Celtic Diary Sunday November 25: Oh No ! They’re Coming

Celtic increased their lead at the top of the imaginatively titled Premiership to two points with a fairly routine win over Hamilton at New Douglas Park, named after their director who will probably have to set himself up as a New Douglas Park if he continues his association with another Scottish club.

Ryan Christie, Scott Sinclair ( sort of ) and Leigh Griffiths were the scorers in a 3-0 win in a game that was probably forgotten by the support long before they got home from the game.

Hamilton had a couple of innovative ideas to try to get something from the game.

Courtesy of Video Celts, we can see how they tried the old schoolboy tactic of “backies in “, which allows multiple goalkeepers depending on who is closest to the attacker…

what a save

Then there was their unique interpretation of the regulations concerning the air pressure in the ball, rules demand a certain level, whilst Hamilton disagree, and claimed there was a shortage due to climate change..

Rodgers explained…

“Every ball we used seemed to be flat, all seven of them.

“I’m not sure if that was a tactic or what, but it was like passing a balloon. They’ve got all the tricks up here haven’t they?

“Eventually we got our kit-man to go and get the pump and pump them all up.” 

The shortage of air also affected the atmosphere, with the manager describing it as a

strange atmosphere though – there was a funny feel about the game.

“Maybe it was the early kick-off. I don’t know whether a lot of our fans were out last night and came straight out on recovery! 

And in what way would that be strange, one can only wonder…

Tell you what was strange though, how did they know this was going to happen ?

The billboard at Hamilton pretty much telling us that Griffiths would score that free kick…



But Rodgers seemed pleased with the first match after the international break…


..we had to generate rhythm and intensity in our own game and we did that well.

“Our passing was really crisp and we should arguably have been three up at half-time. I thought we should have had a penalty.

“But we trusted our ability to get there and we did.

“I think we’ve got our rhythm back, that’s for sure. The players are gaining confidence from that

“We’re creating and scoring goals. It’s like the first year I was here, when we really controlling games. 

Create rhythym ?

Show us how..

Rodgers’ side cruised to away win

Rodgers’ side cruised to away win

Fair enough. not quite Strictly Come Dancing, but it seemed to work.


Results elsewhere , Hearts losing to St Mirren and “rangers ” beating Livingston mean that Celtic have a two point lead over the club that could well end up being our main rivals this season, the boys in blue that are back from bankrupcy.

Expect the number 55 to feature in the next weeks newspaper coverage as the Ibrox club could go top of the league next weekend with Celtic playing the League Cup final against Aberdeen.

Just what the TV companies ordered !

And the bookies will be over the moon !

Hooray for the SFA, they truly are our saviours.

And all they had to do was allow the second Ibrox entity to run up debt the same way the first one did !

Simple !

They may yet be coming, but you can be sure they won’t pay for their ticket.

Bookmaker involvement with football, or any sport, at any level is always uncomfortable. Where their money is involved, they will have their ears to the ground, their eyes in the sky and their arses on the line every time an important game comes up.

They will, as you would expect, do their best to avoid losing money, which is why these odds have me a little bit concerned..

Why would a bookmaker think that Leipzig , away from home, would beat Salzburg, who have already beaten them in Germany ?

Does Red Bull give you Stings ?

Salzburg haven’t lost a game at home since the Archduke Franz Ferdinand told his wife he fancied a day out in Sarajevo.

Liepzig lost in Glasgow to a side below them in the group, yet are fancied to beat a side who have won four out of four thus far in the competition ? Including a convincing win in Leipzig ?

Our club must comment on this publicly now, even if just to point out the inconsistency.

It’ll be too late after the game… which is on Thursday…


We can also expect to see anti Celtic press over the allocation of tickets for Ibrox. With the club musing about the safety of supporters, the media seem to be unhealthily on the side of Celtic fans going to the game, telling us we’ll all be fine.

Its not just the fans we have to worry about, its the actual stadium itself, as one observer noted;

Replying to 

Apparently, Stevie G was initially very complimentary about the ibrox groundstaff’s respect for him until someone pointed out that the constant cries of “Gaffer!” were requests for tape to hold up the roof.


Would I go ?


Would I encourage others not to go ?


But if the police and stewards cannot protect players from missiles and personal attacks, how can we expect them to protect supporters ?

And anyway, it means more of them get to see their hopes and dreams shattered. We’re used to winning at ibrox, and its kind of become routine.

Their fans seem to enjoy it, so perhaps its not a bad idea for more of them to see it.

They can tell their grandchildren about it.


Speaking of crowds and atmosphere, Graham Spiers has published a piece which is a lot more interesting and thought provoking than other pieces on community singing among the Celtic fans.

I’d take it further…I really would like to know why a section of our support feels its necessary to add the letters IRA to the beautiful sunday song.

As far as I know it, the only Sunday in Irish history that has any relevance to any song sung at Celtic Park was far from fucking beautiful.

But I’m sure they know that.

Dialogue between club and support, and its unfair to pin this one on the Green Brigade, as there is no evidence to suggest its this is one of their ditties, is needed, and all we have to do is work out exactly why the fans who sing this song, and others,  feel the players would be inspired by it.

Spiers recognises that there are differing viewpoints on the songs, and different people from different backgrounds will view events differently.

Thats a start, and whilst claims of “whit aboot the huns ? ” will undoubtedly be shouted from the rooftops, who really gives a fuck what they do, or what they think ?

I’m concerned about our supporters, and the perceived image they have. Over the years Celtic Park has gained a reputation as ” a must see ” for the travelling neutral.

Lets build on that.

Or those fancy lights will highlight the bits we’d rather others didn’t see.

And, and before you have a moan,  I say this as someone who adheres strongly to the “three pints time to Free Ireland ” rule on the way to and from matches when the tunes are on.

But not in the ground.

Celtic Park is for football.

Image result for kirk and mccoy nodding gif


You know , its often said that Rangers died chasing the Lisbon lions, and it was nice to see just the other day that they’ve joined an elite list of their own, achieveing something that only a select few have achieved


Back to Friday for the caption competition

PJGreenandwhite November 23, 2018 at 9:05 am · Edit · Reply →


Filing cabinet for #Res12 at Celtic Park found 



Finally, away from football, you’ve got to thank the police for letting us know about this..

Police are hunting for two men who stole tens of thousands of pounds worth of vodka from a Glasgow warehouse.

The men broke in during the early hours of Sunday November 18 and took over 140 cases of Ciroc Vodka from the premises on Deanside Road in Hillington.

The haul is worth around £60,000.


Detective Constable Craig Conway, Community Investigation Unit, said: “Our enquiries have revealed that two men are responsible for the housebreaking and theft of vodka and that they made off in a silver coloured vehicle that was parked nearby.

“I would like to speak to anyone who may have seen the men acting suspiciously in the area or carrying the cases of vodka into the car.

“I’d also like to hear from anyone who has been offered cut price Ciroc Vodka in the last week.

“The bottles are a very distinctive electric blue colour with a silver top.”


It’s not just the police who are keen to find these men. If anyone sees them give them my number as well.



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Skint Dave kiing gets his seat for the skint sevco A G M

Mark Hanna

There were two Bloody Sundays Richie, Croke Park and the Bogside. Having been at the Bogside one and growing up in Derry I don’t actually mind the songs, I can also understand people’s aversion to them, they in no way reflect the majority of our support, but they are part of the experience for supporters from our wee corner, should maybe keep them to the buses and the pubs as the war is over. Growing up with institutionalised bigotry and the gun of a British soldier poking through your school bag takes a generation to get over though. The discrimination… Read more »


That,word for word,is exactly how this part of our support for the famous Glasgow Celtic should be explained.Well done.

Stevie,G contemplating sevco life in the John brown apartments,
Tax free


Caption …

Hampden park Glasgow.

Best view in the house tickets sold out ….

50 Shades of Green


Still cany see them coming fae up here hen.


I thought Spiers article was reasonably fair as ws your comment Ralph. I don’t see the Irish rebel songs were as secterian the are political and part of my culture and growing up, however I acceot other people from different cultures and with different experiences perceive them differently, I respect that and I don’t want to exclude any Celtic supporters because part of our heritage is Irish. Part, for example reflects Irish men and Celtic players, British servicemen, who fought and died in the Great War and fighting Facism in the Second, they are part of us too. When Naka… Read more »


” sensitive to others “?
Fuck sake….

Jazzy K

Couldn’t agree more more ‘re the “party tunes”, time and a place for everything and the fitba isn’t the one for them imo.



Jazzy K

The history of sevicemen supporting Celtic didn’t end in 1945 there have always been Celtic fans in the services throughout the years right up to today


Derry men are the best of men. I listen to the vitriol and the vile pouring from the Govan stands and every other stand that they pollute with their hatred, it pours forth like poison and I think “send for SEPA” and not one thing is said or article printed, not one. Lest we forget Res.12 and how they the Huns, with SFA complicity helped to take the monies due to our club out of our bank accounts. Res.12 going for truth and justice in Scottish football, an admirable thing to support. Its an injustice says Calamero and he is… Read more »

The club happily stand alongside Rod singing Grace and The Fields has the crown reference …but a chant about levein or gerrard is sectarian…cant buy it myself… its pure deflection and divide and conquer tactics after Res12 and playing into medias hands


” For their rights as Irish soldiers & to free their native land, they stood beside their leader, the gallant BOBBY SANDS ”


The Cha

There was no mention of the unemployed.

Also, Stein went into the crowd once in hundreds of games to get the Huns off the backpages as they’d made a big signing.

Facts, what are they like?

The Cha

He didn’t go into the crowd in 99% of games he was involved.

The 1% he did was, as I said, for the reasons as outlined in his biography.

That might not suit your agenda but I can live with that.

“a platform for Republican views or bigotry”

Deary me.





Ralph, do you want some Seafood sauce for your Prawn sandwich?

Desmond and the Dekkers

Caption: Ronnie Deila found alive and well after brief search


Afternoon Eagle eyes 😉


Stewart Findlay Prawn Smyth, – ” I say old boy, would you be a good chap & refrain from singing songs of the IRA, what, my wife Felicity Margaret Smyth, can’t eat her Prawn triangular sandwich for the din”?

Monti – ” Fuck off “


Stewart Findlay Prawn Smyth – ” I say Felicity, did you hear that rude man, tell me to fuck off, what a thoroughly unpleasant fellow, what “?

Felicity – ” Oh shut your fucking pus ” 🙂


your head is fucked up on many different levels.


Evening Bamber……cough



Lenny bruce

Singing about the IRA at the fitba doesn’t make you a rebel.

Fact, as somebody once said.


Might not make someone a Rebel but they are my kind of people & that’s the way i like it.

The Cha

Has anyone ever heard any of our players saying they’re demotivated by the songs the support sing?

Has anyone heard of visitors to Celtic Park complaining about some songs?

There were plenty of comments and videos from Leipzig fans (and plenty more before them), presumably they were angry at our songs?

The truth is that any criticism comes from the likes of the MSM and the like ie those who would happily call themselves our enemies.

What I don’t get is people like Ralph who spent all their time criticising the MSM but seem desperate for their approval.


At Celtic football matches I sing Celtic football songs. My Irish kinfolk left Ireland in 1852, when Ireland was still united. Hard for me to relate to 1916 let alone 1969. They left as Irish speakers, so maybe all the real rebel singing at Paradise should be in Irish?
We should never call anyone a DOB because many of our best supporters are Protestant. Likewise, peoples religion should not be insulted from our terraces. We’ll leave that to others Our support is too good for that.
C’mon the Celtic.
Rosenborg on Thursday.
Forrest/Rogic or Christie/Sinclair
Griff at the ready!
2-1 to the bhoys.

The Cha

A DOB isn’t a Protestant.


can be

Stevie D

Not mutually inclusive but! Germans weren’t all Nazis. Americans aren’t all KKK. Huns, however, Re all DOB.

Stevie D


The Cha

No, I shan’t be looking in on the Tranent True Blues, I’ll leave that to you.

The majority of Protestants wouldn’t associate with them and, I dare say, a fair few would refer to them as DOBs.


Big difference between a Protestant and an orange bastard. I don’t know what religion Billy Dodds is but he’s definitely a DOB. Any Protestants at matches being offended by any DOB shouting should try elsewhere.



Christina Young

I’m curious Devoy45 – when have you heard someone’s religion being insulted from our terraces? The term DOB, in my understanding perhaps I’m wrong, refers to those who are members of or affiliated to the (anti-Catholic) Orange Order. It is not used to refer to Protestants in general to the best of my knowledge and belief. Whether the term should be used I will leave for others to decide but let’s not do the SMSM’s job for them hmm? The songs sung at Celtic Park are a big issue because they are made so by our media and our generally… Read more »


Good day to you dear, did you get out to rhe shops on Black Friday?
Ann Summers?

Christina Young

Monti you old dog – where were you last week when I expected you to gallop in and defend my honour?? That Weered & Mike were being very cheeky – where was my knight in shining armour – MIA!! Ann Summers. …you watching too much daytime TV again???


I like a wee look around Ann Summers, just to keep abreast of modern technologies.

Don’t worry about Weered & Mike aka Jack & Victor, they just get a bit excited, like when the young lassie brings the biscuit tray round at the home.

Monti… Don’t listen to that hussy… She called you a dog and an old one at that … For gods sake stop licking yer balls… The vet left you incapable Ruff ruff

The Cha

“let’s all calm down to a riot on this eh?”

I doubt if we’d all agree on an acceptable form of riot.

Stevie D

Christina this guy wasn’t an idiot, he was a plant. We’re the idiots for thinking otherwise.

Christina Young

Exactly my point Stevie D hence my “Job done” comment!


We should be sensitive even to small minded moronic little bigots, say like Monti, Celtic has its cross to bear and he’s it, as he keeps reminding us he’s pish..


Sorry about the delay in replying to your post, i was setting the timer…..

Gerry Adams Cookbook for Xmas?

The Cha

Are you having a Beautiful Sunday?


I…I…I…..am 🙂


I’m not small 🙂


If can keep your club when all about you Say that it died and blame it all on you. If you can fool yourself when all men doubt you And say they’re obsessed Fenians on the buroo. If you can cheat and never tire of cheating Or tell a lie and lie and lie again. And -being hated- just give way to bleating That it’s not true our club went down the drain. If you can dream your club was not in danger Since the blue pound is what props up thehe game. If you support both Sevco and the… Read more »

Christina Young

Sheer genius Arsene what a cracker of a ditty!! Absolute belter! Well done xxx

RPG…. Excellent as it is., It’s way above most here…. 🙂


Is it a bird? No
Is it a plane? No



Mull of Kintyre oh mist rolling in from the see…:)


What’s that you’re on about now Captain Darling?


“What did you work as Charlie on your time on earth..?”

“I was a soldier in the Briti…….”

“HELL For this man, take him away.”

CS… It took out senior RUC special branch so it wasn’t all bad




Bez finds leaving the Happy Monday’s not one of his best ideas


Serve no cocoa to the elderly, let them make love instead, so I’m heading down to Chelsea Cloisters to see how far the pension goes, how much free love can you get for £1,25? I have no idea, but as a man of the cloth (it was a blanket, a blanket man) if you cannot get your fill, your desire will keep you warm and nothing warms you more than a vivid imagination. “Make love not War”…

The Cha

I should coco.


Will they take Scottish pound notes, and will it stand up to scrutiny, we shall soon find out, bus pass out, jimjams pressed, baffies polished , Werther’s, and fixident, 50 shades of green and a copy of Downfall, sorted…

Christina Young

You certainly have a vivid imagination!!! Of course there is always “the Midnight Train to Georgia”…is that a blush I see or are you just pleased to see me???
(See I can fight back!!)


I think Owen Mullions has a semi final for you….

Christina Young

I will leave this one for Owen to answer he’s here somewhere…..


Oi you, its No No Never No More, Will I be A wild Audi, No nay never, I was merely speaking metaphorically when I posted above, that most certainly isn’t Mia. (see I too can speak American).
If I tell the truth (as me mammy telt me too) and tell you that I am 6 ft tall slim all ma ain teeth and herr, how, how how would you describe yersell, (asking fur a freend like.) 😉

So gawn yersell ghirl and I will always but always be happy to read your posts.

Christina Young

Ha ha ha Mike – all is forgiven you old flatterer you!! So…you’re not as Monti describes then??? I’m wondering why you describe yourself and then ask for my description for your friend
Thank you for the information- I’m not as tall as you, have my own teeth and long herrr – will that suffice??


Christina, I have been in Monti’s company once or twice and that was enough, I had to get my wallet stitched into my breeks, because his hands always gravitated towards it. And yes that self description will do for me, my mental picture will go up on the wall next to my pic. of Henke.. 😉

Christina Young

Ha ha better stay from Monti then eh? Will add wee bit colour to your pic – blue eyes and auburn hair – honoured to be alongside Henke x

Christina… It’s just his inhalers..


On the ball Monti, Gerry was the year behind me at school, some people, apart from the obvious, don’t like him as a person him but he was a decent enough kid when he was 9!!


Can we stop singing Beautiful Sunday and leave it to the Dundee Utd fans, same with that clapping that Iceland copied from Motherwell. That Bangles one is the worst though.



I’m sure I can hear a harmonica and there’s a right waft a shite too


Caption, Phil’s new book comes out, signed copies available free, Falldown.


They say that some Celtic supporters are reconsidering their season tickets, merchandising, anything that ties them to our club. Why, because of the board’s inactivity towards Res.12. other than that how it seems to belittle its own support instead of taking their/ our side on many issues. The blue pound means so much to them, they say that they are on all our sides but they have more than once gone against our own support. Nae guts, no interest in standing up for its own support. Business has no heart, its prime motivation is how to make money and more… Read more »

Christina Young

Bravo Mike…absolutely brilliant take on the situation! We all know, in our hearts, that the money men are holding sway here. The offensive “O..F” cobblers is good for business and they are not willing to do anything which jeopardises this, shame on them! Shame too on all the other clubs who will not support any action for the very same reason! The new Ibrokes outfit are carrying on with the financial doping, albeit on a lesser scale for now seeing as they’re skint,how else can a company trading at a loss year after year still be in business? How can… Read more »


Christina, It would be true to say that all the other clubs in all the Scottish leagues should back Res.12 purely for the governess of the sport we follow. But Celtic was the club that lost the most monies directly, because of the cheats and the complicity of the SFA. Our club, the biggest professional football club in Scotland (despite mibs governess the media et al.) despite all that, they say that we are a stand alone club, not reliant on any other club. So we should take the lead. I would not be too hard on the other clubs… Read more »

Christina Young

Indeed Mike,it would be refreshing to see, probably for the first time ever, a clean game in Scotland! As for the 5Way Agreement & LNS…don’t get me started lol these topics make my blood boil and likely to set my keyboard on fire with sweary words!! The very existence of the former is an abomination and the latter is just a pet legal eagle more than willing to deliver findings as accurate as the Warren Commission! It most definitely is a fight worth fighting. I have been following Rangers (IL) financial shenanigans for many years and the utter scale of… Read more »


Hey hey hey it’s a beautiful day….:)

The Cha

Down with that sort of thing.

I’m offended not for myself but on behalf of people who should be offended but aren’t offended, which I find offensive on their behalf.


CHA… you seem to be defensive about your offensive behaviour in a non offensive way… I think…


I’m not follow following any of this


Neil Lennon, think a minute on what that man faced & continues to face, racist & Sectarian bigotry, bullets in the post, assaulted in the streets & at his work.
The Huns year after year on a weekly basis throughout the decades spew their illegal, racist & sectarian shite…
Nothing ever done about them, every summer we have thousands of inbred Orange scum marching rhe streets delighting in the death & intimidation of Catholics.

We will sing Rebel songs, we will sing them with pride & passion!


Well said comrade TAL




Lenny bruce

Celtic’s long and beautiful relationship with Ireland and her history isn’t well represented by signing the snipers promise or SAM missiles at games. Or that beautiful Sunday abomination.

If you head out to sing those songs ( and others) at the game, then you’re going to the wrong place.

It’s hard to reason with people who aren’t open to reason though, so this will continue for the foreseeable and the singers will be utterly, utterly delighted with themselves every time it happens.


Prawn sandwich sir?

Lenny bruce

As i said, it’s hard to reason with people who aren’t open to reason.


I don’t see anything unreasonable at all…..

Lenny… If it’s pointed to those who sing the famine song up to their knees in fenian blood… It’s fair game… Fukkem

Stevie D

I know . . . . let’s all celebrate burning a Catholic every 5th of November but. That’s all just good fun . . .

Christina Young

Bloody brilliant Stevie D the only other person besides myself, I have heard say this! Totally anti-Catholic celebration but hey let’s not rock the boat eh??


I was taught never to celebrate the 5th of November by my grandparents. I have been in the sad situation of working in Lewes at the time of November 5th where the pope took centre stage on the bonfire a protestant festival which should have no place in a modern Britain.
But what do we know.

Stevie D

Seriously Jimmy. I’m no being facetious; I don’t know where Lewes is. Is it in Wales? Really,I apologise for my ignorance.

Stevie D
Stevie D

All just banter Jimmybee dontchaknow?

Stevie D



Celtic whether you like it or not has Irishness marbled into the DNA. Just like Barcelona has Catalonia marbled into its DNA. That is what makes our club so special both in Scotland and Globally. Most of us are either Irish or descended from immigrant Irish either fleeing famine or economic hardship. Part of that legacy is the support for the Irish Republic and the tribulations suffered by the Irish to establish it that resulted in warfare and clashes with the colonial power that previously ruled it. It’s unlikely that Irish emegres around the world will forget these circumstances and… Read more »

Stevie D

Well said BroxburnBhoy
It’d be daft to say I’d never heard a sectarian chant (rare as they are) at a Celtic game but it’s far too easy for anti Celtic agencies to label political chants as thus. However it’s the SMSM who need educated on what is or isn’t “swctarian”.

Stevie D

Christ I could learn to spell while I’m at it.

Stevie D

Just to clarify: a ‘hun’ isn’t any more a protestant than a ‘nazi’ is a German. Clearly distinguishable by the crotch of their denim being where anybody else’s knees would be. Avoidance advised.


Caption: The naughty step 70’s style.

Stevie,G contemplating sevco life in the John brown apartments,
Tax free


Caption: ‘New club’ deck debenture scheme opens at Ibrox


Caption: “Here are today’s classified results: ” rangers” 1 Celtic 3, Celtic have just made it 10 in a row ”

I hope it’s spikey railings when you jump


Monti, the speed and the laughter that went round wiz typical Tims; very quick and very funny. A hun had promised tae throw himself “oot a windae”, I canny be sure but ah don’t think he did. But, the patter wiz, “they’ll be jumpin ootae windaes when we win” Within seconds it’s then gone “an’ a hope it’s multi-stories when they jump” and then it wis “an a hope it’s spikey railins when they land, but see the best of it was the quality of the original: Ah’m no’ a billy. ah’m no so fuckin silly. Ah’m no’ a billy… Read more »

Caption… House of Windsor falls upon hard timex


Caption : Just when you think that the anti smoking brigade can’t get any more extreme…

The Cha

Is that JJ in heroic exile?


Woman on balcony.
noo whair did ah put that jumper


Madira (same pronunciation as a cheap Portugese copy of Lanny) says tae me last night, I’m vucking Sikh of it (HaHaHa). Alvays asking am I Indian or Paki. The vannies. So, using all my powers of articulation I summoned up some images from tinternet….Gerald Ford, the Aussie Premier bitch but ah canny remember her name, the Irish wan, fuckin’ caravan or somethin’ an’ Colin (cunt-head) Montgomery. Anyway, ah says to Madira, look at these 4 cunts an’ then tell me “ferr” they’re from. She looks an’ then says (in Nepalese) “How the fuck should I know, they all look the… Read more »


Ibrox stadium club deck design praised by city council.

How to keep the kids quiet over Christmas.

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