Celtic v Motherwell – Ratings

Hector Bandito reviews the performance and bhoy, does he like what he sees:


Celtic v Motherwell Player Ratings

Gordon 5 – He exceeded my expectations when he arrived in his first season
but last campaign and this one (early days I know!) he looks below his
best. Biggest concern is his distribution with ball at feet is really poor.
The way Rodgers teams like to play is the keeper may be heavily involved
during possession play when ball is recycled through the back. Needs pushed
more and a new keeper vying for number one jersey should benefit club and

Janko 6 – Can run and run and run. A bit like Didier Agathe without the
‘meep meep!’ Still finding his feet after a bad run with injuries last
season. There’s a player there. With a run of games could become a very
good player.

Izzy 6 – Waved his tearful farewells in May only to return. We demand a
refund! Great attitude and will work all day. Clearly backup to Tierney now
but a very strong backup to have. Nothing defensively of note last night
but provided great support for Sinclair.

Lustig 7 – Played at centre back and again another strong game. This may be
his best long-term position as the right centre defender of a back 3…?
Great Tache and like many others appears to be enjoying his fitba under new
gaffer Rodgers.

O’Connell 6 –Didn’t have a great deal to do (Lustig gets extra point due to
forward forays and his Tache!) but is good in the air and comfortable in
possession. Little know fact coming up…my oldest Son played against him
at academy level and scored. Take that O’Connell! Kidding aside, there’s
hopefully more to come from young EO.

Broony 8 – Clearly injury free (touches wid…all bits!) but there’s more
to the vast improvement in his game than that…arrival of Rodgers. Instead
of painstakingly boring keep ball at the back the new orders are turn and
take the ball forward taking no more than two touches. Hurrah! Broony looks
like a new player who has been superb v Astana, Hearts and Motherwell and
appears to love the freedom and guidance provided by Brendan.

McGregor 7 – Great pass for the opening goal to Rogic. Neat, tidy wee
player who you don’t notice a lot of the time but he’s there keeping the
ball moving along as per instructions. Can easily do a job domestically my
one concern is against good European teams…prove me wrong wee man! Always
on the move and finds space. A very good football brain.

Forrest 7 – Like Lustig and Broony looks like a new player under Rodgers
guidance. Was sprinting back to cover the right back role when Janko went
forward and closing space. New three year contract signed this week.
Brendan says JF always trains with a smile on his face and is a pleasure to
manage. Early days but maybe Rodgers is the man who can finally untap all
the ability Forrest has always had…?

Sinclair 9 – First start but really couldn’t have gone any better. Apart
from getting a penalty, scoring a goal and setting one up…..his touch and
movement so far has been sublime. Hugs the left touchline and if nothing
happens moves inside and plays the channels between mid and striker. Great
awareness and football brain to go with talent. We may have won a watch
with this yin!

Rogic 9 – Great first goal but his overall game was fantastic. Seems to
find space easily, which is far more difficult than it looks and his link
up play was first class. Interestingly Rodgers mentioned Rogic and Forrest
have a lot more to come as they need to understand the work ethic and
pressing he requires from his players. If and it’s a big if, he does that,
he could be some player. Over to you Tom!

Dembele 8 – Just turned 20, French kid, missed start of pre-season and some
knicker-wetters as per usual don’t show patience and give the kid a
chance…they never learn! Massive baws to score winner v Astana before
bullying Hearts in the second half and then scoring 2 v Motherwell. Early,
early days but this kid still has major scope to improve. If he


McCart, Henderson and Ralston. 19, 20 and 17 respectively and all
graduates of Celtic’s academy. Great to see Brendan put so much faith in
them, McCart made his hoops debut and his old man Chris, ex-Motherwell HOY
and current Celtic HOY, must be ecstatic. I’ve met Jamie’s Da a few times
and as well as being a gentleman is a massive Celtic supporter. His family
will be buzzing! Liam had a cracking season on loan at Hibs last year
included winning the Scottish Cup against a new club. Lad has always
impressed me but if he’s not going to play regularly due to competition
then loan him out to develop in the Scottish Premiership this season then
bring him back. There’s a player here who could be a cracker for year to
come. As for young Ralston, he’s 17. 17 FFS! I was told a few months ago
there is massive hopes for this kid and he is “equivalent of Tierney on the
right…only bigger!”. Incidentally 6 of the 11 who finished the match are
graduates of Celtic’s youth academy. The future’s bright!

Manager 9 – Only 4 weeks since we got embarrassed in Gibraltar and then
this, a scintillating display of quick, pass and move attacking football.
Bear in mind we were without Toure, Erik, Tierney, Rodgers and Griffiths.
Half our regular outfield players! The support is now buzzing since the
arrival of Brendan and the way he talks is very reminiscent of MON. He
knows the buttons to pres to the support, talks eloquently to the media and
God only knows the education and first class management skills he is
sharing to Celtic players but I’m genuinely excited here. He mentioned
post-game he wants 2 more players in before the window closes and the board
knows who he wants. His words “If we get them you will see a big
transformation in the team”.


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4 years ago

Great job Hector, agree with it all and haven’t felt this excited about a Celtic team in a good while, the players, the manager,style of football, the fans (apart from the never pleased greeters). Its going to be a magic season

4 years ago
Reply to  Atlantabhoy

Excellent summary, Hector! Hopefully the greeters – whether it’s about Forrest, or Broony, or Dembele – will be given fewer & fewer reasons to moan as the season progresses. I’ve always taken the view that – when they’re wearing the hoops every player should get our 100% backing. – Does anybody actually think it helps one bit to have the crowd on your back just waiting for a chance to criticise? By all means, voice your opinion and complain as loud as you like AFTER the game, but get behind every one of the team when they’re on the pitch.

It’s clear, for example, that Dembele is still a bit rough around the edges, but give the boy a chance to settle in FFS. Every player likes to feel he’s appreciated & performs better when they’re feeling confident. – Dembele seems to need that more than most. – When he scores regularly and is given a chance to build that confidence, there are signs he could be one helluva player, so show the boy some “love” 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

Spot on Carl

Frank McGaaaarvey
4 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

Couldn’t sgree more Carl. Those Tweeting arses who were comparing Moussa to Amido Balde after 2 games should be banned from social media and, well, life in general!

4 years ago

This season is like a pint of Guinness settling on the bar. Ready to be enjoyed and full of tasty promise.

Spot on with the ratings Desi – again.

4 years ago
Reply to  Half_Fool

or should I say Hector! Read twice, comment once.

4 years ago

Last season I along with a few others i’m sure couldn’t wait for the season to end,now the games can’t come quick enough.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Especially now that your tribute act is in the Spfl!

4 years ago
Reply to  Monti

You still here can’t let it lies eh! Most people would’ve done the honorable thing when found out they were telling lies would remove themselves from the forum not you though eh?

4 years ago
Reply to  Bob


4 years ago

The israelis are shipping goals and have lost their captain. Its looking good for us

4 years ago

The good feeling is back Hector after two wasted years,a Manager who knows the game and players being lifted because of that,do you wonder why? I dont,I know the reason,I wont forgive Lawwell for that.
The team played really well against an ageing side,forgive me if i dont rejoice to much,but there is better to come of that i am certain,fingers crossed for C.L.fitba again,qualification was all i ever wanted,for the boost to our finances and a boost to the squad.
I wont get carried away yet but our next C.L.decider is very important,we need a goal cushion to take away.
Fingers crossed our Big players will be ready for that.H.H.

4 years ago
Reply to  mike

The good feeling was back on the board Mike but trust Monti to stir up shit that has no foundation

4 years ago
Reply to  Bob

You were outed on Video Celts, i suppose all those guys are wrong as well?

4 years ago
Reply to  Monti


4 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Gie it a rest you two,i wilny ask yoo to kiss and make up but ffs gie it a rest.
I think the two of yous are secretly in luv,why else would yoo carry on like a pair of boss eyed luvers.

4 years ago
Reply to  mike

Nope 🙂

4 years ago

That was a low blow monti , i think bob had moved on tut tut

4 years ago

Hector keep the positive vibes going, it spreads from the pitch to the stands and back. Remember Bitton and Jozo can be added to the list.
If BR can bring out the best of Forrest he can do the same for others I would like us to take it easier with KT, don’t want to risk burnout but if young Ralston can do a similar job on the right on the basis of your analysis do we need any more players, too big a squad can create its own problems with cliques and temperamental outbursts. All in all those Fiji brought BR in were spot on, hopefully we will get at least three seasons from him.

4 years ago

Oops apologies to Stuart Armstrong who can lay a bit as long as it’s not wide.

4 years ago

“Play” maybe lay too, but definitely play!

4 years ago
Reply to  BJF

Ha.Ha.HA. BJF Brilliant Bhoy.

Hope yoo are good my mahn,stay young, stay healthy and keep posting.H.H.

iljas Baker
4 years ago

I think having 6 Academy players on the field against Motherwell is a great sign and the interesting thing is all those fans attending games and wanting Celtic to be the best club in Scotland and holding its own further afield have a big part to play which doesn’t involve spending more money. We all know young players especially making the step up to first team football need to be confident and that’s where the fans can help. Be patient, be encouraging don’t be critical when things aren’t going well. Let the young lads know you are rooting for them, are forgiving and watch the difference. They have the ability, the confidence bit needs help.

Frank McGaaaarvey
4 years ago
Reply to  iljas Baker

I think seeing so many young ‘uns on the field gave us supporters as much enjoyment as the performance itself. You are definitely right though in that they need our encouragement if they are to bloom into regular 1st-teamers.

4 years ago

Hector, great post. Although we all see nuances and perhaps favour certain players, I don’t think many of the Bhoys would disagree with your point of view. It’s just so wonderful to have that belief again, and so remarkable how things have turned around from, say, the Imps games. I must say too that we rode our luck against Astana but came through and that’ll do. The Inter game will allow Brendan to learn a wee bit more about the current squad, formations etc.
The future’s bright, it’s GREEN and WHITE. (colours not names)

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