Celtic Diary Thursday September 27

Neil Lennon has said he will take “a strong team” to Motherwell, as Celtic look to overhaul the early season pace setters. with Beram kayal and Joe Ledley getting game time in tuesdays win over Raith, theres even better news with Gergios samaras close to coming back. with the Spartak moscow visit next wek, the man who we never thought we would miss could , if fit, make all the difference as the hoops look to add to their points tally in this seasons group stage.

More importantly, Moscow are the team we should reallistically be looking to pip for third place.

Samaras has been injured since collected an elbow injury playing for Greece, when impoverished Greek supporters tried to pinch his wallet.

Another who has stormed into contention is Efe Ambrose, the Nigerian centre back cum midfielder. He says he wants to follow his coutrymen Kanu and John Obi Mikkel who have won the Champios League, and descrbed his first taste of being at Celtic Park on the bench”like coming home”. The big fellow also praised his team-mates for helping him to adjust to life in Glasgow, and waxed lyrical about joining a big club with a fantastic history. Well, he seems happy enough, but what about those wet and windy midweek games in Dingwall in February? I thought I’d ask before the BBC do. With Victor Wanyama conceding that there is “nowhere better” than Celtic, either the same guy is writing all the press releases, or there really is a buzz about the place, as Paul McStay would have said.

As Miku and Lassad are also in contention, Lennon may well have close to a full squad to pick from for the motherwell game, but as usual the Fir Park cloggers will no doubt put a few back into the treatment room. the air ambulance is on stand by.

Strangely enough-or not-the cloggers didn’t do any clogging in last nights BBC festival of football as they crashed to plucky third division minnows Rangers, in front of nearly 30,000 at Ibrox. A couple of major defensive errors saw the new club win 2-0 which will no doubt see owner charles green submitting another application to re-join the Premier league, represent Scotland en masse at the World Cup, and should Mars ever send over a team for a charity match, he will feel his side should represent the earth.

After the game, which was covered in almost reverent style by the publicly funded channel, an intereiwer said to chunky Rangers boss “Ally, you must be delighted with that?”

Unlike Question of sport, where McCoist had all his cheeky lines scripted, he wasn’t quick enough to reply

“Aye, but not as much as you are.”

The love in continued in the studio as Pat Nevin declared Rangers to be fantastic and so on, whilst the suns robert Grieve gave Lee McCulloch 9 out of 10 for his elbow flailing performance. 21 journalists from the sun have been arrested so far for their part in the phone hacking scandal, and former editor Kelvin macKenzie disgraced over the Hillsboro tragedy, so we may just take that with a pinch of salt.

Keith Lasley, laughing and joking with Lee McCulloch at full time, along with a couple of other motherwell players was delighted too. Manager Sturt McCall said he was disappointed, presumably because he couldn’t pronounce “mortified, embarassed or just thoroughly ashamed” of himself and his team.

No doubt he will ask them for 100% against Celtic.

Charles green has embarked on the next stage of his master David Murrays plan, by asking the Rangers support to forgive him for selling up to Craig Whyte, who some peepil still think is respomsible for the mess the club are in. Green says that Murray was not the only person to be fooled by the motherwell tycoon (fair enough, ask Keith Jackson) and that the man who once asked Joanna Lumley for a kiss is helping Rangers even now by agreeing a deal to sell some offices at Edmiston house to Green. with Graeme spiers publicly asking Murray to appear at the dual contracts hearing, perhaps we have got it wrong, and Murray was telling the truth all the time. Murray may yet appear in front of Nimmo smith, but we at Etims hear it will only be if Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and Lord Lucan will be co-witnesses.

Murray, pictured above, may be ready to tell the true story of his time at Rangers..

So, with the League Cup quarter finals due to be drawn on Monday, or whenever Gordon Smith is available to pull out a couple of warm balls, the prospect of facing the new Rangers is actually quite real. I couldn’t care les if we never played them again, but if there is a chance to put them in their place, we should take it. If we are to face them again, the semi  final would be best. Similar to watching England in a World Cup, its great when they get their hopes up to have them shattered at the final hurdle.


No correct answers in the teaser yesterday, which is no surprise really, because it surprised me when i found out. To my eternal shame, and probably most of us, the man with the most goals against Rangers is not mentioned in any song, nor are there tales told about him. So it rolls over again.

Hint, its not Tony bloody Cascarino.


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8 years ago

Sandy McMahon?

8 years ago

Is it David Murray?

8 years ago

Johnny Doyle?

Bobby Sandd
8 years ago

Terry Butcher

donnie h
8 years ago

terry butcher is the answer

Graeme S
8 years ago

Jimmy Quinn?

8 years ago

I want to play them in the final of the Scottish cup so when we gub them and they think they have a European place as consolation UEFA can say “Rangers? Nah, you have to have existed for 3 years to play in our competitions.”

8 years ago

Sandy McMahon?

Nick Quinn
8 years ago

Sandy McMahon?

martyn t
8 years ago

Is it jimmy Quinn, the only player to have scored two hat tricks in the now defunct ‘old fi#m’ games?

8 years ago

sandy mcmahon

8 years ago

Tom McAdam?

Chris G
8 years ago

Trivia question – Stevie Chalmers

8 years ago

Bobby Lennox?

8 years ago

Maybe the mighty Quinn?

Also, a big sigh and shake of the head for joking about the Greek fans being skint. We all know why this is and why it’s allowed to continue, so why laugh at misfortune that’s inflicted upon them? I know it’s only a joke but in a poor taste not normally found on etims. Own goal. 🙁 Anyway, it’s a minor point i felt compelled top comment on – that apart, keep up the good work!
Hail Hail!

Arbroath Tim
8 years ago

Sandy McMahon

8 years ago

Alan Thompson?

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