Thursday, 25 April 2013

Craig Whyte has the deeds Bomber.

John 'Bomber' Brown has been asking for the past 10 months, "where's the title deeds"?

Who knows.

Charles Green and Imran Ahmad have left the big house. Of the original Sevco 5088 consortium only Brian Stockbridge is left. He is the finance director at Ibrox and is seen by many as the quiet one with the brains.

Last Year Brian Stockbridge started 2 new companies, Stockbridge Capital Limited and Stockbridge Capital Investment Limited.

We will concentrate on Stockbridge Capital Limited.

Stockbridge Capital Limited is an English based company incorporated in March 2012.

Stockbridge Capital Limited

Registered Address

Brunel House
Firecrest Court, Centre Park
United Kingdom

This is the address of Brooksons. They are specialist accountant for contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals.

Brooksons are also partners of Jordans.

Jordans of Jordans Nominees Scotland Limited.

Jordans Nominees Scotland Limited was the company that set up Wavetower Limited (The Rangers FC Group Limited) for Craig Whyte.

Wavetower had hold of the floating charge over the assets of Rangers.

Brian Stockbridge used Brookson to set up his company Stockbridge Capital Ltd, Inc on 6th of March 2012. Brooksons are partners with Jordans. Jordans is the company Craig Whyte used to set up Wavetower who had the floating charge over the assets of Rangers.

Ask yourself this, Brian Stockbridge set up a company Stockbridge Capital Investment Ltd, Inc 20 Feb 2012 based in Glasgow, Scotland only for 3 weeks later to sets up another company Stockbridge Capital Ltd, Inc 6 March 2012 based with Brooksons, England, the partners of Jordans. Why?

Who do you think has the deeds now?

Rangers>Brian Stockbridge>Brookson>Jordans>Wavetower>Craig Whyte

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Craig Litigation (Settlement) Whytes Companies

The battle of Sevco 5088.

Who would have thought that Charles Green was working on behalf of Craig Whyte or who would have thought that Charles Green would have lied and shafted Craig Whyte out his way. Two different angles, non of them pretty but here's Craig Whytes new companies which he'll go into battle with. 

Craig Whyte has became a director in / started 4 new companies.

Law Financial Limited

Media Litigation Limited

Litigation Capital Limited

Law Capital Limited

All these companies are based in East London.

All these companies were opened on 12th March 2013.

The other director of all 4 of these companies is a company called Gold Mansion Limited.

Gold Mansion Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong. It was incorporated sometime in March 2013. It was formed by Hong Kong Richful Accountants Service who provide "off the shelf" companies.

It is very early days but the naming of the companies suggest that Craig is serious, very serious.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sevco! It's a New Club, those are the rules.

Having noticed a constant and concerted motion by Charles Green, Ally McCoist, Ex Rangers players and the main stream media to drive through this 'Rangers are the same club', 'it's the parent company', 'holding company', I thought it was only right to point out the actual facts and rules regarding OldCo, NewCo.

Incorporation (Inc.) is the forming of a new corporation (a corporation being a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law). The corporation may be a business, a non-profit organizationsports club, or a government of a new city or town.

The most important thing to a football club is it's Licence / Membership. If you have a Licence / Membership you play football, if you don't, well, you don't play football. 

On the face of it, it's pretty basic stuff. The licence Applicant must be a football club and that the Applicant is the legal entitled member thus gaining the football club Full or Associated Membership.

Now let's take a look at the SFA statement regarding the transfer of membership on 20 July 2012.

Now applying the UEFA rules and the SFA transferring the membership this brings up a number of questions. 

In the UEFA rules it states that the "Licence Applicant / Member may only be a football club, that is the legal entity fully responsible for the football team". If Rangers where the same football club why would they need to transfer the licence to another legal entity fully responsible for another football club?


If it was the same team why would you need to transfer the Licence / Membership.

So who has the Licence / Membership now?

Well the football club with 140 years of history which was Incorporated on 27 May 1899 and played under the name of The Rangers Football Club PLC (In Liquidation) did hold the licence until it was transferred to another legal entity.

The new legal entity which holds the Licence now, which under UEFA rules must be a football club is called The Rangers Football Club Limited, formally Sevco Scotland Limited Incorporated 29th May 2012. 

The only thing that has living history is the SFA Licence. 

The Rangers Football Club PLC (In Liquidation) are dead as a football club and don't have a licence / Membership.

The Rangers Football Club Limited formally Sevco Scotland do hold a Licence / Membership but don't have any great history to write home about.

Under the name The Rangers Football Club Limited, the new club incorporated on the 29th May 2012, the licensed member of the SFA are Rangers Youth Development Limited for obvious reason.

So did you think you had invested in your club when Charles Green ask you for your Christmas bonus?

I'm afraid not.

The fans invested in a totally different company than the club.

Fans invested in Rangers International Football Club PLC, Incorporated 16th November 2012.

This company does not have a licence and is not a member of the SFA. This company is not a football club. 

The new club and the new company which are separate entities where both Incorporated in 2012.

An important footnote to this.

The two recent parent / holding companies of The Rangers Football Club PLC (In Liquidation) namely Murray International Holdings Limited and The Rangers FC Group Limited formally Wavetower Limited, 100% owned by Liberty Capital are still in a position to trade.

RFC 2012 PLC formally The Rangers Football Club PLC (In Liquidation), Incorporated on the 27 May 1899, former SFA Member and Licence holder is not.

Below is a list of the 42 professional Licensed Member Scottish football clubs and their Incorporation dates.

Incorporation (Inc.) is the forming of a new corporation (a corporation being a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law). The corporation may be a business, a non-profit organizationsports club, or a government of a new city or town.

Scottish Premier League

Aberdeen. 27 May 1903

Celtic. 12 April 1897

Dundee. 12 July 1900

Dundee United. 3 june 1925

Heart of Midlothian. 29 April 1905

Hibernian. 11 April 1903

Inverness Caledonian Thistle. 17 November 2004

Kilmarnock. 20 June 1906

Motherwell. 30 September 1904

Ross County 11 August 1958

St. Johnstone. 9 August 1910

St. Mirren. 23 January 1905

Scottish Football League Division 1

Airdrie United (formally Clydebank). 2 June 1965

Cowdenbeath. 1 March 1905

Dumbarton. 26 Febuary 1914

Dunfermline Athletic. 15 January 1921

Falkirk. 26 April 1905

Greenock Morton. 30 July 1896

Hamilton Academical. 7 August 1903

Livingston. 2 Febuary 1993

Partick Thistle. 4 August 1903

Raith Rovers. 27 April 1948

Scottish Football League Division 2

Albion Rovers. 17 June 1919

Alloa Athletic. 5 April 1919

Arbroath. 1 December 2004

Ayr United. 2 December 2005

Brechin City. N/A

East Fife. 29 May 1911

Forfar Athletic. 12 August 1981

Queen of the South. 6 March 1922

Stenhousemuir. 22 August 1990

Stranraer. N/A

Scottish Football League Division 3

Annan Athletic. N/A

Berwick Rangers. 21 June 1952

Clyde. 25 January 1908

East Stirlingshire. 15 June 1910

Elgin City. 15 May 2000

Montrose. 30 July 1923

Peterhead. 23 August 1993

Queen's Park. 23 June 1903

The Rangers. 29 May 2012

Stirling Albion. 9 April 1946

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Charles Green Lies to fans, Caught in the act.

I have obtained a copy of Charles Greens meeting with the Dubai Loyal at Ramada Chelsea Hotel, Al Barsha, Dubai on the 3rd of February 2013 were Charles Green stated to his supporters that, "we will never run with debt as long as he is in charge". It is "his philosophy that he believes his role is to build up the coffers of the club".

This meeting took place on the 3rd of February 2013.

Today, 6th February 2013 it was revealed by Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News that Mr Green had in fact been served with a Winding Up Order over unpaid debt to the tune of £400,000 owed to a Singaporean company.

Research has been done and it now seems that a payment plan has been put in place to repay the debt.

One must question, when was the Winding Up Order issued? Did Mr Green know about the debt prior to meeting with the fans and also did Mr Green know about the debt 3 days ago and lie to his own supporters?

Below are statements made by Mr green followed by some questions.

Charles Green – Rangers CEO met with around 70 members of Dubai Loyal at Ramada Chelsea Hotel, Al Barsha, Dubai
Sunday 3rd February 2013

Private members only meeting with Charles, on his way to Qatar then to Australia

During his introduction Charles mentioned that he had lived in Dubai for 4 years running the largest Diagnostic Lab in the Middle East. He then went on to talk about how he became involved with Rangers

· He said when he was first asked to get involved, he said ‘no’ but then again the rest is history.

· £4m of the investment cash came from the Middle East region from Blue Pitch investments.

· Much of the press coverage of Charles Green’s involvement has just been rubbish, in particular the coverage of his relationship with Ally McCoist in the early days.

· He talked about the bidding process for the club and although many people spoke about an interest, no one other than him and his team were prepared to sign the cheque.

· He then went on to talk about the restructuring with many of the current plans being proposed being madness. It seems that in Scotland ‘we enjoyed it so much he want to do it again’ something has to change.

· He believes the title stripping is a sham. When he first met with the SPL he was offered a deal which involved removal of 5 Scottish Cups 6 Leagues cups and 5 titles which he of course refused.

· He said the world is looking at the club and can’t believe what is going on in the way the club is being treated. He’s continued to try to tell the truth from day 1 and to be honest with the supporters.

· Of the 12 IPOs in the UK last year Rangers was the most successful

· He’s trying to look at the bigger picture looking at opportunities for Academies in Far East and Australia

· He then went on to talk about the finances of the club and says that Rangers, under his tenure, will never have any debt.

· He is looking at opportunities to build a communications platform that will ‘blow your mind’

· Other revenue gaining opportunities include new sponsors and stadium naming

· He believes the Rangers turnover could get to £100m without TV, second only to Man United and Arsenal providing we can get into the top tier. He sees the current situation as a real opportunity to change the model.

· The discussed £10m transfer pot is real but it won’t be used for the types of transfers done in the past but he believes there are class players to be bought.

· Rangers are looking at ways to remove the 3 Year Euro ban and are very interested in looking cross border leagues.


Q: Expats were unable to get involved in the IPO
A: They are trying to bottom out a mechanism for this around disapplication rules. The question will be the price of the stock

Q: Discussion of selling the stadium name
A: Naming rights will be sold, but Ibrox will remain part of the stadium name. There are 3 potential bidders but he’s unable to put a value on it as he doesn’t know what league we will be playing in. We had a vote in the club that showed the majority of the Dubai Loyal members had no issue with stadium renaming so long as Ibrox remained in the title

Q: Murray Park Name
A: Name will change if we can add to a sponsorship deal. Mr Green confirmed that RFC owns all assets including Ibrox ,Murray Park and the Albion Car Park

Q: On the question of debt
A: Mr Green reconfirmed that we will never run with debt as long as he is in charge.  It is his philosophy that he believes his role is to build up the coffers of the club

He said that it was a tough decision to maintain all the staff and ’a good’ Chief Executive would have fired 30% of the work force last year but he continued to look at the growing of the club rather than cutting back.

The decisions to buy the Albion Car Park and Edminston Club were no brainers in his opinion and the EC will be redeveloped.

Q: There was a discussion as to whether the club will have another Director of Football
A: Mr Green confirmed his full support of Ally McCoist at this time and doesn’t see any change taking place

He doesn’t believe in people returning to the club and says what we need now is freshness on and off the park

The lease has been signed for a new Rangers shop in Glasgow airport
It will remain open as long as it continues to make money

Q: Communications
A: talking about building our own studio phone-ins with the Jim Traynor where nothing will be off limits.  He wants to open the doors to the fans

The meeting closed with the club thanking Mr Green for taking the time to visit us in Dubai and posing for photographs with the fans.

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