Bastarlona?..back to the Auld Camp for Celtic!

Bastarlona?..back to the Auld Camp for Celtic!

How do you set off a million  “Celtic fan walks into a bar in Barcelona and barman says “the usual?” jokes?

You get UEFA to draw the Hoops against the Catalan wonders yet again ( alongside a wee side named Man City with some manager named Pip or something and a German outfit wae more letters than Rachel Riley), thats how.


Man City

Borussia Mönchengladbach


You cant whack the Champions League draw for suspense..from Ian Rush having ball ache to Therry Henrys handling balls and a million Irish voices crying out “BEEN THERE YA FECKER” in unison and they sure made Celtic fans wait. Barcelona were out first and Brendans Matadors appeared last. “Celtic fans, the only ones to call it the Auld Camp” was our Twitter offering.

You cant beat Celtic fans for mock outrage.

  • “Och no Barcelona on my birthday yet again!”
  • “Messi, Suarez and Neymar, Im sick of those diddies!”
  • “Im sickened, Ive been to there 3 times awready!”

Its a lovely complaint to have isnt?

Anyone who listens to the Group of Death hype is welcome but after Hapoel, everyone understands where we stand in European placings. We will be looking to pressure any team at home, hope for a break against a great team such as Barca if possible, and hopefully scrape an unlikely point away anywhere if we can. If we score 6 points, it will be a shock, if we manage 1 win it will be a good result in all reality but we have a chance at home with a bouyant fan base.

It isnt all about Barcelona of course but they do have the real superstars and players who love being in Celtic Park on CL nights. Cue more Messi and Iniesta pictures in the Trophy Room but we have to respect the other teams too. Borussia are a very good team and respected Commentator and twitter pal Derek Rae rates them highly this season and Man City while in transition have a certain Mr Guardiola at the helm and he has just started a mental spending spree ( £50 million for Stones,,,truly mental) and he has had the brains to get rid of the dodgy diving diva that is Joe Hart.

Along with the kids getting some real glamour ( as well as Barca, the kids believe that EPL hype too!) there is the additional bonus  that Players we may want to attract will now be thinking “Messi?…Suarez?….Aguero?.” as well as “Tierney!” and the negotiations especially for a high glamour loan deal might be a little easier. Of course WE  and Messi and Iniesta all know that the real draw is running out to a buzzing Celtic Park on a Champions League night but every little helps when we want to raise the quality level of our team.


The only sad moment was the usual exploitation by Airlines. As per usual, flight prices soared  as soon as the dates were confirmed. For example GermanWings flights from Glasgow to  Dusseldorf soared by 250 quid within 5 minutes. Supply and demand they would say in defence, lest we forget thats the same justification Celtic used for Sevco ticket prices and will no doubt use for the CL package prices.

So its “Bring them on!” even if we are getting familiar with every pub in Las Ramblas, First World Problems CSC..population us!