Celtic Diary Wednesday September 26

Gary Hooper finally found where the net is, scoring all four as Celtic overwhelmed Raith Rovers and moved into the last eight of the League cup. Although it was great to see someone converting some chances, the best thing about the game was the return of Dylan McGeouch who seemed to have no hangover from his pre season injury, the teenager just picked up where he had left off.

Sure, we can be grumpy and say that it should have been more, but I think overall four goals against anyone is a good result, and hooper will be pleased with himself this morning.

Boss Neil Lennon is certainly pleased with him, commenting that Hooper is working his way towards being the complete striker, learning his trade and doing whatever job is asked of him. Lennon thinks he is good enough to play for England, but because he actually is a recognised first team striker at club level, its unlikely that Roy Hodgson will pick him, especially as he has never played for Liverpools youth team.

A disappointing crowd of just 14,737 was declared, despite efforts to promote the game, but with season books, champions league packages and new strips to pay for, what do the club really expect? No doubt third division Rangers will be gloating tomorrow as their club take on league leaders Motherwell tonight, a game also covered by the BBC. Mainly so we can all see them realise just how far they have fallen.

There were no shocks in last nights games, so perhaps there’ll be one tonight. Maybe motherwell will actually try to beat Rangers this time.

Twins Filip and Patrik Twardzik, fine players but terrible at spelling, have signed contract extensions -Filip until 2015, and Patrik until the end of next season. both have been with Celtic for a while now, and are making progress, Filip in the first team, and Patrik with the under 19s.

The under 20s won their fifth game on the bounce when Bahrudin Atajic scored the only goal as they beat a stubborn Aberdeen. Keep an eye on Atajic, he’s obviously one for the future.

Steven Naismith, the likeable young chap who walked away from Ibrox to join Everton last summer is in trouble for his elbowing of a Serbian opponent during the world Cup game earlier this month. Instead of dealing with it themselves, the SFA have written to FIFA asking for clarification of who reported him. Where have we seen that mentality before?

Charles Green has been banging on again about the SFA enquiry into dual contracts, but it looks like people are taking less and less notice of him. Largely because he isn’t making a great deal of sense, and largely because it looks like the pantomime is about to start up all over again, which is good because we all need a laugh as the days get shorter and the weather colder.

His comedy partner, Ally McCoist says that despite the bookies installing his side as favourites to beat league leaders Motherwell, he has a completely new team and they are in a “transitional period”. by which, presumably, he means they are going from bad to worse. With his own managerial aptitude factored in, they could be seriously embarrassed this evening, but Stuart McCall, the Well boss, has promised to put out his strongest available side, well strongest available side that has school in the morning.

Yesterdays diary scoop that Charles Green is negotiating with local business men in the US has had Rangers supporters up in arms, with a crowd of them congregating outside Etims Towers.

Happily though, a major incident was avoided when one of them offered to shake hands and make friends.

Yesterdays teaser asked about the keeper with six consecutive clean sheets, starting with his debut, and the answer was correctly given by Run, Sammy run, as it was indeed the legendary Carl Muggleton, which just goes to show that first impressions can be horribly wrong.

Today, lets keep it simple. which Celt  scored the most goals against Rangers before they finally died?

More from Gedbhoy, who is gaining a lot of admirers for his works of poetry, today he celebrates Michael Davitt, a hero of yesteryear.

Michael DavittWhen Michael Davitt laid the sod
And opened Paradise to all
He didn’t do it for himself
He did it for us: one and all

He did it for he knew it best
His people were on foreign soil
They’d left their home and mother’s breast
To suffer tears and lifelong toil

They left their homes and poverty
They landed at the Dear Green Place
They had no bed, no food, no warmth
They had no fear for what they’d face

Now Davitt knew they’d struggle on
His life was one of constant fight
He knew his fellow bhoys and ghirls
Would prosper with undoubted might

The years passed by and Celtic grew
And Paradise now stands anew
As Michael Davitt stood his ground
To help his fellow man all round
Wherever Celtic fans are found
Remember Michael Davitt’s name


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Gerry McD
8 years ago

Jimmy McGrory scored at least 25 goals against former football club Rangers

Run Sammy Run
8 years ago

Before the huns died or before the player died?

In fact I’d guess that the answer to both would be Jimmy McGrory. Don’t know how many he scored but having scored 472 goals I’d bet a barrel load of them were against the huns.

the lurgan tiger
8 years ago

I know Henke is our highest post war scorer so I’d go for him although Jimmy McGrory must be a good shout

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