Celt Inflicted - Etims Podcast

Celt Inflicted – Etims Podcast

Hector, Ralph and Monty get together with Desi to discuss all thats being happening since the last show.

Topics such as

  • The Treble Treble and history being made
  • Neil Lennon getting a surprise in the shower!
  • A note on the passing of Harry Hood (RIP)
  • The Celtic Festival
  • Kieran Tierney leaving and Calmac Staying
  • 10 in a row Domestic expectation vs Fans Euro dreams
  • Who actually buys the players?
  • That Cluj Disaster
  • Where to next for Lawwell and Lenny?
  • Sadness at Sinky stuck out in the cold
  • Stockholm Pressure pot and Sevco looming

And a whole lot more!



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