Celtic Diary Wednesday May 1: Guess Who’s Back..

John Beaton will referee the game against Aberdeen on this weekend.

Already Police Scotland are doing practice runs to get him to the ground safely.

Image result for man surrounded by security guards

Incidentally, the men behind the text messages that changed his life when they morphed from offensive to death threats in the way only the mainstream media can explain, have yet  be named or sentenced.

But clearly the poor man is over it now and no longer under 24 hour police protection.

They weren’t, of course, but with Collum under pressure from “rangers ” for not doing as he’s told, the spotlight had to fall in such a way to reflect, er, balance.


By the way, fair play to aberdeen for the matchday prgramme cover ….


The passing of Stevie Chalmers has lead to calls for an investigation into the correlation between former footballers and dementia.

Martyn McLaughlin in the Scotsman is quite scathing…


The fact both McNeill and Chalmbers died from degenerative brain conditions in quick succession is cause for scepticism as well as sorrow. Such a tragedy summons up several pertinent questions about football and dementia that have for too long gone unanswered.

Anyone in doubt as to the flippancy with which the game’s governing bodies have treated the issue would be best advised recalling the plight of Jeff Astle, the former England and West Bromwich Albion centre forward who died 17 years ago, aged just 59.

A coroner recorded a verdict of “death by industrial disease”, with a neurological expert pointing to “considerable evidence of trauma to the brain”, similar to that experienced by a boxer.

The Football Association, in turn, wrote two letters to the Astle family. The first advised them against taking legal action; the second offered complimentary tickets for an upcoming England friendly.

 If you are wondering to what extent the Scottish game’s governing body maintained an interest in such matters, a clue can be found in the organisation’s initialism. 
At the very least, an independent investigation is needed.
Of course, the football industry won’t commission one, any report drawn up on any links between any links that might conclude a liability along the lines of industrial injury is krptonite to them.
As was the case with child abuse, bullying and would be with any other scandals that we have yet to even discover.
Those at the top of the game, both at home and abroad , are reluctant to kick away the ladder they climbed to get there..
Even if it means, for instance, sanctioning a World cup tournament in a country that has temperatures the same as a dishwasher on a cleaning cycle, and a workforce dropping dead whilst being paid a pittance to build new stadia.
Elsewhere, the Glasgow Cup has been added to the trophy cabinet again, as Celtic Colts beat “rangers ” Colts..
And the stats threw up another one of those “coincidences “…
I’m beginning to doubt these are coincidences…
I wonder if this headline, from Mondays Evening Times is a coincidence…

Graeme Murty: It was easy to return to the Rangers Academy and I’m a better coach for my Ibrox experience

Will the senior players get to see exactly what he means some time soon ?

Could the author, Christoper “union ” Jack be softening up the hordes for the inevitable ?

One statement perhaps suggests so…
I got my Pro Licence from the SFA [on Sunday]. Talking to managers and players in that group is fantastic. 
Which makes him more qualified than the senior manager…
The annual new kit launch is today. My guess is it’ll be green and white hoops again, showing a distinct lack of imagination at New Balance.
 At three new kits a year, someone somewhere is making a few quid out of us.
New season books, new kits, no doubt other new merchandising…then there’s the home European matches.
Fourteen before christmas…
Add to that tv subscriptions and then you wonder why some of us aren;t happy to pay all of this into a game that is in denial about corruption, especially when the club we pay into has little or no interest in defending its own interests.
Perhaps when Lawwell and the board watched the tributes to a real honourable man before the Kilmarnock game, the thought of their own legacy crossed their minds…
Or then again, perhaps it didn’t..
On Sunday we left you with this..
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Caption toooooooo…

Here’s my son , he bit my shoulder
He’ll go far when he gets older… 



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Police confirm it was a fly by shooting


There’s a buzz about the place.

Salad queen

Buzz bomb leaving etims.


Salad queen,
Can’t be him, his exit would have left a far greater hole to fill. 🙂


Anyone who knows me would confirm that the word ‘ Salad ‘ would rule me out completely.

However, you ARE Gringo!
So now just like before, you will trip on your own apron.
Stupid, stupid man.

Patrick Street

A cash strapped Rangers find a cheap eco friendly solution to their broken window problem as recommended to them by a South African flyman.


Captio: Moth….er of god, it’s the beatons family car.


Caption: It was the masons 🙂

Congratulations Young Hoops.

Flyby hangover cure.


Billy Mcphail took them to court and lost re alzeimers.


Polish military personnel used to meet and pray at Saint Simon’s chapel in Partick, to see it desecrated by (cough) vandals is a disgusting sight. Mossend chapel has anti- catholic graffiti painted next to it, some of the peepul of Glasgow must be raging at their summer walks being diverted, if only they could be diverted to the nearest abattoir and marched up the ramp and despatched towards the maker that they profess to worship. The silly C@nts don’t seem to realise that these brave Polish men and women fought for and gave up their lives to give them the… Read more »


The church was vandalised by orange bastards, it’s what they fucks do!

Wee Berie

Don’t worry about the desecration of St. Simon’s. A police spokeswoman said “there was nothing to suggest it was a hate crime”! I wonder what would have happened if they didn’t like us.


They should take off their black and white chequered hat band and change them to orange, so we can see their true colours..

George Lazenbhoy

Caption: even the flies can’t stand the smell of shit at the SFA

Hoop hoop hooray

Scott Brown’s fly looks out the window

Luke Warmwater

Nakamura does some target practice


Caption… Scottish media fly on the wall reporting aint what it used to be


Ajax have set the bar HIGH, but it has taken them years to set it and made a fortune in player sales. But what is to stop us setting our bar HIGHER, apart from the interference of Cheating Beaton and his band of brudders. We should be setting our own bar at the highest level possible under our currant restraints. Be ambitious FFS and aim high, sign three quality players to add to the excellent players we have and remember the number of players soon to be Ex Cellic players the saving in wages alone could add to that pot… Read more »

Daniel Docherty

Ajax long rebuild didn’t include as many trophies
As we have won do you want to give them up if we follow their example


I never said that we should follow the Ajax example, merely that they have set the bar high in terms of the C.L. They have raised £150 mill. in player sales and that allows them to purchase some players of a much higher value than we could afford, unless of course our billionaire went into his wallet (fat chance). What I said is that we must raise our own bar but under our restraints of income, but we could raise our own bar, we have money in the bank and with a lot of players leaving, we could reduce the… Read more »


2 bee or not to bee


Where there’s muck there’s brass, by gum and as far as the doing SFA is concerned their necks are built of brass and as mucky. You only need to look at their websites and the SPFL’s of past titles and trophies and be prepared to be sickened, at what you see. According to them the Deed club never died and are still alive. “Staying Alive huh, huh, h u h, Staying Alive” white shiney geggies sparkling white. Got a wee bit carried away there, oh yes, their corps defied gravity and are still doing the Zombie dance. What happens when… Read more »


The auld ones are the best. Caption, what is the last thing that goes through a fly’s mind when it hits your windscreen at 110 MPH?
Its arse.. 😉 <0

Same fly,different transparency.


When I find the ‘Gers in times of trouble
Brother Beaton comes to me
Seeking to be Celtic’s referee
So in my hour of darkness
When it looks like they might win the league
I make sure that John Beaton’s referee

Find a way to cheat ‘them’
Let it be

Say your eyesight’s cloudy
And there’s lots of fouls you didn’t see
Except those by the Celtic
Let it be
And if they look like winning
Then give Aberdeen a penalty
That will be the answer
Let it be

Find a way to cheat ‘them’
Let it be


RPG…the work of genius


RPG = Rhyming Prose Genius

The Cha

Caption “I said get me a spyglass so I can see if The Rangers are coming!”


Oh No here we go to ten in a row. 😉 BTW Killian is Kilyan’s Irish brudder.


Caption Man that was some buzz last night noo where the fuck am I.


Caption: Not every crack that smells of honey is a place to stick in your proboscis.


Fuck this shit! I don’t wanna b a fly on the wall in ibroke anymore

The Cha

and we had his Kiwi cousin, Chris Killen, and he was murdder.


Daniel Cousin? or am I thinking of an udder?

The Cha

He couldn’t hit a coo’s arse wi’ a banjo, so doubt if he could milk it.


Stop it, it’s just making me shudder at the thought of it. 😉

The Cha

Quivers down my backbone, I got the shakes in my thighbone.


Well you make me a milk shake baybee.


Morelos 5 red cards and a player of the year award. He’s 50 short! That is what they are talking about isn’t it?

Steve Naive

Mike, good posts on Ajax but we were doing this with the Quality Street Kids that should have taken over from the Lions gradually and continually. They, Ajax, plan for selling players and already have replacements from within ( mostly). Contrast this with our short sighted, short change strategy.


Very true Steve, and 10,000 on the waiting list, my my, We don’t have a cat in hells chance of changing anything at the moment, but the support deserve better than being treated like this… much better.

Forrest’s fly has come unstuck..again


WTF. That’s fucking pathetic…

Tory Plc are interested in money not Celtic.The lot of them should be in prison along with the SFA and Milne and Petrie and the deid cheats leaders minty the miser and his paid. Stooges in the media .Another Hun reffing Celtic games and the Plc do zilch.unashemed Scottish cheats and fraudsters!


How much did the masons put in the CVA pot? 🙂


Aye BB and Tully are certainly birds of a feather.
Deluded and deranged


Morelos up for player of the year.Are you kidding me when not being sent off he dives like Tom Daly give me a break.

Yoker Bhoy

Hunbelievable. He can maybe play a bit but is also a repeated offender and an absolute disgrace to the sport. The guy’s obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic but he’s had plenty of opportunities and should be given absolutely no sympathy never mind any awards.


Anyone seen the new Celtic home kit for next season?
It’s fucking abysmal, what the fuck is going on?

Lawwell, get NB to fuck!


Listen fucking up, Green & white Hoops, white shrts & white socks!!
How fucking hard can it be ya fucking useless cunts!


In my opinion Souness changed scottish football for the worse. The big money was paid to the mercenaries and we tried to do the same. We ignored our gane and the good of the club to keep up with the joneses not just us but every club lost their way.


New strip is a fuckin disgrace to the memory of the lions and the hoops


Could someone please tell new balance that we wear hoops what a fuckin disgrace to the memory of out greatest ever captain and the scorer of our greatest ever goal. Lost for words we have indeed sold the jerseys


It’s fucking out of order m8, just don’t buy it.


What a disgrace to the lions that new strip is fuckin shocking in my opinion


It is dreadful, it doesn’t even have a bump in it for my drum 🙂



Some wee guy called Leo kicked me through this hole.

So now they`re trying to flog off golf shirts as football strips.

New Balance have been handballed the biscuit tin mentality.


Caption, As another fly on the wall documentary is aired, Bobby Mad-Hun states that he is actually a Tim, he says “yes it is true that you CAN fool all of the Peepul all of the time”….



Deluded and deranged? For telling the truth.fucking saddest thing I’ve ever read from a Celtic supporter!Sad fucking case!fuck the capital t in my name grammar queens!

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