Etims with James Doleman Special Podcast

Etims with James Doleman Special Podcast

Desi, Andy, Hector and Ralph formed a podcast Jury of good, well no bad, men and true to talk to Celtic loving Court reporter and the Top “Im right behind the defendant” Tweeter , Mr James Doleman.

James discusses the ins and outs or the proceedings along with his excellent coverage of the Craig Whye Case and his experiences covering such a colourful event with such famous characters and back story.

You really do want to hear his surprising thoughts on Sir David Murray, Donald Findlay and cool calm Craigy Bhoy.

We also discuss the fall out of the Charlotte fake tapes and of course, the real forgotten victims in all of this…

Its an hour that is a highly recommended listen, play or download here

PLEASE NOTE: No Latvian Gangsters were harmed or named in this recording!