Celtic Diary Thursday February 22: Are We Ready ?

Celtic Diary Thursday February 22: Are We Ready ?

I am.

After surprising a few experts with a 1-0 win over highly rated Zenit at Celtic Park last Thursday, the hoops are out to do it again tonight in St Petersburg.

Well, the result doesn’t matter in a sense as long as Celtic emerge victorious over the two games, and even thats possibly secondary to the players giving it one hundred per cent.

Most analysts cite the winter break as the reason for a somewhat lethargic performance from the Russian club last week, but all of them acknowledge that Celtic took advantage of that. What they haven;t acknowledged is that Celtic were excellent, and perhaps as a result haven’t been given the credit for what was achieved.

So, on to tonight..

Well, boss , whats the plan ?

“We would want to score,” 

“I think that’s more the point. Our idea is to go and win the game. If we can’t win it, okay, try not to lose it. That’s key. We believe we can score and that’s what we want to do.

“Last week we never had that. We just had one moment where they got down the side and crossed it and Dorus [De Vries] made a good save. Apart from that we defended very well. If we can do that and 
attack well alongside that, we believe we will score.” 

“It’s important that you stay calm. No matter how it goes, we are always going to be in the game. When the group are together and focused, we are playing well. It gives us a great chance but we respect it’s a tough game.

“We don’t have to be perfect to win the game but we know we need to be at a high level. Of course, Zenit are going to be motivated after we dominated every aspect of the game last week. They will probably be 
disappointed with their performance,

Fair enough. We’re going to try to win the game, or at least not to lose it.

Hardly inspiring, but certainly not lacking in common sense.

How about some inspiring stuff, just to get the lads rocking and the fans rolling ?

If we can play at the level we played in the first game we can be a match for any team.

“Of course there will always be an expectancy on the other team because of their standing and probably the quality they have.

“We were near perfect in the first game. I’m hoping if we play to that level again over here then we’ve got a great opportunity to go through. 

Nearly there…

“We played and concentrated very well. When we do that we can match a lot of teams.

In a lot of the away games in Europe, if you take out the real superpowers we’ve faced, then we’ve generally played pretty well. 
Nope, slipping again…

So, how does he go about it ?

I’d suggest exactly the way he went about it last week, with Sinclair, Rogic and Musonda on the bench if needed to win the tie, and Hendry if we need a third centre half to close it down.

Image result for that's just what they'll be expecting us to do

The Russians have to score, so everyone will have to put in a shift defending, the key to winning the game, as far as I’m concerned, lies in Dembele holding up the long and usually acurate Des Vries kicks, at least until someone gets there to help out, or in Forrest and Tierney taking the pressure of with runs to the half way line and beyond, like Didier Agathe used to.


Rodgers may not have sounded inspiring in the words above, but there was a lot of sense in what he said.

Especially this bit..

It’s important that you stay calm. No matter how it goes, we are always going to be in the game. 

The clean sheet last week , and even the single goal victory is crucial. An away goal tonight will make it very difficult for Zenit to retain any kind of discipline or patience.

And if its early, you’ll see their shoulders drop instantly.


What you won;t see is captain Scott Brown let his shoulders drop. He’s a bit of a battler, as they say, and latched on to his reminisces about the last trip to Russia, is a very telling sentence..

“The last time we played a Russian team – against Spartak – it was one of the best.

“It was us winning on penalties and Tommy jumping on top of us in the celebrations was something special. If we get through against Zenit it will be right up there with that night. That was an emotional one, getting us in to the Champions League.

“If we can get to the last 16 this year it would be fantastic for the club.

“It would be a big achievement because you see some of the teams that are in this competition at this stage. There’s the likes of Atletico Madrid in there but we need to get through this one first.” 

You could see how much it means to the manager last week,” 

“It showed he loves the club and he believes in us. We played well on the day and everything felt right for us.

“Even things like the Europa League balls are fantastic. It was one of those nights. No one could quite believe it when he scored, and we were all over each other in the celebrations.”

“We’ll be fine. We just need to get back to killing teams off and doing what we have been doing for a while now.

“We need to do it against Zenit, but it was a good performance in the first leg, with the ball and the way we pressed. We put a top quality team under pressure and if we can do that against them then we can do it in the SPFL.

We need to get back to doing the hard stuff instead of thinking the games are going to be easy.” 

There, I think we have it.

Rodgers thinks he’s been complacent, the players now realise they have, and its time to rock and roll, starting tonight.


How far can we go in Europe ? Who knows ?

Robert Pires has an inkling though..when he was asked who were the favourites for the tournament..

Atletico and Arsenal are the favourites, for me this is the final in Lyon,” 

They both have a lot of experience, especially in the Champions League.

“They just need to avoid each other and Celtic if they want to face each other in the final.” 

I love Celtic, it is not easy for any team, especially in Celtic Park, the atmosphere is amazing,” 

“When you are a player, inside, playing against Celtic, it is a great atmosphere, it is still very close to the pitch, maybe only Liverpool has a similar atmosphere.”

“That’s why it is very difficult to win in Celtic Park.” 

That’s that then. Lyon it is.

What i noticed about that wasn’t what Pires said, but what Olivia Leigh said in her “opinion 2 at the foot of her article, on Thisisfutbol.com, the badly spelt international site…

Pires may have only played at Celtic Park once he was retired, in Stiliyan Petrov’s charity mach in 2013, but Arsenal and Atletico Madrid should take notice of his advice. The Bhoys weren’t expected to beat Zenit at Celtic Park, but that’s exactly what they did. Brendan Rodgers’ side may face a difficult task getting a result in Russia but with them having a 1-0 lead from their first meeting, then they’ve given themselves a good chance. Rodgers knows that his performance as Hoops boss will be judged on how his side perform in the Europa League in the second half of the season, and will no doubt have a plan for the game in Russia.

He has. He’s going to try to win the game, or at least not to lose it. We covered that at the top of the page.

And perhaps that will be good enough…..


Elsewhere, and it has transpired that a club over on the dark side of town has secured more than they said they had secured when they had to apply for a payday loan…

Around £6m secured against a £3m loan…

Food for thought follows from a fairly wise man…

Imagine you wanted to boot someone out of a company but can only do so by forcing an Admin & rescue plan – but you don’t want to be seen to trigger an Admin. What to do? Why not take out a mental loan, give the lender the right to appoint, default, & then sit back and wait? Hmmm. 

Or, you could just raid the bank accounts of your support, like you have been doing for the last six years…

No wonder they are stressed and uptight most of the time.

When you feel unloved and unwanted there can be an edge to do things you wouldn’t normally do, and your health, both physical and mental can suffer.

Anyone remember  the smash hit childrens tv series Pipkins ?

Image result for pipkins tv show

The one with the alcoholic hare ?

Image result for pipkins tv show

Remember the piglet character ?

Well, look at what happened to him…

Ah, well, at least they’ve still got their songs..


Caption competition from yesterday …

Image result for graeme murty celtic

puggy67 February 21, 2018 at 10:42 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: In lieu of a RRM Sevco appoint a Genetically Modified one as manager. 


Image result for peter lawwell dave king


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Celtic Symphony

WGS Mrs musing,’ Not only do they smell,but the Hun directors are full of that masonic shite ‘


Caption: As he reached for his chequebook, Dermot thought that it was time to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!

(we live in hope)


Caption…the guy on the right whispers to the other guy “go tell Desmond that the huns are saying they’ll win the league, then he might release cash” Tonight, it’ll be tough. I’m going for 2-1 to Zenit but us going through on away goals. An associate told me that theres an online article in the Daily Radar about some top laywer calling the OO knuckle dragging mutants, he’ll have no probs with that in court as it’s true. Whoever penned the article made the error of saying that laywer slated the knuckle dragging mutants and called them other names. He’s… Read more »


All the guy said was:

“FFS! It’s only February and the Orange Bastards are out again. Every time I see those knuckle dragging mutants a little bit of my humanity is chipped away. Orange Order fucking inbred wank-hankies”
What could possibly be wrong with that?
We can now add ‘TOBs’ to the lexicon; (Touchy Orange Bastards) HaHaHa

Come On You Bhoys In Green, give us a real performance tonight. The rest will take care of itself.


Tic Toc,
that’s exactly what the brief said. My associate was alluding to the fact that whoever wrote the article called them kdm without even noticing it. Churnalism at it’s best.


Churnalism indeed!
Couldn’t happen to a more-deserving shower! 🙂

The reason he’ll be banned is because he breached client confidentiality, even though we all already know they are knuckle-dragging mutants. Had he been a government minister, he’d be done for breaching the Official Secrets Act 1911.




Dermot – Dont worry Peter Im just getting started!!!!


Deep, deep joy in our under World, when a great club emergeth, fresh in the univerbs in the eastland of Glesgay in 1888.We followay the team al over the Worlde and trotty tonight to Saint Petersberg.
No, no deep suffrey tonight, we want deep deep joy in the under Worlde, no fallops tonight, just graze the kneeclappers of Zenit and we shall have a deep and lasting joy in our murgatroid, as we watch the game unfolde tonight on the televolde.
So sitty comfybold two- square on your botty and watch the fun begin.
S.U. (Stanley Unwin).


see that stanley unwin is he the same guy who invented ulstur scotch


Naw, but he liked to drink it Charlie bhoy and then pish it oot in the gutter where it belonged. 😉


Charlie…tut tut …its Ulster Scots…we have plenty of other good stuff… Last week I had a wee dram of an Irish whiskey recently revived…Dunville… sharp and sweet


ulstur scotch kiddon lingo


Just like their whiskey.


he he

Stevie D

I just like Stanley Unwin. Small Faces? Rerr!

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Is that a golf course over there?


Caption: Daily ranker reports that DD has stolen Broonys halo


Have a Grand day Ghirls and Bhoys.
A draw,said draw`ll take.
See when we go through i`ll Celticbrate with a KFC 3 piece meal pack!
(I thought the Scottish invented chicken?)
Washed down with a bottle of Benedictine Deo Optimo Maximo O’Mahony`s.


Go on Ian,ask him if he can spare his full tin of braw tash wax?

Jamesy Forrest to cement his player of the year award with a cracking side of his right foot goal to send the Hoops through on away goals!

Good old Pipkins..”its Time” with all the flashing images of clocks would be banned these days…wee Topov the monkey..didn’t he play for us up at Aberdeen and abuse Shay Logan?

Is the woman saying “I can see right through that Dermots heid!”

“Thumbs up if you like Burns Suppers with the Tory Leadership!”

Celtic Symphony

Wee Jamesie is behind Broony for POTY,Desi.
Broony was outstanding,last week.As he has been every week,this season.Apart from Sunday,of course,when he was badly missed.
Jamesie has been excellent to,but Broony just pips him.

Fair shout, when he plays, we play and if he doesn’t.. GULP!

Brian (not the messiah)

Caption: dermot- it would really piss them Off if we opened a celtic store in that albion Car park, peter – aye and we could buy the big screens and pa system aswell and play the 1957 cup final on constant repeat.


Breggers, had a long laugh at that.

Rob O'Keeffe

Breaking news: In the Winter Olympics,Puggy “won” the caption “competition” and Ralph failed the dope test…..


I think we can hurt them down both flanks so for me go for it from the off with Sincy down the left and Jamesy down the right.
Lets get at them from the off.
2_2 or 3_2 the bhoys.

Sinky is behind Kouassi now..doubt he will get a chance unless we need to attack.


Pish 🙂


Caption, Hair today, gone tomorrow.

A Tommy Burns supper, now THAT would be a great idea, big screen T.V.
showing highlights of great Celtic games. A fish supper, sprinkled with star-dust and chips, followed by Filip de Mignon, washed down by old time Irn-Bru. As Tommy spreads his infectious smiles and walks around the tables, speaking to his guests, spreading only his joyous personality…
A man who lit up our World. T.B. TOMMY BURNS. 😉 that’s for you Tommy


Make your own history tonight, but win, lose, or draw, we shall still be here, cheering you on, encouraging you to even greater things.
Celtic, the team for everyone.


Spot on Mike!


Can he play centre half Weered 🙂 good luck to the young man.


welcome to paradise kevin


Sign the postman weered??


Iancelt67…We probably already have…


Oh nice story. Heartwarming . A tale from Northern Ireland how twee and droll. Delightful stuff


Iancelt67… Ya wha?


Iancelt67…there’s absolutely nothing twee about me…nice to see someone getting on in the world


Caption: which one of you sold John that second hand car then?


Are they celtic men in that caption pic. I thought it was a present pic of Frankie goes to Hollywood. Must be the handle bar moustache


Cmon lads tonight give a great account of yourselves and
Let’s make it to the next round !


Is that strachans wife ? Looks like lulus grandmother


I reckon they two`ve a dungeon by the looks of her. 🙂


“That’s that then. Lyon it is.”

Ffs,Charlie`s there waitin` oan us.FFPA(FIFA Fair Play Award).


hows it hingin port


G`day Charlie.
I`m to miss the game.I`ll be on the road at 5am to see the Doctor in the City.

I`ll be phoning the uncle for updates.



hope ye get the result ye want at the doctors port heers a bitta lynyrd skynyrd for the road


We make the impossible possible.

Stevie D

I know Glen Daly’s heart was in the right place and God love him; but he was never a singer. I love the song and the sentiment behind it but he sounds like a cat molesting a bag of nails. My wee granny in the Calton used to walk him in his pram when he was a baby and she always said her biggest regret in life was no pushing him over the suspension bridge. Great song but Glen Daly’s an assault on yet eardrums.


2-1 to the hoops tonight wee jamsie and moussa coybig

Hoop hoop hooray

Psst Ask dermot to put in a £500.000 bid for morelos for a laugh. Just to see what they do ?

Celtic Symphony

The adage,’ opinions are like arseholes,everybody has one ‘ applies to the Diary at all times. Petty squabbles are futile. We all have a common love for Celtic. Apart from Huns who feel obsessed to post on here,you can smell them.lol All for constructive criticism of Brendan and the team,but it means nothing really. None of us are qualified to judge the merits of his team selections,tactics,etc. I’ll say again,we’re lucky to have Brendan. What he has achieved already,in such a short space of time,will go down forever,in our unique unrivalled history. Tough game,tonight.50/50. What will be,will be. However,let’s ALL… Read more »

The real Anton Rogan

Caption: “Whose round is it? Not fuckin mine. I got one in 2002”


I bet you’re spot on with that!:-)


If those in front are doing well,the defence need not worry.


This bhoy will get us through Scotty Sinclair.
You know its magical.


Bring back the nutmeg goals.


Port…are you trying to spice things up ?


4 hours and 25 mins to go. It would be great if Celtic in the city that was so pivotal in the 1917 October Revolution could kickstart the Green Revolution. C’mon Celtic, intae the comrades.


Ntcham`ll score from an indirect free-kick.

San Miguel

Caption – I didn’t know Dermot had paid for Bonnie Tyler to sing In the Heat Of Lisbon at half time ?”


Carn the Bruce Lee XI.

comment image


Quick browse through the Diary….no threats of violence or being urged to commit suicide today?
It’s early i suppose……


Monti, all quiet on the Etims front today, mate. I hope it remains that way. So what’s yer prediction for the game?


Hi m8.
I’m reasonably, quietly confident, if we can defend well we definetely have players who can get goals.
Prediction? Zenit 2 Celtic 1


if emdy wants tae fight heers yer man ha ha



Lustig, Sumo, Ajer, K.T.

Kouassi, Broony, Ntcham,

Forrest, Dembelle, McGregor.

Bain, Hendry, Rogic, Edouard, Musonda, Sinclair. Why change a winning team, 1-0 at Celtic park flattered Zenit. 2-1 Zenit out.

COYBIG. Excitement reaches a new crescendo,
as Zenit’s season reaches a new Europa low. Cos there oot.


Has anyone checked the bibs incase they represent our sponsors?


Wheres our £31 million btw, its no on the park, but it is parked, out of sight, hiding away gathering interest day by day, we want it, need it spent on some new good quality players, it is oors efter awe.


Mike…alphabetically Hotel is before Player…


As is cart before horse


What position does this cart horse play, ive seen him play, he’s mince


Look at those stupid bastards celebrate a draw!

Looking forward to the game, they have to score at least two, think we will nip one. Onwards and upwards.
Love the crap coming from the media and Sevco media machine, cannot be long till they go arse up, wait there maybe another bid from China, what would you expect in the Year of the Dog.


I think that we might celebrate a draw tonight 🙂


Oh oh I’m getting to the nervy bit now, hell forget about this Sunday, last Sunday,we can take the League when we want to, get into them Celts………..Oh no what have I said!


BJF…take a wee Roche…that’ll sort you 🙂


I think he should change it assenting will expect the same again.
Bring in Sinclair for Kouassi and let the bhoys go to town.
One we are 3 up we can go defensive. 🙂


As Zentit ^




Jimmybee love the attitude “ once we are 3 up.” February in 3 tournaments won one, 9 Pts ahead in the league, still in Europe, Brendan will be kidding himself he knows how to manage Celtic.


The one thing we must be today is ruthless, if we get the first goal that’s a good place to be.
Mon the Hoops!


Monti…missed you all day cough…All good?


normally ime no wan for saying pish but on this occasion PISH he he


Couldn’t be better comrade!


Celtic 4-4-1-1

De Vries







Mair PISH.


Shut yer pus


Some were saying the SFA meeting at Turnberry was a masonic plot, what they forget is that there is a lot of people who despise Petrie and McRae, they see them as the dinosouric chumps that they truly are. A lot of people want change in Scottish football, they recognize that the game has been corrupted since David Taylor left, the last honest SFA secretary. They can see a brighter Scottish football, by getting rid of the dinosaurs and their outdated methods, they can see that they need more than anything an open honest game, they want to get rid… Read more »


hail hail mikebhoy


Hail Hail Charlie and fingers crossed and three hail hail Mary’s fur a good result tonight. B.L. (Bobby Lennox).

Rob O'Keeffe

No man is happy without a delusion of some kind.Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities.
Score tonight: Zenit(still rusty) 1 Glasgow Celtic 1 (Jimmy McGrory,67 mins,header)……


Yoker, He is preparing himself fur the test tonight, getting mentally prepared, a couple of wee drams perhaps, to steady his nerves. Celtic tap on, an old well worn hooped scarf which brings back memories of old games, old stars, favourite players. The old settee is put into its perfect viewing position, the snacks and two or three bottles of geer. His partner has been warned, get doon to the auld folks houf and bring me back a fish supper and bottle of tizer, when you return Jock. Aye OK Yoker, anything you say, would you like your Celtic View… Read more »

Hi Mikey, I’ve just just seen your post the now – very cheery and obviously written before last night’s horror show. I’ve been sort of disconnected ever since. What a shitey game that was – plenty of deadwood to clear out in the summer. Still, loads left to play for this season. Chin up.

SF (Sean Fallon)


fuckin hearts poundin aint life grand mikeybhoy

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