Sashes to Ashes in Pictures

As it looks like Ibrox will see another insolvency event sooner rather than later, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone what happened the last time. This strip first appeared in the diary of June 14 last year.

Thanks to tc 12002, who put together the definitive last chapter in the history of Rangers FC.

Truly a masterpiece.



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Fantastic to see this again.

Is it possible to buy a copy in comic book form?


Yes, it’s called ‘the Rangers news ‘ 🙂

I know loads of people who would love this as a gift.

Maybe it could be published and the money from sales used for charitable causes, eg. some of the creditors who were stiffed by the shameless ones.

Phil Osssifer

Hilarious and riveting stuff, had me in tears. To top it all, the best and longest running comedy show still has them rolling in the aisles. Not even Benny Hill at his peak could conjure up this plethora of mirth and humour, we should truly thank them.

Frank McGaaaarvey

Sheer brilliance. My compliments to the chef, I mean author.

Without a doubt this little gem is a must for publication and sales. A little booklet that would be a great gift to a hun ‘friend’ or any friend for that matter.

Loved every page!

John McCrory

Must be published I know loads of people home and abroad who would love this


Frank McDaniel

The bollocks! what a great 45 minutes reading that and great for all the research – took me back in time! Just Brilliant!


top stuff


Thanks Ralph

I remember the first read and time has taken nothing from its impact. It has to be the most humourous yet definitive coverage of the great final defeat of misappropriated entitlement.


Ross Fullerton

Really impressive piece .

Thank you.



What a piece of work.


Simply superb…..

The Holy Poet

Absolutely brilliant and a worldwide best seller if it’s published. Brilliance.


Superb work.Not only is it funny it covers most of the points that ‘the peeple’ tend to overlook or conveniently forget.
Can it be published?


Fantastic work,lest we forget , my erchie..

John F Kennedy

Get this on sale. Now !

Hilarious! Got oor craigie to a tee.


Who would want this club to be revived and the Scottish media should hang their heads in shame found it very disturbing to say the least.

William Miller

First Class this should be published right away factual and funny ,h.h. L.o.l. Celtic Freebird.

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