Celtic Diary Sunday December 2: Pull Out and Keep Cup Final Souvenir Edition

Well, someone had to do one.

A possible seventh successive trophy awaits Brendan Rodgers at Hampden this afternoon.

This simple fact isn’t being praised in the media, its not being lauded as an example of fine management, outstanding performance or even applauded as an excellent example of ruthless consistency.

In fact, you get the impression most observers would rather Aberdeen won it, as it would be good for the game.

Graeme MacPherson, on the Herald, for instance..

An Aberdeen victory this afternoon, then, would have significant repercussions for the whole of the game. A first Scottish trophy winner other than Celtic since Hibs’ Scottish Cup triumph in 2016, and a sign to others that perhaps Rodgers’ men have weak spots after all. Odds, though, of 4/1 on Aberdeen to lift the trophy (and a massive 7/1 to win in 90 minutes) show the bookmakers think that hugely unlikely.

And while only the churlish could deny Celtic deserve that success should they again prosper at Hampden, it would not be a great look for Scottish football if only one team are capable of ever winning anything. 

Maybe they have a point, but frankly I couldn’t care less.

The game kicks off at 3pm, which may mean one or two of us should have booked the day off tomorrow.

Although , be careful where you celebrate, I’m almost certain it will upset someone.

Fraser Mackie in the Daily Mail gave us this alarming headline..

Celebrations are off limits should Celtic beat Aberdeen and lift the Scottish League Cup at Hampden Park

  • Celtic stars will be banned from celebrating should they lift the Betfred Cup
  • Brendan Rodgers’ men face Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup final on Sunday 

However, its not a reference to supporters, which probably wouldn’t have surprised anyone, its a reference to the players, as Brendan Rodgers explained when asked if his players would be out on the town should they win the cup..

No. It’ll be quiet. The problem was we won the League Cup final, then we went a week later and were 2-0 down at half-time at Motherwell. We came back and won 4-3. 

We’ll get a period in January where we can reflect on everything if we need to and enjoy it as we can. So we won’t be celebrating too much. We’ll go, we want to win, and then we’ve got a game on Wednesday night.

‘I think the boys know me well enough now. I treat them like adults – they are not kids with me. I treat them as men and we know when those little periods are.

‘When you’re playing so many games, your body is so important. You have to look after it. But let’s get the job done and get another trophy. 

As the Diary said the other day, Christmas is cancelled at Celtic due to the intensity of the games this month, but the players will get a chance to let their hair down in January over in Dubai.

Scott Brown has even started to grow his in anticipation…

Image result for scott brown hair

Mackie of the Mail gives us the reason for the Dry December…

With this season’s title bid shaping up to be the most competitive yet, Rodgers is keen to eliminate any contributory factors towards a slip-up in the league 

The most competitive yet… they really do live in LaLa land.

Hearts were unlucky to lose several of their top players, and have suffered, Aberdeen have had a relatively poor start but are getting it together and  Kilmarnock are improving almost weekly.

He doesn’t mean any of them, though, does he ?

Today , though, its all about Aberdeen, and some might even say that they are due a win against us, though thats not usually a view given any real credence.

Rodgers again..

This is our third final against each other up here, so that’s a huge credit to both teams,’ 

‘Aberdeen had a great result in the semi-final.

‘That once again shows what Derek has done to have Aberdeen up in this bracket challenging. It epitomises the job he has done.

‘I really like Derek. He’s really professional, diligent, has a strategy for his club and for his team.

‘No matter the situation, they’re always very difficult to play against. So I have a big admiration for him when you think what he’s been able to do in terms of sustaining the challenge.’ 

Scott Sinclair, though, put it all into context…

Winning a seventh consecutive domestic trophy would be a massive achievement,” 

“It’s up to us to go out and play our normal game and obviously the main thing is to win.

“Aberdeen are always a hard team to beat and they always give us a good game. They’re a good side and obviously every game we play against them is different. What they’ll want to do is come to Hampden, throw everything at it, and try to win. It’s up to us to play our normal game and make sure that we win the game.” 

As did Keiran Tierney..

We have won six trophies in a row in the past couple of seasons, but that doesn’t matter now. Going into the final, no-one cares about the previous six. It’s all about this one. All about being ready. That’s how the players have to think and it’s the same with the fans. We want to win everything that we possibly can, and Sunday offers us a great chance.” 

There is an undeniable hunger in the team now, the shaky start to the season now but a distant memory.

Today we could see an example of what this team is capable of, emphasising just how far ahead of the pack they really are.

Of course, the referee has a part to play, and no doubt there will be a few Celtic players kicked up and down the park as usual, but we hear Dallas is lucky to still be in charge.

Not because of any complaints from Celtic, which in itself is disappointing, but because the SFA couldn’t get the referees from last nights boxing over in time for kick off.

They seem to be morally flexible enough to fit into the SFA quite seamlessly.

Right..how will it go ?

Is it to be seven in a row ?


I’m not going to predict a 7-0, as the players will ease off with so many big games to come this month.

That would be quite poetic though, seven league titles, seven succesive trophies by seven nil…

No, maybe not seven..a seven goal thriller ? 6-1 ? No, I doubt they’ll score.

But the dons could be in for a sound thrashing, maybe four or even five goals separating the team.

As Paul McStay would have said, “there’s a buzz about the place ”

For those of you attending Hampden, have your wits about you, and don’t talk to strangers… we hear the police have sent some of their officers undercover to stop any celebrations..

Watch out for them, as they will point you out to officers..

Elsewhere, and the police have admitted they cannot see any evidence of money laundering at Ibrox..

Although, of course, money laundering is a federal crime in the USA, so the FBI will have taken note of Kings recent outburst in court..and perhaps we can give you a clear glimpse of the future ..

Speaking of america, we are saddened to hear of the passing of the former President George H W Bush.

Plans are already being made for his cremation , and several extra firefighters will be on hand to ensure that another bush fire doesn’t get out of control

Too soon ?

When public figures pass on, they do tend to receive an outpouring of grief, and thats fine. Sometimes it does go a little over the top, and that inevitably leads to poor taste comments from certain elements.

Take the fellow who owned Leicester, for instance. When he died in a helicopter crash he was described as leaving a huge hole in peoples hearts.

Not as big as the one he left in the car park , right enough, but huge nonetheless.

Yesterdays caption competition…

Jboy December 1, 2018 at 9:07 am · Edit · Reply →

Mr Smith hadnt yet put 2 and 2 together and realised his miraculous fertility coincided with Mr Griffiths moving next door.


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Anyone seen a fox and a giant mint around?


Bear minds the gap after a trip to the woods for a shit

Number 2

Need to get the thermal knickers on aggie looks like a cold snap coming on …



Got aff! blind dugs only!

Yoker Bhoy

Good morning y’all, A perfect day for more history to be made. Today is marathon day in my city but, as 22,000+ participants run right past my living room window, my head will not be turned as I have far more important things to focus on. It’s cup final day and enough said. Over the last five decades Aberdeen has been one of our fiercest rivals in all competitions so I’ll treat them with a bit of respect (at least in this post anyway) and not refer to them as ‘the sheep’. We’ve had a few memorable Scottish Cup finals… Read more »


No celebrating now, don’t want to upset the bear.

Morning ladies, is this the stop for Ibrokes, I hear they are looking for a new Brokesy

Desmond and the Dekkers

Caption: Aye he’s like a bear with sore heid ivery time he’s dragged oot shopping Senga


Ah told you it wisnae a Samoyed love


“Fur it’s a grand old team to play for…”

Celtic By Numbers


Nearly 900 minutes in, Benkovic is not rubbish. Risking hyperbole, his numbers are Van Dijk-sih. Of course he is on loan, but don’t let that worry you.

Wee Wizard

“F _ _ _ me I thought the Polar Express was fictional” !!!!

Tim Buffy

Caption: “Look, Senga. Bet that bear’s escaped from Edinburgh Zoo before they cut its nuts off.”

The Cha

Grif is unfit and is a long way from being capable from starting a game.

In the last couple of games he’s came on when all the intensity had gone out of the games and was blowing out of his arse before the end.

Let him start in low key games but he shouldn’t be starting any key games probably until the New Year, if he knuckles down and puts in the hard graft that he’s been doing this past month.

The Cha

He’s getting his match fitness back by getting 20-30 mins per game.

Hopefully, today’s game is wrapped up after an hour and he can then come on to do his thing.

Perhaps he can start on Wednesday.

Awesome Edward has lived up to his name and links up the play brilliantly.

The Cha

Unfortunately the latest Grif episode started with him simply being unfit 3-4 months into the season. In this day and age, how does a player get in this state at this stage of the season? In trying to get fit he then picked up injuries and illness, as players normally do trying to get fit but this is normally pre-season. I’m surprised that Rodgers and others let it go to this stage but he’s not been slow to warn him, so perhaps he can do no more and it’s up to Grif now whether he wishes to get and stay… Read more »

The Cha

Caption “Any news of the iceberg? My family were on it, you see.”


All hearts 1-0


Morelos misses sitter. Better than Edouard I don’t think so.


To be fair it was a great touch but he was offside Morelos isn’t bad but I think he’s not the athlete Edouard is he’s more grit Edouard is more finesse and an all round better player imho


A lot of own goals from the Gers this year I can’t remember the last Celtic own goal.


Bastards 1-1


Offside 1-2. Ffs


Madhun and his minnions at work again, a blatant offside allowed to stand.
What a sad shower of Wankers are the officials. Let’s see what the dullard attempts at the Betfred Final.

Should it noo be a sheepie

The Cha

Can’t watch them.

We should always try and play by Jock’s : “If you’re good enough, the referee shouldn’t matter”.

Sometimes you can’t be but, if you are, the MIBs are less inclined to cheat, as it’s meaningless, if it comes in a big victory for us.

We should also remember that conspiracies don’t always happen eg the Red Bull draw that was nailed on.

We should go out with no negativity and to look to win and win well and worry about anything else after.


The Dons are going straight down the middle.

We`ve the charm keeper.Hands are use.Roll onto the play.

Celts 11-0.

One for luck.

Arfield`s a huns hun.Blown down the road freak.
72 minutes to to do.

Herts & sevco. Santas` name`s no April.HH


There’s a fire blazing through the cottage that Snow White shares with the seven dwarfs. Snow White, runs around the cottage checking up that the seven dwarfs are all alright.

“Aberdeen are going to win the cup today”, yells one of the dwarfs,

Snow White sighs and says.. “Thank goodness Dopey’s alright”.

League Cup Final..

There’s no getting.


Why Snow White couldn’t get pregnant
All the dwarves were fucking dopey

Snow White`s to run the World.Plus 2nd haund of Glib Green and Murray river of Gold.

Hail Hail Saint Jimmy.

I`ve the snip.Snow was.I think!


Good to hear Aussie music joker and the thief as a theme for the beginning of a memorable day. Here’s the first of a treble coming.

Let`s get ready to treble to 3 trebles hen.

Going to Mexico.

Is there one defender in the box that can read the flight of the leather?

Send Lustig and Brown towards Derek.


Rogic majestic so far Aberdeen up for it as far as they can be good game


Benkovic also majestic

It`s worst than a game of marbles today.

DOB American Brethren on show and commentary.

A Celtic Player will slip and get sent off.

The referees side`s the chin.

Now to the end of the game Shinnie`s to be had.
What a plick.

Knacker Shinnie.

That`s half time.
Woke the dogs in the street up.

That was a was that was,was.
The keeper ducked.


Hope mckay Steven is ok that looked horrible he looked lifeless


True recovery position but it has to be done right may have upper spine injury turning him over may make it worse or fatal

Yet that cvnt Shinnie was in having a go at only one player on the ground.

Effin run him Knackered.

Yoker Bhoy

First and foremost, I hope GMS is okay and makes a speedy recovery after that horrific clash of heads. A lot of that first half was hard to watch with some sloppy passing, our midfield giving the Dons too much space and a lack of creative spark but I think we’ll come good in the 2nd half. At some stage Olivier Ntcham and/or Broonie will come on to freshen things up. Great through ball by big Dedryk right enough as Christie moved into the centre forward position to finish well at the second attempt. Mon the Hoops, let’s see you… Read more »

I know they know what they`re doing.But 1-0 till the end of the game…is Morgan on the bench.Forrest needs a shag.

Explain a good missed save from a keeper.

Sinclair for Morgan.If he`s on the bench.

We`ve all to question Sinclair`s on the left game later?

6 weeks for eye-gouging Shinnie.

Sinclair arrr…does he shut his eyes on the ball? Yes.

Stop turning your back on the ball,sooks.

They take you from behind,get up and front them no matter the size.

Explain to me Sinclair please???

Right side is fine.

Anticipate my arse. He on the tele said we`re to Rebel.

Thank you Bhoys.

So happy for Ryan.

Yoker Bhoy

YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Ya beauty, magnificent 7 in a row for Brendan in the bag and very much on course for the treble treble. Well done bhoys!!!

The second half was better as we controlled the game more, especially from when Broonie came on. Despite a lot of robust challenges and confrontations, credit to Aberdeen for making a real game of it. Their game plan went well and they made life difficult, especially in the first half.



A wins a win, but Forrest and Eddie very poor today. Unfortunately best bet on the coupon midweek is Sevco at home to the sheep, they’ve burnt themselves out today.


You still at it you brainless, clueless cunt.

Loading Whytebrox Stadium.

Wednesday 5 December 2018. KO 19:45.

Dundee v Hamilton Academical

Hibernian v St. Mirren

Kilmarnock v Livingston

Motherwell v Celtic

The Rangers v Aberdeen

St. Johnstone v Heart of Midlothian.

Round for some.

MOTM. Scott Bain.

Commiserations Aberdeen.

Brendan,Thank You.




celtic dominated the gemme big dedryk took a bang oan the heid and thought he wis beckinbaur for the pass tae christie ha ha ha ha aint celtic grand


🙂 brilliant Charlie God Bless ye m8


Football was agricultural but thoroughly enjoyable credit to the dons fought manfully. Ralph’s right about the ref he lost the plot never a penalty would’ve not felt too good if we’d have scored but well done Celtic i


Who said they`ld told us so?


sittin in the motor listening tae shortbread they think dallas is a tim he he aint huns dumb

That Bhoy Dallas shouldn’t wear them shorts.
The day today is belief in Rock`N`Roll.

Tommy Twists, Tommy Turns, Tommy Burns,
Tommy Twists, Tommy Turns, Tommy Burns,
Tommy Twists, Tommy Turns, Tommy Burns,
Tommy Twists, Tommy Turns, Tommy Burns…


Aye, Charlie, there’s nane as dumb, as the fuckin’ scum.
At the moment they’re believin’ in all-sorts, as they’re prone to do. HaHaHa, them at the top of the League is like a fuckin’ elephant stuck up a tree; naebody knows how the fuck it got there but know it’ll no’ be there for long! HaHaHa.

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