Wee Willie Wonka’s Paradise

Pedro’s secret plan involved many duplicitus methods.
He deliberately misled the ticketholders,  asking them to provide the smoking gun for him to use.
Not only did they provide the smoking gun, they also provided the bullets, fingerprints and DNA. He then knowingly presented this evidence in the full knowledge it would be inadmissible because of the 5WA, which he claimed to have not seen which was subsequently exposed as not true.
All these FACTS are freely available for all to read on res12.uk
We even got to the position, after the Craig Green&WhyteTrial (Where even more evidence of the corruption was produced in public), where the SFA were forced to instigate an Inquiry and brought charges against the perpetrators.
These were all dropped by virtue of the 5WA, that those who brought the charges were the authors of.
Talk about incestual Machiavellian machinations.
Even their lies are lies.
We now find ourselves in a situation where Peter and his friends at the 2020 AGM, have rejected the ticketholders Resolutions on the basis of. “trust us we will look into this further down the line”.
 At which point we had those committee driven Bhoys & Ghirls of the Tryst who voted against Pedro and his friends and calling for public and CASH support to fight the cause.
But wait a minute.
Despite public proclamations of supporting Res11, they in “Committee” decided Volte-face describing Res11 as “futile and pointless”.
We are now left in a situation where Pedro and his friends(PLC) are saying trust us we will continue the fight.
The Tryst refusing to take up this gauntlet and hold them to account because they say it is futile and pointless.
Yes that’s right folks.
Evidential corruption in Scottish Football is not a priority of either Pedro and his friends nor the Tryst.
This is why we currently have unbridled corruption because the perpetrators know there will be no repercussions because of the above.
How can this happen, you might ask?
Well the current new entity that are at the top of the league are operating under a warning by their own Auditors of “significant doubt as a going concern”.
Not only this they are behind again with their taxes.
They have NEVER made a profit since they came into being.
They are £24m short on surviving the current year.
Sound familiar?
So when I say: Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination, I am actually saying. No imagination needed, these are FACTS.
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4 months ago

Ever been wth a woman?

4 months ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

no but Ive been up one

4 months ago
Reply to  Iancelt67


Cole Burns
4 months ago

As far as I am aware, and have experienced in business, tax is only due on profits.

Celtic used to be (comically) accused of avoiding tax by giving false attendance figures, thus lowering their profits.

So how can sevco be due tax other than VAT and NICs if they have never ever made a profit?

4 months ago
Reply to  Cole Burns

NICs? which planet are you from

4 months ago

The hun digest

4 months ago

It will be VAT is my guess,although HMRC usually are very reluctant to offer any Phoenix companies time to pay arrangements. The deal will have been made with HMRC in Scotland, however when sevco inevitably miss a payment,the matter will eventually be referred down south ,which was the case in 2012…..

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