Celtic Diary Thursday October 15: Situation Quite Insane

It’s been almost a week since the last diary, and quite a few interesting, and events seem to have undertaken a surreal twist.


There’s no need to go over them in any great detail, suffuce to say those Celtic players who have got Covid 19, Biton, el Hamed and Edouard, are not Scottish and therefore we cannot blame the SFA for it, but not to be outdone, Ryan Christie is in isolation after the SFA made him sit next to Stuart Armstrong on the team bus.


Calum MacGregor and Greg Taylor have been steam cleaning themselves all week, and James Forrest , who would have been in the Scotland squad, is in isolation anyway after his dodgy ankle finally gave way.


The Forrest ankle is interesting, as it seems as with Keiran Tierney, players are still encouraged to play through injury, after being given two paracetomol and a can of Red Bull.


There are , as yet, no more reports of infections, but even as things stand, Celtic will be without five internationals when the league resumes on Saturday.


Thats unless there’s any paracetomol and Red Bull left, that is.


On Saturday, which is the day I reach 55 a full 55 years before our opponents that day will, Celtic face “rangers ” in the first Glasgow derby, the Old versus the New, and following on from the media A -Z of clubs in the hunt for Colombian enigma- (you can’t say that word -Ed ) Alfredo Morelos, the laptop loyal have now searched their archives for former Ibrox employees who have dutifully given their views on how the Gerrard Juggernaut will roll over the top of plague ridden Celtic and put their world to rights.



You’d think they’d have learned by now, but when you consider they still peddle the same club myth, and deny the institutional corruption n the game, its not really a surprise.


This desperation for the new Rangers to semalessly pick up where the old lot left off is the major stumbling block when it comes to getting corporate sponsorship for the Scottish football, and until some wire brushes and dettol are used to clean it up, the situation will remain the same.


Anyhoo, a short video on the media ahead of a big game, courtesy of Tam Sellics son on Twitter…





Over at the Sun, they took a slightly different angle….



Anti-bigotry charity slams ‘moronic’ firm for pin badge featuring Rangers kitman Jimmy Bell


ANTI-bigotry campaigners have branded a company selling a pin badge depicting Rangers kit man Jimmy Bell holding aloft what appears to be Celtic manager Neil Lennon’s severed head as ‘utterly moronic’.

A firm called Teddy Bear Pins which also markets pin badges of retro images of Ibrox icons such as Graeme Souness, Ally McCoist and Paul Gascoigne has been displaying a limited edition badge featuring the image as the hours tick down to the first Old Firm derby of 2020 on Saturday lunchtime.



A screen grab of the pin badge which some will no doubt find offensive



Anti-sectarianism charity Nil By Mouth are appalled by the inflammatory nature of the design, which some are sure to find offensive.

Director David Scott told SunSport: “This is utterly moronic and you have to wonder about the mental state of the individual who designed this grotesque badge.

“I’d urge them to take the page and image down immediately and donate any money raised from sales to a hospice so some good might come from such abject stupidity.”

A spokesperson for Teddy Bear Pins last night called Nil By Mouth’s comments “laughable” and insisted the design wasn’t sectarian at all.

They said: “Nil By Mouth should concentrate on sectarianism and not our pins which if you pay any attention to are not sectarian in any way.”  



Of course, The Sun didn’t bother condemning it themselves , nor the comments from the badge makers, instead what they have done is publicise the merchandise and therefore present it to a wider audience, and predictably they left out the history between the more extreme Ibrox support and Neil Lennon.


I’m surprised they didn’t find someone to blame it on catholic schools.


Oh, hang on….

While both of the Glasgow giants have worked hard in attempts to rid themselves of sectarian baggage, only this year Scottish broadcaster Archie Macpherson for one said the atmosphere among rival sets of Celtic and Rangers fans is as bitter as ever.

That doesn’t mean that he subscribes to the theory that the matches are so poisonous they should be banned – merely that all parties should continue to “grapple” with bigotry going forward.

MacPherson said: “In terms of attitude and mentality, not one bit has changed.

“Why? Because, we separate each other at the age of five. That’s not the sole cause of enmity and hatred but in my view it’s a handicap.

“The ‘them and us’ divisions still exist in our society.  



Archie, here’s a message for you..


Fuck off! : SuccessionTV



Later today, I’ll be burning his excellent biography of Jock Stein, as I think the Big Man would want nothing further to do with him, given his dislike of bigotry.


Not to be outdone in the promotional stakes, the Record came back with this….


Rangers fans finally get their wish as Castore must-have item becomes available

The orange top with vertical black lines after been sought after since fans were handed a glimpse earlier this summer.


Rangers supporters are rejoicing after the club made their eye-catching training top available to buy on their official website.

The orange top with vertical black lines has been sought after since fans were handed a glimpse earlier this summer when manufacturers Castore presented their big sell.

Rangers fans have been waiting patiently but can now finally purchase the top on the club’s website at a price of £42.00.

Castore will be hoping to move on in the wake of their grovelling apology to the Ibrox faithful after quality control issues with kits and other branded items back in August.



“eye catching “….not thought provoking, not a sign that the club are desperately pandering to the lowest common denominator in their support with an outrageously anti Catholic and anti Irish in a bid to raise money because no one wants to buy their over rated players, players that include their captain and top scorer who wanted out of that cesspit, one of whom is black and the other a catholic.



Of course, it all comes to a head on Saturday.


The pretence that somehow this game is between two titans of not only Scottish football, but European and world football.


Sky TV will do their bit, the print media are already doing theirs, and yet with no crowd in the stadium, there will be a distinct lack of “Get intae they fenian  bastards ” or “Thats a fucking penalty the dirty taig pig ”


Unless, of course, the tv companies wire up referee “Cheatin ” John Beaton….



In yet another insane situation unique to Scottish football, John Beaton, …this john Beaton…


Chris Sutton: If online pub pics are valid, John Beaton's guilty of 'sheer  stupidity' | Glasgow Times




Whether or not Beaton is actually a “rangers ” fan is irrelevant.


There is a perception that he is, and that makes it impossible for him to remain impartial on Saturday.


Last time out, as was documneted in the diary, we saw how mainstream media works when Andy Newport, an old school chum of Beatons, released a PA statement that Beaton had received abusive and threatening texts, which resulted in charges to a coupe of offenders.


Quite how they got his number was never investigated, or if they knew him in any way.


The original press release led to an escalation in the severity of the threats, which suddenly, and without evidence became life threatening, and all we then read were peoples opinions on death threats, whilst ignoring the fact that there were a couple of abusive texts, wrong, but not serious threats that required the police protection that came for the referee, who clearly wasn;t taking them seriously himself, otherwise he;d have had to move to a safe house.


Of course, that particular storm far outweighed the storm when bombs and bullets went to Neil Lennon, as bizarrely he had brought it on himself, the severity of that situation was brought home to me in a moment of sincerity from CEO Peter Lawwell who outlined the stress of not knowing what was in each letter that came to Celtic Park, and who would open it.



The gross irresponsibility of the media in highlighting the bigotry behind orange tops and closing catholic schools is shameful, and an example of why they aren;t taken seriously any more.


But it sells papers, not as much as they’d like, but its all they’ve got as their piss poor editors and hacks aren’t capable of producing anything constructive.


That and promoting the kind of hatred of our manager that led , in the past, to the bombs and bullets scenario.



So, I for one, won;t be watching on Saturday.


Even though it’s my birthday, and even though the pubs in Stoke are still open.


I really couldn’t give a toss about the “history ” of this fixture, because there isn’t any.

It’s just another three points on the way to ten in a row.



Just an endless parade of fuckwits and bigots who want there to be, as it hides their own professional ineptitude when it comes to reporting the truth






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1 month ago

Well it was worth waiting for Ralph well said.

1 month ago

I concur. Latest ‘legend’ to chip in is Peter Mc Cloy. Trumpesque.

Bobby Russell
1 month ago

Caption. Somebody’s nicked the photie for the caption competition. Probably the same kent that stole the diary entries since last Friday.

Ralph Malph
1 month ago
Reply to  Bobby Russell

I tried tovote this up and it went down. Sorry

1 month ago
Reply to  Ralph Malph

IT guy still furloughed?? Perhaps having seen how annoying it is you may be prompted to take action??
Happy Birthday when it comes Ralph, do hope you get a nice wee birthday surprise of three more points in the bag! Have a great day and remember FACTS (or is that only in Scotland:-) )

1 month ago
Reply to  Bobby Russell

Brilliant 🙂 I vote this for the non-caption winner!!

sfa unfit for purpose
1 month ago
Reply to  Christina

Is that our Achilles Heel , Tims are no good at IT

1 month ago

Last few days been a real drag so welcome back and have a very Happy Birthday and may life bring you all youcould wish for along with at least a 3-1 hun skelping and a red card for beaton. HH!

Bobby Russell
1 month ago

Ah, Peter McCloy. The Gibran Shitehoose

Bobby Russell
1 month ago


Dziekanowski's nightclub child
1 month ago

Hail, Hail!

Fred Rodgers
1 month ago

This pandemic has brought the parlous state of the Scottish game into sharp focus for me. I didn’t renew our season books, knowing I could get tickets, for a couple of the fifty or sixty empty ones within a ten yard radius of where we sat, for any league game bar sevco. I’m sixty five and used to look forward to the ‘big’ games. Where are the big games now ?

Alan Ryan
1 month ago

Surely if its ‘just another three points on the way to ten in a row”, would that not be a good reason to look at it ?

1 month ago

I refuse to watch these games an usually make a point of taking the family away from the toxic culture that surrounds this fixture. It’s 3 points against a plucky cash strapped 8 year old club.

1 month ago

Hail Hail to charlie hope you are keeping well.

1 month ago
Reply to  Duncan

On my wall, there hangs my team,
The best team that’s ever been. # The Lisbon Lions For Chico.

football collection 1.jpg
1 month ago

Nil by mouth are a joke.
Should be sent packing.
Saturday is the second real test of the season. The first one we lost in the champions league please don’t fail us in this Celtic.
I will be watching and cheering the bhoys from the safety of the house,and will be raising a glass to you Ralph and the Bhoys at the final whistle. All the best when it comes hope all the tims across the globe will be celebrating along with you.

Owen Mullions
1 month ago

Good article, Ralph, (site layout’s still shit though). Auld Erchie wasn’t so worried about ‘segregation’ when he joined BBC Scotland’s sports team in the 60s under the leadership then of ‘Blue Peter’ Thompson – a man notorious for his refusal to employ any of those pesky Catholics in his department.

1 month ago

Mike!! That looks suspiciously like a man cave for the game on Saturday???

1 month ago
Reply to  Bgbhoy

Yes, I will be self isolating on Saturday, in my Covid and Hun free manhole!

football collection 2.jpg
1 month ago
Reply to  Mike

Was Bonny Prince Charlie the first Trans- Man, well he did dress up as Flora.
Hooh aah, Hooh aah,
Do you hear that sound?
That’ s the sound of the men working on the stain gang,
Working on the stain gang,
Hooh aah, Hooh aah,
That’s the sound of the bhoy’s loud and proud,
Hooh aah, Hooh aah,
The bhoy’s singing loud and proud.
Hooh aah, Hooh aah.

por cierto
1 month ago

Happy Birthday ET! Lang may yer lum reek!

1 month ago

Sometimes, I think a 4-4-2 would benefit us. Or a 4-3-3 to oppose Sevco’s usual 4-3-3. They have dominated us in the midfield before and we need to counter that.


I really want Grffiths in there. He knows what the fixture means.

1 month ago
Reply to  Devoy45

I’m not sure Eddy will start, given tomorrow will be the first time he’s trained since St Johnstone game.

Also fitness doubts over Julien (hasn’t played in a month but back in training, not sure if that’s full contact) and Rogic (not played a lot in a long time, so more of an impact sub).

I’d expect Ajeti, if fit, and Klimala to be involved at some stage also.

1 month ago

Caption: John beaton pictured after the sun whitewashes his performance on Saturday

Rob O'Keeffe
1 month ago

I don’t care if it was their children that we are playing against,I’ll be watching and hoping Griff sticks it to them.It might even be on cooncil tv.I had to laugh at Wee Krankie telling us not to go to Blackpool to watch the game,yeah Wee forgetful Nic,that was the first place I thought of to go to see the game.C’mon Celtic! Show them who rules Scottish football.Hail Hail…..

Uibh fhaili
1 month ago

Archie must have went to a catholic school . Years ago he was after dinner speaker at sandyhills golf club awards night (he was on the waiting list to become a member there ) . At the end of the night full of free drinks the bold Archie jumped on a table and belted out the sash. His name was taken off the waiting list as even sandyhills we’re getting embarrassed at been associated with that type of thing

1 month ago
Reply to  Uibh fhaili

I’ve told this story on another site so apologies if you’ve heard it. Back in the days of Scotsport on STV, Jim White and Graeme Spiers were discussing ‘sectarianism’. Jim told us a heartrending tale of how he was separated from his timmy pals at the age of 5 and how this could only lead to bigotry in later life. ‘And is that why you became a bigot?’ asked Spiers. Cue a furious denial from Jim! ‘So what are you talking about then?’ said Spiers. Clearly only Catholic schools produced bigots according to the bold Jim!

Uibh fhaili
1 month ago

Oh and a very happy birthday

1 month ago

Hi and welcome to Monday. Separate Catholic schools are inneficient and judging by the demographics of mass largely attended by the children of utter hypocrites. Mixed campus’ are efficient where separate RE and religious ceremonies observed (including Muslims, Seikhs etc – aye remember them the Irish diapora of our time), that form more cohesive communities and are in line with ecumenism as espoused by more enlightened Christians, laregely, but not solely, based on the ecumenism of the Catholic charasmatic renewal movement of the late 60s/70s. Lock down is tough on us all but this is pish. Like Archie probably best to stick to football. Although in fairness to him he was a teacher.

1 month ago

I’ll be sitting in my Pyjamas in front of my computer at 8.30am on Saturday morning come hell or high water (or Covid19) cheering on the bhoys. There are few pleasures in life that even come close to sticking it to the unmentionables and their bigoted fans….and refs.

sfa unfit for purpose
1 month ago

Happy Birthday Ralph.
Socks and hopefully a nice Malt.
In regard to this pin bigot badge , let them fill their boots.
Any entity taking More money off these mug punters results in less money to spend on a Deceased club.
I am hoping (don’t laugh) that with no fans present Beaton might just play it reasonably straight.
Mon The Celtic HH

1 month ago

Except that he doesn’t take his instructions from the fans…he takes them from the *rangers supporting SFA.!!

1 month ago

Happy Birthday Ralph…and many more.

Rumour Mill:
Neil Lennon`s next Northern Ireland manager odds tumble as
Celtic boss tipped to replace Ian Baraclough.

sevco slipshod hun heels FC.

1 month ago

I note that the BBC insist on calling these games “old firm” games. They must be unaware that the old firm ended when Old Rangers were liquidated and a new entity was born that has nothing to do with the Old Firm. I’m Looking forward to the Glasgow Derby with “the rangers”. Wonder if the state broadcaster supposedly know for its accurate reporting would like to comment?

Man in Denial
1 month ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

The BBC is fully signed up to the Continuity Lie with regards to the pretence (and denial) around Sevco The Rangers. They use the obscene OF tag so often, that one suspects they are touching themselves as they type it.

A lie told many times etc however the following equation explains it:

BBC Tartan = Sevants of Sevco = Disciples of Satan

1 month ago

Breaking news:
FC Bentos of Argentina have put in a serious bid (about £200) for Morelos, even though he’s over weight and a bit ‘frayed’ around the edges due to substance abuse.
Apparently, on hearing of his exploits with shagging old cows, they want him on call in case one of their bulls is taken ill. Alternatively, they can render him down into one of The Argentine’s most famous products, and still make a profit.
Let’s face it, anyone whom eats corned beef wont give a fukk whether it’s Argentinian, Colombian or, er, em, El Buffalo.  :–)

Ralph, Happy Birthday when it comes, and I hope you’re in such a happy state mid-afternoon on Saturday that you get a round in. :–)
And here’s a Scottish toast to you, for all you freely bring us on eTims:
May the best ye’ve ever seen,
Be the worst ye’ll ever see,
May a moose ne’er leave yer girnal,
Wi’ a teardrap in his e’e,
May ye aye be hale an’ he’rty,
Till ye’re auld enough tae dee,
May ye aye be juist as happy,
As I wish ye aye tae be.

1 month ago

I’m not really one for suggesting starting line-ups but Saturday is, IMHO, critical to win.
The hun SFA will call the season in the huns’ favour if ever they get the chance; don’t give them THAT chance.
We’ll need determination, focus and balls in equal measure. The BIG thing is who we don’t have.
Anyway, assuming Eddie is fit to play and no other late injuries, I’d go (loosely) 4-4-2.
Frimpong, Duffy, Ajer, Taylor,
Rogic, Broonie, McGregor, Elyonoussi,
Eddie and Griffiths.
Subs: Bain, Connel, Jullien, Laxalt, Ntcham, Ajetti…..
Simpson, Craig, Gemmell,
Murdoch, McNeill, Clarke,
Johnstone, Wallace, Chalmers, Auld and Lennox.
KTF (but just in Celtic FC)
FC not PLC
PS, seriously hope Charlie (Gallagate) and Monti are well, eTims isnae eTims without you two

Victory for The Light
1 month ago

Not as insane as you for still believing the government and media lies around the cofraud 19 scamdemic that is being exposed.

I hope you are all hungry as you are all going to be eating very large slices of humble pie soon. I hope you choke on it!

I suppose you think all these people are ‘conspiracy theorists’ eh?


Aye you keep listening to prof devi the world economic forum puppet master of sturgeon who will both be in jail soon

Have a nice day!

1 month ago

Do you have SKY installed in your stable?

1 month ago
Reply to  Monti
Man in Denial
1 month ago

Only in sick Scotland.

Beaton- of -the- Bellshill- Crown- Loyal. Fecking joke.

Penalty for Sevco. Red card for Celtic. More or Less stays on the field of play.

Why Is Scotland’s First Minister perpetuating the Continuity Lie by referring to the toxic O** F*** ?
Is that in her job description ? Can one of her overpaid “advisors” not tell her that the tax and sporting cheats were LIQUIDATED. There is no fecking O** F***

Oh dearArchie -true colours etc.

His age aside, if he could find the energy to look at how -just across the fecking border in England- faith schools work in perfect harmony within their communities.Wonder if that’s because the orange order has zero political influence where I live and masons are far fewer than in scotland and are mainly interested in lining their own pockets, rather than being bigots. Do some research old man.

1 month ago

The Kent lorry park is to be names after Steven Davis.

1 month ago
Reply to  portpower


1 month ago

so celtic are at home and wee jimmy krankie is banging on about the rangers v celtic game. what a hun c u n t

1 month ago

so celtic are at home and wee jimmy krankie is banging on about the rangers v celtic game. what a hun c u n t

1 month ago

That badge story in the daily hun once again shows the contempt the Scottish media has it in for Celtic.
Your right Ralph it promoted the product more than it condemned it.
If that was the GB with the head of Stevie G all hell would have broke out. Instead its all banter timmy.
Its vile and they are indeed Scotlands shame.
Put it up on the dressing room wall and jet all the players know what they truly think of us all. Then go out and wipe the fuckin floor with the orange bastards.

1 month ago


My apologies for being late but I hope it does not make my good wishes on you 55th any less sincere.

That added year seems to have brought with it an abundance of mature thought and insight as outstandingly portrayed in yesterday’s Diary – always worthy of a capital even in its Dairy form :). It was a thoroughly thought provoking piece and any hints at bias were forgivable given the history of Irish Catholics in Scotland (particularly the west central belt) and you youthful enthusiasm. I have to confess to having tempered my attitude somewhat as the pearly gates draw ever closer at an alarmingly faster speed. The one consolation is the belief we will all be “ra peepul” when the great day arrives.

Having said all that, I hope we get tore intae that lot tomorrow. I believe we are underdogs and that makes me happy. When we have been in that position in my time, we have most often come out on top. I still struggle to get my head round how the incumbents of Ibrox are able to even be considered a challenge. But then we are promised all will be revealed on the big day. I wonder St. Peter (Lawwell) will be the one to tell us.

Take care and mind, even though you are still a young ‘un, you are getting on a bit :).


1 month ago

Devoy, it can at times look a 4-3-3 but against us it’s more often 4-3-2-1, the old ‘Christmas tree’ formation which is usually deployed as a defensive set up not to get opened. They will push the two wide font on and the two wide of the three on to press but I think Ajmer is key to breaking this. If he takes it out and gets beyond his man in the middle then it’s panic stations as we have an overload. Another way is short and sharp through the middle to Calmac ( hope he has energy left) or over the top to the front. Any two from Eddie, Griff, Ajeti and Paddy but always two.
NL will be aware of this so I think we may see 4-4-2 at some point. Us and us only.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Approaching the Eleventh-Hour.



1 month ago

I am on a tangent killing the time away.

1 month ago

Sacre Dieu,
the better half has mixed-up the beer, wine and soft drinks up in the fridge.

Duncan, fancy a cone? I have a new strain;

Dundee donjon dank.

1 month ago

Happy Birthday Ralph, I hope you have a very happy and special day.

Yoker Bhoy
1 month ago

Happy Birthday Ralph and thanks a million for the brilliant diaries. Today’s game has the word ‘unpredictable’ written all over it, complete with curved balls and wild cards thrown in for good measure. Ajeti could start, Lazalt may well make his debut and young Steven Welsh could come into contention if Jullien is deemed not fit enough to start. Even with such a weakened team as a result of these horrible circumstances we’ll still be in a position to count on real game-changers like Elyounoussi, Griff, Rogic and even young Pat Klimala to come off the bench and do the damage. Having the option to use 5 substitutions could well work in our favour. Whatever happens, we can expect a hard physical game packed with incident. I’m going to stick my neck out and predict a torrid time for the turds in blue and a big win for the Bhoys but we’ll have to be at somewhere near to our very best from the outset. An early goal, a dominant display and a 3-0 victory. Give these bastards no rest at all. COYBIG
`PS. My vote for the ugly man in Scottish football goes out to Ryan Kent – the sort of guy you could lie out in your back garden to chase off the slugs.

1 month ago
Reply to  Yoker Bhoy

Sonic Frimpong shall be booked in the first 15- 20 minutes to cater for Kent.

His bounce will be officiated by thy refereeing.

Vasilis will pick off every crossed ball. They`ll drill through the middle starting from Davis.

Put me on.

1 month ago

Method in the madness.Tailored to suit.
Their line-up is straight forward,but with ours,Slippy G and Co. have no idea.

We are the Preterit.

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