Happy Valentims Day

Happy Valentims Day

All you need is Love….

All you need is Love

Well and a top class striker, some decent wing play, experienced cover in defence, a reliable keeper and a midfield that just wont stop and a Manager actually in the job who knows what he is doing.

Happy Valentines everyone, here are the Etims Love Classified.

Please add yours in the comments below:

I haven’t seen you for a while
Where did you go sweet Joey?
I turned around and you were gone
Which was strange as you’re so slowy
– Broony to Mr Barton

We had such fun, in the sun
We ran, and laughed and did it all
The fans all said “Whats on his head”
Come back my lovely burst beach ball
 – Mikael L, Heartbroken

Even though Ive got no neck
And an arse the size of France
You took me deep within your heart
And gave me another chance
 – James Forrest for BR & the Family

Oh sweet Ikea,
You fair make me smile
With all these hat trick balls
My shelves run a mile!
 – with love,  Moussa

Cant wait to hold you
Have you back in my hand
The driveway was cold
but the Turnovers grand!
 – Peter L to B. Balance

I love you so much
Happily share you with others
God bless you Brendan
A true Celtic brother!
 – Celts Everywhere

Oh your my best mate
And such a winger
See you on the XBox
After I get my dinner
 – KT to PR

It took a while
Till our love came along
But now dear sweet Dedryk
You have your own song
 – GB to DB

Come on back in baby
You know you want me too
Just screw the nut in training
and dont sulk around so blue
 – CP to SuperLeigh

Its coming up on 50 years
The ultimate love a Celt can hold
Lets hear it for the Lisbon Lions
Courageous, talented and Bold!
 – Celtic Fans Forever

Hamden is Brown
Our pants are too
EBT ruling is coming
Looks like we’re through
 – SR & ND

Ive been gone a while
But back I spring
EBT declared illegal
The cops will ring
 – Hector to Multiple recipients

You know that we love you
That means Me, Davie and Frank
if you dont pay our severance
Then we’re suing you, ya w…
– The 3 amigos to The 3 Bears

I blush when you say
It goes in and out
Oh, resignation!
Is what youre on about?
– Jim White to Warbs

I talk about you all day
like my heads in the stars
While Celts fans all say
Its up my arse
 – Adrian to Warbs

I’m by the phone
Gies a call
I’m no working
I’ve got sod all
 – Alex McL to Davie K

The bills are all red
The money’s burned through
If we hire Big Eck
We really are screwed
– Enlightened Huns

I’m now so old,
I can hardly walk
Still Im due a contract,
Dave lets talk!
 – Kenny to DK

I love you Ibrox
I’ll care for all your needs
Fix yir roof, clear your asbestos
Come on, Just show’s your deeds!
 – JB to G51-2XD

I told you back then
That Warbs was a loser
You silly fat orange sausages
Now cry in the boozer
 – Chris Sutton to his “fans”

Put on the cheerleading outfit
MIght need to give it a stretch
In fact on second thoughts
It wont go passed your brass neck
 – Chris to DJ

You have our number,
Email too
Come on Jabba
We need you!
 – DR to L5PR

My face goes red
My language turns blue
Whenever Tims beat us
Ref gets blamed too
 – Derek (Aberdeen)

Celtic Park is green
Celtic Way path all laid
I know how it was funded
Its called State Aid!
 – Crackpot to GCC

I sit and watch you from afar
Take down your particu-lars
And though we’ve never fought
I’ll see you back in Court
 – James Doleman to Rangers