Celtic Diary Thursday May 8: St. Johnstone 3 Celtic 3.

All of which will teach us not to laugh at Liverpool.

As promised, manager Neil Lennon gave a rare outing to Amido Balde, Derk Boerrigter and Teemu Pukki. Of the three, only Pukki seemed either capable or interested. The other two might as well not have bothered.

Balde looks like he has a long way to go to reach any sort of decent standard, Boerrigter has clearly decided he’s away, and although Pukki scored , he seemed more relieved than happy.

Pukki deserves another chance, he is just taking a wee bit of time to settle. Sometimes that happens. The other two, if we are to be honest, well, its just not going to happen.

St. Johnstone set out their stall straight from the kick off when Mike O’Halloran rattled the post, with Zaluska beaten. So it was no surprise when Tim Clancy nipped in front of the Celtic keeper to divert a speculative downward header into the net to open the scoring.

Saints should have been further ahead when Stevie May missed a penalty, Zaluska falling onto a weak effort, but Celtic decided to change things around at the break, Boerrigter and Adam Matthews making way for Kris Commons and Scott Brown, which increased the tempo and suddenly Celtic were serious.

Three goals followed, Commons from the spot-well, next to the spot because there was a big hole in the ground, Pukki and van Dijk which meant Celtic should have been cruising.

But the defence, so reliable this season, went back to sleep, and the Perth side got two late goals in quick succession to tie the game and leave us with no chance of one hundred points.

Which is really upsetting.

You can’t blame the players for switching off. We all get our holiday heads on when the time draws near. But more was expected from the fringe players, who disappointed, and that means we will probably have some new fringe players in time for next season.

Neil Lennon sounded as though he was glad the game was over;

We threw away two goals at the end which was disappointing. But we made the changes because we wanted to give players a game and there was a disjointed look about us in the first half. We didn’t play well at all.

“We decided to make the changes at half-time and we should have seen the game out. But I think over the piece a draw was a fair result.

“I made my feelings known at half-time. It was miles off the level that we have been at. And I don’t just mean the players who have come in. I mean the players who have been playing.

“I was unhappy with the defending for the final two goals. I thought we were lazy. But I can’t be too critical of the way we have been playing.

“Since we have won the league we have won five and drawn two. We have really kept our momentum going really well. We have rotated the squad and had a look at some players.”

He does have hope for Pukki, who he singled out for praise;

Teemu Pukki was excellent. He was our best player over the 90 minutes and thoroughly deserved his goal.

“He has been looking pretty good in training in the last few weeks. His first touch tonight was excellent as was his workrate. He was the only one who gave us any sort of positive impetus going forward.

“The other bonus was Mikael Lustig having 90 minutes for the first time in four months. He obviously tired towards the end which was understandable. But he will get a real benefit from that.

“He got stronger as the game went on. The majority of the team did. There was a fluency about us in the second half which was obviously missing from the first half.”

 Still, theres always Sunday, after which they can all have a rest.

“I am really looking forward to Sunday. The lads haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate the title win so to get the trophy at home will be a special day and I want them to finish the season on a high.” added the manager, a little unconvincingly.

 The rumour mill will be in overdrive with the news that Norwich have been relegated. Robert Snodgrass has allegedly agreed a deal with Celtic, and his pal Gary Hooper has been tipped to return as well.

 At least we’d know what we’re getting with these two, instead of toddling over to Europe and signing someones reserves…

 We’re not the only club trying to get  players in who have already done a stint at the club. Oldfirmfacts, on twitter, has somehow got his hands on Kenny Millers phone…

Embedded image permalink

 Another little story to emerge yesterday, which might be a wind up, is the new away strip for next season, apparently leaked in China by Nike,

Embedded image permalink

 Its the third or fourth image to hit the web in recent weeks, all showing a different strip, and none of us are any the wiser with this one.

Can’t we just have gree with white hoops for the home strip, and white with green hoops for the away one ?

Remember when Charles Green told everyone to compare the financial conditions of his new Rangers and say, Celtic after he and his colleagues had weaved their magic ?

 Lets have a look at the relative share prices of the two clubs since the birth of the new lot.

This is Celtic;

And this is Second Rangers;

Perhaps they are hoping for a late surge. We hear that a couple of their directors are going to buy a few shares, to boost confidence, and they probably won’t have to look too hard to find someone willing to sell.

We asked a top level city analyst for his views..

Over in France, second division side Clermont Foot have appointed a woman manager, Helena Costa. Or is it French side Helena Costa have appointed Clermont Foot as a coach. You never can be sure.

 Anyway, she used to be a European scout with Celtic, and the club are delighted for her in her new role;

 “We would like to congratulate Helena sincerely on taking up this new role,” said a Celtic spokesperson. “She did an excellent job for us and we know she will give her new position the same high level of commitment and dedication which she gave to Celtic.” 

We’ll keep an eye out for their results.

The BBC have announced that Neil Lennon and former team mate John Hartson will be part of their team to cover the World Cup in Brazil. Lennons easy going and knowledgeable style is ideal for this job, and John Hartson, a veteran of last seasons Dens Park riots, won’t be afraid to face the armed Brazilian police or the street gangs and drug dealers.

 Ally McCoist had been considered for this role, but the Ibrox clubs continued refusal to speak to the BBC has ruled him out. The national broadcaster  had originally considered him as he is the only pundit who could make Alan Shearer look as though he knows what he’s talking about.

The under 20 side will now play Dundee Utd at Tannadice tomorrow afternoon, 1pm kick off, where they will be going for five in a row.

Coach Stevie Frail is looking forward to it;

“It’s great I’m sitting here talking about it as you are thinking back before the St Mirren game last week and we knew what we had to do to – three wins gives us the league,” said Frail.

“One goes, we then take care of Rangers and we never thought about Dundee United until the final whistle.

“We are looking forward to it, but Dundee United have really good young players and we know how difficult it will be.”

Should be a good game, and if anyone is free tomorrow on Tayside, they could do a lot worse than cheer the lads on.

Anyone passing Ibrox today ? You might be wondering why theres security guards and barriers around the door. So are we ….

Now, we have a confession to make.

I saw this…

Former Ayr United and Celtic striker McInally joined Bayern Munich from Aston Villa in 1989. He spent three years in Germany, where his battering-ram style proved popular with fans but not always referees. 

and this…

Mark Hughes

and naturally assumed thats who it was…

but in fact its Mark Hughes, who does Tosh MacKinlay impressions.

Still, it got you talking.

Try this one, which has been verified;


 I’m of to Jersey tomorrow for a couple of days, so the diary might not appear. That gives al of you a chance to read something decent instead.

 It will return on Monday, as indeed will I .

Its time for me to tackle my morbid fear of flying again.

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Nick Quinn
6 years ago


6 years ago

Have a good time in ‘Jersey’ Ralph – looking forward to Monday’s ‘Dairy’ already… 😉

6 years ago

Why are we allowing our only left back to take a few weeks off,to prepare for a load of piss called the world cup,we pay his wages we deserve to see him in a celtic top


Danny Bhoy
6 years ago

Good article Ralph as always. Enjoy Jersey and don’t take Sir Minty’s private jet, I take it that’s the photo of it above?!

a l i
6 years ago

What’s this Jersey pish? How am I gonna waste time on my phone when I should be working? Take your laptop with you and stick a few more diaries up.

holy sea
6 years ago

Ralph,enjoy your trip.
Could you not take Boerrigter,Balde,Pukki and Kayal with you.
Try and lose them somewhere,as these guys are losers.Yes,
Pukki tries,but his body language tells you he doesn’t want to
be their.Even when he scores he doesn’t even smile.
6M has been wasted on 3 of the above.If only we had went
for quality like Finnbogason or Soriano,rather than quantity.
Ah well,there is the close season to rectify this,so we are
ready for CL qualifiers.

old father tim
6 years ago

I cant open the share price thing and I am a wee bit curious. Could someone tell me what the share prices are.

Ta – OFT

6 years ago
Reply to  old father tim

rangers – 27.50
Celtic 1p – 74.25
Celtic 60p – 62.50
Celtic 100p – 135

6 years ago

Once you arrive at your destination does that make it a Celtic Jersey, seen as yer a tim……I’ll get ma coat.

6 years ago

Kayal had a nightmare and the bhoy O’Halloran looks like one to keep an eye on.
Thanks for the heads up on McInally, I never knew he played for Bayern of Munich in Germany!

6 years ago

“It is important to keep in mind that the company is the means of livelihood for a large group of people, and charitable bodies. It [ edit: and I cannot believe he said this] would be good for Scottish Football if RIFC returns to the top. The club has an importance far beyond the 4 walls of Ibrox stadium”

This is what the Judge said in his summing up of the recent Imran Ahmed vs Sevco court case. Keep mind of your place in things.

6 years ago
Reply to  Celtic125


Is that the people and charitable bodies that are still waiting for some payment?
This is becoming so bare faced it is hard not to see a bear face in everyone involved with that club in any way, inside or outside football. Never mind, it was just an honest mistake, sorry judgement.


6 years ago

Balde? Go. Kayal? Gone. Boerrigter? Please go. Pukki? Crap for most of the season, but has played decently his last few appearances. Need for pastures new depending on wages …

6 years ago
Reply to  kingsnake


That sounds like the crew of the Marie Celeste.


6 years ago
Reply to  pensionerbhoy

*laugh* And I actually get the reference …

6 years ago

Hope you have a good time on oor wee island.Plenty of Tim pubs for you to watch the game on Sunday but steer clear of the Temple bar.

6 years ago

Surly CELTIC have learnt there lesson in the last 5/6 seasons when it comes to overseas European strikers, I’d rather we by Stevie May than fanny aboot with expensive duds like we seem to keep buying, over the coming weeks Lennon wants to give the scouting team a fkg roasting and tell them to get their act together when scouting forwards, as for Borrikter, God he is proper pish and a massive waste of resources.. Learn Lenny learn.. HAIL HAIL, KTF

6 years ago
Reply to  Keighley Bhoy

Second Stevie May …

6 years ago

Totally agree with you on Pukki by the way, the one standout from the trio of disappointment last night. If Samaras is away surely we need someone to fill the coveted “obviously talented by why doesn’t he score more” slot!

6 years ago


When you open the hatch to jump, have a look and see if you see my comments drifting around up there. But if you do, just leave them. They are not worth wasting a parachute on, especially when you might need it yourself. Take the pill and plenty of drink and you will be flying without a plane.

See you Monday or maybe Tuesday or whenever you land. Enjoy!


6 years ago

Enjoy Jersey, you could pay a visit to some of rangers biggest shareholders.

6 years ago

The crazy thing about that last picture with the Southwest plane out on the street is that is from Chicago Midway airport and I had just left on a Southwest plane about 30 minutes or so before that happened and the whole airport got shut down when that one ended up on the street.

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