Judicial Review Aye, Naw, Well….

Judicial Review Aye, Naw, Well….

Patrick J Macht, who first introduced me to the Resolution 12 lads, ponders the prospect of a judicial review, and why its neccessary…
Asked to write a piece, I thought me. Well……

Thought about it, was like WTAF can I bring to the table? I then thought I can only be as bad as meatbaws. Well….

Well, It’s not a piece where every sentence ends in…..aye well….

A Judicial Review is most likely going to happen. The fact it has come to this is probably understandable. Why has it had to be this route and not an independent review as asked by the SPFL?
Simple logic has it that the SFA are hiding, excuse the phrase, a shitload of unfathomable decisions namely to serve one new club when their office is to look after all member clubs.

I digress slightly as my understanding is this is not a Celtic v a Rangers* issue, no it’s one of governance and that is the CRUX of the matter.

Neither was #Resolution12

I have a good friend, one would call him a buddie he get’s it, he knows it’s governance, he knows that all anyone has asked for is a proper game, a proper governance and he himself saw his club nearly shafted. They moved on but at a cost which they may get out of if current form continues.

To return to the main point, a Judicial Review why required? Who funds it? Whats it for?

3 questions

Why Required?

Simple – Ongoing issues mean it is necessary from the SFA and SPFL(SPL) handling of Rangers 1872 implosion (dying), the #Res12 issue and also what measures are in place to ensure such a scenario doesn’t happen again (It is currently) mean it’s a needed NOW before we are looking at dare I say ahem cough, don’t laugh Armageddon 2. To be fair the first one wasn’t sore, the second could be worse.

Who Funds it?

Well….. and I’m off again lol. So far it’s been in the hands I’m told of capable folk with whisper it rumoured wealthy Aberdeen fans helping along the way! But but it’s a Celtic v a Rangers* thing! Nope it’s not. Many fans of other clubs have indicated to me they would support such a Review.

Personally I believe not only should we as fans contribute but I honestly believe that Celtic should by way of a donation contribute (anonymously if they want) if they want to be seen as being shoulder to shoulder with the support. I appreciate this may not be to everyone’s liking but again, excuse lingo, feck them!

What’s it for?

A fair game, something I have from experience only witnessed in the years prior to Murray buying the old dead RFC, a time that Scottish football was vibrant with yes Hearts, Aberdeen and Dundee United challenging and the Murray used other peoples’ money ie the banks. And secondly when TRFC were starting as new and the premiership had all teams living within their means. Now we have a new club spending money they don’t have and if it were not for a new stand, I’m sure Hearts would have had a wee complaint!

We cannot allow everyone to “move on “, at the very least we need to know who did what and when so that we know exactly what we are moving on from.

And a wee bit oif accountability wouldn’t hurt either.

There ya go 1st time stuff hope it’s not a well…..shite