Celtic diary Thursday September 20

Every single one of us should be proud of Celtic this morning. Alright, a 0-0 wasn’t what we expected, or wanted. In fact, my own pre match prediction was out by a total of ten goals, but what do I know?

A couple of players were outstanding last night. Scott brown was immense, a performance fitting of any Celtic captain from down through the years. Charlie Mulgrew , filling in at left midfield, looked like he’d played there at that level for years. Victor Wanyana , once he’d realised he was playing football and not in a streetfight, showed exactly why he is so highly sought after. Even the off form Emilio Izzaguerra refused to hide. Despite virtually nothing going right for him, he still gave it a go.

The press this morning claimCeltic were “lack lustre”, or “pedestrian”, which in fact is probably a more accurate description of their attitude to their own work.

Neil Lennon, speaking after the game, got it right.

“I’m pleased. It was a tough game against a very good side. I thought we coped more than admirably and played very,very well. I thought we lacked a wee bit of a cutting edge in the final third but its a decent start for us. Thats five clean sheets in a row in Europe, so we’ve got to take a lot from that. (er, no it isn’t, but who cares?)

I think we’ll improve as the tournament goes on,. Our next games away and they’re always a different animal but its a good start.”

Can’t disagree with that. He added there was a wee bit of nervousness and hesitation, and there was, but when you consider that ten of the starting line up had never played in the champions League before, it was only to be expected. However, the players coped and will get better. Moscow are next, and they frightened Barcelona last night, leading 2-1 at one stage in the Nou Camp, but finally being beaten by two Lionel Messi goals.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Messi and Wanyama on the same pitch, and I don’t think Messi will relish that.

Reallistically, if Celtic manage third in the group, we will have done well. Then its off to the Europa league for a few games after christmas to improve the co-efficient. Whatever happens though, theres no chance of the players disgracing themselves.

Elsewhere, Peter Lawwell has rubbished claims that Celtic used an EBT wrongly, saying that everyone who needed to know knew exactly how the Juninho scheme was used, and he refused to comment on the Rangers scam of the last decade or so. With a dignity usually only credited to those from the dark side, he said that he wouldn’t comment on other clubs, and wished that they wouldn’t comment on his.

Off the record, he said this simply because he wasn’t allowed to say “fuck off and mind your own business, you cheating bastards.”

Finally, it seems the impossible has happened. Ray Clemence watched Fraser Forster last night, and it looks as though he will get that call up he desires. Forster says he “would like the opportunity to show what he could do”

Whilst obviously we want him to play for England, if he does get the nod, and Scotland, as usual, fail to make the finals of a World cup, how the hell can i continue following my policy of supporting the other 31 teams? He’s just being selfish.

Charles Green is off to north America to see if the Rangers supporters over there are just as gullible as the ones back home. He’s been in the news again, facing charges of talking shite. But , its the sort of shite his potential investors want to hear.

Incidentally, after Rangers bravely crashed out of the Ramsden cup the other night, some lucky supporter, if he’d hung around long enough after the game finished, would have Lee Mccullochs boots. (Yes, he wears boots, not pit boots, football boots) Now, its a fairly imaginative competition, and the thought behind it has to be appauded, but it puts me in mind of a cartoon strip from one of the comics i read as a wee boy.

“Billys boots” (ironically) was about a young lad who got hold of a pair of boots belonging to “Dead Shot Keen”, a former superstar, and when he wore them, he played like him.

To whoever won those boots. Just don’t. all your friends will laugh at you, and you’ll probably end up on an assault charge.


Quite a few of you got the answer to the teaser right. It was indeed hat tricks scored whilst with Celtic. Danny was first to reply correctly, so well done there.

Now for todays, what happened for the first time on 8 September 2001?

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Steve Watson

Not sure about 8th Sept 2001 but 18th was the first ever Champions League League game against Juventus.

We were still cheated that game


The first time Celtic fielded a starting 11 with no Scots in it…


My first guess was going to be first champ league game – but Steve clarified that.

2nd guess was first time we qualified byknocking Ajax out – but when I checked on Google, it appears that this is the day that Big Bobo made his debut…

Come on Ralph, have you nothing from the 30s to give me a chance? Really liked your summation. I have only seen some media headlines on here as I do not DO papers but it is simply incredible the approach they are taking. You would think we had failed to win the Ramadandan cup or something. I have heard of coloured specs but these guys must wear kaleidoscopes with all the green pieces taken out because they can say nothing positive about one of the best performances in the C.L. by a Scottish team in many a year. Considering the… Read more »

Bondi B.

heard Charlie-wide boy is off to Dallas to “do a deal” with the Dalls Cowboys & Sevco. Gen up thats the single fish he’s peddling to the blinkerd hordes. Laugh? ah nearly bought a roond !!

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