Etims Spotter – 20 Things we noticed last night

  1. The noise generated during the champions league theme was incredible. Is Celtic Park truly the loudest atmosphere of any ground in Europe?
  2. Why do so called big clubs (Benfica) have small away supports in Europe. Are they not really a big club?
  3. Why don’t our players move at throw ins? Do they not practice this in training?
  4. Why do our players play so far apart? Good teams play with several players within 10 yards of each other playing in triangles and diamonds all over the pitch. We don’t. Why not?
  5. YNWA in support of the Hillsborough 96 was another magical moment. Never take it for granted. Celtic Park and the support can be special at times.
  6. Never doubt again the importance of Scott Brown again. He is our leader and main man.
  7. John Collins really does buck the trend and is genuinely complimentary about Celtic
  8. Davie Provan is the opposite of John Collins
  9. David Tanner can put on a pretend happy face for Celtic, it convinces no one
  10. Is it just us or does Miku look like the bastard love child of Bobby Petta and Lurch from Addams Family?
  11. How many of the Benfica side looked like Daniel Laruso from Karate Kid?
  12. How can Benfica players no laugh everytime they have to call out ‘Jesus!’ in front of their coach?
  13. Why did Neil Lennon have to hide his lips with his hand when he whispered something to Johan Mjallby? Was it about a Ramsden Cup bet?
  14. What’s happened to Kelvin Wilson, when did he become a defender?
  15. Who bought Charlie Mulgrew the “101 Gary Caldwell Punts “DVD for his birthday?
  16. Who’s got the biggest set on them, Kris Commons or Kate Middleton?
  17.  James Forrest, does he look so much like a ball boy that other players ignore him?
  18. All this technology and they still can’t get you Sky Go on a plane from England…whats that all about!
  19. Was that really Statto in the crowd sitting next to Big Sammi?
  20. If Spartak still owe us money from the McGeady transfer, will Lawwell allow Lennys team to score let alone win in our next game in Moscow?

So did you notice anything or find yourself thnking ‘Haud oan a minute…’

Please share it with us in the Comments section below.