David Bowie CSC - RIP

David Bowie CSC – RIP

Back in the early Spotify days, I used to do wee Etims radio shows, with random music linked to various Celtic players or events, a mash up of sorts, all in the hope of entertainment. Its been a while since I did one and one I always had planned to do was a David Bowie Celtic show….a case of ‘maybe tomorrow’ and it never got done. By the time I ever get round to making the show, the timing would have passed so heres the track listing and Celtic links….  

David Bowie CSC Radio Show

(Port of)  Amsterdam

As Bowie sings about the poor unfortunates we wonder if he means the Celtic fans  who suffered a few years ago or the terrified Ajax defence when Didier Agathe and Chris Sutton ran riot.  


Moonage Daydream As close to moonbeams as David Murray is ever gonna get!  



“Waiting in the sky”….

Take your pick, now joined by David himself of course but he joins all the Celtic Greats in the original Paradise.  



No not included for the various kits we have had to suffer or enjoy through the years, Included as David Bowie seems to catch the SFA and the Mount Florida clique perfectly in his sights here with this lyric:

And these children that you spit on

As they try to change their worlds

Are immune to your consultations

They’re quite aware of what they’re going through



It would be easy to say “Heroes: Say no more.” but it this particular instance I always think of Joe Miller scoring against the Huns at Hampden. Wee Joe maybe had his downs whilst at Celtic but what an up. The perfect “Just for one day.”



A charming parental ditty that we will dedicate to all those cult, I said cult, players, from your Rico Annoni’s to your Paddy McCourts. Some fans love them and some fans stare at them wondering if they are real.



‘The only thing I ever got from you was sorrow’

Could apply to so many things, the way the club treated Big Jock towards the end, the way the fans were taken for granted by the Board, the Feyenoord and Seville results, those terrible signings that only cost the club money and pain.


Sound and Vision / Heavens in Here

Dedicated to Fortress Paradise and of course the recent spate of wonderful Tifos that have been displayed alongside the greatest atmosphere ( ask Xavi, Messi, Owen etc) in the world. Also may apply to Adam Matthews singing at the Charity ball.


Golden Years

Who knew Bowie was such a fan of  the 9 in a row contingent. Although some could also turn that on its head and say the true Golden Years are the ones spent by devoted fans through so many dark days winning sod all but being there for the team

I’ll stick with you baby for a thousand years

Nothing’s gonna touch you in these golden years, gold


God Knows I’m Good

Once sung by Bowie on Space Oddity album and once uttered by Harald Brattbakk whenever anyone compared him to Henrik.


The Supermen / Fame

Bowie never confirmed the influence of The Lisbon lions on his career but its there for all to see in these tracks.


Teenage Wildlife

Historian Tom Campbell has never officially commented ( okay he has never been asked!) but some believe this song is about the shenanagins of a sock free Champagne Charlie Nicholas but with the lyrid ‘You fall to the ground like a leaf from the tree’ its possibly  a portent about The Pest of Prestwick Master James Forrest.


Telling Lies

Its 1997 and David Bowie focuses all his attention on the Scottish Media and doesn’t miss!


John Im only Dancing / Word on a Wing

If  big Jock ever asked Jimmy Johnstone “What exactly do you do when you dribble wee man?” then this might have been the reply uttered by Jimmy Johnstone had he the guts to call Stein anything but Gaffer, Boss or Sir.


Saviour Machine / Star

Rumours bound that Bowie loved nothing better than a watch of Henriks greatest moments on Youtube


Joe the Lion

Joe the Lion

Made of iron

Not a lot of people listening to the Heroes LP realise this is Bowies classic take on the Joe McBride story.


All the Young Dudes / Future Legend

The Quality Street Gang were probably all fans of Bowie ( although its hard to imagine Kenny Dalglish giving it “Ground control to Major Tom” but this is also dedicated to all the greats brought through the ranks from days gone by and recent delights such as Tommy Burns, Paul McStay right up to wee Jamesie, Kieran and Callum now turning out for the first team.


Rebel Rebel

No not for ‘those‘ songs, but for that night on the steps outside the entry to Celtic park. The night wee Fergus, big Brian and brave Matt stood smiling telling us that the Rebels had won!

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Bowies Pin Up album sees him taking a song from The Who and shouting his admiration for the Celtic fans devotion at getting there to see their team play!


Scary Monsters ( And Super Creeps) / Silly Boy Blue / We are The Dead / Criminal World / Im Deranged 

Well THEY deserve a mention when such apt titles apply!



They call us obsessed but we know its our winning of THE BIG ONE that will have them fascinated for evermore


Five Years


For Chaz :Hard to meet a bigger Bowie fan or a bigger Celtic fan.