Questions, Questions and more Questions to Celtic

Sitting thinking on this  piss-poor season so far and realised I just kept asking more and more questions in relation to what’s went so wrong since the end of a historical season(s). So ive noted down a few…its not a blame thing, its a reaching out wondering just what is needed to get us all back on track…feel free to add your own in comments..try and avoid the useless abuse where possible, shouting out rude names never solved any problems or scored a goal. -Desi




• Its all gone quiet on the pitch, wheres the communication?

• Why is our best attacker our left back? Doesnt that indicate something is wrong rather than something going right?

• Why did everything work so well for the Rangers game?..Motivation different for that one? If so why?

• Why do all our forward players play with back to goal, not even the wide men play side on let alone face on.

• Why do we have 4 wingers ( at least! – Ed) and none of them hit the by-line or is it they just aren’t meant to?

• What is the plan if Broony unavailable. He plays every minute of every match so does anyone know?

• Do the Management instructions confuse you into a state of paralysis?

• Do players feel genuinely challenged to maintain their place in the side?


The System (4-2-3-1)

• Why is Broony now picking up the ball from centre halves in his own half?, what happened to ball playing centre half bringing the ball out into opponents half?

• With Broony back so deep, why are the 3 players behind the striker not coming back to fill in large gap that is then generated and being easily covered by opposition

• Do we actually need 2 holding midfielders in SPFL? In fact do we even have 2 holding midfielders or are players just regressing to safe zones?

• The 3 forwards behind the they know where they are meant to play as they always seem to get in each others way out on the park?

• What happened to that Gordon high sweep out to Lustig who would nod it down to MacGregor to carry forward, remember such variation in our link up play? Remember we had link up play?

• Brendan Rodgers said the system had changed which had an impact on players like Sinclair, is the new system simply wrong?

• Why do we only have 1 system of play, why don’t we have multiple systems to fit differing opposition?, Remember we used to hear talk of “we switched to a diamond and that sorted it!” style explanations?


The Manager / Management team

• Were all the middle to front changes at Kilmarnock really necessary or was it just a case of bowing to support demand for change or overly keen to show the players who is the Boss?

• Why did everything work so well for the Rangers game?..Tactics different for that one?  If not was it just lucky opposition played as they did?

• Why does the Manager try and fit players into his system rather than the other way around? For example does anyone believe Griffiths can play with his back to goal and have to ask is such a systems maximizing our players key abilities?

• The plan was we would be playing with 2 up front which suited when we had Dembele and Edouard…was there no reality check that this plan wouldn’t even get off the ground or at least have alternatives readily in hand?

• How did we get to the state that we are now relying on players like Ryan Christie ( going out the door), Lewis Morgan ( just in the door and back from injury) and Mickey Johnstone (a wean) to save the day?

• Why so many injuries and impact to players during training?

• What set pieces and dead ball practice if any takes place at Lennoxtown?

The Board

• Have you projected how bad finances would be in not filling the top tier in 2019?

• How long will talks with Kilmarnock for Stephen O’Donnell take in January before we see a signing success or another disappointment?

• In January we could lose Boyata and Begovic. Is a centre pairing of Ajer and Hendry really a testament to your purchasing power?

• The marketing campaign is ‘Only the Bold’…whats currently so bold at Celtic?

• Why delays in Broony and Forrests new contracts..wouldnt they two be the easiest to get over the line?