Celtic Diary Tuesday December 11: Roger Rogers His Reputation

Celtic Diary Tuesday December 11: Roger Rogers His Reputation

All thoughts now turn to Thursday and possible progression in the Europa League.

what was initially viewed as a fairly uninspring grou has actually allowed us to see two fine teams in action, and if Celtic were to fail to progress, it would be no shame.

However, with one point required from the last home game, albeit against a team that made last years semi final and did that by not dropping any points in the group stage, it won;t be as easy as perhaps one or two of us think.

Seriously, who would have thought we’d be sitting here now anticipating what could well be a night to remeber, having already had a couple of those in this campaign.

And who hasn’t thought that if we do get through this group, we have a better than average chance of a decent run after Christmas ?

The evolution of the side this season has been a refreshing change from the sometimes dour football on show over the last year, and the new look Celtic could well be about to make their mark on a bigger stage.

John Hartson, in the Evening Times, seems to think that the new kids on the block can keep progressing, without Scott Brown, beginning against Salzburg…

Brown, and this is with every respect to a fantastic Celt, probably won’t be needed this Thursday for what is a huge match, one of the biggest this season, when Red Bull Salzburg come to Glasgow.

Since he got injured, his team have recorded eight wins, two draws, lots of goals, exhilarating football, a second spot at in their Europa League group and now top of the league with a game in hand and a few points to spare. Plus the first trophy of the season.

Brown has come back into the squad but all of this has, more or less, been won without the player of the year, the club’s longest serving man and rock of Rodger’s Celtic.

Before he got injured, and I said as much in this column, I would have had Brown in my team for every big game. So, too, would the manager.

But I don’t think Brown will start against Salzburg on Thursday night, a game he was born to play in. 

He probably won’t start, but to say he won’t be needed is nonsense.

Should Celtic get into a lead, and you’d hope that after an hour or so , that would be the case, Brown would be just the man to come on and keep heads cool and close out the match. One thing he does do, often unnoticed, is break down opposition moves, and Salzburg will have plenty of them.

I’m heading up for the game, although a detour to Stirling is planned for lunchtime, so if anyone knows of a suitable establishment in Stirling, let me know.

One that purveys fine food and maybe refreshing drinks.

Well, the food isn’t overly important.


Former SPFL chief Roger Mitchell gave the Sun an excuse to laugh at those of us who consider Resolution 12 and the consequential search for justice, honesty and transparency in our game to be important.

Mitchell, who was at the SPFL during the cheating years, claimed that we should all move on and take the higher moral ground instead of harping on about actually finding out what happened, who was involved and punishing them accordingly.


Ex-SPL chief Roger Mitchell urges Celtic fans to stop Rangers ‘obsession’ as he claims Ibrox club is ‘hated’

The former top flight chief executive argued that Hoops supporters should put their ‘obsession’ with Rangers’ financial ‘armageddon’ in 2012 behind them 

Mitchell may have his own reasons for his thoughts, and it would be wrong for me to speculate that he was implicated in the biggest scandal in sporting history, and neither should you.

He said, as you may recall..

“Since ‘Armageddon’ I’ve been relatively ambivalent about Rangers.

“Been openly a ‘move on’ guy, but still love to see them struggle, like today. So many bhoys are clearly obsessed by them. I mean obsessed. 

“Their name, complex insolvency law, Res12, no Old Firm exists.

“Just concentrate on your own team and identity. Don’t define yourself in relation to others, especially when they are so far behind you.

“Take the moral high ground. Don’t drop back to a lower level. But no, every critical statement about Celtic needs a whitabootery defence.

“It’s so weak. If I criticize Celtic management over x, y, z, push back and say I’m wrong, ideally with rational debate. 

“Don’t say they were worse. And don’t say I must be one of ‘them’. It’s pathetic honestly.” 

Lets assume he had no part in any of it, and no knowledge of any wrong doing.

Yet during his time at the SPFL, 1998-2002, one or two things happened..

1999: Rangers open a discounted option scheme (DOS) specifically for payments to Tore Andre Flo and Ronald de Boer.

2001: Rangers begin making payments through an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), which was set up by Murray International Holdings (MIH).

2002: Sir David Murray quits as Rangers chairman but continues as owner. 

Was anything else happening round about then ?

From this site, September 14 , 2018..

“ The Tax Liability
7. Between 1999 and 2003 the Club entered into an arrangement with some of its players providing that their salaries would be paid through a purportedly discretionary scheme thereby seeking to avoid liability for PAYE and NIC. There were two schemes in operation, the DOS and an Employee Benefits Trust Scheme.
8. The DOS was utilised by two players Mr Ronald de Boer and Mr Tore Andre Flo. The discretionary nature of this scheme was illusory. The Club provided side letters to the players dated 30 August 2000 and 23 November 2000 respectively identifying precisely when and how much would be paid through the Scheme. The payments to these players were not discretionary and payments were accordingly liable for PAYE and NIC (the “Tax Liability”). 

One can only conclude that Mitchell, in his role as SPFL chief, knew about this scheme.

Is that why he wants us all to move on ?

He has reacted to the Sun picking up the story…

WoW. A pub conversation makes news? Good foto though. They missed my best line. “Hatred corrodes the vessel which contains it”. ⁦⁩ ⁦

It doesn’t matter where the conversation takes place…it matters what was contained therein.

In the sun article, there is contained a response to those Celtic blogs which are “obsessed ” with the whole Ibrox scandal..from Mitchell,

“I agree. And then this. They keep badgering in these resolutions.

“Which the board continually ignore. Rightly so. Why don’t they get the message.” 

Oh, i’m getting the message.

I’m getting a message that an awful lot of people are now starting to realise that it isn’t going away.

I can assure you that whether or not Celtic decide to come down off the fence or not, this issue is not going away.

All that is under consideration is which way to proceed, not whether or not to proceed.

You see, those responsible don’t want us to move on for the good of the game, they want us to move on so that they can finally pick up a newspaper or watch the television without that creeping and nagging little thought at the back of their minds that they might be the lead story. 

They are, and only ever were, in it for themselves.

And one day, they will be the lead story.

And frankly, I care how deep it goes, the cancer must be removed..regardless of where the tumour has spread to…

Otherwise, it will keep coming back.

But then again, so will we.

As one reporter put it…

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Of course. Obviously they cheated. Obviously these titles are void. Is there anything to discuss? 

A proper reporter, that is.


Meanwhile, spare a thought for an old foe…

Scottish referee appointed for v Zenit in the  

The poor sods.

And how the fuck did Dallas get a European game ?

BBC Radio Scotland had Kenny Clark on the show last night, and his job as a referee supervisor is to help the current crop become better at their jobs.

clearly, he’s not fit for purpose either, and it showed on the show.

You can probably find it on the iplayer or some other modern device, but what is immediately obvious is that the refereeing community is closing ranks in the face of unprecedented, yet justifiable, criticism of their abilities.

Clark, of course, is beyond reproach..courtesy of VideoCelts, we can see , two minutes in, perhaps why the referees are so bad, if he himself operated the particular tactic he referred to in this clip..


Is Clark just passing on his own philosophy ? Or do they hire people who don’t need any help with gaining the mindset of the referee community ?

Yesterday, we had this picture…

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Caption: High-flying Puggy’s winning run in the caption competition crashes in spectacular fashion