Celtic Diary Tuesday October 9

Celtic Diary Tuesday October 9

Kris Commons may yet be recalled to the Scotland squad for the visits to Wales and Belgium (and some people would argue that the trips alone to these places would make it worthwhile, but not many) as someone called Robert Snodgrass , who plies his trade at English giants Norwich, has a sore foot, might have to pull out, and Grant Hanley, (never heard of him) has already pulled out. The Wales game might be interesting as it will see Scott Brown and Joe Ledley battle it out in midfield. Look, I know its fairly obvious, but don’t take it too seriously, lads.

Commons himself has said that the whole Scotland thing is “just at the back of my mind”, and he is “just thinking SPL, Champions League football” and adds that “its probably why I’m playing so well at the minute as I am focusing all my efforts on Celtic.”  Couple of wee digs about how well he is playing and the level he is playing at there, but although supporters generally don’t want to see  their heroes playing international football, its hard not to sympathize with Commons, who must have upset someone somewhere.

Someone else who has upset someone is defender Andre Blackman who has had his loan with Inverness terminated.  It seems, that after refusing to travel back to Glasgow to explain to boss Neil Lennon what had happened, he may also have his Celtic contract terminated. Not for the first time, it seems Blackmans attitude has been called into question.

Meanwhile, over in the land of eternal darkness, Charles Green,  the current head honcho at Ibrox has given his one hundred per cent backing to fifty year old rookie boss Ally McCoist.  Despite a run of less than favourable results in the lower reaches, Green claims that McCoist should not have to worry about his job. Someone like Charles Green standing right behind you. Think I’d rather have in front of me where I can see him.

The press, however, can always be counted on to offer the beleagured boss some advice-and help. Kenny clark, the former referee says its time for Rangers to man-up and battle their way out of trouble. They are not going to get out of division three by playing “only sophisticated football” . Oh, so thats what it is. Lee McCulloch and Ian Black, playing sophisticated football. Clark says that referees at that level are mindful of the physical approach that players have towards the game, and that the public enjoy the “blood and snotters” aspect.

Actually, what he is really saying is that Rangers delicate little flowers are being kicked all over the pitch, and that referees should remember to look after them, like they used to in the old days.

Bill Leckie is another one offering his help, by blaming foreigners and telling the club to ignore and forget the “backstabbing by the blazers” Leckie is currently walking the Great Wall of China for charity, and only heard the result last night. Its a very noble thing of him to do, and anyone who raises money for a good cause should be lauded for it.

I’m thinking of doing a sponsored “hold your breath for an hour underwater ” and wonder if Leckie fancies having a go?

James Traynor, in another long winded whinge, has defended McCoist, claiming he has had a lot on his plate. One fatty justifying another it seems, but only Keith Jackson, on the records podcast, says McCoists results are bad enough to get him the sack.

Meanwhile, down on Deeside in North Wales, a pizza making firm has been placed in the hands of administrators. The company handling this is  none other than Duff and Phelps, fresh from their all above board and honest dealings at Rangers. will be holding “urgent discussions” with “key parties interested in taking over some, or part of the business.”

David Whitehouse and Sarah Bell, remember them, are in charge of the process, and even the quotes sound the same. Wonder if their old pal Craig Whyte will be involved? Could be worth watching out for…

In September 1984, Peter Grant scored the first goal in a sponsored shirt away at Dundee in a 3-2 win, well done to the Lurgan tiger for being the first to remind us, and today, can anyone remember who were the opponents in the first floodlit game at Celtic Park in 1959, several years after the lights were switched on to help German bombers attack the clydeside docks?