Celtic diary Thursday november 15

Celtic diary Thursday november 15

Which follows on from Wednesday November 13, proving that as many have commented, that the author doesn’t even know what bloody day it is.

Last night was international night, where the finest young footballers of nations gather together to show the world what they can do. and Scotland were in action as well, storming to a 2-1 win over the mighty Luxembourg. I missed most of the second half, having spotted a book on Creative earthenware history which was infinitely more exciting, considerably more interesting, and didn’t have any comments from Craig Burley in it.

Billy Stark refuses to be drawn on whether or not he wants the managers job full time, and on the evidence of last nights team, he may well have realised exactly the magnitude of the task ahead, and decided to study creative earthenware instead.

Anyone elses heart skip a beat when they saw that England had lost 4-2 to Sweden? Thankfully, it was the worlds best keeper Joe Hart and not Fraser Forster between the sticks for the neighbours, and the big mans reputation remains intact.

Scotlands under 21s lost 3-2 in Portugal , with Islam feruz, the former Celtic youngster scoring twice to put the Scots 2-0 ahead at the break. Feruz is undoubtedly a talent, but is still viewed-and will always be viewed-as a kind of cross between Maurice Johnston and Ian Paisley. Still, as they say in the theatre, break a leg. Feruz now plays for Chelsea, and bearing in mind his own nationality, its good to see him at a club with such a stringent anti racism policy, which they have upheld for about a fortnight now.

The Scottish Football League have had their meeting about reconstruction, as they always do when it looks like Rangers won’t win the league anytime soon. As in 1975 when the Premier League was formed, they would like to change it in case the format is dominated by one team. And as usual its the team in green and white who they don’t want to surge ahead, unlike in the nineties when one team dominated.

Still, at least when we won nine in a row all our players just had the one contract, and the club still exists.

The new set up, due to start in 2014, as long as the SPL clubs are up for it, will see three divisions of 16, 10 and 16. The bigger Premier league assures the proposal of the support of SPL teams, and the 2014 start means that Rangers Newco won’t be skipping through the divisions any quicker. Although the season they are in the second tier, expect a resolution to enable the top ten teams to be promoted, with ten relegated. Just in case Ally McCoist is still boss.

There will also be a new, exciting “Champions League style ” League cup, which bears an uncanny similarity to the old sections that were the norm until it ,too, was restructured to help teams that weren’t called Celtic.

Its true something had to be done, but just because this is “something” doesn’t mean it has to be done.

Still, it should increase competition, and if this season is anything to go by, then lets give it a go.

It looks like Benfica are in bother. Their support are causing the club grief with their penchant for letting off flares and fireworks, and the club may have to play some games behind closed doors. The hearing is set for December 13, and that is obviously not going to affect their game next week, and with their final game away to Barcelona, then its unlikely to matter this season. Thats probably what frightened the eagle away. The club have already been fined 40,000 euros for this during the Barcelona game, and they were at it again against Spartak. Think we know what we can expect in Lisbon next week.

Hearts have been granted more time to pay the taxman, and are confident they will raise the funds required. Hearts fans have pooled their giros and a new local tax on the sale of heroin has been introduced to help. Plus, talks are ongoing with a major leisure industry in Edinburgh that could see a levy placed on young ladies who work on a self employed basis in the back of cars.

Edinburgh. Don’t you just love it?

The new Rangers issued their presentation yesterday, and reaction has been, well, minimal, as their supporters decide whether or not to be fleeced again. Although to be fair, most of them are still on page four, and haven’t finished reading it yet. All joking aside, no-one wants to see anyone ripped off, so even if they just wait until after christmas, the club will still be there if they want it. Oh hang on, thats what they thought about the old club.

On the playing side of the new club defender Emilson will be out for several weeks, and Ally McCoist reckons its a big blow, especially as the fans had only just worked out who he was.

Yesterdays teaser was another that evoked memories of that League Cup final when celtic beat an excellent Hibernian side 6-3. A game which I was at, and around thirty years later, when Celtic returned to Hampden and in tribute to Jimmy Johnstone all the players wore number 7.

In that game, as in the first, the fans sang of “Jimmy Johnstone on the wing” . When I closed my eyes I was nine years old again, siting with my dad and uncles , and Johnstone was on the wing again….

Oh, yesterday, leave me alone.

Anyway, today, following with the theme of one question suggesting another, who scored four for Celtic in one game, and still the team got knocked out of Europe?