Celtic Diary Friday April 21: Third Trophy In The Bag

Celtic Diary Friday April 21: Third Trophy In The Bag

The Glasgow Cup was part of the all conquering sixty seven teams haul, and it should be held in the same esteem now as it was then.

Largely because Celtic won it, of course, but the under seventeens, with goals from Henderson-not that one, his wee brother-and Aitchison -had been reduced to ten men , been kicked up and down the park and faced apparently the best young squad in Scotland to do it,so it can be counted as exactly the same as how things happen in the senior world.

The following report is from the official website, to spare you any of the usual spin about Billy Gilmour, or any of the other wonder kids in blue..


You have to feel for Gilmour. The Sun heralded his performance…

Watch Billy Gilmour sparkle in the as Old Firm fans flood online to salute Ibrox wonderkid 

He actually had a quiet game, and there’s a real danger that the lads career could be destroyed before its even started with the nonsense spouted by the laptop loyal. Barrie Mackay, who had been on the verge of a £6m move to Leipzig has all but dropped out of the reckoning at Ibrox, and it isn’t fair on the players to be used as part of the “Everything is roses at Ibrox ” narrative.

Earlier in the week, the Sun were at it with Celtic’s thirteen year old prospect Karamoke Dembele who had excelled in a tournament in Amsterdam for the under fourteens, claiming that big clubs were watching him.

Any kid who performs well anywhere these days is going to be watched by other clubs. football is a business first and foremost, and whether or not these kids go on to make the breakthrough at a big club is irrelevant to them, as long as they can make a profit on them.

Sometimes that profit can only be a few thousand pounds, but its still a profit of a few thousand pounds, which is always better in your pocket than out of it.

If there is to be a spotlight on youngsters, it needs to be a little more responsible than what we are seeing, and it also needs to include prospects from other clubs, and might even encourage kids to go to the youth matches which in turn hooks them into the match day experience.

This would suit teams outwith the big cities as it would encourage locals to get behind their teams a bit more, and spread the money around.

A kind of community thing, which probably won;t catch on, but has to be worth trying. It might even lead to a few hidden gems being unearthed, possibly being ignored just now as they don’t play in Glasgow.

With the Glasgow Cup out of the way, attention ow turns to the re run of last seasons Scottish Cup semi final.

On Sunday, Celtic face “rangers ” for the fifth time this season and its already getting tedious.

For this months “rangers ” manager, Pedro Caixinha it will be fraught with danger. should his side be beaten heavily, then it could finish his time at Ibrox befoire its really started , especially if he takes a battering next week in the league as well.

He has already started his own version of mind games ahead of the tie, in effect blinking before his much more experienced counterpart at Celtic Park..

Recently, Caixinha revealed his team a day or two befiore the game with Kilmarnock, partly as a publicity stunt, and partly because his limited squad meant he hadn’t got much to think about, and at a press conference yesterday, he was asked if he’d do the same thing before the Hampden clash..

“I have only one doubt.

“I could name the team or if you have Brendan’s mobile number you can call him and we could read out our teams at the same time! 

“I have no problem with that – if he agrees we will place the names on the table at the same time.” 

We asked Brendan if he intended to do that, and as soon as he stops laughing we’ll tell you what he said.

Undeterred, Pedro decided he knew what Celtic’s line up would be anyway, and wasn’t shy of telling the press..

Caixinha expects Brown to be in Celtic’s midfield alongside Stuart Armstrong with Kieran Tierney and James Forrest on the flanks. 

His dossier also had Craig Gordon, Jozo Simunovic, Erik Sviatchenko, Mikael Lustig, Tom Rogic, Scott Sinclair and Moussa Dembele as likely starters.

But he admits he is still guessing over some of Rodgers’ choices. Caixinha said: “We have doubts, the main one is between Callum McGregor and Tom Rogic.”

If Brendan went into a press conference and talked about who he thinks will play for the other side, we’d probably have a moan.

Rightly so. Most managers will tell you that its about what their team does, and not the opposition.

Then he was asked how he felt about Scott Brown being available after the club appealed his straight red against Ross county. He replied that he was happy enough, as he wanted to face Celtic’s strongest line up, but then he started rambling again..

“When someone breaks the rules you have other rules to test those rules. We all do it. If I am speeding in my car and can’t afford to get the ticket I’ll do something to avoid receiving it. Why not? It’s the human side. 

Well, he’s certainly picked up “rangersitis ” during his short tenure as they were reluctant to pay anything they were due as well. I suppose its all part of convincing him its the same club.

A bit of transfer tittle tattle now, not so much who is coming to Celtic, but who isn’t.

John Terry is a no no. As is Jermaine Defoe, Jack Wilshire,  and anyone else who has even so much has stubbed his toe over the last couple of years.

Jason Denaayer is not on the list either, but his name is hovering just below it…apparently having two Belgians in the heart of defence might improve communication levels.

Celtic will bring in a couple of players, and they will be further up the line of development than we are used to, but as usual ignore whats in the press.

They haven’t got a clue who it is.

The trial of Craig Whyte began in Glasgow yesterday, the full report of the days activities can be found here..

James Dolemans report

This details the events and can safely said to be a little more impartial and accurate than anything you’ll see in the mainstream media.

The trial is set to last up to twelve weeks, which seems a long time , but this is a little more complicated than it appears on the surface.

It’s not actually about Whyte claiming his quid back after being sold a pup, its much more complex than that, and James Doleman explains it better than me.

When Celtic have faced any version of “rangers ” down the years, there are some things that are expected.

Early kick offs, big crowds, sectarian singing and Nil By Mouth proving that they have absolutely no idea what its all about.

They were at it again yesterday…

I’ve never heard this Fernando Ricksen song. Thats not to say it doesn’t exist, but I’m not familiar with it.

Had it ever been sung at the ground, I’m fairly certain the media would have mentioned it, if only to ask what a ounce of prop is.

But I have heard of wee Jay. In fact, I had  a wee chat with him at the Hamilton away game when he scored his first goal for Celtic, so i know he’s real.

And I know that his family have suffered from abuse on social media.

Are Nil By Mouth trying to even things up here as part of their two sides of the same coin reasoning that has allowed the media to largely ignore the racist and sectarian chants from one of Glasgows grounds ?

If anyone is singing a song about a man suffering from a cruel illness, then you’re an idiot. I like to think they are few and far between in the stands at Celtic, but there is no doubt they exist.

Nil By Mouth is a waste of time. If anyone from there is reading this you are more than welcome to list its achievements in the replies below.

It shouldn’t take you long.

Its Friday, and as we all know that means we single out one man-or woman-who has made an impression this week that cannot go unrewarded.

It wasn’t the most difficult of choices..

Image result for don robertson referee

Don Robertson was in charge of the Ross County -Celtic tie last Sunday, and showed us why Scottish refereeing needs to be reformed from top to bottom.

His loss of control in the games latter stages proved that he’s not ready for this level, and that whoever decided he was isn’t ready to be in that job either.

His efforts make him probably the most convincing winner of Etims

Knob of the Week 

to date, and considering some of the illustrious names on that particular roll of honour, then its some achievement.

Image result for splendid gif

Yesterday we asked you what was going on here..
Martin67 April 20, 2017 at 5:14 pm · Edit · Reply

Caption: Thanks for consoling me Bully. I could have won a speed boat! 

whilst today.. we’re off to the world of science fiction in the nineteenth century..


thats what he says it is..an air boat.

I think he’s wring, don’t you ?

Later today, Rob O’Keefes Demolition Derbies prediction competition starts in earnest-keep an eye out for it, its online from noon.