End of Season Review - Everybody's Changing

End of Season Review – Everybody’s Changing

Hector, Ralph and Desi get together to look back at the Ronnie years and his legacy, the limited good times, those bad times and the squad he has left behind and a big shocker…the potential for Tims to be optimistic!

Can you think of 3 highlights of the season?

Can you limit the low lights to under double figures?

Which players will still be around next season and whats needed to help us all move on?

Which organ doesnt the Pope use?..might surprise you!

The Chat also covers the new man, could it really be Oor Brendan and his excellent quotes and could John Hughes be his assistant?
Resolution 12 gets an update and we look ahead to the Euros or not in truth while Lily Allen sings us out for the season


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