Caption Contest – Charlie Oh Boy!

Well you asked for it, and now its here…dont say we don’t listen to you!

Here its is, an all singing, all dancing ( you sure – Ed?) Caption Contest, and with the new site it means you can give your gags straight away and dont need to wait on one of the team sobering up long enough to actually gather them together and load onto the site.

Please remember the first rule of Caption Contest Club. There are no rules. If its funny, it gets published. We dont care if its rude, sweary, nasty or even anatomically impossible, if its funny, it will get published. If your easily offended then your obviously not a regular ( just mistyped the word rhegular there…maybe use that from now on!)

As its Internationals weeks  and while we await oor dour Craig getting his jotters..this initial Caption Contest shows the epitome of Scottish limitations and we ask you…

Can you supply a suitable caption for this picture of Mr Charles Adams?