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Iniesta – The Hairy Nicky Law!

Never ever let it be said that Rangers fans dont have a sense of humour. Surely  we all remember them laughing along with Charles Green in his Orange Top wearing share-purchase tout,I mean tour?

Ah, good times.

Well we are glad to report that the infamous Gers sense of humour hasnt abated despite the turmoil and anguish which all Rangers fans are suffering right now.

Well done lads we say, its very honourable and none have kept their sense of humour more than the Rangers Report website who, with a bright blue tongue firmly wedged in their red and white cheeks, have uttered this classic comparison today in a piece covering the potential sale of the Rangers midfielder Nicky Law: (Please brace yourselves – Ed)

Obviously, Law’s potential departure – Leeds United, Rotherham, Huddersfield & Sheffield Wednesday have been linked to the man formerly known as the ‘Bald Iniesta” – would further deteriorate the team’s depth

We will let that sink in.

Nicky Law!

formerly known as The Bald Iniesta!

Nicky Law!

The Bald Iniesta!

Nicky Law!!

Nicky Law!!

Nicky Law!!!

We can only give an Armed Forces Day style salute to the Copland Road Comedy Genius who first came up with that doozy. Its fair brightened our day.

Just for comparisons sake, heres a Wikipedia Honours Listing for Nicky Law

Nicky Law




And just for the sake of balance, here is the Honours list of one of the All-Time Greatest Midfielders the World has ever had the joy to watch on a football pitch:

Andrés Iniesta







Coming Soon:

Ian Black – Just Xavi wae a bookies Pen behind each ear!


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7 years ago

They really should now just go quietly into the night.

holy sea
7 years ago

Humour,they don’t know the meaning of the word.
The Zombie Nation will bring their own style of Armageddon to Hampden.And anywhere in Scotland/
N Ireland,they will rear their ugly heads,on Feb
1’st,spoiling for a fight.

7 years ago

Close call!

7 years ago

I just read that Martin Odegaard is on £80,000 pwk at Real Madrid.

He is 16 years old and the world has gone mad!

7 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Couln’t agree more.

7 years ago
Reply to  basqueceltic


7 years ago

It works really well:
kenny miller – the Scottish Van Basten
kris boyd – the white Pele
bile moshni – Jar Jar Binks
lee wallace – Maldini in disguise
jon daly – the token taig
lee mcculloch – lee mcculloch
lewis macleod – the next Messi

holy sea
7 years ago
Reply to  Doc

lee mcculloch-iris mcculloch(his maw)star on the
web. lol

7 years ago
Reply to  holy sea

Ally McCoist, the Govan Jabba …

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