Celtic Diary Sunday October 18: Alanmuir n; vb: A cheat; To cheat

Celtic were victors over a difficult Motherwell side yesterday, winning 1-0 thanks to a Nadir ciftci goal in the first half.

The hoops huffed and puffed but were either kicked or crowded out of adding to the tally. Just another day out at Fir Park really.

But there was a little bit of controversy, which wasn’t entirely unexpected, as referee Alan Muir has form for this sort of thing.

He was the fourth official at the Cup semi final where he missed a handball from Josh Meekings.

Image result for josh meekings handball

Yesterday , he had the chance to even things out, simply by spotting any offences this time. In and around the penalty box.

His first chance came when Scott Brown was upended after a driving run towards the Motherwell goal;

Described by Graham Stuart of the Times as Kennedy and Brown “tussling ” for the ball.

The picture, the best I could find, doesn’t show the offence. But it shows Brown, still determined to get past Kennedy, going down. His expression shows he didn’t do it deliberately.

Afterwards, Gordon Strachan said ;

That’s as blatant as it gets . Celtic should have won by more goals today but Motherwell’s doggedness plus Celtic’s inability to convert their chances, plus the officials made it a 1-0 today.

After those two penalty shouts Motherwell thought ‘this could be our day’. It could have been two or three nothing but they got a bit of life.

Those type of decisions can cause problems, players can get rash and annoyed. I thought that Celtic composed themselves well after that. Sometimes players can get upset, shouting at the referee. I thought that Scott Brown’s reaction was first class.”

The second one, just eight minutes later saw another example of Muirs inability to understand why the game is called “football ” 

Embedded image permalink

Nadir Ciftci, the Celt in the picture, told BT Sport staff as he was substituted;

“That is the clearest handball I has ever seen.”. 

He wasn’t playing fopr Celtic against Inverness.

We were handed a transcript of the first ever referee class that Alan Muir attended.

“Good morning , gentlemen, welcome to the SFA Football Referee Training module . Just to be clear, football is a game primarily played with the feet, sometimes with the head, but with the exception of the goalkeeper, use of hands is expressly forbidden. Everyone clear on that ? ” 

“Sorry, can you run that by me again ? ” 

” Outlfield players cannot use their hands ” 

“Nope, still not getting it ” 

“Never mind , Alan. You can go on the fast track course later. Away and play with the goat for now. ”  

Now, we can laugh about it, and re-iterate that we weren’t paranoid enough, but there is a serious issue here.

Either Alan Muir is biased, and has an anti-Celtic agenda, or he is incompetent.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter which.

He should not be allowed to referee at the top level again. At the very least, he should be kept away from Celtic games.

So, a statement from the club to this effect is in order.

But it should be worded very carefully.

For instance, a letter to the SFa should not read;

Oi, fuckface , 

                               Keep that cheating orange bastard away from Celtic Park. 


                                          Celtic Football Club. ” 


That is simply not on. It shows that a lack of respect, dignity and professionalism , and a reluctance to deal with the issue like an adult.

And they wouldn’t know which referee we meant , either.

We need, instead, something like;


          It has come to our attention that Alan Muir, one of your match officials, has been involved in a couple of incidents which have led to his concentration during games being questioned. We would ask you to consider a rest from top matches for a period, to enable him to stay focused and out of the limelight. 

                                           Yours, respectfully, 

                                                Celtic Football Club 

Bringing Muir back to officiate at a Celtic game puts me in mind of the decision to place Oscar Pistorious under house arrest, after his early release from prison.

Not like he could do any damage there, is it ?

Though something does need to be said. We could do without crashing out of a cup competition like last season due to an officials, er, lack of professionalism.

The result , despite the best efforts of the ref, was enough to send Celtic back to the top of the table. It’s difficult to see how the club will not be in the same postion when the medals are handed out next May. Referees cannot influence that much for that long.

But they can stop a treble. We saw that last year.

They must not be allowed the opportunity this year.


After the game, Ronny Deila praised captain Scott Brown;

 “I said to the players in the dressing room afterwards that Scott is a role model in hard work. I think he had the ball by himself for the last five minutes.

“His ankle was very swollen on Thursday but he is a leader by performance and he shows what attitude is. There is a difference between pulled muscles and when you get a knock. Then, sometimes you have to get yourself together and go out and be ready for it.

“You are playing for Celtic, you are playing in the Premiership and fighting for titles. It is not sunshine every day – especially not here in Scotland – so you have go through it sometimes and he was a fantastic example.”

“I am very happy that we are back where we want to be. Now we just have to keep on winning games, performing and developing and we will have a very good chance of staying there.” 

He also revealed that he had a plan b should the midfielders ankle cause him further distress, and took time out during the game to explain to the player how to use the crutches hidden under the gaffers seat;

Celtic's Scott Brown talks to manager Ronny Deila at Fir Park

The boss also took time out to praise Nadir Ciftci, now on two goals in two league  games, as well as the improving Dedryck Boyata, who looked a little more composed yesterday. Then again, with Motherwell refusing to come out of their own box unless it was to give Celtic the ball back, he wasn’t really tested. Still, it will do his confidence good.

Nadir has been improving He got a start today and got the goal that gave us three points and that was good for him to build on. Tyler has improved a lot and played very well today. Dedryck is playing consistently well, too. We are starting to get a leader there and we need those on the pitch.”  

Tyler Blackett has improved. Let’s, er , just say that.

Most difficult picture quiz ever now.

Who are the opponents here, and when was it ?

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5 years ago

Morning Ralph,
Hope you had a nice birthday yesterday and the dog is Barking fit today.
I have a three year old black Labrador, he had a slight skin irritation that has cleared up now, he had these tablets called apoquel?
Put it in his food but the bugger always left it in his bowl lol.
I put it in a small piece of ham and he gobbled it all up.

Referees? Don’t trust any of them and that is the same year after year.
The answer is just to go out and score lots of goals.

Charlie Saiz
5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

You do know that certain types of processed meat can give Dogs a rash Monti?
I found this out after giving my wee pooch some Bernard Mathews Ham .

5 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Yeah I am aware of that Charlie, but it’s only a bit the same size as the tablet itself, the vet said that should be OK.
It’s no as if I’m making it a fucking sandwich m8.

I think he bit a Hun, explains the rash.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
5 years ago

Could it be celtic v Austria vienna 26th may 1965 score 0-1?

5 years ago

Yes your correct Jackie. Crowd was only 6,500 no wonder it looks empty.

Charlie Saiz
5 years ago

Hands up those who turned the Lappy on it’s side then read the inscription on the side?

5 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz


5 years ago

Looks like the stadium is empty.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jimthetim

A bit like Bob’s dead club, legoland around 1984!

Bet you were always there tho, eh Bob?

5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

About the same time you were going on the Willie puller bus.

5 years ago

Something has to be done about the referees in this country because clearly nobody from celtic is prepared to come out and say anything!surely after the Inverness semi final this official should be investigated.

5 years ago
Reply to  bob

Doesn’t concern you does it?
Your unclean hordes are still on their ‘ journey’!

Have the creditors been paid?

Charlie Saiz
5 years ago

The ref was useless yesterday hoe that late tackle on Efe never received a caution is beyond me?
It was later than a Rangers Rescue Deal.

5 years ago

The answer to the question is written on the side of the photo for anyone who cared to look.

5 years ago

Referees are the same every single season, shite, incompetent and fucking disgraceful.
Last season v Inverness at Hampden was just fucking ridiculous!

They have been instructed to give us nothing….and I genuinely believe that to be the case!

Celtic need to find someone with a voice to tackle this…..Dermot?

5 years ago

Alan Muir can not be called anything other than a bigot. What have Celtic to do to get a penalty from this man(?). To me the word for this behaviour has come from the very top. Give Celtic nothing. It has come from all the boys who share cracking knuckles as was well seen last season at Hampden in the semi final. The word must surly come from the jackets do not let Celtic win the treble. Even the great Jock Stein said Celtic had to score three goals to get one… We will also have to put the ball in the net ourselves without penalties and that is the most important thing. Stop trying to walk the ball into the net.. Some of our football yesterday was really good with crisp clean passing but at times we allowed the opposition time to cover when a slick pass would beat them all.

Charlie Saiz
5 years ago
Reply to  Hugh Burns

I agree Hugh we coulda-shoulda scored 3/4 goals yesterday Commons,Boyata,Ciftci and Griffiths found themselves in good scoring positions and could have won it easily.
The bottom line is genuine quality will find that pass in games like yesterday wee Lubo was a master at this.
Commons does it on and off but I don’t see it in him every game that’s where spending real money on proven talent comes in.
The Clubs that do it are the ones who generally come good.

5 years ago

I watch the team train every home game and constantly see them practise strikes from outside the box,so why do we rarely see it during matches?We are giving opposing teams to much time to regroup.Lets get in to them.HH

5 years ago

Muir’s performance yesterday cannot be explained by incompetence alone. That level of incompetence is impossible …

Damian Smyth
5 years ago

It’s certainly not incompetency . Far too many referees in Scotland just can’t bring themselves to give Celtic a penalty . Muir pointed to the spot when Brown was taken down and went towards spot . He then decided not to give penalty .
Rangers have already been awarded 13 penaltys That’s nearly one for every time they have got man and ball into area .

5 years ago
Reply to  Damian Smyth

Only 13 Damian?
The lodge will be having a word with Dallas on Monday…I’m sure they would have been expecting at least 20 pens by October.

On a more serious note, I watched the game in full today again and there is no fucking way all the officials could miss these penalty claims, Muir and his fellow Huns must be punished for this.

5 years ago

Muir of course awarded Celtic 3 penalties when we beat Marl McGee’s Aberdeen 9-0 in 2010. I don’t like blaming external forces for Celtic’s problems simply because we cannot do anything about them, however we can always do something about ourselves. If we had taken the chances against Motherwell yesterday as we did against Aberdeen 5 years ago then Muirs decisions or lack of them wouldn’t matter as much.

5 years ago
Reply to  BJF

Spot on BJF score enough so it makes no difference with inept referees

5 years ago
Reply to  bob

” Good luck to the new Rangers club ” – Walter Smith.

What did the bold Walter mean by ” new “? Bob?

5 years ago
Reply to  BJF

Are you defending Muir?

5 years ago

i hope celtic make an official complaint against this attention seeking prick

5 years ago

BJF, what you say is correct, but only up to a point. What happens in a really tight game when both teams are playing very well, both defending and attacking well? If the ref is disposed to suffer temporary blindness when it suits him we will suffer the loss of a match, a player or a treble, which appears to be the agenda at the Stop Fenians Advancing.
It’ll be interesting to see what parlour tricks they come up with this year to stop a treble if we are close to one near season’s end.
A ref’s goat tae do what a ref’s goat tae do.

5 years ago

Didn’t like to see the All Blacks demolish France last night, although the all blacks were good the French just didn’t turn up, yet again!
Talking of referees that wanker Schubert, you know, the one who gave the world cup to New Zealand last time round because he forget the rules of the game but quickly remembered his Huguenot background fucked up for Scotland today, instead of going to the TMO made the decision for himself and awarded a penalty to Australia rather than a scrum, which would have had a completely different outcome to the game, a last minute decision which put Australia into the last four instead of Scotland.
So you see referees are incompetent in all disciplines not just football and the term Presbyterian seems to be a deciding factor.
C’mon Argentina.HH

5 years ago

It’s not just Celtic that have to put up with cheating and incompetent referees – Scotland were robbed of a rugby world cup semi final place by a scandalous decision as bad as we saw yesterday.

5 years ago
Reply to  jrw

I’m not into Rugby but it seems Scotland were dealt a cruel hand today.
The boys can hold their heads high though!

5 years ago

That’s where it annoys most, Cup Games. Throughout a season we can beat cheating refs, but to be denied a cup or a treble is a sore one. that’s where they take their bile out on us. BASTIRTS!

5 years ago

Peter Lawwell is on the SFA board, will he be seeking an explanation for Muirs performance yesterday?

5 years ago

We are all used bizarre and unbelievable poor refereeing in The SPL . Again we have witnessed either astonishing incompetence or willful bias which thankfully failed to change the result of a Celtic Win. The club hierarchy need to approach the SFA and make a case based on evidence, of which there is plenty, to have incompetent and inconsistent referees demoted or let go. That’s what happens to incompetents the world over. I’m pretty sure world rugby will act to censure Craig Joubert for his incompetence at the rugby World Cup and the SFA should do the same with Alan Muir – back to school Alan lower leagues for a year or two.

5 years ago

is there any news on the poor lad who collapsed leaving the Celtic end at Fir Park on Saturday?

Wisnae me
5 years ago

Stupid game.

The ba’s the wrang shape.

[…] ETIMS want his name added to the dictionary as a cheat but more tangibly want clarification from the SFA over his performance. Video Celts hit the nail on the head with Why there must be no more Alan Muir and Don’t Let it be forgot gave us the ubiquitous Honest Mistakes… yeah I’ve heard of those too. […]

5 years ago

Did anyone see Dundee United sharpening their selves up with all types of assaults at the weekend wonder who they play next?.

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