Celtic Diary Thursday February 21: Spanish Police Declare War

Evidence emerged last night that the Spanish police are rather enthusiastic about keeping law and order on the streets of Valencia.

Quite why they feel the need to assault Celtic supporters is beyond comprehension, but there are plenty of videos in circulation showing them doing just that.

The club simply has to make a condemnation. Otherwise, someone is going to get hurt over there, and with thousands of supporters in the city, there is more than a chance of an escalation.

For those of you over there, stay safe, and stay away from the police. They are easily recognisable as they are the ones with in full combat gear with sticks, shields and guns that fire rubber bullets.

Image result for valencia police celtic fans

Image result for valencia police celtic fans

Image result for valencia police celtic fans


From the Valencia police website..

The city of Valencia has a metropolitan area which reaches over 1.500.000 inhabitants. It is, in terms of population, the 3rd largest city in Spain.

More than 1600 police officers form the Valencia Local Police.

The duties of the Valencia Local Police (PLV) are wide, ranging from surveillance and road traffic control, to maintaining citizen security and safety, administrative police, community police, domestic violence, mediation police, fight against crime, management of emergencies, environmental police, etc.

Overall it is one of the most active local police in Spain due to their continuous innovation in technology. Its Centre of Security and Emergencies is the best example of innovation in police management by using ICTs tools, as well as a great test bed for pilot experiences and tests.

” Overall it is one of the most active local police in Spain ” 

So it is…

Image result for valencia police celtic fans gif

Before something serious happens, the club must lodge a complaint, or at the very least ask questions of the Valencia Police Department.

In the meantime, follow these guys on twitter and take note of their advice..

🗣| We are closely monitoring the situation in . Some advice: 1. Record everything 2. If you are a victim of police violence, press charges immediately 3. Contact us via DM if you need legal representation. We can put you in touch with Valencia-based specialist lawyers 

Perhaps a clue to the police action can be found in this story, from the Sun..

A RANGERS bar in Benidorm was ‘torched’ as thousands of Celtic fans make their way to Valencia for their Europa League clash.

Flags at The Golden Last boozer in the popular Spanish holiday resort were set on fire in the early hours of this morning causing extensive damage, staff claim. 

Shock pictures shared on social media show the front of the pub has been left charred by the blaze.

Regulars at the pub – which is popular with Light Blues holidaymakers – claimed that the flags outside were set alight but the inside area was undamaged by the flames. 

One wrote: “Flags at the front were set on fire. The bar is fine and untouched.

“Pic makes it look worse than it is.”

The blaze comes as thousands of Hoops supporters arrive in the seaside town and the Costa Blanca area ahead of the crunch European tie in Valencia tomorrow night.

Celtic fans told there will be NO fanzone in Valencia for Europa League clash

Celtic are aiming to overturn a 2-0 first leg defeat at the Mestalla Stadium.

It’s expected that over 10,000 supporters will swarm into the city in the hope that their team will turn up for the do-or-die Euro showdown.

But with only a 2,500 ticket allocation for the match at the Mestalla, thousands will need to pack into pubs to watch the game, with no fanzone planned. 

This story is entirely based on a social media version of events, and the implication that Celtic fans were involved. As usual, the paper has made no effort to check the veracity of any claims, and there is no evidence as yet that Celtic fans were involved.

However, the paper seems convinced there is a connection, and the story may well have put the police in Valencia on high alert.

Celtic start tonights game two goals down, and realistically there is little chance of overhauling the deficit against a side who made it look easy to get that lead.

However, should Brendan need to inspire his charges before kick off, perhaps a quick run through of a few of the videos highlighting the police activities may provide that extra lift the players need.

Should Valencia score first, it makes no difference. Celtic need to score at least three goals in the game to progress.

Its a tall order, and perhaps the only way to succeed is to throw caution to the wind and adopt a sort of “Get Intae them ” policy which just might confuse a team who will be expecting Celtic to play exactly the same way they did in Glasgow.

Celts do have the pace to hurt them on the break, and the strength on the bench to keep the tempo high.

Scott Brown knows what has to be done…

 “For us, last week we started off really well and we need to build up on that. We need to try and get the first goal, not concede and take it from there.

“Spain is a hard place to come and we need to bring our ‘A’ game tonight. We’ve learned a lot in the last week and how Valencia play. We need to press high up the park and challenge the home side.” 

“We want to stay in European football for as long as possible. Last week wasn’t a great start, but we hope to bounce back and we believe we have the players and quality to that.

“We know how good Valencia are on the ball. As soon as they got their chances, they took them. We have to make sure that we create the chances and take them. We also have to be patient on the ball and not chase the game for 90 minutes.

“We relish every European game. The fans have come over in their thousands and hopefully we can put a good performance on for them.”

Just go out and do it. Let them know they’ve been in a game.

Back home, and the refereeing controversy stepped up a notch last night when the campaign for fairness and honesty for “rangers ” bore fruit.

Alan Muir, a man not noted for his ability or fairness, was the man in the middle, and managed to ignore an early penalty claim for opponents Kilmarnock and compound his efforts by sending the Kilmarnock goalkeeper off all within the first half hour, thuse ensuring a night of free beer at whatever watering hole he sips from.

You’ll remember Alan Muir…he has already played a part in stopping one treble..

The game wasn’t on television, so perhaps he thought no one was watching.

However, it was on Radio Scotland, and two of their “experts “, gave their opinions on the incidents..

Wasn’t enough to award a penalty to “rangers ” either, which suggests that Muir was so keen to get the keeper off the pitch he forgot all about the “foul “…

Down to ten men, Kilmarnock went on to lose 5-0, and the sponsors were delighted that there is still a chance of an All Glasgow final.

Effectively, Traynor cricised the referees, their chairman Stewart Robertson chucked in his tuppence worth, and the referee folded.

Has it always been thus ?

Later this week, we may well have an insight into how things really work in refereeing circles..

Tom English, the Irishman the BBC pay to comment on Scottish football, reckons that

Introducing referees from other countries would be a cowardly surrender to the mad conspiracy theorists. Hope this proposal is chucked in the bin where it belongs 

Being at the BBC, he would be more than familiar with the term “cowardly surrender ” and its meaning.

There is a problem with refereeing in Scotland. 

It does seem to overwhelmingly favour one club. 

Against Aberdeen and now Kilmarnock, they have been in receipt of match defining decisions…one could almost call it match fixing. 

Steve Clarke, Kilmarnock manager, repeated the words of Craig Levein eleven years ago after the game..

It’s a joke. If that’s the standard, we might as well go home. Why speak? It’s every week, every other week. Why?

“It’s embarrassing. The goalie just lifted his arms. Every goalie does it every week. I’m talking in general – bad decisions – all we talk about is our refs. How can I talk about football tonight?

“A penalty is a penalty. It doesn’t matter when it comes – 30 seconds in or 30 seconds into injury time. It’s a pen, so just give it.” 


And then he moved on to the triumphant choir that presents itself every time the doors are open at Ibrox..


“It’s nice being back in the West of Scotland – really nice. When I was approached by Rangers about taking over the job here, I was assured that, ‘Nah, we didn’t have that in the west of Scotland anymore and it had gone.’ Ha ha ha.


“They can call me a b****** or a w***** but to call me a Fenian b******. Come on. They’re not allowed to call my assistant a black b******* but they can call me a Fenian b******. What are we doing in Scotland?

“I wake up every morning and I thank Chelsea for taking me away from the west. My children have nothing to do with this, thankfully – my children and my grandchildren.

“It’s fantastic to be back in Scotland.” 

Tom English, aye, him again, seemed to think that the Kilmarnock board were at least partially to blame for the abuse..

Well said Steve Clarke. SPFL and SFA utterly shameful in their total shirking of the issue of sectarian and terrorist chanting in this country. Clarke should work on his board as well. As a club, they’re against strict liability. This is what you get as a consequence 

Is he saying he’s brought it on himself ?


Welcome to our world..those of us who have left the country fully understand what Clarke is saying.

Is it time for Holyrood to intervene ?

Is it time for the SFA to act, ( I know-lol )or will UEFA be forced to intervene ?


The cancer that could have been removed successfully in 2012 is back, and this time its much more aggressive. 

If we don’t kill it this time, it will kill everything around it. 

Yesterday, we had this image…

Pat Higney February 20, 2019 at 11:25 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Blue microphone shouts over to red. “ Mate, what is that horrible growth hangin out yer arse?”


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Tim Buffy

Caption: “The Rangers* are coming.”


I try not to respond to Rslph’s little teasers, people like Tom English always said victims of domestic abuse brought it on themselves too, what a dinosaur! So the “Rangers”: fans think “we could show up the Tim’s by being respectful towards Kilmarnock and it’s players and officals tonight,” what do they do,indulge in their vile sectarian abuse, that will be the headlines not a 5-0 victory. The ref meanwhile thinks no one will even know I am in the pitch that’s how good a referee I will be and Thursday no one will mention referees from outside Scotland again,… Read more »


caption: Celtics away support in St Patvs bar prepare for an evening of pyro from Valencian fascist pig force

For sure, the “Scottish Hun” newspaper is at the shit-stirring re the flag-burning at a well-known “rangers” bar. Have they stopped to consider the fact that this may well have been done by angry Spaniards venting their spleen at a “brexiteer bar”? I think it’s safe to assume that the flags burnt were of the Union Jack variety, which has less to do with representing a dead footballing entity, and more to representing a country that is about to depart the EU. This flag-burning, to my mind, is politically motivated, and nothing to do with football. Let’s also remember that… Read more »


Gas masks on lads, Jabba’s about to make another statement!

Noel Skytrot

Caption….Celtic fans prepped for tonight’s game in Valencia after last night’s rubber projectiles.

Pat Higney

Caption: The Green Brigade, wearing their ‘IRA’ jackets, now try out their ‘IRA gas masks’ prior to yhe next visit to Ibrox.


As a twelve year old in the 1970’s I was warned about the Spanish police by my first Spanish teacher; how Franco’s Spain had developed a fascist police force.
Later in life an old merchant seaman who I used to swap a Guinness with advised me, “Son, don’t ask them the time, don’t ask for directions, don’t smile as you walk by, in fact, if you can, walk in another direction. They’re fascist bastards waiting for any excuse to hit you with a club.”

George Lazenbhoy

Caption : sports journalists deny all they produce is shite


C S… Is it “Mustard Grass”?


C S…. you mean Arlenes Grass?


Caption Level 5 roving reporters meet for weekly assessment


Was at the athletico Madrid semi final in the early seventies I despised the Spanish after this. Dirtiest game I’ve ever seen in my life jimmy Johnstone was kicked so badly during that game there was nearly a riot. There’s something brutal in their natures I couldn’t see why they were using these tactics because they were skilful and could play football. Seems that there’s a nasty legacy left buFranco . I think travelling through there that they are the rudest despicable bastards on the planet. Though I’m sure that doesn’t apply to all of them. Kicked their arses in… Read more »


Caption: “right who just farted?”


Caption: Workers on Level 6 stage a protest against the wafts of shit eminating from the office below.


This morning i was walking along Princes St, Edinburgh, on the way to work as i do each morning. There’s a few homeless people along the way on the street, pass them every day. This morning as i passed one of these unfortunate souls i stopped in my tracks, went back & gave the woman my lunch that i prepared that morning. I even left her the lunch box. Now anyone that knows me will tell you that it’s not an easy thing to do, me giving my food away. A thought came to me just now tho, could i… Read more »

Noel Skytrot

Monti, proud of you. I worked with homeless folk for 2 year and the shit I saw and heard was fucking appalling. They’re our fellow human beings and to see them treated the way they are is a sad indictment of society.


Aye m8, small gesture but i hope she enjoyed it!


Monti… My grandson does something similar with me.
He shares his biscuits by taking a small bite from the corner of the biscuit and hands it to me from his mouth…the little divvil 🙂


Don’t let folk from the council see you doing it.



Doc… Why???


Monti, keep going and you will be one of a select band of 12. Have you tried collecting the crumbs? It would be interesting to see the number of baskets you fill 🙂

Seriously, I wish I followed the second greatest commandment as well as you. God be with you!





Great gesture Monti. I take biscuits into the office to keep up the morale of some of the support staff. Recently had my route changed and now pass a homeless guy every morning. Occurred to me he would prob appreciate the biscuits more than the staff so gave them to him. Now double up. No big deal but illustrates how we can all do a wee bit to help those less fortunate HH

Noel Skytrot

The mob over there dont fuck about. I was in Barcelona in 2015 and the way the cops were treating the migrants selling their stuff on Las Ramblas was shocking. They were battering fuck out of them with batons and the poor guys were squealing. I was going to say something until my missus pointed out that they were tooled up with a pistolero which made me have second thoughts. They’re not very tolerant, yet the folk of Catalonia are first class. Fuck being a fan over there.


Said it before and i’ll say it again, they are more of an outlet/meeting place for bigots than they are a football club. When Whyte took over, and they all loved him, it was ‘bleak times for Celtic’, King recently ‘Celtic will fall’. Whenever these guys want to enamour the fans, they don’t say anything about improving the club, stadium, facilities, etc, instead, all they say how they will bring down Celtic. They only exist as an outlet for sectarianism, a public place where they can spout their bigotry without getting arrested or getting done in. Some Spanish police came… Read more »

Noel Skytrot

Doc, if your flying the Brigada’s flags be careful. I had a POUM tshirt on in Tarragona and the polis gave me some heavy growls.


An English Lad I work with stopped to say, are you sure it’s not because of how the England fans acted October of last year? He might be onto something.


“We’ve learned a lot in the last week and how Valencia play.” Don’t we have scouts for this FFS? Why are we learning this by playing them?


Monti, good on you son. Sometimes, all we can do is a small direct thing. We’re aa Jock Tamson’s bairns and I too like my grub but… A kind thing to do. We can all end up on the street or disabled. In a split second.
Well done young man.


Thanks m8

The Cha

A draw would be a good result tonight and improve our co-efficient.

A bit dry but can’t see us taking all the 3 points given we were outclassed last week and avoiding a hammering, at least on the park, is the best we can hope for.

The Cha

“Effectively, Traynor cricised the referees, their chairman Stewart Robertson chucked in his tuppence worth, and the referee folded.

Has it always been thus ?”

No, yesterday we were at the vanguard of bringing in foreign refs, allegedly, but it now looks like (in)sanity has been restored.


Valencia tonight? Nothing to lose. Let’s surprise them. Let it rip. Long ball? Two up front?
I didn’t know Stevie Clarke was a Fenian just like us!
I wonder what Slippy Gerrard thinks of all this?

Noel Skytrot

I agree Cha. It should be all out and everything left on that pitch. We’ve nothing to lose.

Bawheid has came out and condemned the shit that was directed at Clarke, like it will change a thing.

Noel Skytrot

Dev, that was in response to your post rather than Cha’s.

The Cha

Caption “Audience prepares for latest discharge from Uncle Tom English”


Couldny give a monkies how we do it, just do it, fed up watching us get humped in European games, get in there and hard. Pussyfooting from side to side like trout swimming in a pool, or dazzled by the headlights of a truck. They don’t like it up them, as past great Celtic sides have proved. Show a bit off steel and if we do go out, at least we go out fighting. Possession means SFA, its results that count, do it for the support, they are worth it, once again getting hammered by the “Darth Vaders” of Spanish… Read more »


Its gawn very quiet, no statement from raboard, no expressions of disgust, at the despicable actions of the “Darth Vaders” was there a midnight call to Valencia telling the Polis to watch themselves. Where is the statement, decrying the actions of the heavy handed thugs that thought it appropriate to club a female Celtic supporter. Nope, just the usual silence, as they hide away, up in the upper echelons of Paradise, or flying business class to Spain. Who would have thunk it, perhaps they are complaining bitterly to the polis about these terrible Celtic supporters. Do not ever tell me… Read more »

I was in Benidorm with pals last November and joked with Rangers pals that we could go to the Rangers after we watched the Celtic game in the Thistle Bar in old town that’s ran by a Celt. We walked along and stood outside that Rangers so called bar..its a bar sad wee hole in the wall effort, like a really seedy wee cafe with a few plastic chairs and looked dreadful. Of course it was shut up with nothing open anywhere near it. An Utter shithole of the lowest order. Certainly sounds like someone trying to get a few… Read more »


Remember, not everything is as it seems when you are blotto. What was you doing with those guys anyway? Pals??????? 🙂



Des , They used to have a shithole along from the Celtic tavern ( sadly now gone). The photographs were from their recent pub. Passed by in November. Now go to the Bhodrun or gallowgate for games now. btw , regarding the heavy handed policing , the general feeling of locals and police ( Benidorm) is that they have had enough of loud mouthed yobs , which are from south of hadrians wall. The world cup was f’n diabolical , these arseholes are the same the world over. When I am there , the moment they here the “English/british” accent… Read more »


Good luck to the Bhoys tonight, i’m not expecting to go through but i do want to see us fight tooth n nail for it!

Go for it Bhoys!

Ralph, I still stand by what I said yesterday about the potential incompetence of non-Scottish referees. However, I probably did not emphasise enough what bigotry and bias brings to the equation. Perhaps last night’s Ibrox fiasco indicates I was negligent in doing so, though almost a century of witnessing “(dis)honest mistakes” and social disaffection should have taught me better. It is now possibly down to potential incompetence versus total incompetence plus blatant cheating. I believe the bookies have suspended betting indefinitely. I also mentioned the failures of the Celtic support in my comment yesterday. Once again, I stand by what… Read more »


Three comments on the trot is obviouly too much for the moderator. I should have known my latest would be incinerated.


Noel Skytrot

After Steve Clarke’s comments on sectarianism last night, guess what the hot topic of conversation is on social media? Catholic schools and how they breed sectarianism. Sectarianism starts in the home, not at school. This country is a fucking shambles when it comes to resolving this issue.

As Weered who knows well commented the other day…Sectarianism kills. You couldn’t make it up.

On that note, I’m staying on the John Knox cocktails tonight. C’mon the Hoops.


I had no idea there was this religious based divide until I was 10 and went on a family holiday to a caravan park in Steps, a wee lass my sister’s age (about 8) asked us what religion we were. We looked at her and just said, “you know Jesus an’ God an’ aw that.”


Well Charlie Saiz, it’s almost your dream formation.


Was…. 🙁


Mike Bassett ^


Not from you though!!


Excellent showing in first half apart from sending off . We really looked like we were holding our own. A couple of excellent saves from Bain.
Our resolve will be severely challenged in 2nd half. As long as we play for each other and hopefully prevent a collapse.


Burke has done brilliantly, but he’s done. Get him off!

SFA unfit for purpose

Tom English at half time ”the ‘German’ referee made a mistake sending off tojan. not because he is ‘anti Celtic’ just because he got it wrong and Celtic want to bring in foreign refs.
Guy is a fucking bellend , if i meet him in the street i’ll stick his agendas up his arse


That was quite the coincidence the Beaton arrests announced about 30 mins before kick off. Farqhaur McPlod gets his wee moment.

Yoker Bhoy

Far better performance than last week’s shambles. Fought well and defended well. Thought Ajer had a great game.



First of all the violence. There are lots of young beds who follow Celtic make no bones about it. I’ve change up against them myself. They buy my a sheenben CD and think they are its men they would run a fuckin mile as they did in Sunderland at the first chance of aggro. I have no time for them. The police I know were heavy handed. I know of a Celtic fan who is fluent in Spanish and bought a ticket from a Valencia fan he was put in a cell.and ready to.get the treatment when he interrupted the… Read more »


Sorry for the spelling folks looks like a dog’s fuckin dinner but can’t be arsed changing it HH


Unlucky tonight Celtic, only caught the game from the 70th minute due to getting back from work late, there’s a way to be beaten & a way to go out of Europe, this was it.
No meek surrender, no capitulating & a team showing fight & pride.
That will do me everytime.
Brendan tactically spot on again, you can be proud tonight Brendan.

Domestically, it’s time to unleesh hell, go get them Celtic!

It was great to listen to a commentary on a decent away European display this evening. 🙂


Brendan got his tactics right, proud of the Bhoys especially Bain, Ajer, Brown really the whole midfield. My “if only” is if that had been the first leg we would have had the measure and not frozen at Celtic Park. Maybe BR is right, we learned something.


Maybe BR learned something ?


aye , 4 at the back works


Aye it was 5 at the back with attacking wing – backs.


Bain 9
Toljan 3
Ajer 8
Boyata 7
Jozo 10
Hayes 10
Forrest 5
Christie 5
McGregor 7
Brown 8
Burke 8
Johnstone 5
Edouard 3


At the moment I’d rather have Burke


Decent performance especially up to the sending off. Had it been the first leg and we coming home with a 0:1 with 10 men to attack in the second leg we would have been buzzing. Such a disappointment we were so poor last week. Looks like Brendan finally got an option away from home. We should now focus on making the gap in the league as massive as possible. Treble treble should be on but after Wednesday who would bet against the SFA and the refs ensuring the Cup goes to the huns. Unbelievable performance by Muir and co.


Yep, you’re wrong!

Iljas Baker

Problem with Edouard is he seems a bit like Jozo in being prone to injury. Can’t really get a run of games and improve his match sharpness. He’s deffo got talent but it’s start stop with him. Burke has some great qualities already mentioned on etims but he too needs regular football and he needs to work on his first touch and close passing. Manager’s got a difficult choice to make.


Edouard just needs a run of games, he is a fantastic player.
Training is fine & well but it’s 90 minutes that sharpen you up!

Patience Daniel son!


Agree with the sentiment on here that Celtic played better and were organized better than acouple of weeks who. With eleven players still on who knows. That said now we can focus on the treble treble and as an aside – but a delightful one – putting the final nail in the coffin of new rangers so they can join old rangers in liquidation. It’s unlikely the hordes will follow follow after third treble as even they must see their team is simply not up to the task. If Aberdeen knock them out or if they are lucky enough to… Read more »


We played with pride and bravery and looked like scoring from several attacks. A good performance, one we can learn from. A change in tactics does make a difference.


Seen the incidents concerning the goalkeeper the tackle by candeias and the penalty claim at the killie sevco game.
The goalie doesnt even drop his arms they are above his head at all times. It’s the killie centre back who puts one hand on him why wasnt a pen given even if it was the keeper?
Candeias straight red all day long a lunge no foul no booking. Brophy goes bye the player and is held back pen all day long.
Cheating useless masonic bastards


Right on Jimmybee.
4 penalties awarded in one game then sending off an in-form goalkeeper? The MIBs have a whole bag of tricks. The cheating is so obvious, far more blatant than anything ever done before. I would urge Aberdeen to call it out before they try the same shite up at Pittodrie.

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