Season..Greeting or Smiling?

Well thats the 2018-19 League Season end upon us.
The Cup Final will take care of itself but lets see what possible highlights and lowlights of the League season we can remember then…


Highlight : We’ve won the League again…Fly The the Flag!

Hooray..That’s number 8. That’s all that matters really. It really is.
Moans about performances would seem like soft whispers if we had lost the league this year.
In fact its actually impossible to gauge how awful such a reaction would be.
Really frightening!

So its great to have won the 8th,,,the 8th of the 10 hopefully.


Lowlight : What a fucking rat!

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Brendan Rodgers!
Too fucking soon man…too fucking soon.

The departure of St Brendan was a real kick in the guts. The Timing was awful but nothing compared to the hurt of realising it might all have been a con.
Did he even know who celtic were…who knows. Who cares.
The guy broke our hearts, and our dreams and worst of all, our expectations of what a true Celtic man is.

A shameful departure for a man who delivered 7/7 and had us on the way to the 8th Title.

That was then of course but for many us, the scar still hasnt healed. We dont want him back. We just still dont understand.

Closure still seems a long long way away.


Highlight..Forrest on Fire

Its been a pleasure to see wee Jamesey ( I know, I day we have to stop that patter) have such a great and award winning season.
The right winger has always had the support divided but this season he stepped forward and really helped drag the side to the Title.
Not only did Forrest play great for Celtic but also for Scotland which raised his profile even more.
James also managed 11 League goals and 5 over the season for Scotland.
Cometh the hour, cometh the wee man.


Lowlight…Ibrox no shows.

I was in Manchester on Dec 29th.
I walked into the pub and watched the weirdest Celtic performance I have ever had the sorrow to witness.
We were on the pitch. But we weren’t.
We are playing. But we weren’t.

It was doing my head in.

I couldn’t believe how a Brendan Rodgers side could be so poor. There was no fight, no presence, no ability.
Post game we would hear stories of a sickness bug but even to this day it still makes me wonder WTF?

And then there was last Sunday. A total no show.

I expected a reduced enthusiasm along with a guarded approach to tackles given the Final coming soon.

Sadly the enthusiasm was non existent, the tactics abysmal and no Celtic player or member of Management staff came out with any praise whatsoever. Dreadful.


Highlight..Stepping forward

Brendan fucked off, remember also along with his management and backroom team, and left us all up Shit Creek.
Without hesitation, Neil Lennon stepped forward and helped stable a Ship in real danger of crashing and going under.

Don’t kid yourself on that anyone could have did it; For instance no-one at Celtic thought John Kennedy who knows a lot more about football that any of us and knows more about the Celtic players than anyone, could handle it on his own. A man who could step forward was needed and we will forever thank Lenny for getting us over the line.

The players to their credit, also stepped forward. They could have easily crumpled and played the self pity card wondering why their beloved Gaffer deserted them but they rallied and kept their unbeaten run since Ibrox Dec 2018 going, scored that amazing goal at Hearts, pushed on for so many late winners and finally clinched the League with a great performance at Aberdeen.

It seems easy in hindsight but this could be the toughest League win we may encounter given Brendan’s exit and the emotional and psychological impact on the players, let alone the impact to training, tactics, man management and logistics behind the scenes.


Lowlight..Another Celtic Summer of Madness

How the fuck are we here again?
Another summer of madness approaches. Every time we think we are stable and flourishing, we fuck it up, or it gets fucked up for us.

Every time we think we have stable ground, and money in the bank etc..we find a sudden way of needing to spend it quickly and hopefully not in a panic.

We have a major summer of questions to be answered and we shall all have to watch and wait to see first who the Manager will be and then what will happen to both the current Squad and who will come into form a future Squad.

Would we expect Celtic to be anything else mind you?

The rebirth approach worked when replacing Ronnie so only time will tell if History will repeat itself but for now we sit with fingers crossed and eyes squeezed tight in fright!


The other notable moments were of course the passing away of Big Billy and Stevie Chalmers. Two more Lions join the Paradise XI.

So whats your high and lowlights folks..add to comments below please…

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Our ‘Fly the Flag’ is so much better than Man City’s.

Theirs is ‘We’ve Bought the League again. Fly the Flag.’

Frank Reid

That we have the possibility of an historic treble treble in a second half of a season when a so called Celtic supporting coach walked away leaving us in the mire, taking his coaching staff and recruitment staff with him says a lot for the morale and backbone of an understandably burnt out squad of players and the remnants of the support staff. Despite no shows at Ibrox, the Celtic support need to raise the roof to ensure the crucial ninth cup is brought home to cement these honest players in our club’s history.


A song of love, is a sad song, Hi Lilly, Hi Lilly Hi Lo. If you love something, anything, then you can sometimes suffer and have to accept, the highs and the lows of that strong emotional bond. The highs of achievement, being on the cusp of another possible treble, never before being achieved in the history of Scottish football. Celtic, the history makers. Facing another step in the staircase of success, of this famous auld club, your club, my club, our club, cherish these times. The lows of losing two GIANTS of our history and both between one week,… Read more »

2018-2019 Highs:
Winning 8 in a row.
Winning the League Cup.
The possibility of a third Treble!
The form of Calmac, Forrest and Christie.
Bain’s goalkeeping form ( a real surprise and delight)

Lows: Losing two more of our great Lisbon Lions
Brendan leaving the way he did.
Dembele leaving
Our poor form (too often) in Europe and domestically.
Our inability to score goals, even open ones.
The mystery disappearance of our free-flowing football.


You captured my feelings exactly on the BR departure. What was real and what was not?

I would add the emergence of Christie and Henderson as positives.

I would add the Board’s performance in challenging key events such as the Beaton affair, and the general bias towards Sevco, as a low light.

It is amazing how a season that should be judged a success can leave you with the feeling that you wished it was over.



Need a McCann like figure to stand up for the club again

Lows ,Scottish Masonic cheats going unchallenged while our Tory Plc are pumping their bank accounts and continually selling our best players.Highs,four or five courageous talented players dragging the other thirty odd to the league win


Highlights: winning the double, and hopefully more. Shouldn’t there be more or am I being greedy? My POTY: Not Scott Brown again this year, it’s James Forrest. Scoring important goals and in important games, set up a lot too. The brilliant play with Rogic was cut short due to injury and performances dipped without Lustig but overall, to me, our most consistent high level player. Most improved: Ajer, has been quietly getting better and better. His marking, tackling, jumping, positioning and reading the game have gotten a lot better and he hasn’t lost any of the other parts of his… Read more »


Nice article Desi, but the biggest failing is not the shambolic performances, it is the sad group of individuals and the CEO that pass for the guardians of Celtic Football Club. These Cretins are like the SFA board, Lacking any empathy fir the ethos of the club, the fans, the history of Celtic We do not know the true facts of last summers happenings, God were they lucky that Petrie and his minnions had shown Lenny the door. On their previous performances the suits, have no credibility, and succour the zombies at every turn. There payment of a fine for… Read more »

If Mr Lawell & the board are the issue , why is it that we have won more domestic trophies in the yrs Peter has been with us ,than any other same number of years at any other time


No rangers since 2012


It was a roller coaster all right. Dembele letting everyone know that Brendan wasn’t all he told us he was. But he left us with just enough points to get us home.We should be at least thankful for that. The victory at tynecastle the highlight if we had lost that 8 in a row would have been over it was the most pivotal result of the league campaign in my opinion. It rallied the fans and the players. But we got there in the end. Big Jozo coming back into the team is another plus. Why Hendry was picked over… Read more »


Ps we should always be smiling I remember the dark days only too well. HH


given BR’s posturing about history and tradition at Leicester, it should be clear to all of us that he is not to be trusted and will say whatever he thinks will get him the most love.

snake of a man.

no shortage of lows this season but we are still going to win the treble so fuck it.

onward to Rafa(joke!!) and 9 in a row!!!!


A wee tribute to Doris Day

When I was just a little Hun
I asked my mother: ‘What will I be?’
‘Will I be ugly, will I be thick?’
Here’s what she said to me:
‘Of course ye will ya fuckin’ eejit!’


‘Twould bring a tear to a glass eye, said Brian Sewell.

PS on Sunday’s performance…I was reminded of an old story…if
Sevco had played with a 1cwt sack of potatoes on their goal line
instead of Fotheringham, they would still have won 2-1…hold
that, it would have been 2-0, big Olly would probably have hit
the sack of potatoes with our only effort on goal !!!


Charlie S,

Great post! Two issues. How can you say Rogic’s performances of late are a highlight?

Who are the three replacements for Dembele?Bayo, Burke and Weah?


Steve Naive

Highlights… every home game in 114 JJ..
Lowlights… failure to kick on.
Same as it ever was.

The Cha

Highlights: 8some reel for 2nd time in my lifetime but I can’t wait another 46 years for the next one, so needs to be a lot quicker next time; let’s say in 8 years time! Beating Leipzig (Bundesliga 3rd) both at Parkhead and to EL KO. Our general poor form in Europe deservedly gets a kicking but that was a fine achievement. Eddy stepping up to the plate as our only option when Dembele left and Griffiths was posted missing. 9 figure turnover for 1st time in Scottish Football and over quarter a billion pounds in 3 years, which should’ve… Read more »


So beating a team 3rd in the bundesliga is now a fine achievement ffs. How we have fallen cha.

The Cha

It is given the disparity with the big leagues.

Not very sexy but that’s where we are.

As a matter of interest when did we beat a team higher up in the Bundesliga?


Agreed cha. That was a big highlight we played great that night. I watched st mirren v Hamilton last night it was horrendous . We play in the same league as these jokers so to beat a bundesliga team was a phenomenal achievement given the disparity in quality in the respective leagues


Winning 9iar with the Lions was the only time that it was played on a level playing field, them winning nine was because they were financially doped, EBT DOS etc. Our eight is against another club. That takes me to another painful point, how can a new club on less than one third of our turnover beat us twice at the midden, Kevin Clancy aside and the wife beater Jon flying elbow Flanagan, stick on penalty. We should be looking forward to twenty IAR. Nothing less with the start that we have, twenty or more.. Perhaps Buzz has a point… Read more »


Jon Flying elbow Flanagan, message in a bottle and the message to Broony, I’m fairly certain was retribution and I’m fairly certain that he was told to send it. So the question that I ask myself is, where is our mail and who is going to deliver it, because it looks to me that we have no postmen. Every team had its postmen and the mail said mess with us and you get it back. Is it coached out of them? are they far too passive, because if they are the message will be sent out to them at Hampden… Read more »


D J Smyth, good but insipid point. Look at th oppostion over those years, even now a plastic sevco, or do you miss anything prior to 2000 In Europ we are insipid at best, a few excellent nights but then the Imps. There are serious issues to be addressed, being an apologist for all things Celtic as C S is the avenue held by the Ibrokes mob. Even Sally realises not all things are great in the garden at Castle Greyskull For years there has been underinvestment and lack of planning, players purchased as projects, the fable disco lights, the… Read more »


What about our corners this season. Shocking


That’ll be the self inflicted loss then?




You know watching the game on the weekend I wasn’t really worried whether we won or not. It was the fact that under Neil we’ve gradually declined into one of his teams. I think he realises looking at his lack of interaction with the game at hand, that the club is too big for him. He’s been given a difficult job no question but the lack of enthusiasm in his face is one of resignation. He didn’t want to be there. It’s almost as if he spent the day working out his speech to the press. He was lucky that… Read more »

The Cha

This all day long, we’re a £100m club and need to start/continue acting like it.

3 years ago everything changed and it’s why we’re on the cusp of 3×3.

The fans simply won’t accept a vast downsizing of that.

It’s irrelevant what non-attending knicker-wetters want.


Highlights – the disco ones
Lowlights – the flashing ones on wee Jamesy’s wellies


Big Edouard a doubt for the cup final ?


Highlights? No matter what is thrown at our players or our club, the silverware on offer is still decked in green & white ribbons, the players & Neil Lennon deserve the utmost respect for keeping going.
Well done to all of them, greatly appreciated.

Lowlights? The disco lights, Brendan ( spits ), losing Cesar & Steve, the mismanagement of transfer windows, Lawwell still in his position at CP.
The inaction on res 12 & the refusal to challenge the SFA over stolen titles & trophies, which to me & i’m sure many thousands of others, is utterly shocking.

Time to wake up Dermot.



You’ll not be amused at the news Jeremy Kyle show may be axed?


Monti & Una… ITV have cancelled production of Jeremy Kyle show 🙂


The Cha

and how would you know? 😉

CHA as part of a research project I was forced to watch some of that shite… Several mornings I won’t retrieve 🙁

CHA as part of a research project I was forced to watch some of that shite… Several mornings I won’t retrieve 🙁 🙂

The Cha

I can see that, it’s got you repeating yourself at the thought of it!

“Jerry! Jerry!” had a certain ring to it but “Jeremy”, seriously?


Celtic highlight…being one game from the Treble Treble 🙂
Celtic lowlight… last Sundays game 🙁


highlights waking every day a tim lowlights no livin forever a tim aint life grand


highlights watchin celtic every week lowlights the tribute act avoidin going bust by a baw hair he he better luck next season


Charlie… A fine historical piece… Sadly… Some shit remains the same

Honest hoops

The only low is the passing of Billy and Stevie…the treble treble is on…Hail Hail

Steve Naive

T’internet, well my text, aflame with Desmond having spoken to both Mourinho and Rafa, the former concerned about transfer budget, the latter maybe for trophies. Deadline is post Cup Final Monday, if not Neil and Kennedy. Even I could have made that one up. Of course you know now who will get it if they want it.

Bad memories of new managers:

Liam Brady
Lou Macari
John Barnes/King Kenny
Tony Mowbray
Joe Venglos
There is no reason on earth why Mourinho or Benitez would want to come to Celtic or Scotland.

Might not be highlight of the season but for me the game against Kilmarnock at Celtic Park….4-0 at half time…Christie had just consolidated his starting place and scored the 4th from free kick, bending it round the wall….brilliant team performance, so they have it in them…lowlight, huns being huns….they think the BBC,SFA, SNP, MSM are all against them…..well Jabba tells them thus !!
Rebel Treble from Tyrone.


Highlights? Riding Buzzbomb on a daily basis.

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