Celtic Diary Monday February 18: Better Late Than Never

Celtic continued their domestic dominance with a late win over Kilmarnock yesterday at Rugby Park.

It leaves the hoops eight points clear of second place “rangers ” with just twelve games to play.

Based on that, and on the form shown since the winter break, we can perhaps look forward to becoming the first team to secure eight consecutive titles twice.

It wasn’t easy, Kilmarnock are a tough side to beat in Ayrshire, with the artificial pitch having more than a say in the outcome of most games.

But champions perform on any surface, in any condition and do it consistently over the season.

It finished 1-0, the goal coming from a Scott Brown ,er, shot, that deflected of the arm of a defender into the net. Had the defender not deflected it, the ball would still be in the air. Probably still rising.

The sigh of relief from the crowd and the players immediately after saw Brown race to the crowd, who surged forward to meet him. He’d already been booked for a late tackle and so Bobby Madden had no option but to book him, now that his supervisors have told him he needs to stick to the rules for a couple of weeks until the fuss dies down. Otherwise people might start asking why he was allowed to referee a top flight game so soon after allegations of match fixing when he refused to acknowledge a sending off and penalty in a recent game featuring his favourites from the other side of Glasgow.

Kilmarnock were understandably disappointed with the defeat, they had put a tremendous amount of effort into the game, and maybe did deserve a point.

They continued in that spirit after full time, with Timothy Weah also finding his name in the book when he ,er, wound up a few Killie players.

The son of the Liberian president, whose mother was at the game, said afterwards..

Thats the sort of attitude we need. Hopefully it will infect the rest of the team ahead of next Thursday trip to Spain.


Someone else wasn’t happy after the game either…like we give a toss…

Kris Boyd demands Celtic fan who hit him with a coin is found and punished in furious blast

“It’s one thing supporters singing about you, but when someone throws a coin to hurt you, it’s totally out of order,” 

I’m big enough to be able to take verbal abuse and expect it most weeks now. 

My mentality has always been that I will shut those folk up by scoring goals.

“But it’s unacceptable when some people go further than banter and decide to throw coins at you.

“It’s a disgrace and I hope the CCTV shows exactly who it was and they get punished.

“There have been more and more incidents like that creeping into the game lately and it has to be stamped out before someone gets seriously hurt.”

Here he is being struck by a coin..

Image result for kris boyd hit by coin

The guilty Celtic fan should be relatively easy to find, sitting in that part of the ground where the union flags are draped.


Boyd seemed to take the defeat quite badly…

Ah, the trashing of the seats…

That looks like they’ve been bent in a crush, a surge forward after the goal. I’d imagine one or two fans have sore shins and knees this morning, Rugby Park is not noted for being a comfortable ground, as one criticism with subsatnce is that they have too many seats in a confined space. No legroom, and I’d wager Kris boyd would need at least a seat and a half to sit in relative comfort.

I know I do. It’s one of those grounds where you hope your seat is at the end of a row.

Boyd and others mention the pitch invasion, and they have become a little more common this season, with those friendly folk from Ibrox starting the trend every time they win a free kick or something, and they do have to stop.

Someone will get hurt, if they aren’t already, and that will result in the return of fencing around the pitch.

Don’t give the police or the government the excuse they need to replace the OFBA, they are still smarting from that defeat.


Then again, Boyds tantrum was nothing compared to the look of dismay on the BBC’s Chick Young, in the crowd yesterday when Brown scored…


Elsewhere, “rangers ” were missing their top man Andrew Dallas as they drew with St Johnstone, failing to score for a second consecutive match as bookmakers were alerted to a rush of bets on the awarding of penalties during their games.

They were also without Alfredo Morelas, and Keith Jackson of the Record asks this morning..

Monday column: Morelos has already cost Rangers the League Cup. Has he just lost them the title too? 

Morelas is good, but even he can’t help them lose something they’ve never had.

Of course, those staunch supporters are still right behind their manager, despite the likeable Scouse rogue throwing his players to the wolves again, as is his wont after a bad result.

We lacked leadership, I’m struggling to find any positives from it really. That’s where we are. 

Then he did a ” Broony “, presumably to show them what a leader looks like…

 But its all going tits for them now, with only the Scottish cup really to play for, and success in that competition will depend heavily on how his star men perform, or if they will be available.. hopefully all that effort in retaining them in January won’t be wasted..

Image result for beaton madden dallas

As for the support…they’re walking away again, it seems..

Mind you, one of them isn’t giving up…

 But for some, the darkness is enveloping…

And yet its only a few days since they were delirious with delight, having become the first British club to win a top trophy..

The team got the money ? I’d say its more likely to end up helping the club to pay wages until the season books can be sold again.

 Or is there something in the night air over the south side ?

We go back to Friday for the last caption competition..

Image result for brendan rodgers  v valencia

Keighley Bhoy 

 February 15, 2019 at 9:14 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption….Look Cal, I’ve tried these same tactics in every single European game,because I don’t know anything different, if i just keep doing the same then surely it will work at least once… 




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Imma Timm

Caption…..Wish it was a pie that was thrown!



Caption: Giant Haystacks gets his beard trimmed.

John McDermott

Fat knobend raging that he only got a pound thrown at him …..neads at least three to say aye to a killie pie!

Caption: “ref – somebody threw an IOU at me! I’m gonna tell the papers it wis a coin, so I need you to back me up on this!”.


Caption: ” It’s got bacon on it, it’s no a big Mac “


Caption Wish a wiz in the sky box talking aboot ma favourite klub and getting tore intae the free grub.

Caption. Mongo have deep feelings for Sheriff Bart.



Pat Higney

Caption: The new Dr Seuss book cover, “ The fat twat in a hat”


Caption: The pound hits a new low.


Caption: “Ah can see the back of your heid fae here”.


Hey can you count cards going to the casino tonight we will drop into rescission and get you an outfit first


Drive through worker and part time ref: Sorry sir we know it says “have it your way” but we dont even sell pies so you cant have one on your whopper…… ya whopper!

I’m a Hun in Hun country, I’m shite and my country is shite,can’t even win when we’re cheating


Caption… “…that guy actually threw a two pound coin at me…where’s the other fuckin quid????…”



I’m quite touched atually the Celtic fans value me the same as my old club £1.


Green “Gunsmoke” floated over the Kilmarnock Floating plastic pitch, as a straight red card, red card, red card, was handed out to Club Foot, “sorry Chester, never saw you coming up behind me”, “its o.k. Mr Dillon am ah comin, say something Doc. I see that the Ranglers are a comin, they have signed on loan an OAP gunslinger, he’s lookin fur his Paw. The Glesga Tims have signed one as well, an auld fella too, he’s called Broony, shot his load when he scored agin those Ayrshire Huns. There’s a new Tim in town too,he’s called Tim, trying to… Read more »

Honest hoops

Trial by Sportscene…they promote change when it’s any thing to do with Celtic..but when a hun throws a coin at an official..nothing too see here..biased broadcasting culture…


Och, there was plenty coverage of the coin throwing hun at Livingston ffs.

Honest hoops

Monti…if a man canny have a wee moan now and again….

Honest hoops

Cough cough…;)



The real Anton Rogan

Caption: Fuckin ragin.Its wan twenty furra bag a monster munch and ah only got a quid.

Arsene Parcelie

“It was only 50p, no worth picking up. That biscuit tin mentality oozes right oot them…”



Hit with a coin? If the fat turd was hit with a ballistic missile he still wouldn’t feel it.

Any news yet on the police investigation into the “death threats” allegedly made against Cheatin Beaton and his family?

Naw? Didny think so. Quelle surprise!


Caption : ah mind they thought i was as good as Larsson now I’m only getting 50p coins ffs.


Stevie Clarke saying he takes it as a compliment the way we celebrated yesterday.
You better believe it Stevie for that was the toughest fixture we have till the end of the season.

Noel Skytrot

Caption…. Boyd to the linesman

” don’t look at me when I say this, but why’s Brother Boaby not giving us a penalty? “

Honest hoops

Caption; where’s that coin…some ones chored it…thieving barsturds…


caption the kilmarnock groundsman sais you keep playing shit kris and ile keep collectin the coins oor fans throw at ye every penny counts when yoov a dodgy ebt bill tae pay7


Caption the Rankers will resign me if I keep this shit going Killie played a good game yesterday and the team struggled, a handball giving us the points, a great week ahead if they beat Stevie Gs class of wizards or is that wizened old men.The only downside is the support that emulate everything the knuckledraggers do, throwing coins, pitch invasions and stupidity. We cannot hold the high ground if we stoop to their level. The media are wallowing in all of these incidents today, as previously they ignored worse from the knuckledraggers. How Broonie was booked for entering the… Read more »


Celtic’s domestic record in 2019:

8 games played, 8 wins

22 goals scored, 0 goals conceded
If only we could find a formula for Europe what a wonderful world it would be. HH


aye , you will still get the moaners . Notice we are without Benkovic and Tierney. So gies us all piece!!. Thought the defence were solid throughout. Hayes was excellent and Toljan also .He tired later on which was to be expected. Sinclair had a great 1st half. some of the others had an off day , Does not mean they should be ridiculed .who would not on garbage playing surface , this will prematurely end many players careers. Maybe someone will explain why our wingers did not stick to the white sidelines and give us width upfront ? given… Read more »


And Rogic, good to see Bayo come on, Shved perhaps in April…


From Dressing room moles,
To sausage rolls,
Bloated flies, to Killie pies,
Shit that floats on the sea,
The gutter press, where girls undress,
The Huns dressed in Blue,
All kinds of everything, remind me off you..

Mike you sing as bad as Dana 🙂


Hey! well o.k. but she makes a great Dana pastry. 😉


Caption : Does my arse look big in this hat.




How I wish I was at the match yesterday! The match went exactly as I said it would…until Broonie! Away to Killie was the toughest match on our calendar and it will prove to be a big win this season, maybe THE win. Tough away matches like Pittodrie, Hearts or even Mordor have pretty decent grass pitches, with lots of width which suits our team.Supporting The Celtic means never giving up and sometimes, at near 70, I still forget that sometimes! I feared the worst. That pitch looks like a frozen shite skating rink. Valencia Thursday? Wha kens? How’s about… Read more »


Devoy I’m sorry to say we are not at that level and I fear a humping unless they take the foot off the gas. We are our own worst enemy at times a slackness comes in and when we lose 1 goal we tend to quickly concede another we dont have the skill or tactics to play european football for some strange reason. Even Calmac,Broony etc seem to give the ball away so easily when it comes to such nights.
Although it pains me to say it but we can only hope for a decent display.


Don’t blame it on the tax man
Don’t Blame it on the Whyte man
Don’t Blame it on the Green man
Blame it on the Broony
HH 8 in a row.


I thought yesterday was a really good result, the pitch was tiny to disadvantage us and Clarke had his team well drilled to limit danger but Celtic’s persistence won through, if only we could reproduce that in Europe. We can hardly complain about the Hun invading the pitch at Livingston or coins being thrown at our players if Celtic yobs do the same, similarly the flare, what will it take to bring home the danger, a serious injury. I expect us to be better than huns but maybe we are just the same. Well ok but let’s not pretend hypocritically… Read more »


4th Official To Boydiechenko..
“ Listen up Kris, just had a message from that ugly bitch that runs the canteen.
Says there’s a tray a pies n a flask of Bovril in your dressing room locker as usual.
She also said if yer no playin anymair then you’ve tae cough up or else shag her.”

“ Aw fuck” screams the Fatman “ Where the fuck did that poun coin go”


Flares? Coin throwing? Fans on the pitch? Sectarian chants? That is definitely NOT The Celtic Way. Going all the way back to throwing bananas at Mark Walters,I hate it when some of our own ‘fans’ shame us. Yes, we are on the moral high ground most of the time. Some of us are hypocrites when we call out the Orcs for things we seem to be doing too. Throwing flares is dangerous and many of us have weans and grand weans at the matches. I wouldn’t want them or any fan of any team blinded for life. We represent a… Read more »


well said.


I disagree with you, not a big of the flares but if used safely can add to the atmosphere.
As far as the songs & chants go, i hope they get turned up & increase their regularity!

Long live the Rebels!


I saw Boyd’s statement tonight “ some would call
it sectarianism.” He will be beside himself with joy and as for confronting O’Donnell a former Celtic youth player what was that all about? The BBC typically talked about Celtic, the coin thrown at Neil Lennon and the incident where a linesman was hit by a coin this season, no mention of what support that came from, we have our enemies and some traitors played into their hands. Do I sound furious yes, never ever part of Celtic.


Boyd is a fat orange bastard


So is Jimmy Bell


Sectarianism rules eh!

Sectarianism kills…

Lot of shite about fans,kids and drunks at a four o’clock kick,doesn’t excuse stupid songs and throwing shit at shit.Fat knob shouldn’t have been anywhere near Celtic support,been baiting them constantly in the meedja.Usual Hun and Hun media behaviour in jockville


We can’t control what the BBC does but we can control, what we, as fans do. We must never forget that Protestants are a big part of our fan base and our history: Big Jock, Kenny, Danny, Tommy Gemmell, etc. Our songs and chants should elevate not denigrate.

Stevie D

Hating orangeism isn’t the same as hating Protestantism. A Jew can hate Nazism without necessarily hating Germans. This is exactly the kind of thinking applied by fly bastards attacking Jeremy Corbin. You can’t criticise Israel’s genocidal policies against the Palestinians now without being accused of antisemitism. If somebody is an orange bastard call him out. Doesn’t make you a bigot in my eyes.


Well said Devoy. We welcome those of all faiths and none if they support the Hoops and know their history! Stein was visionary in that regard, had no time for sectarianism or political chants at football games and as a consequence launched us on a new trajectory of success. Lisbon67


Our best 11, uninjured.
subs: Burke/Weah/Bayo


Not overly convinced about Bain yet, he’s decent but i’ve noticed he is a bit reluctant to come for crosses, i don’t like that in a keeper.



“Just another day” just another day sang Johnny Logan, but its another Celtic day. “Who shot the Sherreeef” but I didn’t shoot his Deputee” “Who Celt the Jersee” but I didn’t shoot my underwearrrr.

“Faith of our Holy Fathers”, we will be true to you till death.
For its a Grand ole Team to Pray for, its a grand ole team to see and when you know its Historee, its enough to make you go, God Bless them..

H.H. (Hurtin Huns, currant Buns), “Just another Day”…




Didn’t hear Boyd raise issues of sectarian singing when he was playing his football at the bigot dome.

Stupid, stupid hun!

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