Celtic Diary Wednesday October 3: Doncaster Caves In

They say a strong leader is essential to the success of any organisation, one who can make a decision and stick to it despite criticism. One who is capable of assessing a problem, working out the solution and carrying it through until the end.

Neil Doncaster may not be that kind of leader, but he is at least, perhaps for the first time in his career, acknowledging that he may have got it wrong over the schedule for the League Cup semi finals.

With this new level of awareness in the man, maybe its time to ask him to review every other decision he’s made with the same self critical eye, and then hand him a letter of resignation to sign.

It now appears that the two semi finals won’t be played at Hampden on the same day, and one pf them could well be moved to Murrayfield instead.

Doncaster explained how this sudden attack of common sense came about…

After the draw, we spoke to Hampden Park Limited to ask whether they would release us from a contractual obligation to host all semi-finals involving the Old Firm at Hampden,” 

“They declined our request and we were unwilling to breach this contract and risk legal action.

“However, I’m pleased to report that we have been contacted this morning by SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell, who said that Hampden Park Limited has now reconsidered that position and have agreed to waive that legal obligation.

“This has enabled us to open talks to explore whether the match could be staged at an alternative venue in the timescales available.” 

This has absolutely nothing to do with the barrage of criticism that came his way from all angles after the original announcement was made, of course.

The plan seems to be to move the Celtic Hearts game to Murrayfield, but we are led to believe that Celtic have spoken up-finally-and demanded a lottery to see which game does actually get moved out east.

Yeah, okay, that sounds legit..

Image result for alan mcrae sfa

Its not even going to be as straightforward as it seems. There’s no guarantee Murrayfield will allow the game to take place.

They have their own schedules in place, including an international or two in November. Though this could just be their way of hiking up the price.

This doesn’t appear to be settled yet, and even if it is, some sort of inquiry , led by the clubs, is needed to prevent a repetition.

We hear referee Bobby Madden has written to Doncaster demanding a decision, as he wants to book his pre match hotel early to get the best rates…

Perhaps a better option would be just to tell Doncaster to go. He’s achieved the square root of fuck all in his time at the SPFL , and is showing no signs of improving.


Back at the ranch, and concentration has turned to the Salzburg game tomorrow night. Which is a relief.

Oddsone Edoaurd should be fit for the game, which is a major boost, as it will allow for the manager to foeld the same starting line up for a third successive game.

Kieran Tierney says he’s fine, and thats good enough for me…

“He’s fine – he’s back training with us,” 

“You saw the tackle. “It’s one of those things you can’t say too much about; you just need to get on with it and hope that something like that doesn’t happen to you – you continue to challenge in a fair manner and hope that nothing bad happens.

“Odsonne got lucky because his foot hadn’t been planted. It looked a really sore one at the time, though, so to have him back on the training ground is great for us.

“I saw the photograph that Odsonne put on social media – and I saw Broony’s comment underneath it as well. [Scott McKenna] probably never meant to do it but it’s just one of those things – anyone can mistime a challenge.” 

It’s still a penalty, mind, but with that referee we count ourselves lucky to be awarded a chance to kick off one of the halves. 

Alright , he never said the last bit, but there is that feeling when you see Madden take to the field.

Dermot Gallagher, the man who does a refwatch feature on Sky must be sick of looking at Celtic games this season already. He reviewed the tackle and said;

I think a penalty and at least a yellow card.

“That really is not a good tackle but it got washed away.

“It’s not one that was given. I actually think it would be easier to give a penalty there than not to be honest.” 

John Fleming, who heads the SFA refereeing department, an appointment he got after years serving as their referee recruitment guy, has done little to offset allegations that his charges are , well, bloody useless, and perhaps the SFA might like to offer Gallagher the job of revamping the whole system in Scotland…unlikely as he’d not listen to the unique rules that apply over the border, but its what is needed.

Then again, identifying and dealing with a problem isn’t a strong point among those who run Scottish football.

Here’s a giggle.. from the BBC…

The referees strike of 2010 has not brought about the improvement in behaviour towards officials, says former referee Kenny Clark.

Assistant referee Calum Spence received a cut on the back of his head after a coin was thrown during Livingston’s 1-0 win over Rangers on Sunday.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t bring about the change in the culture we would have hoped for,” Clark said of the strike.

“Somehow it is seen as socially acceptable to hurl abuse at football.” 

What Clark fails to mention is that the incompetence of Scottish referees was shown in all its glory when the replacements from overseas turned out to be everything the Scottish referees weren’t.

They were good at their job.

Thats why the strike was called off, as it had backfired spectacularly and even the SFA realised that supporters and clubs might demand that level of quality every week, and that it was beyond the ability of their own to provide it.

I’ve wandered off again, but thats what happens when I mention referees..

Calum MacGregor, one of Celtics most consistent performers on the European stage, spoke about his knack of scoring in these ties, and more or less told us to put a few quid on him to score anytime during the game..

It’s just right place, right time,’

I’ve managed to get some goals and maybe it’s because the style is slightly different.

‘The games tend to be more open than in Scotland. Both teams attack more. There is maybe more chance to find space in the box than I would get in the domestic game.

‘Teams are more camped in during league games and that can be difficult. 

The more open the game, the more it suits our style of play. We can try to get overloads in the middle and get the boys wide to get crosses into the box.

‘Salzburg will be looking to attack as the home team, so it has the makings of a good game.’ 

Celtic will get chances, but can they put them away ?

Having two forwards on the pitch will help, as it will stretch the Austrians a bit, and if Celtic are confident enough to retain possession, and avoid daft mistakes, this game could go a long way to securing European football after christmas. which is the aim at the start of any campaign, No matter the route taken.

Of course, with any big game comes the usual guff from the mainstream media.

Charlie Nicholas, who works for Sky TV, offered his thoughts on the current tittle tattle surrounding manager Brendan Rodgers…

“I am not sure Brendan Rodgers will still be Celtic manager come the end of January. 

Presumably no one has told him the transfer window only applies to players.

It looks as if the relationship between Brendan and Peter Lawwell is broken.

“Major shareholder Dermot Desmond appears to have had to step in and have some strong words with them both.

“I disagree with Desmond on a lot of things but at least he has shown leadership qualities in trying to sort out any potential problems.

“The claims doing the rounds are that Rodgers has been told to get the team back on track while the chief executive has been told to do everything he can to back his manager.

“But if there has been a serious breakdown in their relationship then you can never get things back to what it was before.

“Rodgers and Lawwell might pose for the occasional photograph but it is clear that the relationship is no longer working.

It’s also clear that the relationship between Charlies brain and mouth has become a little estranged as well, as he offers no evidence at all for his claims, and whilst i would not wish to be tagged as a cynic, maybe he has just decided to up his profile a little, for whatever reason..

After all, we’ve seen Kris Boyd and Kris Commons hog the limelight by repeating their own views on the subject of Celtic and Rodgers, and perhaps Charlie feels a little bit left out.

With those three on the case, Sky sports have found three stooges to talk Celtic down, and as Talkshite, their sister radio station have found, no one bites like a Celtic fan who thinks his club is being talked down…

Meanwhile, Police Scotland have named the guy who is to conduct a review of policing at Scottish football…he’s from Yorkshire, the police force that covered up their mishandling of the Hillsborough disaster.

He’s Deputy chief constable Mark Roberts, who also oversaw the behaviour of English fans in russia, which to be fair wasn’t overly difficult as there weren’t too many of them , and those that did go mostly hid under the tables until those Russians had gone.

That sounds promising.

Deputy chief constaable Will Kerr of Police Scotland  said..

“This review is not about a particular incident or match, but about the policing of football in a wider sense.

“Police Scotland has an enviable reputation around how it polices large events, including sporting events such as the Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games.

“It is important, however, for a learning organisation such as Police Scotland to reflect on areas where we may be able to improve our procedures and learn from good practice elsewhere.

“I am very grateful that DCC Roberts has agreed to carry out this important review. I’m keen that he is able to speak to a number of stakeholders involved in football matches, from the SFA to SPFL right through to supporters’ groups and football clubs.”

Incidentally, there is still no word on the independent review being carried out by Celtic on what went wrong that day.

I’d kind of hoped they would hurry this one along, as this delay is kind of making it look like they are merely blowing smoke up our bottoms…which has kind of always been the case when our board get asked anything actually involves taking the side of the support.

That , I can assure you, will not be allowed to continue…

Yesterday, we showed you this, from the conservative Party conference..

Steven R October 2, 2018 at 8:46 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: due to the lack of attendees at last year’s Tory conference, they have decided on new slogans, such as “fuck the pope’, and a new party anthem, entitled “the billy boys”. At the end of the conference, instead of holding hands and singing Auld Lang Syne, there will be a ceremonial spitting at a priest. Trials of the new format are planned for their party conference in Glasgow, and representatives of the DUP have been cordially invited.

Based on this photo from the conference, of a probable future cabinet-look at whats written on the t shirts- I think I’d prefer the people who would be attracted to Stevens set up…


Finally, there was some good news on the financial front for Peter Lawwell yesterday, which may have escaped your notice.

That African kid he was sponsoring ?

He’s been eaten by a lion.

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Mary are you sure this is a short cut to fine fare ..?

Noel Skytrot

Caption….Ena, Tommy said I should just stay but fuck this I’m going to the Co-op for my messages and a bottle of sherry, are you coming?


I listened to Ann Budge being interviewed about the semi final shambles, she said they had succeeded in making all 4 clubs equally unhappy but she also said she believed the issue might still be resolved. I didn’t realise that Hearts were also restricted to 800 seats at Ipox, I thought they used to get a couple of thousand, uncanny how Sevco make friends. I kniwxwecresent her restrictions on Celtic supporters but I suppose she only cares about Hesrts, seems odd for Football Board Chair to do that, put their own club first.Neither the SPFL or the SFA as Hampden… Read more »


Aha so the SFA are answerable to he Scottish Parliament. Who does the Scottish Parliament answer 2.


their masters the english


The commission is elected by the elected representatives to the EU Parliament it acts as a 28 member cabinet and each nation has a seat at that table. In my eyes it is very Democratic, but you can keep your unelected cabinet in Downing Street and your unelected House of Lords if you please.

Wisnae me

How is it democratic? Germany has the same number of seats as Malta???


I hope the Tories of fuck up the work permit rules for EU players.

Caption: Maggie Thatcher and her pal attend a game. The pal is selling rancid pies to the fans, while Thatcher sets about selling them a square of Izal toilet paper for a tenner each.

Mike Annis

Caption: Hey, Liz, you telt me we were going to feed the corgis not meet the peasants.

1st pic……how is it possible to get so many illiterate Tory wankers in one place without a prawn sandwich anywhere.


Caption :

“Do you think the referee should take any action Harry?”

“It’s nothing Motters! ‘andbags at dawn”

D'Fhinnein Mick

Is that The Queen in the lower photo?

Anyway,that other photo is a disgrace. Fuck The NHS?

Aye,I hope their request for treatment from BUPA is denied,they can take their place in the bliddy queue at A&E like the rest of us,capably cared for as best as possible by overworked and underpaid staff.

Tory basturts,they’d need the NHS sooner than they think if they wore that in front of any of us.

D'Fhinnein Mick

Ooooops,nearly forgot. Wee tale from elsewhere.



Caption : Nora Batty goes to extreme lengths to avoid Compo”.


Well senga that was quality being crammed in against all the young testosterone fuelled boys it was a scrotum smorgasbord av never been so moist noo a hiv tae get hame and wring out ma Double gusset American tan tights before George get hame fae the game.


Moany Bastard behind you: Hey, auld yins, fuckin’ sit doon


I don’t know Will Kerr of Police Scotland but I’ve met his brother Juan a few times.

Caption: After discovering time travel Paolo Nutini takes in a 70s football match.

Brian (not the messiah)

Caption: a feck mavis, i was wrong, it’s the old ibrox stadium where the new tescos is!


Bugger, that was what i was thinking!


Caption: I can’t believe they both got a red card for that, it was only handbags


Brian (not the messiah)

Caption: Common sense prevails at the SFA and they accept that my Granny is a better linesman than the current lot!


I think that could be my school friend Willie Morgan, who played for Man.U. good player was Willie.
Perhaps someone can explain to me why Hearts and Celtic who were first out the hat, drawn first in the semi-colons, had to play there match second after the Huns and the sheep (meh) in the original draw? Why was that……


Because Celtic is not spelled r a n g e r s


Correct, Pay yersell £200 quid and get two free throws of the dice. The Strong Fibbers Association are at the heart of every bent rule on behalf of the Deid club. The only wonder is why don’t they wear their mincy apron and white gloves in public. We had HOPE for the future when Regan left, not because he was a cheat, which he surely was, but because of the ” trivial pursuit” of a man who could see right through him and his Apprentice bouys of sherry. He must have cried in his soup at the thought of him… Read more »


Fair and transparent……that’s all we ask….but it is too much for those conflicted with their own agenda’s and likely always will be in Scotland. The moment for change was not embraced in 2012…maybe, just maybe we will get another chance in the near future….but, it will take all the clubs and some are gutless….including ours at times.


how big a wanker do you need to be to be a Tory at that age?

what will you be by the time you are 60? a Neo Nazi?


what do we want…free money
when do we want it …now

being a neo nazi is easy. its called disagreeing with the lefties


Caption: What’s got four legs and no teeth?


CELTIC PARK Matchday experience. 2018/19.

” Haw there Jessie…You an’aw then….”
” Aye right Betty, thought it was the queue for them free Tampons… no had a smile on ma face awe week.”


Caption: “I started out as a physio at Hearts in 2013. They’ve kept me on all these years.”


Mourinho warms up subs for Pogba and Jones


Carlos the Jackal takes in a Man Utd. game with his best mate Elvis Costello. (Top row)

Honest hoops

I cannot conceal the anger at that official performance at the weekend, the most blatant penalty decision ever, and the goat fiddler waves play on, ferking incompetent excuse for a man,they should all be demoted, beaton,collum,thomson and the baldy ferker from lodgeville…


Who is disguised as Jarvis Cocker. Andrew Graham Dixon looks on next to Steve Perryman’s (?) head.


Caption: ” Who threw that? Which one of you threw that coin “?


Caption: You voted Tory and they are turning off ma’ heating so if you’re going to throw pound coins away I’m going to find them.

Big thanks to Monti for providing almost all of my caption entry.


Good luck to the team tomorrow in there away game to F.C. Salzburg and all the best to our supporters. Salzburg is a beautiful city, is Mrs. Dales Diary still in jail over there from his past visit? F.C. Salzburg a team made up of Dolly Mixtures, players from all over the World, currently a winning team, lets hope that ends tomorrow night. Poles, Germans, Swiss Brazilians, nearly every continent is represented in their team. A beautiful region of Austria, if the support get the chance, apart from the city, they can explore the salt mines, you whee down the… Read more »

The Cha

Caption “Nan and nan are rested for the upcoming games against Scottish clubs”


Thought you were fur the off, you better get a move on and “move it, move it, move ittt.” They rubber dinghies wait for no-man. Mind your marigolds, plastic map and rubber truncheon, just in case of emergencies.


“Lets be careful ower there” and bring me back a stick of Salzburg rock or at least one for your Nan…

Caption… Nice one Cyril…


Red Bull, the morra.
No predictions but I would like a draw at least.
As Scottish Champions and Cup Defenders, we should have been given first choice about our time and place to play the League Cup semi. I would have preferred Hampden
C’mon the Celtic.

Honest hoops

Caption; I’ve brought his lunch as well and he is away over there, hell mind him when I get there Gladys….

George Lazenbhoy

Caption:lawell refuses that he’s skimped too much on the half time cheerleaders


Question: When will the SFA declare King as unfit and improper!


McKenna offered a two game ban by the Compliance Officer, for the thigh high tackle that Blind Boabby couldn’t see, as he is demoted to the Championship to referee the Falkirk game.
Steve Bruce, the manager who said to McGinn “I will build my team around you” has been sacked after a run off nine defeats.
The Celtic stars are aligning, are they an omen for the Morra…


Somebody’s wound up the Duracell bunny. Your just too good to be true, cant take my eyes off you, I would move heaven and earth, to get my feet on your hearth.. dodoodoo dodo..


There’s yr spfl telling Celtic to get tae fuck.


They didnae tell me the bus was going to Murrayfield, ah wanted the Forge at Parkheid Lettie.

Another farce by the knuckledraggers, what are our pathetic board doing, hopefully no one goes to Murrayfield


I see Red Star wee duly thrashed by PSG – they are not the first and won’t be the last. Wonder what knashing of teeth there will be on their fan sites ?


Well only in Scotland can a 4 team semi final draw be such a fuck up. It beggars belief it really does. Why Doncaster continues to be supported by the club’s says more about the chairmen/chairwoman of the club’s in the spfl than it does about him.
I will say it again bhoycott the fuckin lot of it.


Celtic Football Club Statement Celtic Football Club Statement By: Newsroom Staff on 03 Oct, 2018 19:27 FOLLOWING today’s SPFL Board meeting, at which it was decided that Celtic’s Betfred League Cup semi-final against Hearts will now take place at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on Sunday, October 28, with the other semi-final between Rangers and Aberdeen being held at Hampden later the same day, Celtic Football Club has released the following statement. The SPFL Board’s decision not to hold a ballot to decide the venues of the forthcoming semi-final matches is both irrational and discriminatory. Celtic recognised there was a genuinely… Read more »


Disagree jimmy. Exciting times playing at the nations biggest stadium. Better atmospshere than Hampden, looking forward to playing the form team in the competition


Ian hope your doing well m8 regards to you and yours.


withdraw from the competition under principle.


That will get us a humping


Ajer is out for a start


RB Salzburg are likely to play a 4-1-2-1-2. The pace of their forwards is going to make playing with a high defensive line perilous. Their left back is also a dangerous threat, much like ours, but with no winger ahead of him the Salzburg left back is often the main attacking threat, providing the ball directly to the forwards or passing inside to a bloke called Wolf who attempts to carve open defenses with through balls utilizing the pace of Yabo and Ulmer. Brendan and his backroom staff might be tempted to opt for 3 at the back and wing… Read more »


You see I think this is a mistake because when they attack they are attacking with 3 in the middle almost 3 upfront. All of their midfielders will be mobbing midfield resulting in a compact 3 in the in the middle with an attacking midfielder dropping in during defense, it would be like handing them the ball and saying here kick this about midfield for the game. I can see why you have opted for this, but the only way it could work is for one or both of the wingbacks to become inverted in possession and the “wingers” to… Read more »


Ah, yer sitting in the 2 wingers out of possession. That could work, but might make it more difficult to double up on the Left Back.


Why would we play reserve players against probably the best side we will face all year?? We need all top players to start. No henddry please or Gamboa. Sinclair can come off the bench


Oh and do you really want to know why the Celtic Hearts game was moved and not the Aberdeen game. Its because Murrayfield has nice toilets.

Shall the SPFL foot Celtic FC their entire expenses to play at Murrayfield Stadium?

Honest hoops

I actually feel sorry for the sheep fans as they have the furthest travel so it makes sense to construct a level playing field….oh wait…it’s the blazers in charge..I hope the sheep are fired up..anybody except them..


The SPFL board consists of the following;
Murdoch MacLennan chairman. He who the Huns tried to oust. D.D.pal.
Neil Doncaster the C.E.
Alan Burrows Motherwell.
John Nelmes Dundee.
Peter Lawwell.
Karyn McLuskey Non-Executive Director. Plus two representatives of Ladbrokes and Morton and Falkirk.

Call me suspicious if you like but, the C.E. of the biggest club in Scotland and he cannot influence an SPFL committee, then why be on it. The most powerful man in Scottish football, could you imagine if the Hun rep. was still on it, the one that Lawwell replaced (Robertson)… Was the statement to cover his arse, suspicious minds..


Look who is on the SPFL Board.. MMMMM. Yours, suspicious mind.


Murdoch MacLennan. Chair. The one who the Huns tried to ban.
Neil Doncaster. C.E.
Alan Burrows. Motherwell.
John Nelmes Dundee.
Karyn McLuskey. Non ex. director.
Peter Lawwell, the CE of the biggest club in Scotland and he cannot influence a poxy wee committee?
Two Ladbrokes reps. and the reps from Morton and Falkirk.
Was the statement to covers yours truly’s arse?

And the chant today from the terraces were:

“Show us your décolletage.”

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