Celtic Diary Tuesday December 18: Flu, Frost and Father Christmas

Celtic Diary Tuesday December 18: Flu, Frost and Father Christmas

Frankly, I could do without all three.

One of my esteemed Lennon CSC colleagues, whilst travelling to the game on Thursday, had with him millions of little microbes which he unselfishly shared with me, and as a result I think I’m dying.

I’ve decided now to stay in the house until January when its time to go back to work.

Well, mostly one particular room in the house.

After all, there’s not much to come out for, is there ?

Celtic appear to have embarked on their winter break a little ahead of schedule, the inspid performance against Salzburg followed by a no show in Edinburgh tells me that they think they only have to show up now and again to lift the three trophies they should win, yet the back door qualification to a tie against Valencia-I might book that trip this week- conversely tells me that our name may indeed be on that cup.

Four out of four ?

Can you overdose on Lemsip and fishermans friends ?

During the game on Thursday, one felt that it was little more than a training exercise. To liven things up, Celtic decided to play as though they’d just met each other on the way to the ground, and that little extra fire was missing.

Mikael Lustig left the fray after twenty minutes, and the team lost direction. Scott Brown came on for the second half, and although there was more direction, it was more pedestrian.

Salzburg couldn;t believe their luck, which was compounded when Craig Gordon flung one into the net via an Austrian forward who thought christmas had come early.

I left after the second goal, somewhat frustrated and said so on twitter, with my usual Brendan Out rant, which got me the usual level of abuse.

Yet, as i walked along London Road peope were singing and dancing, and the man who looks after the players cars told me it was because the huns had got beat.

How low have we sunk, i wondered, until i realised Rosenberg had scored, meaning that liepzig were out and Celtic were through.

I forced myself into a bar for a pint and a dance or two.

Strange evening indeed.


The campaign had petered out with easily the worst performance of the season, yet we were through.

I comforted myself with the thought that had the results been the same all through the group stage, but the Liepzig game had been last, that 2-1 win and performance would have had us walking on air.

On to Edinburgh, and I confess to not watching all of it, only the second half. I’d been in bed since Friday teatime, and to be honest, even in my reduced state i thought i’d have put more effort in than the players.

We got what we deserved. Next up are dundee, and we need to shake this malaise very quickly, and above all we need to get off the players backs, as it is affecting them.

At the start of the month, we’d have taken a cup win over Aberdeen and Europe after christmas. We got them, it doesn’t matter how, and yet every player is more or less being told that he should be replaced in January.

The dilemma is this. Do we build for the next qualifiers or do we try to win four out of four this season, or do we go for both ?


When fully fit, we have a great side.

We could certainly use a couple of strikers, and maybe cover for the full backs, but thats about it.

We won’t win anything by dragging a black cloud over a team who are clearly showing signs of fatigue.

What we need to do is circle the wagins and win the rest of our games before the break.

Do that, and our problems may not seem so big.

Right, I’m going back to bed. Where I intend to stay until I’ve fully earned my new name of Rip Van Malph.