Celtic vs Man City – Player Ratings

WOW!..talk about a Star-A Star-A night!

Im not gonna linger on the event itself as I am hoping to write up a piece later so lets just say WOW! again and get straight into the Ratings


Gordon – 8

Some folk ( ahem! – Ed) had been critical of Craig Gordon lately, especially in European games but last night all doubters had to say “Fairs fair”. The distribution may never be the necessary standard either in speed or accuracy but when your keeper can dive low and save a free kick destined for bottom corner or face\shoulder a diverted shot over the bar in the dying minutes then who cares about a punt to the sidelines now and again. Confidence will be boosted after playing in “The loudest game ever” according to the keeper.

Lustig – 7

Solid as they come and any doubts about his legs were calmed with excellent placement and speed of mind. Had a great partnership with Forrest and both never stopped all night. Deserves a rest for the Dundee game to recharge for Gladbach and beyond.

Toure – 8

Excellent game after a scary opening  minute when this watcher though Man City were just gonna run away from him. The wise old Toure duly adjusted his positioning accordingly and was soon running the game from the back and even stepped up into midfield when needed. Great clearance near end and even nearly scored when getting stuck in after a goalmouth stramash. Great Twitter gag had him removing his keys, phone and Aguero from his pockets when he got home after the game which summed it up. That’s Aguero remember folks!

Erik -7

Seemed to be a little slow at times but given the speed the ball was moving that was understandable. Helped lessen speed of Gundogans shot on goal at the end with a sliding tackle which was then saved by Gordon and also helped make the first goal by heading ball towards Dembele at the clever free kick so kudos for that effort and nevr hid. Just needs to learn to kick the ball out the park now and again as inward clearance led to their 3rd goal but no one can complain at the overall effort given except Scott Brown who suffered at one instance when Erik came barging through him to ensure a Celt won a high ball in middle of the pitch.

Tierney  – 9

Its getting frighteningly ridiculous now isn’t it?

What a showing from the young superstar. Went at it hammer and tongs all night. Only blimp was it was Tierney playing Fernandhino onside after he failed to come out his box quickly enough. How would our young left back answer that disappointment…only by “scoring” one and then making another! – that’s how!. The shot  which diverted off Sterling into the net was a truly joyous occasion when it hit the back of the net. Theres something truly special  when we see a celebratory Tierney runs to the Green Brigade and then his song rings out. As if that wasn’t enough, he then sent in the cross to Dembele for the 3rd which had everyone screaming in salute. What a night for our bhoy wonder!

Sinclair – 7

Some folk on Twitter were going crazy for Sinclairs performance but I didnt really see it as anything truly exceptional. Covered lots of ground and supplied the perfect ball at the free kick for Forrest to send across goal but on a few breaks towards goal he tried to beat one player too many. Seemed to me to be trying a little too hard in first half and looked a little more relaxed in the second and playing more his own game and continues to improve his relationship with Dembele game after game.

Broony – 9

Cometh the hour, cometh the Captain. I was actually worried that this game could pass Broony by after a few recent games had saw him dummied in the middle of the park by players from lower SPFL clubs and this time he would be facing International superstars David Silva and Ilkay Gundogan. Silly me. Broony had obviously just being saving himself for this one as he totally ran the show last night. A powerful run in the 2nd minute won us the free kick that led to the goal and from that point the Captain was everywhere and never let up. You can picture that ice bath melting as soon as he entered it after the game. Broony ensured every tackle was forceful but placed perfectly and motivated and mentored his colleagues perfectly. Broony is now The Scotsman with the most Champions League performances…Bravo sir!

 Biton – 8

Remember the Madona Video for “Ray of light” when the old vixen is standing still while the world flies by all round her. That’s how a game with Nir Bitton can seem at times. He often seems slow and pondering but after last night I’m starting to think he just sees the game that extra micro second sooner that the rest of us. It wasn’t a perfect game by any means but that calm skill earned us 2 goals last night. The 2nd goal started with a sublime Bitton turn in the middle of the park and then perfect pass to then release Rogic.  Bitton then did a brilliant feint and dribble on the by line to release Tierney for the cross into Dembele for the 3rd. Sometimes its all about the skill rather than the blood and snotters.

Forrest – 8.5

I could talk about Forrest brilliant running all night. I could talk about his persistent tackling ( yes tackling). I could mention his pressing and his excellent coverage of large areas of the park. I could talk about his brilliantly timed run and cross  for the opener. I could talk about his well earned standing ovation when he was subbed for Roberts. But I wont.

Instead I offer this simple story to highlight how wonderful James Forrest is currently playing and how important he is to this Celtic side under Brendan Rodgers:

Theres a guy called John sits behind me. At every annoying game last season, he would rant  “Forrest  shite this!”…”Forrest shite that”. Game after game he would have a go at our James.  Well last night, see when the sub  board went up, John got vocal again. This time he cried out “FOR FUCK SAKE BRENDAN, DONT TAKE FORREST OFF!”.

James Forrest, beloved Celtic stalwart..well done son!


Rogic – 7

A great first half for Rogic topped off when Rogic picked up Bittons pass and surged forward, took his time and then  played a truly sublime pass for Tierney to smash towards goal for the 2nd. At one point I was thinking “Theres Silva, Aguero, Sterling  out there and the most skilful player on show is Tom Rogic!”. The Aussie was dancing round the City players and one piece of ball retention saw him hounded for the ball but Rogic suddenly swivelled, actually hit the deck and yet still somehow came away with the ball and left Man City midfielder bemused. Subbed for Armstrong 10 minutes into the second half and will be looking for a goal or two up at Dens me thinks.


Dembele – 9

We have a superstar left back who is a child (19)and we have a superstar striker who is at most a young man(20).

Dembele just continues to astound. Folk questioned could a boy from Fulham make the grade at Celtic and he listened, smiled and answered in not only goals, but playing the role of the perfect forward. This isn’t just a guy who can be in the right place at the right time like he was for the first goal. This is skill, an overhead kick for the 3rd goal, winning headers after headers, all over the park, even in defence at set pieces for City. This is holding up the ball. This is having the skills to dribble and beat a man anywhere in the pitch, facing away or towards the goal. This is unselfishly dragging defenders all over the place creating space for runners like Sinclair and Rogic which was essential to set up the 2nd goal. Dembele truly is the whole package!

A few weeks ago I suggested he would be worth around £20 million at the rate of improvement. That was after the Rangers game in the league. Last night was Man City,  a team of all high class midfielders and defenders in a team organised by Pep Guarliola no less. What happened?..Dembele ran amock with no regard for transfer fee or reputation. Brendan Rodgers once helped make Raheem Sterling worth a fee of £49m. At this rate Dembele wont be far off.

Loses 1 mark for that errant pass to Broony that led to their 2nd goal..hey welcome to Tough Love CSC



Armstrong – 6

Came on for Rogic and got stuck in when extra legs were needed to combat the skill, stamina and use of space by City. Continues to improve under Brendan and might get a start at Dundee at the weekend with others rested.

Roberts – 5

Came on for Forrest and had a few runs but didn’t have much chance to really get into his own game with Celtic moving onto the back foot as game neared closure. Another who will probably start at Dundee and will have gained some more confidence as some decent dribbles against City.

Griffiths – 6

Only came on for last 10 minutes but gets a slightly higher mark for annoying the City keeper with a tug at his sleeve and also picking up the ball and removing the chance of City breaking quick after a foul. The ref warned SuperLeigh about his antics but those earned his team a few seconds of a breather which was perfect within the last 10. His introduction also gave the corwd another boost which in turned helped roar the side onto a memorable result.


Brendan – 9

You get gubbed by Barcelona and then you have to face a similar team in Man City. What to do? As Elcormaco covered in his piece yesterday it was a right old dilemma, wasn’t it?

It wasn’t for Oor Brendan.

He simply picked the side and got them ready for the challenge. He respected the £420m opposition but essentially, even amongst a rampaging unbeaten side of Pep Guardiola’s, Brendan had also spotted weakness and opportunity. It was Brendan and his team that divised that brilliant free kick from the calm Sinclair which had a false run and then a perfect late run by the un-marked and rejuvenated and confident Forrest to square across goal.  It was Brendan and his team who ensured every Celtic player pressed when needed and tackled CLEANLY when needed. No bookings in such a frantic game, truly amazing drilling there.

Our manager made substitutions once again when fresh legs were needed and even more importantly, did not cower and try and shut up shop but went for it when introducing Roberts and Griffiths when other lesser managers would have put on Jozo Šimunović and tried to shored up at the back and pray we didn’t get broken down by City. City brought on John Stones, a £50m defender, say no more.

I expect Brendan to rest a few players at Dens as they deserve a mental and physical break after such effort and we now we are in 3rd place in the CL group and head into the Borussia double header with unbound eagerness.


The Fans – 10

The old guy next to me uses an inhaler. I thought we were all gonna need a puff after 20 minutes last night. The crowd were fantastic and constantly cheered on the side and from the Walk On..to the Huddle Roar..up to COYBIG then onto Grace and even with the Roll with It at the end, it was all truly joyous. You could see the lift the players were getting as well as the shock impact on the Man City players who clearly were not used to playing in such a cauldron. Every time we scored we roared, every time they scored, we roared louder and lifted our guys back up onto their feet.

Social Media, TV coverage, and Man City fans, players and management were all rampant in their praise for Celtic Park last night.Bravo one and all!


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Dziekanowski's nightclub child

hail, hail!

I’m still knackered from it all. Can’t wait for the double header


Sorry Des on this show the whole team were a 10.
What a game, what a performance, it was great to stick it up the SMSM desperate to Rubbish Celtic with their Souness dross and the English media.
The team last night beat a team worth over 400 Mil and negated Aguero one of the worlds best forwards.


Thanks, Desi. Difficult to disagree with any of that, though I thought it was Lustig playing Fernandinho onside rather than Tierney.
Man City have a very aggressive attitude towards the newish offside regulations which I hope Celtic can use (not so much in domestic games where “honest mistakes” by the MIB* will obviously occur) as it looks to be effective.
* Etims suggestion: can we replace MIB with MIA “men in aprons”?


Had a smile on my face the whole way through that read, thank you. Imagine what Brendans team will be like in two years time?

“WHAT A FEKIN GAME” well that’s up there with one of the best all round performances I’ve seen in the last 20 year, for every player who started to get a pass mark of 7 or more against quality opposition like City is truly breathtaking. Watched it with some fellow Tims and none of us picked the same man of the match, Gordon,KT,TOURE,BROONIE, DEMBELE,for all 11 player’s to give it their all for the whole game was a sight to behold,Rodgers subs were even perfect/borderline heart attack. Personally I’ve got to pick Broonie as MOTM,to put a performance in like… Read more »


This is the first few lines from Man City web, so they ack how good we were:

The way Celtic tore into City in the first half will have made coaches up and down the land sit up and take notice.

Buoyed by more than 57,000 fans, Celtic tried to get around and behind the Blues, trying to disrupt the rhythm of the Premier League leaders with energy, pressing and width.


What supporting Celtic is all about! Jings, crivvens, help ma boab! Sheer magic. Well done Brendan and the bhoys and well done Celtic fans.Pride restored.


Griffiths and Roberts on as subs at 3-3 against a team with a better than decent chance of winning the cup was braver than brave. It was fucking brilliant! Broony mom for simple reason hes oor captain and he acted like it. Nine out of ten for the rest. Yet again, am proud to be a tim!


Fair summation Dessi, I couldny believe my eyes at Bitons dribble past three city defenders doon the line to pass for young Kieran,who passed to Dembelle,who scored.
Our first goal came out of Lennoxtoun, a free kick out to Jamsie who sent over a good cross,brilliant.
Pressing persistence beats Resistance, a marvelous team performance,guided by a Manager who kens fitba.
Happy days are here again,
we have our auld team back again,
happy days are here again.

EPL clubs,eyes aff.


Glad to see Gordon have a good one as couldn’t understand why he got so much flak. As we are being grown up and adult today I hold up my hand and say sorry to James Forrest as I wanted to see him out the door after last season.What a change in the boy since Brendan took over but he still heeds to get a proper haircut. The media are trying to get Dembele sold as quickly as possible but as Barcabhoy put it on Twitter they are missing the point as when he is sold for a shed load… Read more »

Shug the mug

Not sure I feel the same way about Gordon tbh. Last night I finally twigged to what BR had been saying about using the keeper as sweeper at times. When being pressed, its good to have an option of using the keeper but his distribution inevitably gave the ball straight back to the opposition. Admire his shot stopping but his distribution definitely is work in progress. Still better than Dorus though!


According to some idiot on The Scotsman – I assume he normally reports on rugby – Heriot Watts (aka Hairy Twats 🙂 ), or caber tossing at Highland games, or Scottish county dancing or something. NONE of the Celtic defenders warranted higher than a 6!

e.g. Toure got the same as Aguero – 6- despite the fact 1 of the world’s top strikers hardly got a sniff all night.

.. Dembele “scored 2 poachers goals”

Even Sterling could only manage a 7

Beyond a joke


Iljas Baker

Yeh I saw that Dr Jung. Couldn’t believe it. Desi Mond’s ratings much more accurate.

We’re still a work in progress but what potential. Need to keep up the high pressing game in every game so that it becomes second nature. But last night you could see how that works, even against big spenders. Wonder why they didn’t do it against Barca?


What a show that was. I cant recall when I last felt this proud that Celtic are my team – the stadium bursting, the fans like a physical presence on the field, willing the team on, sensing when they needed a lift and giving it to them, the manager for being brave and going for the BrendanBall apporach – ten minutes left and bringing on an extra striker – Walter would have had a heart attack at the thought, but most of all the players. I wondered yesterday if it might have been a good idea to leave Tierney out,… Read more »

john young

So very proud of all at CP still haven,t come down from cloud 9 and hers me just out after getting a pacemaker and told to take it “easy” well that’s that fcuked,don,t know if it,s still working after last night but sod it,we are a couple of players short of being a really good team inmo,hail hail.


Keiran Tierney – i love the lad! I honestly havent felt an affinity for any Celtic player in this way since Henrik left

The whole team, the management, the performance, the fans – we’re on the verge of something very special here Bhoys and Ghirls!

Hail Hail! #Grace

Oct 19th 2016 Celtic v BMG
Oct 19th 1957 Celtic 7 Rangers 1
A date easy to remember.


The outstanding player for me last night was Darus De Vries, never made a mistake stoped shots, showed defenders that sometimes you just need to hump a clearance and best of all disguised himself as Craig Gordon, it was like something out of Harry Potter. Last night was better than the Barcelona game, the support were really on the field, I think that the noise and passion gets over egged against proper professionals but last night it really helped Celtic. Further to El Cormaco’s comment on JAMES ForrestvI have a guy called John behind me who has given Janes Firrest… Read more »

tom campbell

Nobody’s mentioned the referee – and that’s significant. He controlled the game, let the players perform, and was INVISIBLE. Great display by him, and one that added to the enjoyment of a wonderful occasion.

Frank McGaaaarvey

My thoughts exactly Tom. His job was made easier due to the mutual respect between the sides as well with no ‘Hearts at Tynecastle’ tackles flying about.


Getting yourself excited about Young James?
Granted he is much improved but that would not be hard coming from a position of limited contribution.He made maybe 2 tackles of note,does not yet get close to his man when marking,and in my view should hit the bye line more often.
Would it surprise you to know he covered less distance than Nir Biton and did not feature in the top 6 of distance covered by players.
Getting better…………… but that would not be hard.

john young

He is definitely a better player than in the past but I still think that if we are to improve then we have to get better players than Forest/Rogic/Armstrong just look at what we have in Dembele can you imagine if we had another 3 like him and they are out there.

Charlie Saiz

His best period for me was in Lennys first Season when we had a rake of injuries early on in the Season and both Forrest and Samaras more or less carried us for about 6 weeks.
Unfortunately he had a lengthy lay off after that and so his troubles began.
He looks sharp now though and his confidence is up but I think Sinclair on the other side is playing much better.




The first goal came straight out of Lennoxtoun,it was well worked and created with skill,Forests performance was excellent,back tracking and taking on opponents with pace and skill.
If it had been wee Jinky they would still be moaning and talking gash.

Charlie Saiz

He’s been excellent so far this Season Mike.
As have Lustig and Brown by comparison to last season.



Mike Annis

Another great night to be a Tim. Thanks BR, the Boys and the 12 men. Thanks, truly memorable.


Now we know that we can play like that and live with the very best. It was great Celtic Park rocking is unique. A wall of passion and noise. Magic!

Charlie Saiz

We should treat all these games as Cup ties in my opinion.
Even unfancied sides have a chance of upsetting the big sides in a Cup.
Home or away we should look to press attack and hound any side and I include Barca in that because it’s better to go out swinging than curled up in a ball getting your cnut kicked in like the Camp Nou.

Iljas Baker

Yes Charlie Saiz that pressing game has to become second nature and playing it against even so-called weaker opposition week in week out just means you can really fine tune it. When you lay off because you think it isn’t necessary it’s hard to pick it up again with the same effectiveness. Why didn’t they play this way in the Nou Camp? Any ideas? I know Deila believed in this way of playing too but he couldn’t get players on board the way Brendan Rogers has and that isn’t simply down to his lack of man management skills – more… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

He did and those who fail to admit or or see it are just blinkered bud.




I love the criticism of a team tha actually played above themselves last night, that includes Biton and Forrest. Rogic had a major contribution in the first half as Armstrong did when he came on. So far MC have brushed far fancier teams aside and will continue to do so this season. Dmbele was a standout last night in thT they could not knock him off the ball, and BR substitutions showed no fear of th opposition. It was a joy to read the dross from the SMSM about the game, no doubt we will be a tie up with… Read more »


Agree totally with Tom Campbell. That is the best refereeing I’ve seen in a long while. Not over fussy, he let the players play. That suits us in the long run, because we always try to play. I think Dembele might have been offside, but so was one of Man City goals. That referee and his colleagues get 10 of 10 IMO. Referees should be invisible and they were. More of the same please, both domestically and in the CL. I’m so high I feel like a young stud again! It’s a good thing I don’t own an Xbox! Last… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

I think they let it go due to the fact the header was net bound anyway?
If anything he got in the road of a great goal for Erik.
Like I said on the other thread sometimes fortune favours the brave and we got 3 slices of good fortune in the 3 goals.
1 Offside 1 deflection and a complete miss kick by a top defender.
Magic hehe.




Dont like push back Desi?

I dont drink coffee it impairs judgement.

JF is getting better as I said,the fact he has scored more this Season than in the last 2 years rather proves my point that his contribution was so low his positive input now is in stark contrast.
Cheer up.


Where to begin? My head was still spinning this morning and there was nae alcohol involved. I think we have to applaud both teams last night for restoring football to what it should be, no diving, no feigning injury, no sticking your leg out to cause a tangle of legs with a chasing player and con the ref into giving a free kick or penalty. Played with desire to win by both teams, played physically but cleanly. It was a furious paced battle without violence or bloodshed and was ten levels above any other Champions League game played this season.… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

Spot on on.

john young

Spot on funky.


X 2

Level 5 plant

Never understood many fans wanting Jamesy out. I got roasted by many for saying he was a great player that needed a bit of help. Well any of you reading this, Jamesy you were bloody great! As were the whole team! Proud of everyone of you! HH

Charlie Saiz

He never helped the situation by dragging out the signing of his contract bud.
Let’s hope he can continue playing this well and progress further into another Sinclair on the right.
Then wee Paddy going might not be such a big miss when it comes?

I think that the contract talks were pulled from under him by Peter. So I don’t think it was all Jamesys doing.


You have been told about his contract. Why persist with the bullshit.


Because he is a fuckwit

Charlie Saiz

Full troll mode now I see.

What to do about Saturday.
I’m sure the players are knackered today, they gave their all,and as a supporter that’s all you ask.
Should we make big changes or keep them ticking over.
A difficult one for the boss, but he knows best.

The ref certainly helped us. First goal was offside,but we got away with it. Great training ground move though.
Can’t believe the bookies wouldn’t pay me out on Tierney scoring anytime at 16/1, aye it was deflected but cmon he was shooting for goal.


@jimmybee..if you had put on a bet that Sterling would score an own goal I bet the bookies would have said it was Tierney’s goal. That’s bookies for you, as bad as insurance companies, they always look for an escape clause….and find wan!!!


John young , rogic was magnificent in the first half , he was on apar if not better than the city midfielders , how much better do you want

Iljas Baker

Great positive article in the Independent newspaper about Celtic’s performance against MC. It suggest that EPL teams can learn from Celtic’s high pressing tactics but states:

“Whether Premier League teams can match Celtic for work-rate remains to be seen, but energetic, attack-minded wide players have now shown that they can cause serious problems for City’s defenders.”

Very complimentary comments about Brown and Dembele in particular. Check it out at

Iljas Baker

Read this great article in the Independent that suggests Celtic’s high pressing game is the model for EPL teams aiming to beat Man City. The writer wonders though:

“Whether Premier League teams can match Celtic for work-rate remains to be seen, but energetic, attack-minded wide players have now shown that they can cause serious problems for City’s defenders.”

Praises for Brown and Dembele in particular but everyone spoken of positively. Let’s hope we can keep this up. Still wonder why they didn’t do this in the Nou Camp.



Broony best player on the park by a mile.More fouls on him than any other celt,he was everywhere.
Referee was best I,ve seen since that big baldy Italian guy.


Some afterthoughts… I’ve M8’s who’re big Man City fans and who’ve stuck with them, even when they were in the 3rd tier – We’re talking real football fans here, not glory hunters. I even stood myself on the “Kippax” at Maine Rd a few times in the old days. Anyway, they were “absolutely gobsmacked” at the atmosphere at Celtic Park. In fact, I sense they were slightly embarrassed that even if/when full the Etihad is not in the same league. So, although there is an element of right-wing scum among the City support who’ve been tempted/brainwashed by the hatred from… Read more »

Iljas Baker

Great article in the Independent newspaper about how Celtic’s high pressing tactics are a model for any EPL club looking not to be beaten by Man City. But the writer had this to say: “Whether Premier League teams can match Celtic for work-rate remains to be seen, but energetic, attack-minded wide players have now shown that they can cause serious problems for City’s defenders.Whether Premier League teams can match Celtic for work-rate remains to be seen, but energetic, attack-minded wide players have now shown that they can cause serious problems for City’s defenders.” http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/manchester-city-have-celtic-unearthed-the-blueprint-to-stop-pep-guardiolas-early-dominance-of-a7337746.html Very positive comments about Scott Brown… Read more »

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