If Ye Ken Yer History

Mike sends us another example of the style of writing that made James Joyce famous….
As a Tim, you ken your history,you don’t need to go back to far to be aware of the tics success and we are all very aware of our history,ties and affiliations,we not like scum do not live in the past.
What can we look forward to? well its exciting at present but as the transfer window closes,we are decidedly underwhelmed,as per usual with the Boards attempts to match our expectations.(no change their then).
We have added Christian Gamboa a right back,who is far to quick to be caught and eaten by the SPFL lions or pussys,luv that name though Christian,dinny ken what i would have thought if his name was Agnostic Gamboa.
Also Doris DeVries,that name conjures up images of Pinnys and hair rollers,but mibbee Brendan was looking for a Hoose Keeper,whit about a Sweeper Brendan?or an Au Pair,wooft steady the buffs.
As Jozo limps back to Lennoxtoun decidedly annoyed with the Italians attempts to get him on the cheap,they must think we are desperate,well they havny met Pistol Pete,nabody but nabody messis with him.We were all expecting to see Messi, Xavi and Chabi, but are left with scabby, gabby and rabby,sometimes life just isny fair.
We all have our emotional ties and expectations and are unhappy when they arent met,but its a guid excuse to lambast the Board,well lets be honest thats all that they are good for.
What does the future hold for the Tims,lets forget about the relative failures of the past two years,we ken what we are faced with,the lies, distortions of the SMSM and the abject failure of the SFA and SPFL and focus on the many positives.
The appointment of  our new Manager,who is very knowledgeable,experienced and along with his family roots which are firmly embedded in our clubs history and contains a big luv of the tic.he and Chris his assistant and staff are working tirelessly to fulfill our lofty dreams and expectations.Their knowledge in bringing in a team of players,welding them together and blending them to play the Celtic way of playing off attacking attractive fitba.
If anyone doubted that Brendan’s hand would be on the tiller,then their is no doubt now,phew, Hossana,thanks be to you Brendan,mahn i have that shivery feeling of expectation running down my back bone,past my buttocks,down my leg and into my fitba.Its just great and i canny wait to see this newish team on the pitch,our next match against thems,is going to tell us about the team and what we can expect to see this season.Then the games will come thick and fast,Barca–oooh who will allow us to see many of our ain supporters in Lionel etc.playing for them.Man. Shitty. two of the ritchest teams in the world of fitba.as well as Munchen Gladbach (eating and glad to be back).Germains as that auld comic on the Comedians,Stan Boardman would say,that curly haired scouser,mahn they scousers can tell a joke.
Wow thats feckin brill.here comes that shiver again and its no Christmas yet,naw cos this is better than Christmas,no mair talc.and socks please.
What are my expectations this season,well,i canny wait for Sussana Hossana Reid to come back on the telly,i have missed you mucho Susana,as you ken she is a spit Crystal Palace supporter,a heathen just waiting for conversion to the Tic.
Seriously my expectations are high,expect the best said my auld Da,aim high and why not? i havny felt this excited since St.Martin arrived to lead us to the Holy Grail of fitba.Here we go for six in a row,you can hear the sound of them boakin across the South Side.The Scoddish Cup, The League Cup and watching us compete as best we can in the Hosanna C.L.especially in front of those wonderful,wonderful Tic. supporters,who for me arny the twelth man,cos they will always be Numbero Uno for me.
Think about those supporters who travell far and wide to support the Tic. from Ireland the Isles, Engerland and elswhere,including our ain Diary Writer Ralphy and Desi who travel all the way from LA.LA Land to support the team,seriously these Bhoys get up early and travel hundreds of miles to support the Tic. I salute you one and all for your loyaly and indefatigueability.Yous are special Bhoys.
Our internet Bampots,bhoys yous do a great job,keeping us entertained,with your wit and humour,but most importantly telling us the truth and making and explaining the facts to us,discussing all things Celtic,keep on telling the truth the way it is without the lies and distortions,keep on making us aware of the facts.They willna like to hear it and they dinna like it up them,without you we would be lost.Salutations to you all.
We luv yoo Brendan,oh yes we do,we luv you Brendan oh yes its true,we luv you Brendan we do (always hate the high yins) oh Brendan we LUV.you.
And its goodnight from him and its goodnight from me,keep safe and keep the faith.
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Ha,Ha,Ha Yoor havin a larf shurley.

sort of liked jimmy tarbuck everybody hated him



As a Tim, you ken your history…you don’t even remember what you posted a few weeks ago!


It wiz a sympathy article,you come up with one and get yin free.ok.and it wiz Being a Tim.ok.

Well done and thank yoo Ralphy,never mind the doubters,yer dain a fine,fine job.
Next yin is Being the Cellic travelling support.Well it cuts doon on the paperwork.


What would you ken about travelling, you cannae even get to Malones for a swally?


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