Celtic Diary Thursday July 5: Clarification On Tierney ?

In response to the story that Keiran Tierney had decided to pursue his ambitions elsewhere, Celtic Quick News, who also have a decent source or two, responded with a tweet…

Replying to   and 

What places Richie? I’ve a v good source, No bids, no agreement, tacit or otherwise. A campaign to unsettle is underway. Celtic attempting to put a lid on it, making public comments wd do the opposite. 

After popping it through google translate, it appears that there is nothing in the story after all.

Yet there is still nothing official, and no denial from anyone at the club. Player, manager or CEO.

The logic behind that fuelling any story escapes me.

Since the Celtic support is the primary concern of the club, then its their peace of mind that matters, and a public denial would put our minds at rest. The edginess will continue until that happens.

After all, there isn’t a single one of us who believes most of what appears in the media, and had this story come only from the media, it would have been dismissed out of hand.

However, it didn’t come from there, and there is no cheque from Level 5 winging its way south to Stoke on Trent.

To clarify, the story so far, if you like..

A few people who have told me stuff before, that turned out to be right have, more or less , told me that something happened over in austria. From the timing of what I heard, my guess is it happened either during or just after the Sparta Prague game. Thats a guess, mind.

If CQN are saying different, then that too, must be taken into consideration, and perhaps its the first shot from the club to dismiss this story . Indeed, one would hope so.

But for my part, there’s too much coming from too many places for there to be nothing in it, and until I hear anything else, I’m sticking with what I heard.

That will make me the phariah should Tierney move on, as though it was me that sold him. but i can live with that.

This is a diary, not a news outlet, and its remit is to record what I hear, what I think about it, and to encourage others to offer their opinions. 

The problem appears to be that some don’t want to hear bad news, and its little wonder that down the ages the job of messenger was only slightly less dangerous than that of food taster.

Then again, I’m not the only one who has to be careful with wording, for example, as even the slightest misprint can change the meaning of a story..

Rangers chairman Dave King faces contempt proceedings from Takeover Panel

The feud between Dave King and the Takeover Panel has escalated, with a decision of its hearings committee indicating that contempt proceedings have been raised against Rangers’ chairman.

In December, the Court of Session ordered King to make an offer to Rangers shareholders of 20p a share.

King failed in an appeal against that decision and also failed to persuade the Takeover Panel to allow him more time to make the offer.

Now, as the panel announced it was refusing to convene its hearings committee to review that last decision, it appears King could face more serious issues.

Within the statement published today, the Panel says: “The executive went on to refer to an email of the previous day in which it had stated its intention to initiate contempt proceedings were Mr King to fail to procure the publication of an offer in accordance with the code within the time stipulated.

“It stated that, in the circumstances, it would initiate contempt proceedings in the Court of Session on 27 April 2018 if, by midnight on 26 April 2018, Mr King had failed to publish a code compliant offer.

“In the event, process in the contempt proceedings appears to have been served on Mr King in South Africa on 8 June 2018.”

King had stated previously that the delay was a result of the Takeover Panel requiring funds of around £11m to be held in a UK account rather than South Africa, where he is resident.

But the Takeover Panel suggests there was a lack of clarity over his attempts to move the funds.

“On 11 April 2018 the (Takeover Panel) Executive had suggested to Mr King that he instruct Investec to open a UK sterling account on Laird’s behalf with a view to Investec providing the necessary cash confirmation,” the statement adds.

Laird is a company owned by a trust of which King and his family are the beneficiaries.

The statement continues: “As regards Mr King’s offer to instruct Investec if his request for an extension were granted, the Executive pointed out that in a telephone conversation of 11 April 2018 he had undertaken to start the process of engaging Investec on that same day, but no evidence had been forthcoming that Investec had been instructed to seek the necessary exchange control approvals and give the requisite cash confirmation.”

It adds that the apparent serving of contempt of court proceedings “seems to have prompted Mr King’s request of 11 June 2018 to have the Committee convened for a review of the Executive’s refusal to agree an extension of time.

“In the meantime, Mr King had produced no evidence to show that he had instructed Investec to seek the necessary exchange control consents or to confirm its willingness to receive the consideration monies into a UK account with a view to giving the requisite cash confirmation.

“It is noteworthy that, in his submissions of 18 June 2018 Mr King does not maintain that he has now instructed Investec to do this.”

Surely there’s one letter too many in the word ” feud ” where Dave King is concerned ?
And as Wowbagger on twitter figured, thats not because he’s in the FBI.
Incidentally, this bit at the end of the article made me chuckle..

Find out more ? From BBC Scotland ?

Image result for laurel and hardy laughing gif

From that subdued piece, stained with the tears of the author, it looks like the patience of the panel has finally ran out.

He’ll be working on the chain gang soon enough, it appears.

full details are here, in the court document…

King in the doo doo.

Garry Parker, Neil Lennon’s assistant over at Hibernian, confirmed Celtic have made a bid for John McGinn, but denied that was the reason he wasn’t playing in their match against Berwick Rangers

Celtic have submitted a bid as we all know but John is our player at the moment. I don’t know what price we would be looking for. You would need to ask the board.

 “But nothing fazes John, he will be playing on Sunday and we are looking forward to that ahead of a big game against Runavik.

“Tongues will always be wagging but John was just being rested, like Marv (Bartley) and Flo (Kamberi). We wanted to give a few of the young boys a run out and they did very well.” 

Image result for right you are

And he definitely isn’t going to Lennoxtown later today , either.

Celtic have until 11pm tonight to get everyone registered for the Alashkert game next week, though i hope we don;t go down that path.


There is talk that Harry Wilson, a Liverpool winger, may join the club on loan, which would be a bit of a kick in the teeth to Lewis Morgan and Mikey Johnston, who both performed well in austria, and that talk intensified when it was discovered the Welshman once tweeted “Come On, Celtic  ”  before an Old firm game.

When he was fourteen. It was the one where Joe Ledley scored the winner.

Sometimes some people look for the most tenuous of links…

Like this story, which is supposed to put our minds at rest over Tierney..

Everton are close to sign Rennes Defender Ramy Bensebaini, Everton are nearing to complete a £13.3M move for the left sided 23 year old (Source – Daily Star) 

A left back ?

Image result for hurray

Er, no. A centre back.

Image result for boo hiss

 Fulham are the latest club to notice that Dedryck Boyata can actually play a bit, and the Cottagers may be about to enter the race for his signature.

Don’t know why anyone would race to get a signature. when I was a lad I used to wait outside the ground with a pen.

Hang on… there’s an idea.

Someone pop over to Lennoxtown, get their lad to ask Keiran Tierney to sign an autograph which is really a folded up ten year contract with “no backsies” written into the small print.

Piece of piss this management lark.

As Stevie Gerrard , no doubt, will prove in the coming months as he takes up the reins-they don’t do buses-at Ibrox.

And they have finally found out what their new colours will be for the season, after they found some cash down the sofa to put down a deposit..

Thats some of their players modelling it, but frankly I’ve no idea who they are, though you’d think the one with eight fingers and a couple of stubs would have been more recognisable.

Capitalising on a market dumber than most, they’ve gone not only for the orange strip, a guaranteed seller, though perhaps a bit too late for the marching season, and one with a sash.

It speaks for itself, really.

I bet he stays up all Christmas Eve waiting for Santa as well.

Supporters are a crazy bunch…

We just need love and attention, like anyone else.

So, that statement…..go on…you know it makes sense.

Caption competition, and we go back to Tuesday…

Noel Skytrot July 3, 2018 at 2:43 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption….Katie Hopkins shows how she like the oul “halal” meat. 


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Desmond and the Dekkers

Caption: the search for the 5 way agreement turns up a blank


Caption: Ralph & Desi clear up the warehouse of discarded/contaminated ETims rumours tapes 🙂

Pablo Escobar Bogota Emerald 1967


Dodgy Dave shows Jim White around his other cellar.



Tim Buffy

Caption: “Hope they get a delivery of Co2 soon. This stuff’s flatter than a witch’s tit.”

Lord of the Takeover Panel

After a world breaking level of returns of the new Sevco Orange walk tops Hummel employees pack the Hummin strips away

Pat Higney

Caption: “ Inspection team leader to base, it seems that the old Celtic board had more than 1 biscuit tin……..over”


Don’t breathe it in this is the dye for sevcos orange top if they don’t pay up when it rains it turns green


Brendan was the first one to mention the K.T. story although he never said that he was leaving, but… strange.
I first heard the rumour from a very reliable source, although he never confirmed that he was leaving… strange.
The P.R. department, what good are they? they could have shut this down straight away… strange.
Other folk’s in the know confirmed the story, or never demurred.. strange.

Its the high esteem that you are held in which added to the significance of the rumour, not… strange.

Noel Skytrot

Chernobyl FC open new safe standing section.


Caption. Ibrox PR pish talk storage facility is given its annual inspection


You talk more pish than the old man……:)


I will take the two of you with one arm behind my back


Lol, i think you’d definetely take the old boy, but i’d just sit on you & fuck you up…..

Pablo Escobar Bogota Emerald 1967

Par de tossers.

Caption: “here, Shuggie – did ye know that aww this novichok in they barrels is less toxic than Dave King?”. Richie – I reckon you can rest easy re young Teirney. This fable is at least a week old now, and still not one media outlet has put a name to their sources, or confirmed that two burly security guards are accompanying a wee guy with an attaché case handcuffed to his wrist on their way to CP. The smsm have again outed themselves as liars, as they are now claiming that Neymar, sorry, Morelos is subject to to a… Read more »


Caption: SPFL investigators find cash rich Celtic’s biscuit tin stash!

Tim Buffy

We’re used to the SMSM and others concocting rumours about our key players leaving but the KT one has grown more legs than a shoal of octopuses. But what worries me about was that Brendan was given ample opportunity to shoot it down at the weekend and didn’t take it. What he did say didn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Pat Higney

I nearly choked on my breakfast when I got to ‘Chicken sandwich guy.’
If ever there was a ‘Oh no, I’ve effed my whole life up’ photo, this is it!! (And probably how most of us will look if KT goes!)

Brian (not the messiah)

caption: celtic show who the big team in Glasgow is by issuing XXL celtic tax disc holders.


Caption: Billy- ” Sammy, the CVA has been rejected ”
Sammy – ” For fuck sake “

Caption: Quality Control issues surrounding Sevcos 3rd strip forces recall and ultra cautious quarantine measures…
Believed to be contaminated with Agent Orange…

The Cha

Never believe a rumour until it’s officially denied.

CHA… Can you believe the person who told you that… 🙂

The Cha

It was a wee voice in my head, surely the most trustworthy? 😉

Cha… Those wee voices can get ye into big trouble 🙂 keep taking the meds…


Caption: Essential July-wear if you are exposed to lots of drums inside a hall in Lanarkshire.


I take it all those who have had a go at Tierney for erm, fuck all….
Will apologise when they are made to look foolish?


Tierney out, Boyata in for 6 more years



Bgbhoy… Boyata now probably worth more than sevco first team…if they can make one that is


caption: “haw! have you farted?”

The real Anton Rogan


somewhere in the depths of Porton Down

“haw Jimmy!!! Didn’t we have more of these last week?”


“Billy, this 1690 toxic bile is a good year!”


Have I missed something? What happened to the SFA report that was due out last weekend?

raymobhoy… It was on a need to know basis…and we don’t need to know 😉



Caption: ” Boss did you turn the cooker off “?


I knew that your wife was the boss, at last Monti you have admitted that a woman rules you, ya big fannie.


Caption: ” we’re the same club ”
” Naw ye urnae “


I won’t have a go at Tierney either way. No sane person could blame him for upping his salary fivefold and we should wish him all the good fortune in the world. However, my gut feeling is that this lad will help give us 10 in a row, then explore his options.That’s life.


I agree Decoy. After 10 in a row there will be a mass exodus.


Decoy.. Haha Freudian slip methinks.


Auto correct Mike. But it’s funny.


Caption, As Ibrox implodes, the detoxification of the MSSM continues. The one thing about the resuscitation attempts of Sevco, is that it gives out more fun and laughter than.. Ken Dodd. Spending taxpayers money, bent banks, selling a club for £1GBP, improper licence claims, lies and lies, deflections, moonbeams anger and frustration, criminals appointed as chairman. Claims and counter claims, criminal court cases, money squandered, press orchestration. Cold shoulders, Take Over Panels, the JPDT, the continuing entertainment is of the Richter scale. The once beautiful game is beautiful no more, how does it, how can it ever survive. Lessons are… Read more »


Caption: There is no chemical problem in Salisbury says the daily ranger.


Caption, When England win the World Cup, the players bodies are pickled in preservative so that they can be wheeled out and shown on T,V. every single night to an adoring audience in England.
Scotland is exempt and watch instead.. a weekly programme… why are we so shite.


Caption: In an attempt to re-kindle the scoring exploits of Alfredo Morrelos Rangers coaching staff search for the mythic barrel of fannies.

It seems that a minor football club in west Belfast has resurrected the name of


Pray tell?

It was reported on local TV then a friend sent me the link 🙂


Hail Hail to that weered God Bless Belfast Celtic

I think the time is right for such a move.
The shite and times that killed off Belfast Celtic in 1948 WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.
Far too many of us now and the balance of power has shifted 🙂


Caption: “They said we should drain the swamp. Now what?”


Caption: Under Ibrokes the sons of guy fawkes have a plot.


Caption: Green Brigade get the pyro primed and ready for the new season. COYBIG


U.N. Weapons Inspectorate discover weapons of “Mass” Destruction in the Orange Order bunker beneath the Football Pitch at the Ibrokes Crumbledome.
The Brown barrels contained all the Toxic Bile spewed at every Rangers/SEVCO home game whilst the Green barrels were reserved for the Glasgow Derbies and the traditional July Klan Kultura and Paramilitary Parades.
A U.N. spokesperson stated that he was amazed at the scale of the find as he had been taught that this type of Offensive materiel had been deemed uncivilised since the latter part of the 17th Century.


Caption: kool-aid supplies checked to ensure no lime flavour gets to Bellahouston.


Caption: ” I’ve dropped the pen boss, you got one on ye “?




This weekend a glass or 10 shall be raised in celebration of the resurrection, of BELFAST CELTIC!



When is the first Belfast Celtic v Linfield game?

Popcorn ready 🙂

Monti… They have to get out of the lower divisions first 🙂


” wait til biggus dickus hears of this ” 🙂

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