Silence of the Sevconians

I’m getting a wee bit bored with it. And it takes a lot to bore me with slagging the artist formerly known as Rangers. In the last week Celtic has signed a quality striker in Miku and a Nigerian international who could provide the dominant partner for Mulgrew that we have been crying out for. These two as well as a couple of new members to add to the squad as well. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, we have the small matter of an ECL group containing Barcelona, Benfica and Spartak Moscow.

But Twitter has been more aflame with slagging Sevco for their players leaving, their almost botching of the Templeton signing and the fact that The Rangers are, well, plain shite.

We know they are. They are a comedy outfit with a clown for a manager and an equally substance free CEO who is the process of taking their club on the kind of ride that got their former incarnation into the mess that became the prelude to their history ending event; their proverbial giant meteor.

But, a growing side-effect in the fall out from the celebratory cataclysm has been to see Celtic fans become so obsessed with the machinations of the SFA, Sevco and the media that we are in danger of forgetting what supporting your own team is about.

In our frenzy to laugh at the misfortune of the Govan faithful we have potentially failed to hold our own club to account. I have too have been guilty of this. It reached its nadir for me when on transfer deadline day the amount of tweets, texts and emails I got about what was happening at Mordor outstripped the same concern for Celtic’s activities.

By fuelling this ‘them & us’ mindset we are in danger of doing more than anyone in the MSM in keeping the O** F*** tag alive. In our desperation to point out they are dead we are acting as a web based defibrillator keeping the faint heartbeat of a ghastly institution pumping like an asthmatic metronome, but pump it does.

They can claim to be our rivals if they want. The Rangers v Celtic. But if we apply the ‘new club with new history logic’ they have no more right to claim a rivalry with us than Annan Athletic or Forres Mechanics. Maybe when we start playing each other and the enmity builds that rivalry can be claimed as true, but for now let them wallow in the frozen wastes of the SFL3. It is a place where away wins are hard to come by and the reality of the season ahead is starting to hit home.

Concentrate on Celtic I say. We need to celebrate our successes like qualifying for the ECL and for what could be a mildly successful transfer window. At the same time we need to make sure Lawwell and Desmond know that we, the Celtic faithful, accept that our club should be run prudently but with a firm focus on retaining quality, growing quality and finding quality. The balance sheet is only one side of a successful Celtic. The others are a club playing with the pride, passion and style that we espouse in Willie Maley and one that gives as much to the community as it takes.

Let’s talk about Celtic more. Yes, it is fine to laugh at Rangers (as was) and their laughable follow-up, but not to the detriment of supporting your own team. If and when the new club gets up to playing at a standard that allows them to exist in the same league as us we can worry about them, but for the time being, the biggest slur we could pay The Rangers from here on is to simply ignore them as irrelevant.

It’s a fine line to cross when you prefer to hate another than to love your own. That’s what did it for Anakin Skywalker, let’s not take our wonderful club down the same path.