October_And_On_and_On – Etims Podcast

October eh?

Well These words from Bono and the Lhads sum it up well..

And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care?
And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on and on

  • Hector, Desi, Monty and Ralph Malph aka George Roper get together to discuss the month of October and into November.
  • What was that exactly?
  • Will we truly ever know?
  • How can we see hope then no hope then hope then no hope in the space of a weeks games
  • What can we do to fix whats wrong and what if anything is right at present?
  • What lies ahead and just who will be the last Manager standing come the end of the season?

All this and more, including “Stoke Chic” wallpaper discussions and worth it just for the U2 outro within this latest podcast episode.

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14 days ago

lennon out!

14 days ago
Reply to  bgbhoy

What are you talking about?

From a complete root and branch culture change being required after Thursday to “we’ve managed a mini-crisis well” after Sunday, according to the manager.

He’s completely convinced me.

14 days ago
Reply to  The Cha

Cha… have you been charmed by his wit and guile and his boyish looks?????? 🙂

13 days ago
Reply to  Weered

Obviously all of that.

13 days ago

Just waiting on the when…

Shall The Rangers be the new Invincibles

sevconians, come out and play-ay.

The hun heat is on.

13 days ago

Find the door Neil and you will find the matrix of Leadership.
We want what is in your Celts brain.

Albian brought Dallas to the fore. It is time the other 10 follow suit.

13 days ago
Reply to  portpower


13 days ago


gremlin 3..jpg
12 days ago

Great podcast again. I think both Lennon and Gerrard will be gone in the summer regardless of who wins the league. NL if he wins 10 retires as a legend, Gerrard will get “resigned” If they win the title Gerrard goes to England with a big reputation and NL leaves having been a 9 in a row manager and a treble winner.

Malcolm Content
11 days ago
Reply to  Obz

Cud be right about the departure of both both managers. The big difference is Gerrard will get another job as a manager whereas Lennon will be lucky to get the gig at Radio Clyde Superscoreboard as the standby pundit.

11 days ago

A man who has never kicked, headed or passed a football in many years, becomes a National hero. He achieves something no other man has done in over 22 years. In years to come his name will be written large in the Nations football annuls. This despite his employers, the Nations ruling bodies, overseeing the Scottish game with a secret agreement and with a department that officiates the game, while at the same time being members of a secret society. ‘All the pieces, bits and pieces’.

10 days ago

McKenna ? making an arse of himself at Forest, not at that or our level. Gallagher ?, kicking everything that moves, particularly Celtic players. Loan Welsh out to Aberdeen ‘to develop’ ! what, under Mc Innes ? The boy been there since aged twelve, made every grade including internationally then you loan him to the ever under achieving Sheep.
What is the point of developing youths to first team to then do that with them ?

9 days ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

Spot on.
Before Duffy kicked a ball would those now dismissing him have chosen McKenna over him?
As for Welsh has done very little wrong any time he’s been called upon but he is still very much in Development in regards holding down a regular spot at Celtic.
He’s also had to drop into games this Season that perhaps were a bit too much of a step up in terms of quality against some decent sides.
Though this won’t be bad thing in the long run.
Having a fit Jullien,Ajer,Bitton,Elhamed And Duffy available would have allowed Lenny to bed Duffy into a settled backline and therefore made it easier on Duffy.
Same with Barkas he’s had to come in behind a makeshift defence most games given the issues we have had with injury,transfers and Covid.
I think if we are to sign players then we really should be targeting the quality of the likes of Jullien in the market instead of the cheaper options.
Having watched Aberdeen over the past few years I wouldn’t have said McKenna was any better than either Considine or Taylor for them.
They can all be solid bit all have a mistake in them as do most CB’s in the price range we tend to shop in.
There is a bit of a dearth in quality Central Defenders at the moment and the ones who are noticeably better tend to go for money we just can’t afford.
Be good to see us develop a few and then like W.esh they come through and make the grade at the Club.

9 days ago

According to further reports Celtic are waiting on the Government to decide on both Ajer and Elyounoussi?
Very strange given that neither player was in contact with the player who tested positive.
Thought it worth a mention given no one else on here picked up on it or indeed thought to mention it.

Hopefully neither will be affected by any new strange rulings from either the SFA or Government.


9 days ago
Reply to  Duncan

Alex Rae (BT Sports)
Re: Norwegian players returning to Bundesliga clubs – Haaland. Sörloth, Jarstein. Several German & Norwegian sources reporting if they were to play for their clubs this weekend it would be a violation of Norway quarantine rules potentially carrying fines & even prison under Norway law.
“By way of an example, @sportschau is reporting that this would therefore also apply in Germany. Players had to agree to this before being released. Would assume similar for, eg Celtic players in Scotland. More to come no doubt.
“Kicker now reporting that BVB for example are relatively relaxed about this & feel that upon completion of a 3rd negative test Haaland (who has apparently had 2 already) can get back to business. They feel German rules on this supersede those of Norway.
“Fans tend to back their clubs to the hilt on these matters. But if your government releases you from quarantine & attaches conditions, isn’t it on you as a national of that country to abide by those conditions, as a national of that country? In a pandemic? At least morally?”

Looks like we will be without Ajer amd Elyounoussi…Could this Season get any worse regards players not being eligible to play for Celtic?

9 days ago

Given the other thread is closed for comment:
Celtic have spent aprox £35m in the Market since Neil Lennons return.
We have sold over £30m worth (Undisclosed approx £5m) and released the following players:
Forster Gordon deVries
Lustig Gamboa Bauer Tierney Izaguirre Miller
Boyata Šimunović Commper
Mulumbu Kouassi Benyu Allan
Sinclair Hayes Morgan

In essence we have shifted on a great deal of experienced players and replaced with young developing talent.
The experience
d players we have brought in are making a difference bar Duffy at the moment.
Far too early to make any calls on these guys given the injury/Covid issues we have had up to this point as these guys are either dropping into a non settled defence as is the case for Barkas and Duffy amd also behind better more senior players as is the case for Turnbull,Klimala and Soro.
The figures above are based solely on reported figures and may or may not be 100% accurate.
However they will be with £5m I should think either way.

9 days ago

On the claim we will lose this League by 15 points (based on nothing more than conjecture or personal angst) we currently sit on 29 points from 12 Games.
Here were the League positions in the previous 4 after 12 games:

9 days ago
Reply to  Duncan


9 days ago
Reply to  Duncan


9 days ago
Reply to  Duncan

9 days ago
Reply to  Duncan

The 2angers have evidently improved over the past 4 Seasons whilst we have had a slight dip.
Given the circumstances facing us so far that Season this is unsurprising.
We can and will improve this Season.
They can only get worse.


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