Celtic Diary Tuesday February 6: Politics, Pressure And A Right Palaver

The media have gone into overdrive since the removal of Stewart Regan from the SFA. Instead, however, of going after MacRae, Petrie and others responsible for the mess that is Scottish football, they’ve helped the SFa raise the deflector shields by suggesting that the man to fill the national manager vacancy is Walter Smith.

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These days, septuagenarian is even less likely to be able to mount a white horse than he is to come riding up the steps of Hampden on one, and despite the suggestion that he has been approached to take over and bring some staunchness back into the game, he’s likely to refuse the position, or at the most take the reigns for six months or so, all of which serves the purpose of getting supporters, hungry for more blood after the removal of Regan, talking about this instead of prising open the cracks in the SFA edifice that Regans exit has created.

Someone somewhere is calling in favours, and whilst Regans sacking was a sweet moment, its still only the beginning of what promises to be a bitter battle for the hearts and minds of Scottish football fans.

Before any manager is appointed, the issue of a new CEO must be dealt with. Anything else is just window dressing.

Who should get that job ?

Well, wouldn’t it be better to advertise it for a month and see who wants it ?

A clear remit to clean up and enhance the game offered to the right candidate ?

If nothing else , it would raise the quality of applicants above that of Leeann Dempster and, er, Leeann Dempster.

The Scottish football establishment is on the ropes, reeling after they were forced to remove Regan. The cataligue of cirruption, collusion and incompetence has been laid bare, and yet the media seem satisfied that they have got their man, when in reality there are many more men that need to be ousted.

Spring cleaning is needed, and the windows must be opened to let in the fresh air.

Instead, we sent for tax dodger Walter,,, their safe pair of hands in more ways than one.

If we truly want to move forward, then the whole lot needs to be cleared out. Then we might even get some quality applicants for both jobs…

A new SFA board  ? Thats what it will take, and thats what the clubs and fans should be pushing for.

Don’t stop now, we’re winning…amd don’t let them divide us with other issues.

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Anyhoo, back at the ranch , and there’s a big week ahead for Celtic. A week where Brendan Rodgers has to stamp his authority on the team and crush the haysayers in his squad who , accordong to some sources, are beginning to moan about anything they can find to moan about.

It was always going to be difficult to keep such a big squad happy, and although the current injury list suggests this size of squad is needed, one begins to wonder if that list would be so long if everyone was happy.

Whatever the reason, be it training pitches, training methods or just plain laziness on behalf of the players, something needs to be addressed in this aspect.

With a cup game on Saturday against Partick Thistle and a European game next thursday against Zenit St Petersburg, there’s an outside chance the wheels could come off quite spectacularly before the spring is here.

Then again, all the doubts and fears could be dispersed with a couple of performances that remind us that we are not a bad side after all.

One of the recent problems in the side has been a kind of lackadaisical approach to mathces, a desire to wait for things to happen rather than gp out and influence the pace. This could be down to the absence of Stuart Armstrong, who likes to run about a lot, and with his return now looking likely for the Zenit game, perhaps that will also give a much needed kick up the arse to one or two others.

Scott Brown will be available for both games, as his suspension,earned after his booking at Kilmarnock, only applies to the league, and with thise two we can at least expect a non static midfield in the Europa game.


It all sounds a bit doomy and gloomy when you put it down on paper, but perhaps what has been missing is the pressure that these two games will provide.

Arguably Celtics best performances this season, and there haven;t been many, have come when such a peformance is needed…Astana at home, and to an extent, away, Aberdeen and Hearts-the one we won- last week.

Perhaps they have been saving themselves for the business end of the season, or perhaps I’m just making excuses for them…

Whatever , but the next ten days or so are important, and should be treated as such.


Still, at least we can take it seriously, and football at the business end is a serious business.

So serious, in fact, that some will do anything to prevent reality from interfering with it.

Until what are  now self parody newspaper hacks soar above anything the internet funsters could come up with…

Chris Jack: Only time will tell if Rangers made the right call over £8million Alfredo Morelos bid.

As we know, or certainly suspect, there was no such bid. It was merely, according to Phil MacGhiollabhan, possiblt the man who knows more about what goes on in Ibroxland than any other, hence why the newspapers ignore him, though noticably they never dispute his stories, largely because they can’t, that bid was, er , created to show possible financiers that there is value in the squad and that they should have no worries about lending Dave King any money.

Anyway, Union Jack said..

IF Rangers had decided to cash in on Alfredo Morelos, there would have been eight million reasons why they could have justified the decision.

There was only a single argument to keep him. That was the most important one, though. 

you’d think a club, and its support, who saw their previous favourite go into liquidation would have a fair idea about whats important and what isn’t..

It was football rather than finance, points rather than pounds, that drove the thinking at Ibrox and now only the Colombian can prove that Rangers made the right call. 

But there’s no pressure… Morellas now has to justify a price tag that he hasn;t got, which no doubt will be spelled out to his agent who will be asking for a wage rise to offset the £75,000 a week that his client would have earned in China, had such a bid actually existed.

Morellas will throw a wobbly before long and exit stage left in the summer, for about twenty pence..

Having £8million in the bank and no striker to lead the line would have made no sense for Rangers and severely jeopardised their chances of finishing second in the Premiership and winning the Scottish Cup this term 

With £8m they could have bought a better striker, or even two, and still had enough money to keep the lights on.

£8m is considerably more than they would earn from finishing second in the league or winning the cup. something that hasn’t occured to Jack..

But then again, thinking is way above his pay grade.


but they have to keep this big club same club myth going, because a failure to do so would be catastrophic, as Charles Green nearly found out..

Rangers in crisis. They’d already had their last crisis. This was a new club and a new crisis.


If they had eight million quid to spend, they should have signed Keith. He’s a man who knows how to roll his sleeves up…

 Just think what he’d do with ten other players on his side…

Imagine the excitement he’d bring to the game..


Caption competition…



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D'Fhinnein Mick

Meet the man who put it all on black,only for it to come up red…

Wisnae me

Better than putting it all on Whyte, only for it to come up Green.


Can we combine the two answers for a winning caption?

Steven R

Caption: sevco reveal the talents of their new optical illusions expert, who has been given the task of making them look like a half-decent team.



The world, through the eyes of Dave King.


Morning henke,
Have you had your morning cuppa yet? I’ll be through at four with your blanket….


Morning M……. Slightly less frantic day today, giving me an opportunity to drop in on the site and see who’s greetin their faces off.


You’ll not see any negativity from me…..cough.


henke take that monti wan oot for a swally tae cheer um up ffs if he drinks to much i think yool find sumof us who have been listening to him the last wee while will crowdfundit…..ony kiddin monti a greetin faced cunt he he




Scottish media really is the pits. The greatest football swindle happened under their watch and they left it swept it under the carpet. Now after the Barry Mackay and red bull 6m proposal,which was easily found out, they make up 8m from China,what is it they say bulls and china shops.Farcical yet the bbc apologise for getting it right, by then saying they got it wrong, with no evidence to support what they actually seen. It really shows what Celtic are up against. Walter Smith should not be given the job. The guy is 70 ffs,probably doesnt want it in… Read more »


Morning m8.
We got some good news on the injury front….Dedryck Boyata is out for 6 months & not three weeks as first feared. 🙂




Morning Monti 🙂

D'Fhinnein Mick


I think Stevie Clarke will have a pleasant few years at Kilmarnock. He can have the Scotland job then-let’s face it,it will be up for grabs often enough!!!


Caption: im on the one road maybe the wrong road.




jimmy if that disnae winnit ralph is on the take ……AGAIN


caption that reminds me ae the auld song theyl be jumpin oot ther windaes wen we win …..for huns withoot windaes ……..sorry jimmy yoors wis good but no cigar ha ha ha ha ha ha

Celtic Symphony

More a case of the Cardigan,letting his brothers at the SFA know,he wants an extra payday.
They see him,as getting the Huns back to supporting Scotland.
After the abuse Celtic players got late 70’s,I’ve not been to a game since,and Celtic are my only concern.
Pressure game against Partick ? Really,Ralph.
With the greatest respect to them,and our injury list,we’re at home,and will go into the next round of the Cup.



The name is ” bond basildon bond ” finds another flaw in the prototype ejector seat…

As much as i love a good ” sevco in financial crisis ” story, I’m far more concerned with what the he’ll is going on at Celtic, we haven’t put 2 good back to back performances together all seasons, the injury list is a serious worry, more so because it is the same recurring injuries with certain players, questions should now be asked of exactly what is happening at Lennoxtown, are the training method’s not right, are the medica team not getting thing’s right, and as for that performance on Saturday or complete lack of one,why did Rodgers see the… Read more »


I`m so glad I took trip advice from BondiBrian.


Caption: The world camera self-timer photo champion sets a new personal best.

Caption: Sevco share holder trousers, for when not having shite running down your leg is really important.


Caption: Morelos goes on a sit down strike in Nepal.


Only Barry Hearn could save the SFA now, and at the same time bringing new work for all the F1 pit girls that just got layed off.

Seriously, they need someone like him to sell the game in Scotland, make it interesting and bring in some dosh. More of the same old brown brogues, and more of the same old blue blazers will only bring more of the same old success (or lack of it).

That’s without mentioning cheating bastards or EBTs.


Brendan at the zenit(h)


What a bliddy morning, a bunch of moles creating havoc on one of the fields, going roond in circles, I had to e-mail the mole-man but the bastard never returned my e-mail.


Its never easy peezy m8 on the farm.


No Jimmy especially when you have to shovel snow fur miles, you ok mate, still down in the deep south?


That nose of yours would make an ideal plough 🙂


Im good Mike yes m8 for my sins im still there.


Mike as ma auld boy used ti say” best thing aboot rain is …you dont huv ti shovel it”

Am no looking forward ti the Zenit gemm. Doomsday approach but am bein gen up.

HAL HAIL ( no the rain but )


I’d disagree with your old man regarding the rain…..rain is vital for plants and grass to grow among many other uses.
Rain water is also free of Chlorine, Calcium & Lime, better to use this water to say, wash your car because it’s soft water & won’t damage the paintwork, leave tap water for more practical uses such as drinking.
Streams, Lakes and rivers are also dependent on rainwater, potentially providing life to plants and animals.

So, i think yer old man was talking pish!


Mike…do you not gas them?


Tried to capture some of the “Gas” on here but it escaped into the abys and now the co2 levels are reaching gigantic proportions. Last year at this time the laddie put a large thorn inside his finger nail, hospital had to remove the nail and slice it open to dig out the thorn before it turned septic. Yesterday we were loading logs into the trailer, he put one down never saw a sharp branch and jammed his finger between the logs, result, he lost the top of his finger, night shift at the hospital getting wire inserted and stuck… Read more »


Mike…sounds like your laddie is accident prone…deep embedded thorns are a sore bloody thing. My mother in law took septicaemia from a similar thing…not good


Caption: I’ll just sit here and wait on my lift…

Honest hoops

Caption: the SFA new music video …we’re on the road to nowhere….


Breaking news :Phoned contact about BR rumours. Told not saying anything. However, argument at training today and 2 players carrying injuries. See what happens in next few days.


Arguments at training could be positive as well as negative you know.
Put it this way, if i was a Celtic player who had just lost to Kilmarnock, there would be harsh words shared at training!


Do we want a squad full of nice guys, slapping each other on the back or do we want WINNERS?

Sometimes you have to be ” an orrible cunt ” – ‘ Bricktop’


Caption….Alfredo Morelos’s agent after the TributeAct knock back 7 million.

All the shenanigans with the SFA over the alleged approach for the Cardigan comes as no suprise. Only Real Rangers Men are shoe ins for their posts. I wonder how the Tartan Army feel about it all?

Pat Higney

Caption: Kris Commons realises the folly of talking down Celtic constantly after Broony and Co abduct him and superglue his arse onto a wall on the highway to hell.

Rob O'Keeffe

I see it’s being reported that Walter Smith is suffering from a form of dementia.Despite his previous,I hope this isn’t the case.Just lost a friend due to this,funeral next Wed.Spare a thought today for those killed and injured in the Munich Air Disaster(60 years ago).

Caption: Dundee Taxman does spot checks on passing tractor drivers…..


Dave runs Ibrokes from a vantage point

The crap about Wattie and Leccy is the Morons attempts to divert attention away from the midden and the well run SFA.
There will soon be a campaign to make Sally the assistant.

Big Shuggy

Caption: the penny drops as Stewart Regan thinks ” I thought this was a strange location for a leaving do”.


ralph second is naywer but huns pretend second is sumwer ha haha ha ha ha aint huns dumb


a had a coupla jars wae 2 thistle guys in the toon today a said bet the zombies get a penalty tonite against yees they laughed and said aye but the specsavers loyal will give us 2 against yoos oan saturday tae even things up ha ha they maryhill magyars urny daft


According to reports a perfectly good goal chopped off at 0-0 for the jags. Who’d have thought Charlie Eh!


ma da and uncles always laughed at me wen a said a wis gon tae see scotland play they said yool live and learn kid ………..and they wer right COYBIG


Nope, i think they were just laughing at ye in general 🙂


rumour in glesga today 8 million pound man wants a ten grand a week rise ……mor or less ha ha ha ha


Optimist or pessimist?

“The former reaches his zenith. The latter plans post Zenit.”




“Scotland fan books first prime seat in new national stadium”.



60 years on from the Munich Air disaster, heartfelt condolences to Manchester Utd today!

Hail Hail


A terrible tragedy Monti well said.


Isn’t it an amazing thing, the female breasts? I have just been watching the weather forecast and not once did i look at the weather girls face, choosing to concentrate on her thruppeny bits.


Don’t we all 🙂


ffs two diddies talkin about diddies ha ha …….am gon back on the swally till the fitba starts again


Are ye away for a nipple or two?

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