Celtic Diary Wednesday September 28: Believe In Yourself, and Your Comrades

Champions League action- proper Champions League, that is-returns to Celtic Park tonight after a lemgthy absence.

Manchester city, a side Celtic have never faced before in a competitive game, are the visitors, and surprisingly, there’s very little talk of it being a “Battle of Britain “, probably due to the lack of English players who feature for the English club. Though strictly speaking, its only an English club because of where its based. Anything else these days is purely coincidental.

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers, who told the Celtic Underground podcast he would be at Celtic for as long as the fans want him, hasn’t named all of his team yet, but he has pointed out what the fans already knew, when he said that Craig Gordon would start the game, in place of the hapless Dorus De Vries. The knock on effect is that Pep Guardiola, his opposite number at the Etihad, will have to rethink his tactical approach, which had been to simply hit the ball at the goalie.

Rodgers not only said he’d play Gordon, but also admitted he’d made a mistake in dropping him so soon.

“Craig has done well for the club since he came in here and I’m sure he’s looking forward to it.” 

“The beauty of it is that Craig wants to improve and I believe he has done. He’s a great fellow.

“Craig and I had a really good chat when I was going to make the change. I maybe made that change too early. Dorus was injured and he’d come back and maybe I pushed him in too early, to try to impose that way we want to work.

“So I take that responsibility.

“But the bottom line is that we have to win games and Craig and I looked at areas we think he can improve on.

“He has gone away with our goalkeeping coach, Stevie Woods, and when he has come into training, he has been absolutely brilliant, taking it all on board.

“It has given him a determination and, when you’re fighting for your place, it allows you to perform better and focus.

“He has been first class.” 

We can stop biting our fingernails now, at least until kick off. As long as Gordon plays to the best of his abilities, we have a shot at making this a memorable night.

However, just as he had done before the Bartcelona game, rodgers then went all starry eyed when he spoke of Manchester City’s forwards..some people never learn…

“Aguero and Silva are world class.

“I always say that when you have a world class player they are hard to tie down because they will always find that bit of space.

“My experience of managing against Manchester City – and my teams have always done fairly well, particularly at home – shows that when you face these guys the world class players always find the gaps on the pitch.

“What you have to try and do is negate that as much as you can and negate their influence as much as possible.

“Raheem is back on track to be one of the world’s top players.

“They are slightly different. The front three at Barcelona have been together a while and understand the movement patterns.

“Manchester City are in the process of working towards that. Where they have been devastating is on the counter-attack. The speed they can break at is phenomenal.

“Raheem’s positioning has been great. Silva, if he plays in the central role, is a different threat and Aguero is Aguero.

“He can spin in behind in the box. They are all good players.” 

And they’re very good friends.

Image result for aguero and silva

The manager then went on to talk positive about his own club, which probably upset a few listening hacks.

 “We know it is going to be a difficult night but we hope it is going to be a difficult night for them too.

“Celtic Park is traditionally a very hard place to come and play.

“You have 60,000 supporters here backing us and one thing for sure is we won’t be as passive as we were in the last game.

“In the time I’ve been here, we’ve been aggressive with and without the ball.

“The only times we haven’t was in Barcelona – which was understandable for some of the players as much better teams than us have struggled there – and in the first half at Inverness.

“Our game is based around aggression, the intensity with which we play.

“We know City are one of the leading teams in Europe but somehow you have to try and find a way.

“We want to win. It’s not just about performing and learning but to be here and to put a fight on, to get a result – that’s what it’s about. 

“It’s the passion of the crowd and the passion of the team and our players getting the
opportunity to play against a top side. That will help us.

“What makes this different is that it’s at home. It’s a different noise that comes out of here.

“There have been 24 games here at that level, of which Celtic have won 16 and lost only three.

“It’s an incredible record which shows you the power of the stadium and what it gives to the team on the park.


It’s not just about telling them to be calm, its about constantly reminding them. One example of this in action came from Barca’s Carlos Puyol who spent more time telling his team mates to calm down than actually playing during a recent visit of the Catalan club to Celtic Park, and it worked, they won 3-1.

Do Manchester City have a player of such standing in their ranks ?

Vincent Kompany was with Anderlecht when they were overran during the O’Neill years, so he should know what to expect. but then again, he’s out injured tonight, along with Fabian Delph and Kevin de Bruyne.

There’s no one else of that mould in the squad, so as much as they will try to quieten the crowd with an early goal, Celtic will be out to unsettle them even further. Though to be fair, Guardiola is expecting that.

 I saw the game against Rangers here, how intensive it was. It was completely different to the way they played in Barcelona, which was more passive.

“Against Rangers it was so aggressive, high pressing, that is the game we are going to expect from them tomorrow night.” 

Then he added;

It was a big surprise to see them against “rangers “. I thought they had died. It was in all the papers. 

Well, he would have, but even if he had, it wouldn’t have made the papers, as National News And Information Minister James Traynor would have spiked it.

What did make the papers though, were a couple of stories that Traynor would have approved of.

 Thats not what he said, as you can see above. Its been twisted to imply that Celtic will treat Manchester City the same way they treat games against “rangers “, and that the greatest respect Celtic can pay Manchester City is to treat them as seriously as they treat “rangers “.

Which , of course,is bollocks, but it does keep “rangers ” in the same breath as Celtic and Manchester City and continue the myth that they are not only relevant in Celtics eyes, but in European football as well.

Then there was this, published shortly after big Sam Allardyce was given the heave ho from the England job after some sterling work by undercover reporters who suspected that Allardyce was a bit dodgy. In exactly the same way as reporters in Scotland don;t do when they’ve been given evidence that there are one or two didgy chaps in Scottish football as well.

Coupled with last weeks news that “rangers ” had beaten Celtic to a League cup semi final berth by twenty four hours, it shows that there is a remarkable, if unsurprising, lack of good news eminating from the good ship Ibrox, as it lurches toward another iceberg.

Sadly, its just another example of a fawning press who want to see their favourites on a par with Celtic, an idea copied by their support over at that legendary family pub, the Louden Tavern.

They are putting on pies and rolls for any Manchester City fan who wants to spend their day out in a “rangers ” themed pub, where presumably you pay for your beer under the counter and there’s no vat added on.

Mind you, it seems to be going well…with even the club getting in on it.

Due to demand from fans we’ve added two additional Ibrox tours tomorrow – info here

You know, and I’m sure you feel the same way, if ever they get into the champions League, and Celtic offered visiting fans a tour of Celtic Park, I think I’d just lie down and die. The embarrassment would be too much.

Or, as Irish journalist and Celtic fan  Rachel Lynch quaintly put it…

…I’d be fucking mortified

Anyhoo, they are and will remain an embarrassment, no matter what the papers say.

Back to tonight, and with Gordon already sure to be in goal, then perhaps we should pick four defenders he’s familiar with.

Lustig, Toure, Sviatchenko and Tierney.

In the middle, and this is where the game will be won, I’d have Forrest, Brown, Biton, Armstrong  and Sinclair.

Leigh Griffiths can resume up front, or even Dembele can carry on. but both should be used at some point, perhaps even together. Patrick Roberts can cover whichever winger gets tired forst, as can Rogic and MacGregor for any tired midfielders.

Defenders such as Izaguirre and Simunovic will be on call should they be needed, and lets just hope we don;t need a substitute keeper.



We can do that.

a single goal victory for the hoops.


We can do that.

But only if we believe we can.

C’mon the Hoops.

Yesterdays picture…

and we just can’t get the image of James Traynor sending a friend off to the coast out of our minds…

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Caption: James Traynors daily laxative intake. When asked why so much Mr Traynor replied “Well we must keep the shite flowing”.

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D’Fhinnein Mick

This season’s foray into Europe is only about getting the money to enable us to rebuild for the future. I’d expect us to be more competitive next season.

I’m still hopeful that good results v BM will see us in Europe after Christmas but the other four games are behind-the-sofa stuff!

Our draw didn’t help,not when I see Leicester,Porto,Bruges,Copenhagen in the same group. But it’s all part of the plan,what doesn’t kill you makes you strong.

I’ll be delighted tonight if Man City know they’ve been in a game tonight,that’ll do me. But great things happen at Celtic Park,so…



It takes a big mahn to admit to a mistake,ie dropping Gordon to quickly,but it also takes a confident mahn to admit it also,Brendan Rodgers i luv yoo mahn.

This is a BIG chance to show the World how good the team,the Management team and the Support is,show them please Cellic,get it right up them.



With Simunovic fit he has the opportunity to play a proper 3-5-2 with Brown, Biton and Rogic in the centre mid’ and the the ‘Deadly Duo’ up top. We can but hope. HH

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

My team for tonight GK Gordon Def Lustig Simunovic Toure Sviachenko Tierney Mid Sinclair Brown MacGregor Forrest Att Dembele 5 at the back can change to a 3 when attacking and it is all players who have played lately so know what they are doing, it also allows the fullbacks to take turns in adding to the midfield 4 to make a 5 when required. The midfield No brown and Bitton for me, we need someone mobile beside Brown, Bitton gets caught on the ball to often against better players due to his running and movement allergy, Rogic is the… Read more »

Steve B

The significance of Celtic using a Celtic-supporting website to provide a big newsworthy story, and bypassing in entirety the SMSM, shouldn’t be lost, and in my view will be used much more frequently in future. No fuss, no announcements, just bypass the SMSM completely. The example of the DR in today’s diary just shows how they can’t help themselves any more on their continued downward spiral to oblivion.

Guardiola said: “This is my first time here in Glasgow to play against Celtic. All the people have talked to me about the atmosphere and I’m looking forward to this unique experience.”

Those Tramadols are having some impact on you!…first reposting Mikes piece, then bacary Sagna super striker and now this!


The post deserved a second reading,Ralphy is doing a GREAT job,just think what it would be like if he partook of the bevvie as well as the rama dama trama.

Charlie Saiz

De Bruyne being out is a massive plus ahead of tonights game he’s a nightmare to mark and controls a lot of the good work they do.
Sticking Gamboa out on the right on Sterling migt also be a wise move I think Lustig would get roasted out there with his pace.
So my preferred set up would be 3-4-2-1
Making it a double line of defence when under pressure but with a capability of hurting them with pace on the break.



agree with most of that but we simply cannot drop dembele… the guy is on fire, has more power and a better touch than griff, change it after 60mins if we need too but im 100% confident that dembele will start

Charlie Saiz

He does in the SPFL agreed but for me fails to work the defenders in Europe as much as Griffiths.
Griffiths can strike a ball from range and is more inclined to chase everything down including back passes.
City as we know under Pep like to use the Keeper as a makeshift Sweeper I think (and hope) Griffiths starts for this reason.

Charlie Saiz

I also feel that Griffiths offers far more threat from set pieces.


Can’t argue with any of that Charliesaiz


Yeah but you also “feel” Efe Ambrose should be used as a DM??


Charlie Saiz

Efe Ambrose came to Celtic as DMF Monti.
His first game for Celtic was as a DMF.
He played at both Club and International level as one.
You of course can choose to continue to ignore these facts.


There is room for both,Dembele to start and with Griff for later.
Gamboa has not impressed since he arrived,i cannot see Brendan including him.

Charlie Saiz

Someone has to track Sterling Gamboa has the pace to do so.
You might not rate Gamboa but Brendan clearly does.
He could be put in there with the sole purpose of man marking him.
If he goes with Lustig at RB I would fear the worst.


I agree Bg, Dembele for me!

Mike Bhoyle

In the recent 5-1 demolition of Sevco..I thought,based on his time on the field…that Stuart Armstrong was outstanding and I’m amazed that it didn’t do him any good in the next games. He was played in his favourite roving position and not stuck out on the wing…and he was terrific.
Its things like this that baffle me. Players get an opportunity…they take it…then NOWT !!
He deserved another shot…hope he gets it tonight.
Come on Brendan…You know it makes sense.


tonights team


lustig toure erik

forrest biton brown armstrong tierney




Imagine there!s no heaven,
its easy if yoo try,
no hell below us,
above is only sky,
Imagine tonight yoo play for Celtic,
its easy if yoo try,
we hear only laughter,
we dinny wanta cry,
Imagine scoring tonight for Celtic,
that feeling leaving yoo high,
Imagine supporting Celtic,
its easy if yoo try,
yoor heart burstin with pride,
Imagine a win tonight for celtic,
its easy if yoo try,
Imagine all those supporters,
laughing and havin fun,
we thank our lucky stars,
we werny born a hun,
We luv yoo Celtic,
oh yes we do,we luv yoo Celtic,its very troo.


then Griffiths. I would give Dembele until halftime to see how it goes.
2-2 draw, or better, to us 2-1
In the CL £425,000 for a draw, £1.27 million for a win.
C’mon the Celtic.


I have also thought that our attacking three could be:
Dembele up front

Armstrong Bitton McGregor have all had their chance in Celtics midfield in European ties. To me they have failed.
Stick to players who can perform. Play your best 11 in a system that can accommodate them.
Lustig Eric Toure Tierney.
Forrest Rogic Brown Sinclair
Dembele Griff, are the players who are the best players so far.
Roberts Armstrong Cifti Christie Jose ,McGregor, on the bench
Please don’t make it easy for them by giving possession away easily. Like we normally do.

Charlie Saiz

After listening to Rodgers in the Harry Brady interview I would be very suprised if Brendan went with a 4-4-2.
He prefers to defend between the lines and which is why he probably wont opt to go with a flat 5 again as we did v Barca?

Charlie I think sometimes it’s just better to play your best 11 players,than play guys who aren’t as good as players you are leaving out,because you think a system will work better.
I would trust players before systems, and I’m sorry to say,
Gamboa, Bitton, Armstrong, McGregor shouldn’t replace any of the 11 I have stated…
Play your best players, play to their strengths.

Charlie Saiz

I agree but playing a team this dangerous you also have to cover the threat from their best players.
Sterling is lightening Lustig for all the love in the world simply isn’t he will roast him given a yard of space.
Hence why I think you need to counter this obvious threat by sticking our quickest FB on Sterling.
He’s a huffy wee cunt and could well be put off by someone man marking him?


No need for language like this!!

i am very nervous about tonight. but I still put money on celtic to win. such is the mindless optimism of the celtic supporter.

90 minutes hiding behind the couch. again..

get into the tan basterds, celtic!!!!


Part 1. I keep hearing the same old from the same old. Mob midfield. It’s our only hope. Too many defenders and not enough midfielders allow them to play very direct which means our defenders are constantly bombarded. It should be 41211 Wide.
Gamboa, Kolo, Sviachenko and Tierney.
Forrest, Mac,Sinclair



Charlie Saiz

Opinion not nonsense.


It is nonsense, you are a donkey

Charlie Saiz

Amazing patter.


Exact same team as the weekend for me , looked fantastic , why change it


Oh i give up, past in ether tried splitting it up, but no.

Charlie Saiz

Try putting your 2nd part in the reply to the first Uralius


Yeah mate i tried.


Under 19 game on at the moment, BT Sport1

Celtic v Man City


Plus the weather is really bad, heavy wind and rain which they wont be used to…oh wait.


Come on the Hoops!

Charlie Saiz

Looking like 4-2-3-1
Hope Lustig is feeling fit and Dembele ups his workrate from Spain.
Otherwise we could be in for a long night.


I think you will find that my team prediction was spot on.just saying like.

Charlie Saiz

Yep he’s opted for the same system as the past few games.
Oh and the one Deila advocated for the past 2 years.
Just saying like.


I think you guzzle donkey jism

Just saying like.

Charlie Saiz

What you think has no relevance bum boy 😉


Did you get a new delivery of ‘ commando ‘ books?

Charlie Saiz

No need when you have photos and medals in the loft 😉
Back to yer X Box son.


” photos and medals “? Lol
Dis you get them for subscribing to ‘ Commando ‘ lol.
Medals? For pointing your rifle atvweanscand auld women going to Chapel.?

Fuck your flag and fuck fuck fuck it again!

Charlie Saiz

Never pointed a weapon in the direction of a woman or child in my entire life ya fuckin clown.
Nor have I blown any up either.


Plenty men, women and children blown up in Iraq tho by your armed forces.
They don’t count tho eh?

Charlie Saiz

EVERY life counts Monti.
Every poor innocent that has died in every Country.
I don’t condone violence or rejoice in it either hence why you won’t find me backing it up in any way shape or form.
Dialogue is the only decent way to solve our differences.
Sinn Fein realised this many years ago in case you hadn’t noticed?
I have no doubt at some point in the future Ireland will be United and rightly so.


The British Empire was the biggest terrorist organisation on earth, if it wasn’t for the murdering and hatred of Irish Catholics and their raping and destroying of Irish families, there would have been no bombs on mainland Britain.

Get the fuck out and stay out of Ireland


I think your predictions was,well predictable pish.

just saying like.






Oh dear! Bitton is playing. That is us a man short in midfield.

Come Bit prove me wrong, get the first goal from 30 yards out.



Sorry but your talking shite!


So far Magnifico!


Great stuff Celtic, wee mistake by Moussa for the City equaliser but the young man is learning as he goes.
Keep it up Celtic!


Are you behind the goals?




Your wife……again!

Charlie Saiz

Wow that half flew in?
If we can cut out the slack passing in Midfield we could do something glorious here.
Moussa needs to keep working though he slackened off pressing last 10 allowing them space to move it round.


To a man different class

Charlie saiz that why dembele starts these games. Different class

Charlie Saiz

He did well though I think he fell out the game towards the end and that out ball disappeared as a result.
Always happy to be proved wrong when the team (and a player) plays better than expected.
I thought Forrest was excellent and ran himself into the ground.
But for me Sinclair was amazing I would love to know his stats for the game for distance covered because he pressed and chased everything.
Superb effort good to see us taking it too such a tough side to beat.

Charlie Saiz

Scott Brown topped the charts for distance covered on the night Sinclair second in a Celtic shirt.
Top effort from an attacking player.




That was a great game of football and we did ourselves proud. Celtic park will be a tough place formlesser teams than City of which there are many! Have to watch for the quick score after we score and a period of solid defense might be in order. That said best fom of defense is attack. Just a great game and a great performance for our team


Very proud to be a Celtic Supporter. Well done to the players and the manager.



Proud of you bhoys. Honour restored. Think there were six or seven Scottish players at the end against two English players. Must be such a confidence boost for our players.Sure our players will be scouted now,but we can name our prices now.It’s a win win situation. As a West Lothian man living and working in England I can hold my head up high at work tomorrow.


I see Brendan managed to contain himself in NOT picking Gamboa to nullify Silva.
Lustig was comfortable throughout, as i predicted.
Excellent tonight Celtic!


monti god blessed the celtic and ae blessed us anaw ha ha ha ha

Charlie Saiz

My concern was curtailing Sterling Monto not Silva (who plays in midfield)
Sterling played on the opposite wing in case you hadn’t noticed but Lustig did well against Nolito.
Apart that is from his tap in of course 😉


Your concern should only stretchbas far as the water trough..heeder!


weer on the road again ha ha ha ha aint it great to be a tim bring them fuckin allon COYBIG




the fuckers and thier cabbage will be terrified of us now ha ha


I was emailing my cousin and her husband before and during that great match. Before the game they were certain Shitty would win ‘cos “…we are a force to be reckoned with”. After the match their eyes were opened!! I had predicted 3-2 Celtic, and for a wee while we had 3-2, but that performance will do me. We regained some lost esteem and we left the hacks with a hard job to find an anti Celtic story. As for Souness (bawbag) that’s twice he’s been given a platform to predict that Celtic would be over run in a Champions… Read more »


funkky sorenesss is a dick hector will be chappin his door soon ha ha


That was some effort tonight – just back from the game and I’m totally drained. Heaven knows how the players must feel. That’s probably the toughest game City have had all season. The crowd was immense, especially in the last ten minutes to keep the bhoys going.


jrw them young celtic bhoys have only started like oor connor said weer no here to take part weer here to take over


Although I am soaked, wha an atmsphere, the peepul sung, they were fantastic. God I could not breath, what a support, what a team, Amy way home to get at a patacetemol.


Superb bhoys! , what a shame rogic fades after an hour he was outstanding first half


cartvale you shoulda came up tae ma hoos for a bucky every other cunt did ha ha


Hosanna ,Hosanna, Hosanna.

A great team performance,everything that was lacking against Barca. was on view tonight,a high pressing hard work rate,in conjunction with a calmness and skill.Controlled aggression,
Brendan yoo are ra mahn,the tactics were spot on and that wonderful, wonderful support.
We luv yoo Brendan oh yes we do,we luv yoo Brendan,its troo,oh Brendan we luv yoo.


oh yes we do!


Brilliant mike, they are some team , I can’t wait to see them play barca they play the same way!

Special mention for Forrest , gave cliche a torid time on the right , great to see us just play our normal game and going toe to toe with them


Del, i am so very proud,that is what the team the management team and support contributed to one of the best C.L. nights that i can remember.It would be hard to mention one player,cos the whole team performed in unison,their was absolutely no failures. If we could just transform that spirit into away games,but its very early days,its hard to believe that Brendan and his team have only been here for a short time,i hope they are here for many years. Man City v Barca,well that will be some game,but in the three amigos in front it will always be… Read more »


Charlie am to ancient I was their for the 7-1 and t he greatest team that walked the earth!

Frank McGaaaarvey

Wow, still drained after all that as one should be after a CL game at Paradise. These are the nights we’ve been missing dearly and they seemed light years away over the past 2 seasons. Brilliant night and it’s a pity we can’t take these 60,000 souls to all the away ties as well. I’m sure our away CL record would look a little different then. We are on the road to great things under Brendan as long as he is adequately supported by the board. Now we can look ahead to the Moenchengladbach game with confidence knowing a win… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

I think that Lawwell and Co may be drawing up a new contract for Dembele and inserting a cheeky (big) buy out clause pronto.
We will do well to hold onto him next Summer if he keeps this up in the Champions League.
I also thought Sviatchenko had a superb game tonight and showed he has plenty more in terms of level to come?


Charlie saiz,
” but for me fails to work the defenders in Europe ” – Charlie saiz.

Lol lol

Charlie Saiz

Let’s break down his two goals: Goal 1 Net bound header from Sviatchenko after a lovely cross from Forrest hits Dmebele in the chest (in an offside position). Goal 2 Miss kick from Kolarov allowing the ball through to an unmarked Dembele who scores with a brilliant overhead kick. At what point were the defenders working on both goals. Sometime luck favours the brave Monti and tonight Dembeles luck was in twice. After that 2nd he faded badly and stopped pressing the defenders they then started knocking it about unhindered and started creating more as a result. He did what… Read more »


Full of pish ya heeder!


Didn’t know donkeys were keen on digging big holes.
You haven’t got a clue Charlie.


Magnificent performance!!!!

So proud of the Bhoys



cartvale i was 11 wen the hoops won the big cup and ive still got auld charlies postcard fae lisbon it says celtic for the cup its a family heirloom nooha ha aint life grand


What you rekon 4 points from Gladbach and barca to take 6 from city.. Last 16??

Hahaha great to dream again


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