podcast! Thanks.

1 year ago

Is it me or are Celtic imploding? Fans turning in on themselves and the club, media silence, out of the Champions League….the Zombies must think all their Universal Credit payments are coming at once, bad day when even THEY are slagging US…looks like our only hope for 9 & 10IAR is Sevco going into administration.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro

As Hector says..one awful result..still time and resources available to get back on track…up to all the Management to sort it out pronto

1 year ago

well that podcast wiped the fookin smile aff ma coupon ha ha ha ha cheer up bhoys it mght never happen COYBIG

1 year ago

wit aboot the classic dont tan yer wrists av run ooty plasters …… if its no a song it should be he he

1 year ago

I’m sure we made it clear that he wasn’t the mgr we wanted to see in charge. Point being made is a mgr of his level would tactically have seen off Cluj easily.

1 year ago

Great stuff again Bhoys, love the craic!
Desmond & Lawwell out!


1 year ago

Is….Terry Fkwit from Viz

1 year ago


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