Celtic Diary Wednesday July 31

Celtic Diary Wednesday July 31

Ajax winger Derk Boerrigter is officially a Celtic player. He signed for four years yesterday, and goes straight into tonights squad for the Elfsborg qualifier, where he is expected to score three or four times and conduct the singing at half time.

All this depends on international clearance arriving in time, but in reality, he is unlikely to feature.

Lennon said of the new bhoy;

“He is the type of player we have been looking for, for a while. “He is a very fast, direct, left-footed player who has goals in him with his left and right foot.

“He is also very powerful. He has good experience and he has played at a high level for the last two or three years.”

And so to the Elfsborg game. Swdish defender Mikael Lustig, a consistent performer in Europe for Celtic, has had his say;

“We want to show the people we aren’t just a one-off after what we did last year in the competition,”

“We want to do it again. For all the boys, it was one of the biggest things they achieved in their career so far and we all want to repeat that.

“Of course, it’s always good to go back and play in Sweden and I want to see Swedish teams do well in Europe because it’s good for football in the country, but obviously this time I only want Celtic to go through in the tie.”

“Elfsborg are a good team with really good footballers who want to play football on the ground,”

“Their pressing is also good and they want to play good football. They also have a very good home record.

“It’s really important to get a good first result. We want to get a good clean sheet at Parkhead as we know how important away goals are.

“You don’t want to think too much about it but it’s our home pitch and we want to go and attack as well.”

This time last year it was Helsingborg who faced Celtic, and with the way the Champions League is set up these days, it could well be that the match between the champions of the two countries could become a regular feature.

Hibernian also faced Swedish opposition last week in the Europa League, well, actually they didn’t face them, more sort of turned around and looked away as the Swedes inflicted a heavy defeat on the Edinburgh side, and this has sounded warning bells for Celtic not to take Elfsborg lightly.

There shouldn’t be any reason to take the Swedish champions lightly, except possibly the fact that they have on loan Celtic misfit Mo Bangura as their main goalscoring threat, but he does appear to be doing a job for them, which is a surprise to most of us. Even more of a surprise is the fact that the job he is doing for them is actually on the pitch. So, predictably, they want him to play. He is eligible, and no-one at Celtic thought of a clause to prevent what is truly an awful situation for the striker.

This was compounded when an SSN reporter asked him a few times for his thoughts. Bangura refused to talk about it, and eventually an aide pushed the reporter away, so obviously the forward is troubled by the scenario.

Some might say that Bangura is not really a threat, as if he was any good then he’d be at Celtic. Whilst its totally different circumstances, There would have been a few Chelsea fans thinking the same had they been forced to line up against a Chris Sutton inspired fporward line had Celtic drawn their club a few years ago.

Bangura shouldn’t worry us, but he shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

So , what do we know about Elfsborg ?

IF Elfsborg

Official website

Ălgårdsvägen 32
506 30

  • League table
  • Half-time
  • Wide
  • Form
  • Over/under
  • Attendance
# Team MP W D L F A D P Last 5 matches H2H
1 Previous rank: 2 Helsingborg 17 11 4 2 39 13 +26 37 WWWDL
2 Previous rank: 1 Malmö FF 17 9 5 3 31 20 +11 32 LWWLW
3 AIK 17 9 5 3 29 18 +11 32 WWWDW
4 IFK Göteborg 17 8 5 4 25 18 +7 29 LLDWW
5 Elfsborg 17 7 7 3 30 16 +14 28 DDLWL
6 Kalmar 17 7 7 3 21 14 +7 28 DWWDW
7 Åtvidaberg 17 8 3 6 22 18 +4 27 DLWWW
8 Mjällby 17 7 4 6 29 24 +5 25 DWDDL
9 Previous rank: 10 Norrköping 16 6 4 6 24 25 -1 22 WDWLD
10 Previous rank: 9 Häcken 17 6 2 9 21 26 -5 20 LLLWW
11 Previous rank: 12 Gefle 17 3 8 6 19 26 -7 17 WDLDD
12 Previous rank: 11 Djurgården 16 4 4 8 12 27 -15 16 LLWDD
13 Halmstad 17 2 8 7 15 25 -10 14 DLDWL
14 Öster 17 3 5 9 14 25 -11 14 DLDLL
15 Brommapojkarna 17 3 5 9 18 36 -18 14 DWLLL
16 Syrianska FC 17 2 4 11 14 32 -18 10 DLLLL

And the squad ?

30 years old
Appearances 16 Goal 0
28 years old
Appearances 2 Goal 0
19 years old
Appearances 0 Goal 0
17 years old
Appearances 0 Goal 0
25 years old
Appearances 0 Goal 0
30 years old
Appearances 4 Goal 0
32 years old
Appearances 0 Goal 0
30 years old
Appearances 8 Goal 0
23 years old
Appearances 17 Goal 3
33 years old
Appearances 1 Goal 0
21 years old
Appearances 10 Goal 1
35 years old
Appearances 14 Goal 0
22 years old
Appearances 1 Goal 0
25 years old
Appearances 14 Goal 3
24 years old
Appearances 7 Goal 0
37 years old
Appearances 15 Goal 0
21 years old
Appearances 16 Goal 1
20 years old
Appearances 7 Goal 0
28 years old
Appearances 10 Goal 1
23 years old
Appearances 9 Goal 0
31 years old
Appearances 16 Goal 1
22 years old
Appearances 16 Goal 3
20 years old
Appearances 0 Goal 0
19 years old
Appearances 0 Goal 0
31 years old
Appearances 14 Goal 6
  D. Elm
30 years old
Appearances 8 Goal 0
27 years old
Appearances 15 Goal 4
24 years old
Appearances 17 Goal 5
20 years old
Appearances 0 Goal 0



The other question is how do these guys play their football ? What can we expect from them ? And why are there so many players called Larsson in that team. Thats what worries me.

Probably the best analysis of how they will play-in that he never once calls them “Swedish cracks ” – comes from tictactic, which is worth a read. Then, at the game tonight you can sit with your pals and tell them in a smug, satisfied voice how the game will go, who the dangermen are and combined with the stats above on this page, you could find yourself elevated to a new level of popularity amongst your peers.


To be fair, though, its a very good read.


This game has kind of snuck up on us, as they say across the Atlantic, mainly because Peter Lawwell has been on a European road trip armed with the clubs debit card.

Boerrigter has already arrived, and yesterday, from a decent source, we heard that Celtic are about to break their own transfer record.

So, is it true ?

Well, its true that we heard it.

The favourite to join up is Alfred Finnbogasson, and one story ids that he will join if Elfsborg are beaten in the UCL. That doesn’t make a great deal of sense, as victory over the Swedes doesn’t guarantee a thing.

Wolves have denied the reported £500,000 bid for Kevin Doyle, which was to be expected. Our bids are being blocked by the girl on reception.


An SSN reporter threw the name of Joe Ledley to Cardiff boss Malky Mackay when trying to gues who Cardiff were looking to sign. Mackay threw it straight back at him. Mackay being straightforward and honest there. Comes from a good background, you see.

Then there is the tale of Kelvin Wilson. Lennon thinks that he is Nottingham Forrest are trying to unsettle him. Wonder what their managers background is ? Lennon was asked outright if he thought Forrest were at it;

“Absolutely. I have spoken to him about it. (Wilson )

“I obviously don’t want him to go. I want him to at least play in the Champions League qualifiers and be as professional as he can.

“But there is no doubt there is something naughty going on.

“It doesn’t make me happy, because we don’t do that type of thing.

“I don’t know where it is coming from. But as soon as the bid was made on Friday, it was out on BBC East Midlands about 20 minutes later. That’s not the way you do things.

“The last couple of  games Kelvin has played, he has been excellent. He is being as professional as he can. These are edgy situations, where a player might have his head turned.

On the bid itself, Lennon scoffed at the offer.


” I think he’s worth more than that. Look, we don’t put prices on players but £1.5m is well short of our valuation and what we think of him.
“I don’t want to reassess anything. I want him here, I want him here and I want him happy. I just need to do a bit of work on him.

“In the meantime he will be in the squad for the Elfsborg game. He has trained well and has been playing well, and he looks OK.

“But obviously there is something going on, people trying to ruffle his feathers a little bit.”

Wilson’s family have remained in England following his move to Celtic and Lennon knows that could be a lure to return to the club he left for the Hoops two years ago.

But Lennon will pull out all the stops to keep him at the club.

He said: “We have to do all we can to convince him to stay. I’d like to think he would want to stay, but I can’t say.

“His home and family are in Nottingham and that’s a big lure for him. Some people down the road know that and are using it.

“I’ve got plenty of central defenders, which was an area we needed to improve and bulk up on. But as far as Kelvin goes, he is still my number one centre-half. Having lost Victor and Gary, I certainly don’t want to lose any more players.

“Roy Hodgson was very complimentary about him after the Juventus game.

“I think he is a top, top player. People have different views on him at times but I think we saw what he’s all about last year. ”

I once decided to nip over to Nottingham on a bender-which, according to the banned words list issued by Liverpool FC, is not something any of them will be doing any time soon- and can’t work out why anyone would want to live there. It was a right to-do just getting back to the train station.

true grit


So, if Celtic cannot get into the English set up, is this another idea-simply move the players down there one at a time ?

Lennon has said there have been other offers for players, such as Forster, Matthews, Ledley, and Samaras, and we are now seeing the wisdom of encouraging Lawwell to take a few days off…

Anyway, the game tonight isn’t on tv, so google will have to be your friend. Alternatively, its only twenty quid to get in tonight, so if you are close by , get down and have a night out at the football.

The club want everyone down there early to pick up any uncollected tickets, so take a pal with you and get him one as well. Get behind the team and swell the crowd ( if thats actually legal )

Look , if Peter is going daft with the club debit card, he might read this and send me some money.

As ever, prior to European games-C’mon the Hoops.

Couple of chuckles from yesterdays picture, and today, does anyone remember this guy ?