Celtic Diary Tuesday March 27: Browns Testimonial Outs Bigots

It couldn’t happen anywhere else in the world, where someone gives away around a million pounds to charity, and its criticised by a section of society -and at least one business- for having sectarian undertones.

Scott Brown will have his testimonial the day after the Scottish cup final. Celtic will play the Ireland. This is because the go to team for testimonials in Britain is Celtic, and Browns testimonial committee figured a Celtic v Celtic game might not draw the crowds. The next best thing would be Ireland, given the clubs link to the old country, and one other more significant  fact…

Liam Miller, a former Celt, died recently from cancer. He’s the fourth Celt to be affected by the disease in one form or another in recent years, and sadly he passed away. The current Celtic captain has chosen to involve the players national side for his own testimonial.

Miller left a young family, and in what can only be described as a magnificent gesture, some of the proceeds from the testimonial will be given to them. In this instance, playing Ireland is entirely apt, and quite how anyone can see it as anything other than that is beyond me.

Actually, it isn’t. And I’m no longer surprised at the depths that can be plumbed by those who thrive on hatred and bigotry.

Or is it that they just can’t bear the thought of  seeing  two treble winning Celtic managers standing side by side singing the Soldiers Song , which of course is played before the national team takes to the field… ?

And as for Paddy Power, the bookmaker that previously commented disrespectfully on Billy McNeill, they continued their quest to survive entirely without the green and white pound with this article..

Scott Brown is having his testimonial at Celtic Park in the near future, and Ireland have been announced as the opposition. Everything seems in place – except the logic as to why.

Nobody quite epitomises Celtic like ‘Broony’ and the club’s former manager Martin O’Neill would be bringing his Irish side to Glasgow as some sort of gesture. As everyone knows, the Derry native is one of Celtic’s most decorated managers, so there is some sort of link, even if it doesn’t quite stand up as credible.

The rationale for bringing an international side to Glasgow will be dressed up as a warm-up for the Republic’s games against France and the USA, but in reality, the idea to bring an international side to Parkhead is only to boost attendance figures.

It’ll be a combination of Celtic fans singing republican songs and Irish fans pretending they’ve got direct ties to Celtic. A cringe-fest, if you will. 

Everyone is entitled to their political views, but that level of immersion in Irish republicanism will only do a few things. One of those things is undermining a footballer who has served a football club with relative grace for over a decade. 

Everyone is entitled to their political views, but that level of immersion in Irish republicanism will only do a few things. One of those things is undermining a footballer who has served a football club with relative grace for over a decade.


Money has never mattered too much to Brown and his sentiment and affection for the club he’s played for has always been the primary reason for his loyalty. His testimonial should reflect that, but instead Celtic want a PR exercise that will backfire brilliantly. 

This isn’t an attack on anyone – it’s merely an observation that the most likely explanation is usually the right one. O’Neill shouldn’t be altering a schedule of a national side, regardless of whether or not they’re in the World Cup.

That squad, by the way, will include Aiden McGeady. This is the same McGeady who was booed out of the Celtic Park while representing Ireland against Scotland not so long ago. While you can certainly differentiate between Celtic fans and Scotland fans, the point remains that this game has far too many red flags to have been green-lighted. 

While we’re on this topic – why not play Scotland? If you’re a Scotland international that played alongside Scott Brown, surely, you’d want to play with and against him for a celebration of his career?

However, we return to politics. Would Scotland, and its political divisions, unify to honour one of its internationals? You’d like to think so.


What should be a great day for Scott Brown, his family, Celtic and his friends will instead be a playground for PR, an example of nonsensical political ties and an international team who should be in the middle of their own training camp instead of jogging around, half-paced.

Sure, we’ll have the second leg in Dublin altogether, will we? 

Image result for fuck off

If Celtic have any ties, even the slightest, with that company, then they should sever them now, and anyone who has an account with them, or any connection whatsoever, then they, well, they know what to do.


But we’re not going to concentrate on that aspect of the occasion.  We’re going to concentrate on all that will be good about this event, and use it to thank a man who will have given ten years service to the club whilst at the top of his game, a feat that is becoming rarer and rarer these days. 

From the official site..

THE Scott Brown Testimonial Committee is delighted to officially announce a fantastic match between Celtic FC and the Republic of Ireland XI, in honour of Celtic captain, Scott Brown.  

Former Celtic manager Martin O’Neill will bring his Irish team to Glasgow to meet the Celtic first-team and take part in a wonderful event to celebrate the career of a great servant to the club. 

The match will take place on Sunday, May 20, 2018 with a 2pm kick-off. Celtic Park, one of world football’s finest venues, will host the match which is sure to be eagerly-anticipated by so many supporters.  

A proportion of proceeds from the match will go towards various charities and causes of Scott’s choice, including the family of former Celtic and Ireland player Liam Miller. 

Chairman of Scott Brown’s Testimonial Committee, Willie Haughey said: “We are delighted to announce this match which we are sure will capture the imagination of supporters and be a fitting tribute to a fantastic player and a great Celtic and Scotland captain.   

“Scott has served Celtic brilliantly now for more than 10 years, establishing himself as a true fans’ favourite. He is someone who has given his all to the club, and for the past decade he has dedicated himself to Celtic and played a crucial role in delivering a phenomenal level of success to the club’s supporters.   

“We would sincerely like to thank Celtic Football Club for granting Scott this Testimonial Match and, of course, we are very grateful to the FAI and Martin O’Neill for agreeing to travel to Glasgow to take part in this celebration of one of the club’s most successful players and greatest servants.”

Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell added: “We were really pleased to grant Scott this testimonial game, and we wish Scott and the Committee all the very best for this match, which we are sure will be a fantastic occasion. 

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Scott during his time at the Club. He is a man who has given his heart and soul to Celtic and been such a pivotal figure for the club for more than a decade. He is highly-deserving of this honour and I am sure our supporters will be keen to join the club and the Irish national team in celebrating such a great career.”

Brendan Rodgers said: “When I became Celtic manager, I ensured one of my first jobs was to meet Scott, as we discussed our plans for the future. He is a hugely important figure at the club and someone who I have been privileged to work with.   

“With a tremendous will to succeed in everything he does, he is someone who we know we can depend on, someone you want in your team and a man who has been the most influential player in Scottish football for some time. He operates at the highest level, as a player and a captain, and I know he is greatly appreciated by our supporters who see, week in, week out, the energy, passion and commitment he gives to Celtic.

“He gives everything he has to our cause and through his talent and ability has been a major part of Celtic’s success, not only in my time at Celtic but for many years. We will be delighted to take part in this match to honour a great man and a great Celtic captain.”

Scott Brown Honours
Scott Brown has played his part in Celtic’s success over the past 10 years:

7 Scottish Premiership Titles
3 Scottish Cups
4 Scottish League Cups

Scott has also been captain of Scotland and entered the SFA Hall of Fame with over 50 caps for his country.

Ticket Details:
The Scott Brown Testimonial Committee today announced that tickets will be on sale from Wednesday, March 28, 2018 and are priced as follows:

Standard – £24
Concessions – £9(under 16/65+)

Initially, Celtic season ticket holders will have priority for the match and will be able to purchase two tickets each from Wednesday onwards until 5pm on Wednesday, April 11.   Subject to availability, a General Sale will then take place from April 12, 2018.   

Supporters can purchase tickets as follows:
www.celticfc.net/tickets *
Tel: 0871 226 1888*
Celtic Park Ticket Office* 


Scott Brown has shown  humanity and humility /

Truly a Celt…and a man… to be proud of.

Image result for scott brown celtic gif


The club also honoured the memory of the great Patsy Gallacher, with John Claying a wreath in his hometown, which is in Donegal, which is in Ireland, a place that according to a bookmaker has little or no connection to Celtic.


From the Donegal Daily..

Lisbon Lion John Clark was in Ramelton this morning to honour the memory of Celtic legend Patsy Gallacher.

Clark, the sweeper on the Hoops’ side of 1967 that beat Inter Milan in the European Cup final, told of his honour to represent the club as he laid a wreath at the former homeplace of ‘The Mighty Atom’. 

A wreath was also laid at the nearby Gallagher Park, where Clark addressed a large crowd of Celtic supporters, who had gathered in the hope of a visit from Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers, following his appearance at a function last night in the Silver Tassie Hotel.

Though Rodgers was unavailable for the event, Clark, who brought with him the Scottish Cup, adorned in Celtic’s green and white ribbons stood in.

Having played 318 times for Celtic – including 140 consecutive games from 1965 to 1967 – Clark is an icon at Parched.

“I played on one of the best teams ever,” Clark said. 

“It’s a great testament that after 50 years you’re still recognised. We really appreciate that.” 

Frank McGuire from the Celtic Graves Society said: “Patsy summed up everything that was great about Celtic with his attacking flair, never-say-die attitude and his ability to come up with the unexpected.”

Sinn Féin Senator Pádraig Mac Lochlainn spoke of the deep affinity between Celtic and Donegal, while the drones of Raphoe piper Christy Murray kept the crowd entertained.

Ramelton’s number 1 Celtic supporter Sonny Gallagher was proud as punch as he presented Clark with a memento of the occasion.

Although now unable to make the voyage to see his beloved Hoops in the flesh, Sonny has kept up his tradition of buying a season ticket for Celtic Park.

McGuire spoke of the connect between Donegal and Celtic, noting how the society, in 2013, marked the Frosses relating place of Joseph Francis McGroary, who had served on Celtic’s first-ever committee.

He also touched on the links that go back to Alex Collins, from Burt, who played for Celtic in 1888 and Charlie McElhinney, from Manor, who made his debut in 1893.

McGuire said: “A strong part of Celtic’s identity is the connection with Ireland and Donegal in particular.

“The Celtic Graves Society are deeply proud of our heritage.

“The connection between Celtic and Donegal was there right form the start. The link is as strong today as it was at our club’s birth over 130 years ago.”  

Sometimes, there are things about our club, and the people who play for it, support it and work for it, past and present, that genuinely lift us above those who cannot, or will not understand it.

We celebrate what is great about our club, our heritage and our traditions.

We always have, and we always will.

Image result for nod gif

Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, there’s a hotel who had the Scotland squad staying for a day or two, and their behaviour hasnt madr the papers yet, or at least I haven’t seen it, but a number of the players appear to have been behaving like arseholes, for the simple reason that they are arseholes.

Surely the new manager must stamp his authority on the players, whise behaviour was apparently appalling.

Then again, if the manager has no idea how to behave properly, we can hardly expect the players to…

Oh, and can you guess the common theme that runs through the players involved…?

By the way, we do have exclusive access to the training ground at Scotland as well, as this recording of a squad bounce game, sold to a tv company, verifies..

If you think thats misleading, and it is, how about this for a headline, from the guy who is in fact the online editor at a well known fanzine…sorry, Glasgow evening newpaper

Every Scottish Premiership player set to leave for free at the end of the season

Alasdair Mackenzie Online Sports Editor 
At first, I thought it referred to an enormous administrative cock up at the SFA, or the SPFL, as we know there have been problems with improperly registered players before…
It doesn’t, its actually just a list of players who are out of contract, and can move on for free at the seasons end.
Poor Alasdair, he presumably got mixed up with this story and the media narrative that wants to see all Celtic’s players leave in May, and his enthusiasm for that sort of picked him up and carried him along with it.
Theres international football again tonight, at least I think thats what this twitter hashtag means…from the SFA
Who says they have no sense of humour at Hampden..?
Yesterday, we had this picture for your perusal..
Image result for rangers legends game march 2018
puggy67 March 26, 2018 at 10:23 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Fat Scottish comedian brings Grado off the bench. 



One last thing, a gentleman in a blue football shirt warned me of this scam yesterday…

WARNING: Local youths in the park are claiming to be tax inspectors & are issuing fines for €70 in “gullibility tax”. DO NOT PAY. Turns out there’s no such tax. When you go back to confront them, they say they can’t do refunds without a tax receipt. THEY NEVER GAVE ME A RECEIPT 

There actually is a gullibility tax, as we know…although they call it a season book.



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Pat Higney

Caption: Leigh Griffiths reveals the inspiration behind his favourite pastime!


What that? Knocking up half the female population of the Central Belt?

Pat Higney

Uralius, exactly my point!

That hashtag released by the sfa is not a twitter link to promote tonight’s game – they’re simply letting us know that they have received registration documents for the team that will replace sevco when they go bust… again!


Pat Bonner had a Testimonial against the Republic of Ireland, wonderful occasion.


Caption: Campbell Ogilvie unplugs his shredding machine on leaving office.


Caption: A young Van Morrison wonders if he could one day write a song about this…. Scott Brown: I have never met you in person but I congratulate you on ten years of fighting, all-out, every match for the team you play for and the team I have always supported (I’m 68) Us Celtic fans are aware you lost your own sister to cancer.Your offer to the family of Liam Miller shows the measure of your kindness and generosity. You are a tribute to our club and to humanity in general. Your spirit on the pitch is matched by your… Read more »


Well said Devoy.




Touching m8, i felt that!


Caption: Hold the ariel to the left da up a bit noo left thats it Da thats it Da, the games on stay there, Cmon the Lions, Celtic homes aka 1967

Joe D

Did Jackie Mcnamara not play the Republic in his testimonial? Don’t remember there being a big fuss made about that one


Joe D,
No m8, Packie’s game was in 1991, Jackie disn’t join Celtic until 1994 or 95.
Roy Aitken played for the Irish select side tho.


monti hees talkin aboot jackies testimonial ffs have you been oan the babycham again ha ha ha ha


ya fanny he he




noel yoov got tae bide yer time mate ha ha ha ha


Point taken, Chazza. My patience and tolerance are oot the proverbial windae these days.




he he


yes joe Jackie mac did play eire on the 29th May 2005

The real Anton Rogan

Huns find a new source of free off the radar water. This will revolutionise water supply in Scotland




Paddy fuckin power can get tae fuck.Heres the logic paddy, we as a support who are very proud of our Irish heritage. We are who we are because of the sacrifice and labour of our Irish ancestors in the formation and everlasting love of our club. We will never apologise for our belief in a united Ireland but welcome all to our club regardless of colour of skin,religion or political belief. We pay our taxes, to HMRC, we comply with all the rules of the governing bodies. We are indeed a club like no other. Scott Brown has served Celtic… Read more »


Jimmybee… Ya didn’t miss with that broadside 🙂 HH


hail hail jimmybee ..aint it grand to see zombies bealin


That this planet that we were born into can produce pricks employed by Paddy Power and the rest of the shit media, police,judiciary, polloticians, Masonic fucks, and every cheating bastard you can imagine can we just drop the bomb and kiss our arses goodbye. Hh

Rob O'Keeffe

Jimmybee,Armagh Sniper…..


Caption: Who wakes up the Knocker Upper?


Going to be a great day thats for sure.
Back to back treble winner Brendan and treble winner Martin side by side.
If we only had aul Ireland over here as the song says.

Dear New Balance
Get the Green White and Orange strip out for Scotts big day


With a sniper on the front!


And the 10 bravest of the brave on the back, Monti.


Of course!

Gerald Allen

Paddy Power forgot to mention that Liverpool were approached to take part in Scot Brown’s testimonial but declined. As someone who was born in Ballymote(but has spent most of my life in Yorkshie) Co Sligo (in 1943) the birthplace of Bro Walfrid and never having been a betting man; had I been a betting man and having patronised Paddy Power’s betting shops or had an account with them, after reading your article Ralph they would be one customer less and I would/will be doing mu utmost to persuade others to withdraw their custom. Hail. Hail.

Have Rangers International announced a game versus Linfield yet

Start your watches,…


Desi … It’s a traditional route for them 🙂

Rob O'Keeffe

Is the Scottish Cup Final on the day before the testimonial? The players will be as drunk as the fans……


Club 1872 has a new plan to raise funds

Unbelievable drivel re Broonies testimonial, they are a sad shower.
Another treble will stick it to them


Caption: SO that’s a knocker upper…
Having lived near the Harland & Wolff ship yard we got up with the Horn…




Don’t we all..


caption is that wanny they new fangled fire escapes fur skinny cunts


broonies testimonials the day after the cup final we should leave hampdump empty on the saturday and pack paradise for broonie COYBG


Scott Brown is rightly an absolute Celtic legend and his generosity is, I understand from folk who actually know him, typical of the man. I hope there is a good turn out, Jimmybee captured it for me Celtic is a lib for all faiths and none, there is an important Irish thread running through the heart of the club. Jimmybee mentioned the Protestant men who were Celtic legends, if he had wanted to br political he could have mentioned the great Protestant Dissenters who served Ireland, Wolfe Tone, Henry Joy Mccracken, Napper Tandy and so many more. A club for… Read more »


Bhoys, thanks for the kind words on my Broonie ‘tribute.’I meant every word of it. Likewise, Jimmybee, your big post is a cracker and says it all.Spot on. I’ve never gone to Paddy Power and now, never will.


Fuck Paddy Power , the darling of the anti Celtic Talksport radio station . Paddy, sadly like many more of my countrymen choose to cosy up and ingratiate themselves into the little englander ideology … “Sir” Terry Wogan , “Sir” Bob Geldof , Graham Norton and countless more recognise the financial rewards of denigrating their country of birth and it’s people to suit their paymasters’ anti irish agenda .
Fair play to , and God bless Scott Brown …a man of real character and charity .


hail hail greenday


GDay, Christy done a brilliant version of Don’t forget yer shovel and he absolutely slaughtered the “west brits.” it was around the time the British monarch visited the island and he didn’t miss any of them, including the ones you’ve named.


Andrew Cunneen is the author of the paddy power piece, if I do not wee an apology from PP and a sizeable donation towards the Miller family then my account will be terminated also.

Hopefully along with many more.


replace wee with see .. lol

I remember going to Dublin to see Mick McCarthy testimonial. A great time was had by all.
Haters will always hate. Leave them to it. Rise above it, you will feel a lot better without it. HH


BTW The fact that the SFA and a number of media outfits are avoiding using the hashtag #HUNSCO for the upcoming Hungary v Scotland says all you need to know about the SFA … and Scotland


And i`m no related to paddy power,BTW.

When did a bookies become an viva voce embellishment?


We`ll celebrate both Liam Miller and Scott Brown having been in our lives.


caption knocker upper is fae the auld days …….sperm doner they call them noo


There`s nae point Charlie. That`s Puggy on 66IAR.

Working man`s on the fly for his prawn piece chit.


Charlie… A wee gem there… :)…get swimmin boys….


🙂 brilliant Charlie


why thank you kind sirs he he


Caption….ClubYerBumped1872, gather emotive hun gullibles subscriptions.

Paddy Power a well known hun and hated in Dublin – I was there about 10 years ago and the Irish boys I was with told me not to bet with them as they were a big financial contributor to a known cause – should keep his nose out, what has it got to do with him who we play?


Lee Wallace(`Eck`s Captain)is havin` a hormonal imbalance.

Pass it on.


he he


All the nonsense by Wanker Power shows you that they know fuck all about our club. Our club was formed by an Irish Marist brother to help aid his countrymen who had suffered the worst excessess of British colonial rule, genocide(An Gorta Mor), landlordism, racketeerism, murder, theft and a whole list of other atrocities that are a crime against human progress. Ouselves, Hibs and Dundee Utd did many things to help these proud people have some semblance of normality in a country which was alien too them. They suffered religious and cultural prejudice, yet all these years later there stands… Read more »


Caption …

Man caught misusing his selfie stick


Admin, could you use the fishing rod to catch out of the Etims dustbin the substantial comment I just posted about why Celtic matter to the Irish. Cheers


Caption: Una tries to get a signal on her mobile phone, in order to update her facebook followers on the performance of her new Dyson 2000.


Monti, ye’ve done yer dinger.


Bhoys, many years ago I read a book by James Edmund Handley: The Irish in Scotland. I learned a lot about our past from it. It might be hard to track down these days.


Not as hard as it is to track ” rangers ” down…..


Monti… All we have to do is follow the trail of shit they leave behind


Devoy if you haven’t read it yet Phils book ‘minority reporter’ of how Scotland has treated her Irish is a brilliant and disturbing read.

Panty Pisher

What the feck does a loyal(!) player’s testimonial have to do with a betting company? AND to the extent that they feel a need to release a condemnatory statement on what songs might speculatively be sung on the day? Have they got Jabba doing their PR for them now? As the writer of the diary has said, ALL ties should be immediately severed with this organisation and any Celtic fans who still give their custom to them after reading that piece are beyond redemption. Probably the same folk who still part with their hard-earned to buy one of the daily… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Paddy Powerless…..no more business from me….
Celtic v Ireland XI will be totally Irish Republican,pubs will be busting at the seams with Rebel songs being belted out,Polis Scotland/Huns/Establishment will hate it,so all more reason to get it right up them….Glasgow Is Green and Whyte,em,White….

Congratulations Puggy from Daddy R and Uncle D.(Australian Wing)… new balls please….


We should be inviting a few Republican flute bands for pre match enrertainment….
Maybe get Bik Mcfarlane to do ‘ song for Marcella ‘ at half time, in front of the Green Brigade?

Rob O'Keeffe

What a shame,Barry FergieHun has more problems with HMRC after another of his tax scams has come undone.Wonder if his “lovely” wife will sell the mansion and other assets he flipped to her before declaring bankruptcy to help him pay the multiple of 20 regarding the original “investment” that HMRC want……surely no TV station can employ a person who is clearly dodgy as Dave…..

Rob O'Keeffe

Please,please,Jack,no hard tackles tonight,no injury……my heart can’t take much more of Boyata’s new height of the to me to you stuff…..


Caption: The pole that tapped on thousands of bedroom windows was called a Jacki Jackinowski.



Al bundy

Catholics v Convicts is a college football game in USA Notre Dame v Miami. Sorry if that part of the article was a joke that I did not get!!!!


Then slid doon the pole oot the windae.

Frighteningly, I remember guys doing this when I was, ahem, younger!



I remember ‘ playing ‘ in the close 🙂


I can just remember being close. Never got much further.

Noo, a cannae even get close. Ma stick gets in the way and the Werthers dont go down well wae the French kisses 🙂





Does anyone else think Brexit is a fucking bad mistake?


Monti… Quite a few who voted for it now want to stay. As you would say… Stupid stupid huns…
Thatchers bastard brood

Enormous mistake especially having to relinquish an EU passport

We will rue the day, Monti, on so, so many levels. When the rest of the world is having to cooperate more and more, the stupid Brits, as is their wont, with their monocles and pith helmets, want to pretend they are the same old imperialists (remind you of anyone?). What a shock when they find out they are not the centre of the universe and find themselves on the end of many a national boot. I could go on but I need a kip. I have a lot on this week and getting in a bit later than normal… Read more »


Turkeys voting for Christmas basically

Stevie D

Just watching the news and as horrible as it is, hating Muslims is an absolute no-no; hating Papes is still OK.So that’s that sorted then.


Stevie D… It’s nice to be a thorn in someone’s side 🙂

Stevie D

Weeded, doesn’t it make you want to vomit but?

Stevie D

Weered sorry.


Our day WILL come


Oh they won’t funnel down the Tunnel anymore 🙂


What you wont read or hear in mainstream media. atholicism in the country A Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament has called on Holyrood to recognise the growing problem of anti-Catholicism in Scotland. It follows a government report which suggests that Catholics are the victims of 57 per cent of all religiously aggravated offences reported in the country. Elaine Smith MSP raised the subject in the Scottish Parliament last week, following an incident in which a church near Glasgow was vandalised and the Blessed Sacrament desecrated. Smith noted that not only are Catholics now the victims of more hate crime… Read more »


Caption : Fly Fishing by jr hartley.

‘n I thought I was auld, jimmybee :0



Ball tampering?
Have pants and shirts without pockets.
And nea lollies or hair products.

3 more sleeps.


What’s hair?


Could rubbing the football in the referees vanishing foam be classed as ball tampering?
Guess what we`re going to be copped with next.


What about you Aussies cheating at cricket?
Come on noo..

Apparently they were sooking werthers originals and using the sticky spit on the ball?

I didn’t know PB, Mike & Andybhoy were Australian cricket fans….cough rustle rustle


Monti, my young Fenian comrade, I too believe Brexit is a very big fuckin mistake…
Jimmybee, I haven’t read Phil’s book but will. Thanks.


Don’t tell Pat over on the ‘ Paddy on the Railway ‘ blog that i’m talking about books lol….
But i do recomnend a book called ‘ The Committee ‘ by Sean McPhilemy.

Oh and Pat’s books are all good stuff as well.

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