Etims Podcast - Joey Barton is Leonardo Di Caprio!

Etims Podcast – Joey Barton is Leonardo Di Caprio!

Andy, Ralph and Desi discuss the big talking points of the week:

  • Joey Barton bust up…hold on have we entered Inception Land with how we view Rangers these days
  • Can Krancjar do Sectarian shrugs?
  • That Rangers humiliation – same old same old or a new kind of fun?
  • ToiletGate – Are Celtic flush enough to wipe off £100k damages?
  • Dembele – Superstar to Penalty Dud – what a week for a 20 year old!
  • Hogmanay Game- Boycott, Boozefest or both?
  • Barca shame – lessons learnt all round
  • Reality Checks vs 7m cheques…ying and yang of being in the new CL!
  • Man City and Borussia…nervous or counting the points already?
  • Can you podcast and drive…Ralph auditions for Top Gear!
  • Efe Ambrose for the Goalkeeper position…discuss!
  • When Joey Barton met Barbra theres an Outro worth hearing!


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