Celtic Diary Monday May 15: Madden For Hampden and Latest Summer Sales

They’re a little more transparent, our media, than say the SFA, or the SPFL.

Todays Daily Record makes the case for Bobby Madden to be handed the Scottish cup final, which is probably Aberdeens best chance of securing the trophy.

Image result for baby shocked face

Former referee Charlie Richmond, himself not the best of the bunch, gives his reasons..

Bobby missed a chunk of the season through illness.

He is what I would call a common sense referee.

Bobby has played junior football and he knows what a foul and when to give them and that is the most important thing. He does not flash the cards.

Bobby knows how to manage the game as a referee always.

When the big decisions come he is usually on top of the situation and he never guesses the outcome. 

Thats because he makes his mind up before the incident…

We can relate that to the penalty decision in the recent 1-1 draw between Celtic and Rangers at Parkhead.

Could he see it? Could he not?

I felt at the time he got it right by pure luck and chance.

Bobby couldn’t give the decision because he was in the wrong position and therefore couldn’t see it clearly enough.

I will give Bobby a confidence booster by saying that his displays have merited a call up for the UEFA under 21 European Championships in Poland this summer.

I don’t want to second guess anybody here but I think Bobby has a great shout for the Scottish Cup final between Celtic and Aberdeen at Hampden on May 27.

Bobby has been the best and most consistent official this season. 

Richmond also gives his opinion on a couple of other candidates, and we have the original drafts..

Kevin Clancy

No chance. Kevin is a fenian name 

Nick Walsh

Celtic supporters have never heard of him so they can;t moan about him until after the game. Maybe give him a flag and tell him to run the line 

Image result for linesman union flag

And that, my friends are the top three referees according to Charlie Richmond.

And people ask why many of us feel that a wholesale clearout of the SFA is needed. Including the diddy who is in charge of referee development, John Fleming.

Aberdeens next three games are all in Glasgow, and this too, may have a bearing on how they perform in the final. They will have to adapt to the constraints of a modern, livestock free city, and may suffer a form of culture shock as they find themselves surrounded by the trappings of modern life.

The climate is several degrees warmer, average rainfall this time of year is down to single figures, and , significantly, none of the roads are blocked with cows, sheep or homeless former oil workers.

Niall McGinn says Glasgow doesn’t scare him, but he might just be trying to put on a brave face.

“It was a very strange start against Celtic. I don’t think our forward players had touched the ball and we were 3-0 down.

“It’s something we have to learn from and it was a very frustrating one at Pittodrie as well when we lost to Rangers. 

“You could see on that day we were the better side and created more chances again. One thing we need to get out of our game is that, when we concede one goal, we can’t be losing two and three very quickly.

“We need to get on the training ground and work hard defensively, same with attacking.

“We know we’ll be in those situations again when we are under the cosh and we are going to have to defend at the right times, just like we’ll need to take our chances when they come along.”

They do seem to fall apart very quickly after conceding.

Brendan Rodgers gave  interview to BT sports which was aired yesterday, about two hours before I remembered it was on, and anyway, the mother in law was watching James Bond so that was fecking that.

You can see the full interview here….

Sutton and Rodgers

I’ll watch it while I’m having my breakfast, when I’m finished putting this tripe together.

There was a hint about rodgers plans for the future, in a chat he had with someone from the sun newspaper, presumably before he knew the fellow was from the Sun..

“One day in my life I’d like to be an international manager.

“The ability to work with a group of players and go to a major championships would be amazing.

“I’m Northern Irish and very proud of that. But I’ve worked in England all my life virtually. I’ve worked in Wales and in Scotland.

“It’s an experience I want to have. If I’m going to be coaching for another 20-odd years then at some point I’d be open to the possibility of going to a World Cup or European Championships.” 

That rules out the Scotland job.

England it is then, but hopefully not for a while. I really hope I’m long gone when that day comes, as he’d probably win them another world cup, and that would eradicate anything he did with Celtic.

Unless I moved to New Zealand, or the moon.

They still harp on about 1966, and how they had saved Europe in 39-45, despite knowing  that the Russians did most of the fighting, the Americans paid most of the bills and by picking a fight with those two the Germans had overstretched their resources.

This , of course, is entirely different from Celtic fans harping on about 1967, and even the BBC has relented and acknowledged that Celtic’s 67 European cup win was a great achievement..

I’m still waiting for the programme that acknowledges the influence that particular side had on successive generations of football teams, such as the great Dutch sides and even the pragmatic Germans, as apart from Englands home win in 66, which doesn’t count,European football had been dominated by the big three latinos Spain, Portugal and Italy.

It was only after Stein’s Celtic showed they were not invincible, other sides from Germany, the Netherlands and even England, although again at Wembley, took heart from seeing a side play the Celtic way and used that as a model for their success.

As Celtic supporters, sometimes our own green tinted glasses cannot see beyond that afternoon in Lisbon, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but its undeniable the influence that team had on continental football.

Right, lets see who the papers are trying to flog today…

The Daily Star…

Celtic ready to sell star man to Premier League heavyweight

CELTIC are ready to offload Moussa Dembele to a Premier League club, according to reports.

Mostly their reports, to be fair, but reports nonetheless..though, strangely, here they blame the Sun.

The Sun claim the Hoops striker is on the cusp of a move back to England after dazzling in the Scottish top flight.

The 20-year-old has impressed north of the border since switching from Fulham last summer. 

He’s bagged 32 goals in 46 games for the Hoops this term.

The news that Dembele could be on the move looks certain to interest England’s elite clubs.

Starsport understands Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United have been regularly watching the Frenchman in recent weeks.

“understands “…thats the key word here.

Them theres Star sister paper the Express , quoted on Ninety Minutes Online

West Bromwich Albion are locked in a battle to sign highly rated Celtic midfielder Stuart Armstrong this summer and are open to paying £8 million for the impressive Bhoys star, according to The Express.

The report states that the Baggies want summer recruits and sent scouts to watch the 25-year-old on Friday night as the Glasgow side beat Aberdeen 3-1 at Pittodrie. 

Then there’s the Sun…


Newcastle United are eyeing up a sensational swoop for Celtic star Jozo Simunovic

Rafa Benitez is keen on bringing the defender to St James’ Park and is also keeping an eye on Hibs loanee Efe Ambrose ahead of the summer 

Not to be outdone, the bold Pedro Caixinha, invigorated by a particularly excellent mass yesterday, moved to strengthen his side..

Even the paper sounds like it’s sighing a little with the line “Another Rangers Exclusive ” . They need to look closer to home as their scouts-if they have any who don’t work in the mainstream media , have made an arse of this one…

Rangers’ bid to sign Ghana defender Rashid Sumaila have hit a serious snag…he’s actually under contract for another three years at his club in Kuwait.

The Ibrox club’s manager Pedro Caixinha admitted last week that he was monitoring 24-year-old Sumalia, who he had on loan at his former club in Qatar, Al-Gharafa.

Reports indicated that Rangers would be able to get him on a free transfer because his contract at parent club – Kuwait’s Qadsia SC has expired. 

I wonder who gave them those  reports…

Well, if the first team is struggling, their development team looks set to replace them in full.

Instead of competing, if thats not too strong a word, in Scotlands under 20 league, the club has asked for permission-not surprisingly its been granted- to withdraw from the Development league to seek out stronger opponents to further develop what was already the best youth set up at Ibrox in twenty or thirty years..

Rangers pull out of next season’s SPFL development league to challenge Europe’s top clubs

The Ibrox side have been given permission to withdraw for a year to take on the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon. 

Like Celtic do, in the Premier International cup competition, except that they’ll be playing friendlies, if those teams Celtic will be facing have got time to play friendlies.

No friendlies have been arranged yet, and there’s no suggestion that the new Ibrox club are having difficulty in securing the finance to fund a youth team..

Except this…

Of course, the media were quick to praise this modern, forward thinking move by the Ibrox club, largely to keep anyone from checking companies house for any clues that might suggest the new club is going the way of the old one…

Rangers have the right idea – our entire youth set-up is completely rubbish – Parks

Thats Gordon Parks, not a reference to public parks, who would have got the blame had Auchenhowie been sold already.

As for development squads, there are over forty ex Celtic kids making a living from the game at the moment..

Gary Holt, a coach at Norwich, backed the idea..

“It’s a great idea, thinking outside the box by trying something different. Rangers are looking to progress the development of their youth players and they will relish the lessons on offer as long as they are willing to accept they will get a few humpings along the way. As that’s what will happen.

“It needs to be used a tool to test their players against players who are often better technical players. 

Er, they were getting that in Scotland,

We gave you this delightful picture yesterday..

1960s London fashion shoot

jimmybee May 14, 2017 at 11:38 am · Edit · Reply

Caption: Take it your fae Larkhall tae. 

Today..we have the first in a series of dramatic  illustrations by Walter Malino… culture you just don’t get anywhere else..


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Caption, !the B specials! the put the B in bastards.

Michael Angello

Haw Ralphie, Whaurs ma line???? (green).

I thought that was Oldco in Manchster???Watching there Globe Trotters Get humped by Zenit!!!!Then trashing the Place,Literally.


Tioc67…yep all because their TV broke down…Fenian plot I’d say 🙂
Others could say that they couldn’t find a 50 pence piece between them for the meter

Mike Annis

Caption:The True Blue Flute band enjoying a holiday trip to Blackpool.


Riot as public resist being forced to buy Sevco season tickets.


Sevco fans commemorate Rangers Europa League final in Manchester.


Caption: celebrating Manchester 10 years on. A new club and a decade later by Walter Malino


Manchester 2008

Bobby(HalfWit)Madden?Surely that Cretinous piece of Dog Waste isnt getting the Final at Hampden.Its guaranteed that Blue Nose will make a Few Honest Mistakes.Its raining a wee bit here,But even that muppets name puts a Damper oan anybodies day.A known Hun who is or was a season ticket holder.Yet we are spose to believe he is impartial.It must get right up there jacksies seeing The Celtic going from strngth to strength.If he is Reffing the Final.Celtics treble could be in jeopardy.Nothing with that Rotten lot would surprise me.Have a Wonderful Magical Day Bhoys n Ghirls





ffs.. kettlin’ Celtic fans used to be easy!!


back o’ the bus no more!!


Michael Angello… have ye no Chapel Ceilings to paint today…

Michael Angello

Haw Weered, ouch my back is sair, sair, sair and I have paint in baith eyes, but when I stand up and look at my work, bhoy does it look great. Next week I have a new book coming out it is painting by numbers, its a Muriel about ducks. Ala Hilda Ogden, how are they hinging the day, in your World?



Caption: Girl tells them.
They’ll no be marching down Gervaghy Road,

On the ref thing,I think it was Beaton,who reffed the last Hun game. I thought he was excellent,and got the decisions spot on.
Bobby Madden would be nonsense, but that’s who it probably will be given the corrupt sfa.
Aberdeen will not be able to compete with us when all the players turn up,and Broonie back.

“You sure this is Janefield Street” asks customer in Art Shop


Ralph as much as I enjoy reading the diary your homeless former oil worker comment isn’t funny and is beneth you. I have got to know a few through the work I do with Saint Vincent De Paul. Good people in a terrible situation. By the way I’m a former oil worker who hasn’t had a job for fifteen months holding on to my house by the skin of my teeth constantly worrying.



“Larkhall celebrates 10-in-a-row”



Tony Carlin

Reagans 2011 prediction of Armageddon comes true when Kenny Miller fails to win the SPFL Youth Player of the Year!

Michael Angello

Moscow, I am so very sorry about your situation, my auld da was in the Saint Vincent De Paul, you do some great work.
Ralph does a LOT of good work for the Homeless through Lou Mcarie’s Homeless shelter, the very last thing he would do is castigate the Homeless.

Boyne Bhoy

EPL clubs have been watching Moussa in recent weeks. Where? He’s been injured. In recent weeks



Dystopian visions of Brexit.

(Desi stole the one I was going to use.)

Thanks Ralph, watched that Rodgers interview,and it just gives me goosebumps.
The Holy Trinity, This is the Celtic I know, the statements from a man who like all of us has Celtic in his heart,it runs through his veins.
You can’t buy that, you can’t sell that,you have it or you don’t.
This is how it feels to be Celtic.


Jimmybee… I agree, an interview in which BR was his usual understated self but you could see the pride in what has happened and still to come this season… Comes across as a laid back guy but underneath he is as expectant as every Tim in the world…
Not a genius just yet but maybe next year 🙂

Caption: Chaos as Poundland has their 50% off sale.




Holt said “as long as they are willing to accept they will get a few humpings along the way. As that’s what will happen”

These humpings will prepare the development squad perfectly for life in the 1st team.

Michael Angello

Watched the O.J. story on BBC4 last night, that caption reminded me of the L.A. riots that they showed, minus the dogs the tanks and the National Guard and the sheer numbers of Police and the Police brutality, a bit like the Civil Rights marchers in the North, being clubbed by the “B” specials, specials would not be the way that I would describe them, Bastards.


I remember some of those well…

Michael Angello

Celtic 2017, on the verge of history.

History bhoy’s, at last in the making,
the Scottish cup, there for the taking,
Invincible in over 100 games,
History, will remember there names.
Our history goes back, over 129 years,
a proud history, with many a sillar and just a few tears,
Soon to remember a Historic team,
marvellous players, who exceeded our dreams,
Led by a Manager, the best of the best,
he gave his life to fitba. and now lays at rest,
Remember the great players, to many to name,
They gave us the fitba. the beautiful game.

HH nice one M8





“Social Unrest as Craig Whyte wins CLAIM over Ibrox”. HH

The Cha

“It’s only rock n roll but I like it”.

The Cube

Caption> ‘Manchester again’

Michael Angello

RIP Tommy Burns, my wee poem will come through sometime.

Caption: Please study the picture above and then choose the correct answer.

Your club is threatened with liquidation. Do you:
A) Do this
B) Sing The Sash
C) Scone the cousin-wife then sing The Sash

Hint: Even Jam Tarts know the answer


Michael Angello…the next tine you sow a filed of barley…
when it comes to rolling the ground get Liam Boyce at Ross County…

All ye need do is put him in the middle of the field and kick him on the shins…. He’ll roll all of it in no time and try to catch seagulls every so often…he falls and up goes the arms…We saw him here at Cliftonville…

Talented footballer but carried too much weight and had narcissistic tendencies 🙂 good to see he is sort of eating sensibly now

Michael Angello

The wind that shakes the barley, The Liam Boyce variety. 😉


It was more like the whinge that ate the barley


Caption: Rioting Drunken Celtic fans attack police on Dam Square



Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: The Daily Record’s adaptation of the ‘Dundee riots’

Cannae be Dundee, that lassie has a full set of teeth and there are lights on in the background, suggesting electricity is present….

The real anton rogan

Caption: PC Murdoch finally grows tired of superscamp oor wullie

Michael Angello

Memories of Tommy Burns. 16 dec. 1956—15 may 2008.
Our special bhoy, oor Tommy Burns,
we loved him dearly, our twist and turns,
his style of fitba. silky smooth,
He always shunned the demon booze.
His special song, was “Mac the Kinfe”
our hearts were broken, when he lost his life,
A heart of gold, to match his hair,
oor memories of him, will last forever mair.
RIP Tommy, gone but never forgotten.

Michael Angello

Ralphy ive sent ma poem three times.


That’s once, twice, three times in waste bin

Michael Angello

Aw that’s bette. 😉

I couldny get a green line so I settled for gender neutral.


caption like me and dr who that walter molino has a time machine cause thats walters world famous title striping day in larkhall


Caption. John Hartson does an artists impression of the Dundee riots.

Michael Angello

High n a mountain in Mexico,
lived a young shepherd bhoy, Angello,
who met a young bhoy and he loved him so. (Tommy Burns).

Running away together,
running away forever,
Angello. 😉

Michael Angello

Am away for my holidays on Wednesday so wilny be posting for a wee while, I might return as Mike. or Wilma. 😉


What about the rest of the Flinstones…

Michael Angello

Yabba dabba doooooooooooo. 😉


Sevco celebrate their fantastic Glasgoe derby win against Partick.
Madden should never be allowed to referee a game since he cheated Albion Rovers when Moshni clattered their ?keeper. Part time players, joiners painters cheated to allow Sally’s Sevco to beat them.

Wullie Tracey

Ah, those Manchester memories, how they linger!

Michael Angello

just like the snot, oan yer finger!!





Is it really nine years since Tommy Burns passed away?
God bless you & always be at your side, Tam!

YNWA Always in our hearts!


Monti I saw this today and thought of you


Can it iron?


No… She might just melt in your arms

LoL…….If it moves,Mnti’sgot a bone that need nbbling.


Tioc67… I only hope she doesn’t say… WAS THAT IT FOR FUKS SAKE !

LoL Monti yeel need a puncture kit and pump.Failing That,Get Blowing lola talking dolly,Blow me,Mnti Blow meeeeee…….


Year 2020 rangers beat partick again to record their first win in nineteen games. Overzealous constabulary fail to understand the meaning of this to supporters . Maryhill resembles last century’s toxeth riots

Yoker Bhoy

I’ve just googled your question and discovered that it’s happened only twice in history but back in the days when they only played 18 league games per season:

Season 1897-98
Champions: Celtic W15 D3 L0

Season 1898-99
Champions: Rangers W18 DO LO

Rob O'Keeffe

They must have had EBTs in season 1898-99 and “celebrated” a century later by employing the same tactic.Aint history grand.
Ralph,Auchenhowie is an area of Milngavie and can’t be sold,”dont call it”Murray Park can,however,be sold off.
Una did your man score yesterday?xx


Yoker Bhoy… Thanks for the info 🙂


Caption: Black Friday in New York.


Black Friday 2 or 3 years ago Asda Shore road Belfast..
Over a 40″ cheap tv… Warfare for eff all

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