Celtic diary Thursday July 4

Celtic diary Thursday July 4

Premier Sports were forced to hire more staff this morning after being swamped with calls complaining that the £1 special offer for two months viewing was way over the top after Celtic supporters tuned in to watch the Sevastopol game last night.

Lennons lions lost 1-0 after Fraser Forster realised the Alan Sugar show was on in a minute, and whilst his mind was elsewhere, a cunning free kick squirmed underneath him to give the Ukranians the win.

Still, we did get to see the front pairing of A. Balde and T. Watt, which amused those of us who snigger at that sort of thing. Youngsters Darnell Fisher and Liam Henderson got a start, while Calum Waters, Paul George, and Bahrudin Atajic all joined in later. Virgil van Dijk joined Steven Mouyokolo at the heart of the defence, and that meant for anyone watching, it was a more than worthwhile excercise.

Celtic Tv are also covering the games, which gives the diary a chance to say something positive about Celtic, ( Look, I didn’t know. ) but the Premier Sports deal is worth considering. As long as you cancel it after the tour is finished. Which involves a long, long call at premium rates. So use someone elses phone.

Generally, as ever with these type of games, everyone looked rusty, the youngsters tried their hearts out, and the result doesn’t matter. Though the new guys did show a bit of promise.

Just a good job Crewe and Sevastopol aren’t in the qualifiers , really.

Speaking of which, the BBC will be showing the Cliftonville first leg, hopefully setting a precedent to cover the other qualifiers, although it does mean that Mark Lawrenson could be giving his expert, well informed opinions on the game.

Anyway, it looks like Neil Lennon has been impressed enough with Steven Mouyokolo , as according to SSN, he is ready to offer a one year deal to the defender;

” We have liked Mouyokolo for a long time. He’s had a few injury problems, but has come on trial and impressed. Things have been agreed more or less. He’s done a medical and we are just waiting on reports coming back, and if everything is okay, we’ll go ahead with it. ”
Lennon has also targeted a couple of left sided players, and with two central defenders already in, one has to wonder where this leaves Charlie Mulgrew. The big fellow has done nothing wrong-apart from that tattoo-and must be wondering where he fits in next season. There is a bit of ruthlessness showing in the manager which maybe wasn’t apparent before, but that can only be good for the club. At the very least, it will mean that everyone will raise their game a bit.

Victor Wanyamas dad has taken over the spokesman role for his son, after agent Ivan Modia managed to make an arse of himself. With Cardiff and Southampton so far the only serious bidders, Noah Wanyama has given us his thoughts;

”  My son will make a sober decision. Be patient, he will make a decision in the coming days. I have talked to him, and while I am not going to interfere in any way with his decision about his future, it is my place to advise him. ”

Which to the untrained eye, reads as

“He’ll do as he is bloody told. ”


There have been leaked pictures of the new away top all over the interweb, which suggest that we weren’t too far away with our predictions. This is the top;


This is what we thought we thought it would be;


We weren’t that far out.

The new strip on display in last nights game didn’t look as bad as originally feared, but will still take some getting used to. It just sort of looks , well, silly, as though someone has just thought “we need something different, this is different, so lets do it.” But as long as the players can pick it out in a crowded midfield, it’ll do.

The SPFL -or whatever they are called, have chosen Neil Doncaster as the man to lead them into a brave new world. Which says all you need to know about this exciting new set up that kicks in next season. David Longmuir is reported to be privately seething, which will interest those at Ibrox looking for influential staff. Longmuir is reportedly set to trouser a bonus of £100,000, which says everything you need to know about the exciting new set up etc, etc.

That bonus would keep a lower league team stable for a long time, which only proves that the people running the game haven’t got a clue about life on the shop floor.

Someone else who hasn’t got a clue is Ally McCoist, manager of the leagues newest club, Sevco/ Rangers FC International   , I think thats what they are called.

After revealing the signing of a new ultra modern, top of the range coach, the club were forced to clarify it was , in fact a motor vehicle, and not a new manager they were getting in, much to the delight of tims everywhere. McCoist has been “grilled ” by James Traynor on Rangers TV in an attempt to shift more season books-they are struggling, by all accounts- and to give the manager a chance to rally the hordes behind him. He should be careful-the only place you can stab someone in the back is from behind.

McCoist , predictably, mentioned the 141 years of history, the adventure, the new signings and the possibility of winning a cup, whilst Traynor admitted he was wrong, and they are , in fact, the same club, and it was all very predictable really.

Looks like they are drowning, and just waving their arms about to see if anyone notices, or cares.

Now, on a different subject, this weekend sees a massive fifty seven Orange walks take place in Glasgow.

Traditionally an outlet for members of the Orange Lodge, a minority but influential society who wear sashes, bowler hats and breed ugly women, these marches cause chaos on the streets of the city, and a petition is being made to councillor Gordon Mathieson, which needs your support.

Heres the link. you know what to do.


Of course, none of this would be neccessary if we could just close catholic schools….


Still the best t-shirt in the etims store-although there are a few crackers..

With that shameless plug we move on to yesterdays quiz, in which George Connelly gave his views on the modern day footballer.

Today, which legend spoke of playing for Celtic in this unusual way?

” Before a game, I always tell myself that it will hurt and that it should hurt. I know that i am strong, that I am stronger than them. Even if it hurst, it is going to hurt the opposition even more. ”