Celtic Diary Wednesday January 13: Making it Up As They Go Along

Celtic Diary Wednesday January 13: Making it Up As They Go Along

Sometimes , I really do despair at the papers.

Whilst i’m hardly in a postion to criticise any other outlet for a lack of accuracy, at least when we make things up we tell you we are making things up. We even package these little gems of fiction into two easily identifiable sections, the Rumour Mill , and the diary.

We don’t have that little bit at the bottom that says “registered at the post office as a newspaper ”

Because we’re not.

But as for those who claim they are…

Take the Herald, for instance, ( please, take the Herald, someone take the Herald ) which leads with this headline today;

Celtic’s European tradition began 50 years ago with a win over the Soviets and some keepy-uppy.


No, it didn’t.

Celtic’s “European tradition” began against Valencia. On the 26th of Septemeber 1962. The Hoops were beaten 4-2, and we’ve continued that tradition of losing European games with aplomb, especially this season.

Spain was never part of the Soviet Union, though it does begin with the same letter, so I can understand the confusion.

Or you could look for yesterdays big story.

A new club, which has a history, shall we say, of association with one or two dodgy characters, are in court. as, indeed, are some of those very same dodgy characters.

So you would think the papers would be questioning why a company that provided them with a wi-fi facility for their stadium, which is falling apart, has applied to the court to ringfence a prtion of the bill which hasn’t been paid over fears the club are struggling to make ends meet..

Er, no. although the Evening Times is way ahead even of the Judge on this one, who will not deliver his verdict until Friday;

Wi-Fi firm has £300,000 Rangers’ cash ring-fenced over money fears.


I’m going to buy the Evening Times, because this unique ability to foretell the furture, which I suppose papers have to do to combat falling circulation, makes their racing tipster page a must read.

For the latest on that particular court case, read this;

Another Court Case covered by James Doleman

That crowd funding money he raised is certainly providing good value. Without his reports, anyone would think things were all fine and dandy in the land of darkness.

Theres a whole host of court cases involving those associated with Ibrox, past and present.

Surely the papers can see that it is of national importance. Is there at least one of them prepared to run the risk of breaking out of the parochial Scottish set up and demanding to be taken seriously ?

Ach, lets talk about the football.

Its transfer window time, and players will be putting themselves in the shop window.. thankfully, though, at least one Celt hasn’t got the hang of that idea;

Thankfully, though, Brown is happy where he is, despite scouts all over europe keeping their eyes open for the new Zinedine Zidane


One player who has caught the eye is Gary Hooper, who chose last night to score a couple of goals-ironically against his old mentor Neil Lennon ‘s Bolton side. – in an attempt to engineer a move away out of his current predicament.

Hooper was a fine striker in a fine side, and moving to Norwich, and subsequently a loan at Shefield Wednesday, have probably left him feeling a little down on himself.

If we need back up for Griffiths, or a secondary striker , he has to be worth a punt, although it may take a few weeks to get him back into shape.

He scores goals. At any level.

Theres always room for a goalscorer.


As usual , there’s plenty of stories about who is coming to Celtic in the papers, but I refer you to the opening couple of paragraphs as a reason why its not worth mentioning them in any great detail, but the formula the club has usd in the past, even down to at least one from Manchester City, seems very much to be the way things will be done this month.

Exciting, isn’t it ?

Anthony Stokes looks set to choose Hibernian over Inverness for the rest of the season. He’s apparently agreed a loan at the Leith club. If we’re lending anything to anyone from Edinburgh, it might be an idea to keep the receipt.


Ach, heres something a wee bit different, from Sports Witness;

Celtic’s and Liverpool’s song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ has been named the top football chant in European football. Taken from the musical Carousel the song has been sang by the two club’s supporters for the past few decades, and for years Celtic and Liverpool have debated who started to sing this chant first.

Calciomercato have debated what they think the best football chant is, and comprised a top ten list showing the best songs. The Italian football outlet believes the best chant is that of the Celtic and Liverpool fans, followed by Seven Nation Army written by US rock band The White Stripes.

This rock anthem was played throughout Euro 2012 when a goal was scored, and has mainly been adopted by German clubs such as Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund. Not leaving their own clubs out, Calciomercato has named ‘Roma, Roma, Roma’ in the top three, which is a chant sang by the AS Roma faithful.

Another chant of note is ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’ which for years has been sung by West Ham United fans, and has been ranked in 4th position. Like ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ this came from a musical, and has been used by the West Ham supporters since the 1920’s.

Of course, the revelation that the song is sung by both sets of fans will provoke lively debate as to who sung it first, and who stole it from the others.

Lets see, a group of Liverpudlians are denying they stole something.

That lawyer will have his work cut out.


Wee bit of info for those of you who live in the land outside mainland Britain and Ireland.

This Friday on HD11 game away with has a 45 minute build-up  

Thats not the big story, the big story is that none of it will involve Pat Nevin or that other little fuckwit that is on Sky. Neil something.

Ally Begg, once of Celtic TV,  is the man behind that show, or in front of it, or on it, well, he’s in there somewhere, and it sounds a lot better than the usual lip service paid to the Scottish game.

George Connelly was the dapper chap in yesterdays picture, and he certainly invoked a few memories.

Does anyone have any particular memories, humourous or other, of any of these guys ?

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