Celtic Diary Tuesday February 6: Politics, Pressure And A Right Palaver

Celtic Diary Tuesday February 6: Politics, Pressure And A Right Palaver

The media have gone into overdrive since the removal of Stewart Regan from the SFA. Instead, however, of going after MacRae, Petrie and others responsible for the mess that is Scottish football, they’ve helped the SFa raise the deflector shields by suggesting that the man to fill the national manager vacancy is Walter Smith.

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These days, septuagenarian is even less likely to be able to mount a white horse than he is to come riding up the steps of Hampden on one, and despite the suggestion that he has been approached to take over and bring some staunchness back into the game, he’s likely to refuse the position, or at the most take the reigns for six months or so, all of which serves the purpose of getting supporters, hungry for more blood after the removal of Regan, talking about this instead of prising open the cracks in the SFA edifice that Regans exit has created.

Someone somewhere is calling in favours, and whilst Regans sacking was a sweet moment, its still only the beginning of what promises to be a bitter battle for the hearts and minds of Scottish football fans.

Before any manager is appointed, the issue of a new CEO must be dealt with. Anything else is just window dressing.

Who should get that job ?

Well, wouldn’t it be better to advertise it for a month and see who wants it ?

A clear remit to clean up and enhance the game offered to the right candidate ?

If nothing else , it would raise the quality of applicants above that of Leeann Dempster and, er, Leeann Dempster.

The Scottish football establishment is on the ropes, reeling after they were forced to remove Regan. The cataligue of cirruption, collusion and incompetence has been laid bare, and yet the media seem satisfied that they have got their man, when in reality there are many more men that need to be ousted.

Spring cleaning is needed, and the windows must be opened to let in the fresh air.

Instead, we sent for tax dodger Walter,,, their safe pair of hands in more ways than one.

If we truly want to move forward, then the whole lot needs to be cleared out. Then we might even get some quality applicants for both jobs…

A new SFA board  ? Thats what it will take, and thats what the clubs and fans should be pushing for.

Don’t stop now, we’re winning…amd don’t let them divide us with other issues.

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Anyhoo, back at the ranch , and there’s a big week ahead for Celtic. A week where Brendan Rodgers has to stamp his authority on the team and crush the haysayers in his squad who , accordong to some sources, are beginning to moan about anything they can find to moan about.

It was always going to be difficult to keep such a big squad happy, and although the current injury list suggests this size of squad is needed, one begins to wonder if that list would be so long if everyone was happy.

Whatever the reason, be it training pitches, training methods or just plain laziness on behalf of the players, something needs to be addressed in this aspect.

With a cup game on Saturday against Partick Thistle and a European game next thursday against Zenit St Petersburg, there’s an outside chance the wheels could come off quite spectacularly before the spring is here.

Then again, all the doubts and fears could be dispersed with a couple of performances that remind us that we are not a bad side after all.

One of the recent problems in the side has been a kind of lackadaisical approach to mathces, a desire to wait for things to happen rather than gp out and influence the pace. This could be down to the absence of Stuart Armstrong, who likes to run about a lot, and with his return now looking likely for the Zenit game, perhaps that will also give a much needed kick up the arse to one or two others.

Scott Brown will be available for both games, as his suspension,earned after his booking at Kilmarnock, only applies to the league, and with thise two we can at least expect a non static midfield in the Europa game.


It all sounds a bit doomy and gloomy when you put it down on paper, but perhaps what has been missing is the pressure that these two games will provide.

Arguably Celtics best performances this season, and there haven;t been many, have come when such a peformance is needed…Astana at home, and to an extent, away, Aberdeen and Hearts-the one we won- last week.

Perhaps they have been saving themselves for the business end of the season, or perhaps I’m just making excuses for them…

Whatever , but the next ten days or so are important, and should be treated as such.


Still, at least we can take it seriously, and football at the business end is a serious business.

So serious, in fact, that some will do anything to prevent reality from interfering with it.

Until what are  now self parody newspaper hacks soar above anything the internet funsters could come up with…

Chris Jack: Only time will tell if Rangers made the right call over £8million Alfredo Morelos bid.

As we know, or certainly suspect, there was no such bid. It was merely, according to Phil MacGhiollabhan, possiblt the man who knows more about what goes on in Ibroxland than any other, hence why the newspapers ignore him, though noticably they never dispute his stories, largely because they can’t, that bid was, er , created to show possible financiers that there is value in the squad and that they should have no worries about lending Dave King any money.

Anyway, Union Jack said..

IF Rangers had decided to cash in on Alfredo Morelos, there would have been eight million reasons why they could have justified the decision.

There was only a single argument to keep him. That was the most important one, though. 

you’d think a club, and its support, who saw their previous favourite go into liquidation would have a fair idea about whats important and what isn’t..

It was football rather than finance, points rather than pounds, that drove the thinking at Ibrox and now only the Colombian can prove that Rangers made the right call. 

But there’s no pressure… Morellas now has to justify a price tag that he hasn;t got, which no doubt will be spelled out to his agent who will be asking for a wage rise to offset the £75,000 a week that his client would have earned in China, had such a bid actually existed.

Morellas will throw a wobbly before long and exit stage left in the summer, for about twenty pence..

Having £8million in the bank and no striker to lead the line would have made no sense for Rangers and severely jeopardised their chances of finishing second in the Premiership and winning the Scottish Cup this term 

With £8m they could have bought a better striker, or even two, and still had enough money to keep the lights on.

£8m is considerably more than they would earn from finishing second in the league or winning the cup. something that hasn’t occured to Jack..

But then again, thinking is way above his pay grade.


but they have to keep this big club same club myth going, because a failure to do so would be catastrophic, as Charles Green nearly found out..

Rangers in crisis. They’d already had their last crisis. This was a new club and a new crisis.


If they had eight million quid to spend, they should have signed Keith. He’s a man who knows how to roll his sleeves up…

 Just think what he’d do with ten other players on his side…

Imagine the excitement he’d bring to the game..


Caption competition…